Cull The Queen

It seems to me they are about to cull the Queen. Just like the badgers. And Brian May of Queen is protesting.

The bees are dying off, symbolising the death of the Queen approaching. Many badger posters are on yellow backgrounds, making the badger look rather black and yellow stripey. Viva ! they say!

Two Brians are protesting, a protest song, this is too much. Twin Brians. TB. May and Blessed. May you be blessed. Tu berculosis or not tu berculosis. To bee or not to bee. Two Brians or not two Brians.

The main reason to kill the Queen is that it has been planned numerologically for a long time. The second reason is to sort out a few other problems at the same time. It’s called killing 3 badgers with one stone.

And they will make sure that Syria are accused of throwing that stone. It will be as good as the Twin Towers at turning public opinion around, won’t it? Our beloved Queen, only just got to be a great grandmother, killed by foreigners. How dare they, we must of course get revenge, at all costs. And when we are at war, WW3 perhaps, we will put up with anything for the cause, won’t we, George Orwell style.

They won’t bother reprinting the money. Too expensive in a recession, an even bigger recesssion if we are at war. That’s handy then that we are so well set up to slide over to computer controlled numbers to keep tabs on what we earn and what we pay out. Surely the best way forward. Cash will be phased out. It’s out of date.

Focus on the Royals again! Haven’t we had enough of them, with their Jubilees, Olympics, Weddings and Births. They are constantly in the headlines, the biggest and most heavily scripted soap opera on Earth. Whatever the Royals do sets the energy for the rest of the world. It’s all set up that way. Now we will get another onslaught to keep the show on the road. A Death announcement, a Funeral, and a Coronation. Maybe we will get an Abdication thrown in too, because I don’t think it will be Charles next.

William will be on the throne for Christmas, or to be precise, for the solstice. He is a solstice baby. He was 31 this year in 2013. My guess will be for a coronation on Lucy Day, the 13th December. That’s 13/12/13. Maybe at 13.12, 12 minutes past one in the afternoon, to make it really, really neat. Lucy Day is the first of the three points of transition of the winter solstice. He will be William Vth, which fits rather well with all the Vs around everywhere. Viva! The Queen is dead, Viva the King !

Kate and Wills is a sort of brand name. It’s a bit like the popular clothing brand Jack Wills, and Wills is currenty a Jack. KateandWills slides very easily to KingWills. Kwills. Oh look, that’s Quills! Quill pens. Where have I seen Pens before? Pennsylvania Avenue, Buckinghamshire, and William, not another William surely, Penn, founding father of Pennsylvania, US, buried in Jordans, Bucks, England, all part of the special BIG US and little us relationship.

The time bomb is ticking on the Queen. The Queen is about to get off the merry-go-round and exit stage right. My guess is for the 19th September, 19/9, for her funeral or her death. 9 means closure, and 19/9 is the actual equinoxand a Full Moon too. I have been getting 19s coming my way, and there is a very interesting number arrangement at The Circus in Bath. Forget Stonehenge, the Druids moved to Bath and built The Circus, a new improved version, starting nearly 260 years ago.

The Circus has many layers of meaning. It is a Full Moon, The Queen Key, a symbol reader, and a clock of some sort, maybe a time bomb. It seems to mark the death of the current Queen. The Queen Key points down to Queen’s Square, wherein lies the biggest obelisk of Bath, marked by a visit of Queen Elizabeth II.

Back to Number 19. The Circus is in 3 curved blocks, totalling 33 houses, with an entrance street and 2 exit streets. Curiously, only 29 of these houses face the circle. 4 missing front doors. These are found on the exit streets like pairs of sentries on duty guarding the way out. The Circus was built as a facade, like a film set, and the actual houses were added on later. The Druids were not interested in the houses, just the facade. The Circus is numbered 1-30 in unequal blocks. There is ONE and ONLY ONE house that has The Circus as an address but does not face the Circle. This is carefully designed to be Number 19, the sentry, or century perhaps, marking the Northern side of the North East gate.

