Royal Georgian Bath

I visited witchy Kate in Bath today. She hangs at the Holborne Museum (now mysteriously renamed from Holborne to Holbourne to Holburne, we have had the birth, the burn is to come). I just had to know which way she was facing. The witchy Kate portrait is visting from London. It’s not going anywhere else, just Bath. I think it’s a taster of what’s to come. Everything I am seeing tells me the Royals are coming to Bath. The bees are about to swarm, where will they swarm to? What better place to bring up little Boy George than England’s most Georgian city, Royal Roman Georgian Bath, the elite’s provincial town out of London.

I might be wrong, and noone else sees this, just me, but I see it very clearly. This blog post is built upon many previous posts which may need reading for background info.

There is not one spare room to be had in Bath this weekend, not one. There is the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, the Uni Open Day, and a home Rugby match. I guess Bath won the rugby, let’s celebrate Georgian Bath ! The city was filled with people dressed up as Georgians. And old fashioned Santa coloured soldiers marching through the streets drumming the sounds of war.

The Holborne sits ouside of the North East Gate at the head of the grandest entrance to Bath. Kate looks down towards Bath. She is perfectly aligned with Cambridge, her Duchy, behind her. If you take an aerial view or a front view of the Holborne, both put Kate in the top right corner. Thats kinda North East. North East is the Holy Born position.

The Holborne is energised twice by The Eye of Ra (see earlier posts). Prince William is the Sun God, Ra, and RA is Ralph Allen, which means Bath. Just to double check, lets take the main symbol of Ra, the Hawk and see if William has been messing with Hawks recently. Yes he has! His first post baby public appearance was with a live hawk, just like Ra, the Egyptian Sun God.

Ra is also symbolised by a big Orange Sun over his head. Orange seems to be the new colour. The smallest obelisk in Bath is the William of Orange obelisk, sitting in the electric plug shaped (yes really, look at the A-Z map) power enclave which includes the Guildhall. The obelisk is where the Earth connection would be on the plug, and it is depicted on maps as a round green circle.

On the other side of the plug shaped power enclave, the VAG (Victoria Art Gallery) side, is the beginning of the North East exit where Kate sits, the Queen Bee in waiting. I think this is the blue neutral, or negatively charged point of the plug. Which fits in nicely with the NE gate, negate, and Kate always wearing that sort of electric wire neutral blue colour. I seem to remember Diana wearing the same blue for her engagement.

The round Orange William Obelisk is next to the Abbey, where the very first coronation of the current monarchy, King Edgar, took place 1040 years ago (that’s 80 x 13 for numerologists). How fitting it would be for the monarchy to come full circle back to Bath. They just need a good reason.

George was born on a full circle day, Pi Approximation Day as it is officially known, 22/7, the 22nd of July. He was born exactly 360 days after the Royal Olympic Fertility Ritual (Opening Ceremony). It was also a full moon, another circle.

Kate sits in the Holborne which sits in a hexagon shape, the handle of the King Key of Bath. This is also the Allen key. Ralph Allen of Bath, RA of Bath. An Allen key is a hexagon. And Allen is All.en All England. Ralph Allen mined the famous honey coloured (bees again!) Bath stone which built Georgian Bath. Bath stone is possibly the finest of all freestone, freestone means it has no grain. Freemasons were thus called because they work with freestone. It’s probably a good bet that freemasonry started in Bath.

It is not just the Sun that is round and orange. The Moon can be orange too, the Harvest Moon, (what will it harvest?) which approaches in 19th September, and is also a very big moon. All the Full Moons recently have been extra effective. This is the equinox, and it is when the Sun and Moon sort of swap places. They rise and set at the same place on this day, then we get 6 months of the Moon dominating the Northern hemisphere, while the Sun dominates the South. Kate is a Moon Queen, Will she dominate, her portrait seems to say she will.

An American tourist commented on Kate that she was sort of smirking ! A bit like the Mona Lisa, she said. Bloody brilliant ! She can be a guest writer on my blog. Where have I heard the word “smirk” recently? Oh yes, the Sheela Negative (previous post). We cannot see below Kate’s shoulders, we do not know what is going on below. But we know how important it is that she was painted as her “natural” self.

The Three Obelisks in Bath line up to point to nearby Bradford-on-Avon. I had always matched up the small round William one to represent Bradford-on-Avon. BOA. A snake.This was where the Darwinian film, Creation, was filmed, and what have William and Kate just co-created? A little serpentine Georgian Baby. BOA is the home of Paul Emsley, the artist who painted witchy Kate, and Kate visited last year for a “sitting”.

The World Heritage City sign is prominently displayed everywhere in Bath. It’s a square inside a circle, like a square peg in a round hole. Or is it the circle consuming the square? The square obelisk of Bath is William’s gran, the Queen, in Queens Square. Is William about to rise out of the ashes of Elizabeth? The circle re-created from the wreck of the square? We are going to circles and we are going to orange.

