Blame The Pilots

Our skies are covered with strange clouds and haze caused by planes spraying aerosol chemicals over us. It’s an annoying daily reminder that something’s wrong, and it makes it difficult to carry on being happy and comfortable. Let’s blame the pilots! If only we can fix the pilots, stop them doing the evil job, make them aware that their job is evil, then that will be great and life can return to normal comfort levels. Everything will be fixed up, there will be no obvious daily evidence of what’s wrong, and we can easily ignore the remote stuff we don’t see (for example, the paedophilia, the wars, the slavery).

Or we can blame the polits, the politicians. Or we can blame the bankers. Someone remote from our own life.

How do we persuade the pilots or polits to stop?

I can’t even persuade my teenagers in my own household to stop using aerosol sprays. They spray them DIRECTLY on their skin and their hair, and lots of it escapes into the atmosphere of the home. Then I notice that I have a few aerosols myself. I have a nasty can of Fabsil for respraying my tent, which saves me buying a new one with even more chemicals on it (though at least that means someone else is poisoned in a remote foreign tent factory, not my own family who are more important, phew).

We can form groups and clubs and organisations and campaigns and petitions, and grow our numbers, and argue over the best way to STOP THE CHEMTRAILS. We can plead with the pilots and the polits. We can insist they DO SOMETHING. We can protest and march and tell other people less virtuous, less caring, than ourselves to do something to stop it, to TAKE ACTION. And if everyone tells everyone else, repeats the message, eventually everyone will know. Then what? Will it stop? Has anything changed?

We will still say What Can We Do? Someone tell us what to do. And some people will say Kill the Pilots or the Polits, which will solve it. But it won’t. It will downgrade our status to murderers, thus we become the evil we are trying to stop. The polits and pilots will be replaced, because the energy will be the same rising up again, because WE haven’t changed WITHIN.

Once you know what chemtrails do, you want them stopped, that’s easy to agree. But does anyone in the comfortable West want to change their own life to achieve that? There is a temptation to want to keep the comforts and make the bad things go away. There is a temptation to put the problem outside of yourself, to say it’s not your doing, to say you are a victim of other people’s evil. Like the woman who complains to the councillor “please sort out all the traffic on the road, it’s almost impossible to get my car out of the driveway”. Other people are causing the problem, but it’s not me. It’s a helpless, powerless position to be in, isn’t it? To plead with other people to fix it.

The Climate Change Agenda is a cover story, it enables the elite to do all sorts of evil things whilst pretending to save us with GEO-ENGINEERING. (That’s George Engineering, by George of EngineLand, EngLand). That’s how they persuade the pilots to keep spraying, plus of course the pilots are persuaded they need money for rent and mortgages, just like we are.

Unfortunately, the exposing of the Climate Change Agenda as evil has now let us off the hook ! People really want to carry on driving their cars, using gas time bombs in their homes, using their own personal aerosols, using computers, buying products etc etc, and we readily welcome any excuse that says it’s ok to CARRY ON. The evil ones are trying to blame us, humanity, the ordinary guy on the street, and we have now blamed them back ! Which is great, isn’t it? Cars are ok, after all ! Phew, what a relief. Carry on polluting, it’s ok, blame the pilots.

The chemtrails happen with our support. With our consent. We all support the system in some way, we prop it up. But we can’t stop supporting it overnight, it’s too big to escape from in one go, and we have been born into it as our native environment. It’s a long, long journey to disentangle from it, and we are constantly been distracted from doing that, lured back in. No wonder that people are so resistant to see the chemtrails, it opens a very big can of worms.

I think the answer, the only way forward, is spiritual, and involves changing yourself, your daily tasks around you, your relationships to people around you, and your relationship to the elements of air, fire, earth and water, reconnecting to nature and humanity and simple joy. And thereby feeding your soul. The journey is a long one in slow ploddy steps.

I find that on the one hand, I want to “eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die”. On the other hand, I want to work to improve the way things are. My version of Eat Drink and Be Merry, is to do and be whatever feeds my soul, lifts and strengthens my spirit. If I knew this was my last day, what would I do, where would I be, who would I be with? Then I find that feeding the soul, lifting and strengthening the spirit, is also the way forward to improve things around me. And as I change, everything and everyone around me starts to change too, by ripple effect.

The system, the same system that makes the chemtrails, fails and falls when we stop propping it up.

Some famous phrases on these lines…
Occupy Yourself – from the Occupy movement.
Be The Change You Want To See in the World – Gandhi.
And from Rumi… “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself”.

Maybe when I stop using aerosols in my home, and when I stop using products made with aerosols and chemicals, and when I stop using a car, gas boilers, and when I stop using any products moved by a polluting vehicle, etc etc, the list goes on, maybe then I might be entitled to blame someone outside myself. But if I get to that point, I don’t think I will be bothering about something as trivial as blame.

Until I get to that point, it may even be quite useful to me to have a constant daily reminder in the skies that Something is Wrong, and I need to make some changes to myself and my life.

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11 Responses to Blame The Pilots

  1. dognamedblue says:

    excellent as always
    there was a fun piece by deek jackson recently “shit… I am the New World Order!”
    so difficult to change, I think I’ve done some change just to realise that it was just one step forward & two steps back replacing one thing with its sanctioned alternative
    [did a t-shirt design a while back “OCCUPY – YOUR MIND” did’t sell though lol]

    • suliwebster says:

      Yeah its always interesting seeing what happens when you make changes, no guarantee that another path is the right one. The anti new world order movement often seems quite elitest and superior too.