Every major site, like Jerusalem, Stonehenge, Buckingham Palace, Bath, and The Circus, has a roughly North East exit. I am sure the Queen’s funeral will go along The Mall which runs roughly NE from Buckingham Palace. In Jerusalem, it is the Via Dollar Rosa. The correct exit for Holy or Royal borns is via the NE exit.

In Bath, it is Great Pulteney Street (named after WILLIAM Pulteney) leading to The Holbourne, (Holy Born), and the hexagon shaped Queen Bee hive, the hives are dying remember, which is also the handle of the King Key of Bath. The King Key aligns with Cambridge, The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William Windsor. When I go NE along Great Pulteney Street, I pass The Windsor Hotel at 66, and William Street at 69. 66 signifies the opening of the Kings Reign, like open speech marks, and 69 signifies the mother and upside down baby ready to birth. We have had the birth, Kings Speech to come. William Street goes down to the main entrance to The Rec. The Re-creation Ground. George, Prince of Cambridge has been re-created and something will be recreated out of the Queen’s Death.

The NW exit of The Circus is Brock Street, brocks are badgers and they are being killed. Brock Street leads to Royal Crescent, laid out like the Setting Sun. The sunsets are also being killed off, obscured, by the endless chemtrails. And the sun setting signifies the end. I don’t think the Queen will go this way. She will go for the Holy Royal NE gate, NINETEEN, look how many NE’s in that! The NE exit points to the Queensberry Hotel just round the corner, the way to berry, bury, the Queen.

My guess is that William V will reign for 33 years til 2046. When he will be 64. And within this time there will be a 3 year period of Queenly influence. The purpose of his reign, his Will, I am Will, Will I Am, will be pens. Pens to fence in the sheep. That’s us. Not fences that we can see, but fences in our minds so that we can NOT see. The 46 and 64 numbers remind me of George (another George) Orwell’s book 1984, written in ’48 and this maybe why he reversed the numbers, to give us a clue. He died shortly after of TB, just like the badgers, maybe he was culled too. The Beatles song When I’m 64 comes to mind, one of the first after McCartney was culled and re-created in 1966. I Am Will. I Am 64.

Cull is a different word from kill. Cull means it’s planned and necessary, like a war, or depopulation, and it’s not really murder is it? It’s just in everyone’s best interests, the greater good, all in a good cause, anyone is expendable for a good cause aren’t they? Badgers, Syrians, soldiers, children, and even the Queen is not exempt from this rule of life that we are so happy to follow. All to make the world a better place. I am not particularly fond of the Queen, but I don’t wish anyone to be murdered.

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17 Responses to Cull The Queen

  1. dognamedblue says:

    I went in to a bookies on the high street in peebles and asked if I could place a bet that would no longer be queen this year, after a couple of phone calls they refused to take the bet, maybe they knew something I didn’t?

    • suliwebster says:

      I was thinking of that while I wrote the post, dognamedblue, think you mentioned it before sometime ago. Thanks for the reminder. Wonder what would happen if you tried to bet the other way, that the queen would still be on the throne in 2014. Would they take the bet then?

  2. dognamedblue says:

    being dyslexic I have great difficulty remembering which blogs I’ve posted in lol
    will have to give the bet a try 🙂

    • suliwebster says:

      Good to have it repeated again here though, as it’s very interesting and not everyone will have seen previous post, The Queen Bee I think, lots more readers now.
      I can’t even remember what I have posted on my own blog ! It doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things…

  3. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Blimey Sools,you’ve gone off the deep end with this one.Old Reggie Syde is up to his dirty tricks again,eh?If this is the real S.P. then you’ve really cracked the numbers racket. I’ve got a numer allergy and steer clear of them,they’re numb-ers like co.cain,Cain’s company.Do you think people join cults to be culled?The Beatles are a myth now and nothing is real,just Tales of Tavistock,the fairy tale of the sixties.I still find their music very positive and full of life,negating all the cobwebs that were spun around them.