Sainsbury’s is Orange, and it seems to own this town. It also sponsored the new Holborne, now Holburne, extension. The Head Office sits in the City of London, at the head of the A4 which leads West to Bath, the Bath Road. And by strange chance, the CEO visited the small town of BOA earlier this year for Comic Relief Day, his name is King. Another King of Orange.

Bath is being rebuilt crazily, the biggest rebuild since Georgian times, surely? Endless new “affordable” housing that is unaffordable, but just about manageable for sort of middle scale workers, the ones that might serve, say, a growing elite level population. Then there is the new monstrous Gainsborough Hotel for the elites, which has the only access to the Hot Springs via its own brand new private borehole (I am pretty sure that all public Hot Spring access has been diverted and replaced by tap water), funded by a loan from the Royal Bank of Scotland, and owned by YTL who seem to own all the water of Aquae Sulis, both hot and cold. The new transport interchange etc etc….

Monument field is about to be closed for public access. It’s owned by the National Trust whose mission is to open up places for public access. The monument that is no longer there was dedicated to RA. It is said to have represented the Four Winds. Er, that’s exactly what Windsor represents, methinks, the four CARDINAL winds.

A flashing road sign recently told me that Windsor Bridge was recently closed for 14 weeks from 22/7. At night only. Reading between the lines, we have Kate’s Bridge closed for 14 weeks, Knight time only, William is banned, from the exact day of the birth. But why announce this in Bath?

Prince Willem of Orange is from Holland, Holyland, another Dutchy. He is now King, because his mum Queen Bea resigned earlier this year. Sound familiar? His second name is Alexander, how cute, same as Baby George !

Since I have been writing about Ralph Allen on my blog, there has been a resurgence in Ralph Allen publicity. We now have RAY, RAD, RAM, RAC, and RAT, and the new Cornerstone Centre for stone mines heritage. RA even has a state school, now a corprate owned academy, RAS, where there are three Harry Potter style houses, Phoenix, Unicorn and Dragon, (red, orange, and yellow). Why is the Unicorn ORANGE? Shouldn’t the Unicorn be white?

RAY is Ralph Allen Yard, under construction. RAD is the new name that the council use for Ralph Allen Drive. RAM is Ralph Allen’s monstrous Egyptian style oversized pyramid Mausoleum. RAC is Ralph Allens Carriageway, crossing one of the massive new housing estates of affordable homes. RAT is the Ralph Allen Trail, follow in his footsteps ! oooh, just like Jesus ! And let’s not forget William’s RAF credentials.

Where would the Royals live if they moved to Bath? They are used to living in cute cottages in little villages aren’t they, so a small mansion would be fine for this ultra modern couple. There is always RAs old mansion, Prior Park, currently a private Catholic boarding school with a Vatican Cardinal (Cardinal Winds, Windsors), no less, on the controlling body. That’s right next to the RA Windsor Monument field, and the National Trust want to give the school exclusive access of the field. So there won’t be any problem if the NT also give the school the gardens that they own too, the gardens that go with the mansion, originally designed by Alexander Pope (George’s middle name, how cute), and now restored by public donations of time and money. Or maybe Tyntesfield, the new NT gothic witchy mansion over Bristol way, Kate might like that.

Everything is going orange. We have had red for a long time, red is the phoenix. Are we going to orange Unicorn? I have no idea what that means. The green-eyed freckly orange-haired ones are returning, look at cool fun Uncle Harry! George is almost certainly Harry’s son, or at least they have the same father, and I guess he will be orange haired like Harry, but that’s another story…

I think we will see the orange haired Scottish and Irish on the rise. IRA is also the Eye of RA (see toolonginthisplace blog). And then there is the Orange Order in Ireland. If we are going to go Orange in Bath, I wonder if the Orange Order is something to do with the Order of the Bath? A quick check on the net tells me that the Orange Order flag has the red cross of George and the purple star of Williamite. The Orange Order represents the glory of William of Orange, King of England, Scotland and Ireland. Just Wales missing, as it is mysteriously missing from the UK coat of arms. And look who slays the mighty Red Dragon of Wales, none other than George the dragon slayer! George, soon to be Heir to the Throne and Prince of Wales.

I maybe wrong, but something’s going on around here. I am just waiting for an Orang Utan to appear next….

(See also earlier posts: Cull The Queen, Bath Obelisks, Bath Alignments, Queen Bee, The Golden Circus, The Bath Keys, X Marks the Spot, Sheela Negative, The Bath Skull, Royal Olympic Fertility Ritual, The Badminton Game, Hot Springs Go Cold, Boring Bath, Killing Bath, Stories of The Borehole, Icehouse Story, The Lion and The Unicorn, Knights Templar of Bath, Godfrey of Bath and Jerusalem, The Old Welsh Road, The Twin Tunnels, The Field of Fires, numerous Moon posts)

See Merovee blog for red headed joker coincidences. (IRA, Eye of Ra)

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  1. suliwebster says:

    postscript to this post… The orang utan has turned up. Avaaz are now campaigning to save it.

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