  2. George Silver. says:

    All the things listed above are things you’ve read in the mainstream media or on the internet.
    Some of it may actually be true. You are obviously a caring person and as such you are open to their propaganda.
    The result is what was the intended engineered purpose. To make you into a guilt-trip ridden self blamer for the wrongs that you perceive are all around you. To also focus on the “evil ones”. The feelings of helplessness. The need to retreat into your own safe World. To stop being “free” and resist enjoying life.
    They want you controlled. They want you on tranquillisers. They’ve almost succeeded.

    • suliwebster says:

      I tend to avoid mainstream stuff George. It’s curious how often you perceive me as GUILT ridden and that this a BAD thing. I dont like labels much, but GUILT is fine with me if that describes the idea of wanting to make changes by noticing that things are not right. The way forward to me is not from fear. By changing myself, I notice that I become more free if I am on my right path. Freedom is my destination, and joy is my journey. People around me and people I meet very commonly describe me as a a free spirit.
      My local Church indoctrinates people to stop feeling guilty. It’s very well attended, the best in the country. People want an excuse to carry on destroying everything around them, and that in itself chains you and imprisons you. True joy is not loads of materialism. Freedom is obscured by too much stuff and too much to do.
      In the darkest years of my life, which were very dark indeed, I refused tranquilisers and anti depressants. The evil ones, or the system, or whatever you name it, they are way off getting those down me with my consent.

  3. Brilliant little write up, i think that this is one of the bigger global issue’s at the mo.
    They are everywhere, china has admitted doing it to make snow and rainstorms through seeding with planes and rockets, russia is advertising a job for someone who can provide good sunny days for national holidays, i saw a vid of a guy going around the nurburgring(germany) and there were the usual white lines criss crossing the sky.
    I have sat and watched planes go by and some have trails and some don’t, have seen planes turn on the system to do a line then switch off and come back for another go, usually three parallel lines a couple of miles long and then two horizontal lines at the ends to form a grid and it usually turns to thick dark menacing rain clouds that don’t always produce rain but put a dampener on most peoples day.

    Here is a little vid of an american woman talking to some guy at nasa and he admits it.


  4. And japan are making rain, sending silver iodine into the air to seed a raincloud, but hey i thought we could not do this, thats what our transport minister(Phillip Hammond) says, i think he is lying.


    • suliwebster says:

      The dampener on your day is the thing that depresses or angers people the most. The subject is certainly taking off politically, which means its going mainstream. When something goes mainstream, it gets manipulated because they get all those people with their energy behind the cause. There are chemtrail talks happening everywhere I go. I went to one in Bath, which was a bit odd as I was Facing The Front in rows of chairs which I don’t do any more. There was a “good turnout”, and I learnt a few new things. But it is also the old way of doing things, the fight the system thing. When we don’t actually have much idea how the system works.
      “Silver iodine” is an interesting two words. I am on a very big trail, bigger than chemtrails I think, which is to do with decoding words. It’s almost as if the chemtrails are obscuring a bigger more important issue, the issue of who we really are. I was just down in Cornwall, and I noticed the Camel Trail. It sounds and looks a bit like Chem Trail or Chemical Trail? I think the Trail of the Camel is a very big one, because the camel can go through the eye of a needle, but more on that in subsequent posts…

  5. dogman says:

    Chemtrailing seems to be gettin more brazen. Recently, I was walking my dogs in Southwick Country Park (7.30pm ish) and noticed a plane weaving an s shaped trail. At first I wondered if he was jettisoning fuel, and in difficulty, but as I watched he turned back and completed a long circuit before doing another, smaller one at right angles. I bumped into friends who filmed it and we stood and watched as the trail thickened almost above our heads. Of course there will be debunkers, but I’d love to know the route that the pilot had logged. Who is selling scenic tours of Wiltshire?

    I’m trying to convince my daughters to avoid using aerosol deodrants. I found this:
    Most antiperspirant contains aluminium, and that aluminium may be absorbed into women’s breast tissue where it could potentially increase the risk of breast cancer or other health problems. Women with breast cancer have higher levels of aluminium in their nipple aspirate fluid (NAF), a fluid present in the breast duct tree. Studies show aluminum from antiperspirants is deposited in breast tissue, and animal studies have also found that aluminium can cause cancer. Studies also classify Aluminium as a neurotoxin associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

    • suliwebster says:

      Then breast milk will become poisonous, and the Nestle substitute will become “safe”. That’s the standard way that everything goes. The pressure is on teenagers at school as well as through advertising. I worked in a secondary school (in Trowbridge, near you? ) and kids were standing in classrooms spraying it all over themselves before the teacher arrived, or before going to next lesson. It’s what they all do, difficult to be different. (See my post It’s What We Do, inspired by my classroom experiences! ).

      I had a low flying plane do an imcomplete but perfect circle over me last week in South Bath. Despite the thick low cloud, I could see a grubby grey trail that it had left. It then headed towards Bath, maybe to do a flyover the Abbey, I have seen two of those recently. And as you say, incredibly brazen. Do people think the standard flight paths go over the Abbey at 100 ft altitude?

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