    • suliwebster says:

      I think steering clear of numbers is very wise Nixon. I seem to have a natural affinity with them, probably my blood group. But if I spend too much time tuned to THEIR frequencies, I start to feel a bit ill. I always have this ambivalence. The fascination with it, but also knowing it is NOT the path out. It is useful to understand where the wrong path lies so that it can be avoided when we are lured into it. Around the 19th Sept, I will be making sure I am not tuned to them, otherwise I will probably have a heart attack. Many people will naturally be drawn to switching off or lying low at this time I am sure, without the need to know the numerology. When I am tuned to them, it is a two way street, and I can influence them too. Or I can untune and protect myself. I am getting better at doing it without being damaged !
      What is S.P. by the way. Street corners in Bath have Masons marks and its always S M and P. “Noone knows what they mean” we are told.

  4. Noo says:

    Another mind-blowing blogpost, Suli, thank you!
    Nixon, re the Beatles, I also find their music, esp their older stuff, uplifting to listen to. Recently I discovered some information about 432 Hz music and apparently the Beatles tuned their guitars to 432 Hz. It’s a fascinating topic if you have time to go into it. The first articles I came across about it were these
    There are also lots of videos about it on YouTube and if you search your favourite music in 432 Hz you might be surprised what turns up.

    • suliwebster says:

      Totally agree about the Beatles. pre 1966, pre Sergeant Pepper (Peter Blake hung out in Bath). The guitar frequency explains it. Thats the thing with guitars, you can tune them, unlike pianos which have fixed notes and are black and white.
      Its about Pythagorean perfect fifths, I think, which tune into the earth energy and therefore us. And it sort of makes you feel whole and alive. You cant have octaves and perfect fifths on the same tuning. A perfect fifth is having a ration of 2:3 in frequencies. Say 440Hz and 660Hz. I am not very expert in music but I have some friends…
      I am better on colour, and I checked out perfect fifths in colour. The only way to do it in our visible colour is with red and violet, the opposite ends of the chakras that we know about. I thought that was quite interesting.
      The best time to experience the harmonies are at solstices and equinoxes or other lesser earth harmony times, such as halloween. The next one is the 19th/20th Sept. Play your early Beatles stuff then !

      • suliwebster says:

        Just followed a link, and found that the anti social 440Hz thing became international ISO standard in 1953. Thats the Queen’s coronation year. Maybe its time to kill it off with the Queen eh? Revert to 432Hz where we should be.

  5. suliwebster says:

    More Royal info coming up in Bath all the time, you can read early rambling snippets about Royals and everything else on my other blog… Here is the latest…

  6. Nixon Scraypes says:

    SP is starting price,geezer talk,ie the bottom line,the real deal,alright lgirl? Thanks,Noo I’ll check that out reet noo,och aye!

  7. suliwebster says:

    I have just noticed that the Holbourne Museum seems to have renamed itself The Holburne. Born has transmuted to Burn. We have had the birth, now it’s the burn. I am getting a lot of fire symbology coming my way about this….. Also, witchy Kate is about to move in there… see my other blog SuliRambles….

  8. Anonymous says:

    some more related stuff
    According to the BLUE COCK who crows at dawn to wake the sheople up who live near the city square,—we have 18 months before BLOW UP or DIE OFF.

  9. Anonymous says:

    some more connections here


    Blue Cock, Royal Blue Baby Boy and Number Mysticism—Chilean Miners
    Posted on August 9, 2013

    A female German sculptor created the 4.7 meter or 15.5 feet tall blue cockerel to dominate London’s Trafalgar Square, which was erected on July 25, 2013, three days after the Royal baby boy’s alleged birth.

    Note that numbers 4.7 and 15.5,—the digits in both numbers add up to ELEVEN.

    The COCKEREL or the COCK is an official FRENCH national symbol,—so now it is looking at the NELSON MONUMENT ( the phallic symbol to the right) which denotes a British Naval victory in 1805 over French General Napoleon.’s_Column

    The pedestal is decorated with four bronze relief panels, each 18 feet (5.5 m) square, cast from captured French guns.

    The key number in our NUMBER MYSTICISM analysis here is 18 feet or 3Ă—6 or 666 which is the Mark of the Beast.

    The Blue Cockerel display erected SIX days until July 31 (backward mask to 13), 2013, will mount guard over Trafalgar Square for 18 (666) months.

  10. suliwebster says:

    I am not a big fan of deadlines for when we are dead, but the symbology and numbers certainly look interesting, Paul. Nelson is a big name in Bath too, he lived there for quite a while. I also notice the sculpture (looks really ugly in photos) is called Hahn/cock. Thats odd because Hancock is the last remaining stone quarry round here in the original Bath stone quarry area. (the stone that built Georgian Bath). Then I searched for Hancock, and I found that Mr Hancock died aged 80 on 6th July this year!. Thats just after what others have calculated as the Royal twin girl’s baby’s birth (on the 4th July). And shortly before George’s birth.
    As well as Trafalgar Square being a SQUARE, it is also on the A4. This is the Great Western route. It goes to Bath. It starts in the City of London, with Sainsbury’s HQ sitting at the very head.
    The cock crows, and also has a crown. Its symbolic of our time prison and the royal reigns ruling over us. They love putting them on the tops of church spires.
    I see a lot of nationalities strangely interlinked here. German, French, English.
    I also notice a fountain in Trafalgar Square looks almost identical to one in Bath, one that I see as the Fontanelle in the skull (See the Bath Skull).
    I am now going to read the article ! Thanks.

  11. suliwebster says:

    Nearly the end of 2013, and the Queen is still alive! I will stop predicting exact dates, I think.
    I planned to write that Nelson Mandela died instead of The Queen, and Edward got installed in Bath instead of William.
    And then I saw the comment above about the cock crowing in Trafalgar Square, NELSON’s column. The theme is now NELSON for some reason.
    NELSON was a Bath resident, and Bath was home to the Admiralty in WW2. Nelson’s wife was Frances, and Nelson beat France at the Battle of Trafalgar. Nelson was healed by the Bath Hot Springs. He was also made a Knight of the Order of the Bath. His good friend was King William IV, who is actually William Henry, taking both of Diana’s sons names at once.
    There were two other major battles of Nelson, against the Danish at Copenhagen, (see The Vikings and Alf about the Danes and the red headed ones), and on the Nile against the French.
    Now I see that Nelson died in 1805, which is odd because the “1805 Rooms” of the Theatre Royal Bath, heavily influenced this post. He was laid to rest at St Paul’s, the Temple of Diana, where Diana was married, sacrificed to Charles, and from which she produced her two sons William and Henry (known as Harry).
    Nelson Mandela was not his real name. He was supposedly called Nelson by an English schoolteacher who couldn’t cope with his African name. So this already symbolises the white dominance of his life. He was effectively branded young with the name of a hero of the British Empire, his destiny laid out before him, to serve Britannia. Mandala means universe, they joined up the British to the universe through him. And does he remind you of Obama?

  12. suliwebster says:

    Mandala reminds me of Mandalay which reminds me of Orwell. He wrote about Mandalay and lived in Burma for some time, publishing his first novel Burmese Days. Mandalay was the last Royal capital of Burma before the British took over. Burma subsequently became independent from Britain in 1948, the year that Orwell’s 1984 was written. Mandalay is apparently becoming Chinese, with a massive rise in Chinese residents. This reminds me of the take over of Tibet by the Chinese, and China seems to have a remit of gobbling up the smaller Asian countries, homogenising them, and planting Rothschild Banks in them.

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