Vinyl Revolution

I had a very nice day out with my son recently, and everything seemed to be about going back in time. We WALKED to town. We saw a steam train stopped at the station, which puffed out an exact replica of a “natural” cloud, an early form of chemtrailing methinks. We went to the farmers market for some lovely local grown real food and produce. We picked blackberries by the river. Even the sun was shining, which is getting to seem quite old fashioned.

It was a reminder of how you can choose to go back in time, and you don’t have to be swept forward with the main current, despite the TICK TOCK of the clock which tells you which way you are supposed to go.

I was just saying how I would like to return to vinyl records and get the proper early Beatles sound, pre 1966, original Paul McCartney, playing at 432Hz, our natural body frequency, instead of the 440Hz international standard (inspired by comments on a previous blog post).

And Lo and Be Holed ! There in front of me in the market was an early Beatles record ! Please Please Me. So I pleased myself and bought it. And some other Beatles fans gathered round sharing their Beatles knowledge, as I introduced them to the idea that Paul was replaced. A nice non-internet back-in-time way of sharing data and connecting to people.

Sergeant (written Sgt, a bit like St) Pepper was also there and we studied the horrible cover. The Old Beatles appear in black and white as waxworks, a reminder to never accept an offer from Madame Tussauds, Two Swords, to be immortalised in wax, as they were in 1964. And the New Beatles are in disguise in their flowery hippy gear and new hairstyles and it looks like a funeral. Many Illuminati favourites appear in the Peter Blake painting as guests, including Aleister Crowley. The death of 432Hz, the death of Paul, the birth of 440Hz to be transmitted worldwide through the already established Beatlemania.

I thought St Pepper, their best selling album ever, was the first album of the new style Beatles, the first fake one. But apparently not.

There is The Revolver album. Revolver is not just a gun, it can also mean Revolution, revolve. And there is a Beatles song called Revolution. Revolution could be a sort of violent uprising, or it could be a full circle.

The Beatles record I bought plays at 33 and 1/3 revolutions per minute. That’s very curious. Why not 33 exactly? Why the extra third of a rev? It adds up to 100 revs per 3 minutes, which is a bit neater. 33 is a favourite Illuminati Freemason number. It reminds me of the lifespan of Jesus. Jesus’ death date is Easter time, when he was 33 years old. He was born at Christmas, about 4 months before Easter, and that means he was about 33 1/3 when he died. This looks like a very big coincidence to me…

Are we talking about revolutions of Jesus? Three of them every 100 years?

As I see it, the serious time control began nearly 2013 years ago, when Jesus was born, when recorded time began. Jesus died and was reborn at Easter 34 AD. Did the same thing happen at August 67 AD, December 100 AD etc etc, until we get to around Christmas (or possibly the winter solstice) 2000, the end of the 60th Jesus revolution.

That means that August 1967 is the end of the 59th and the beginning of the 60th Jesus revolution. August 1967 is when the Beatles owner/manager Brian Epstein, the “fifth Beatle”, mysteriously died. It also seems to be the completion of the rebirth from old to new Beatles, with their St Pepper album released and selling furiously worldwide.

The Revolver album was released a year earlier in August 1966. The drawing on the cover clearly shows the new Paul. Beatles fans know that this is the NEW style. Yet it is before the rumoured death of Paul McCartney in November 1966, possibly January 1967. By the time Sgt Pepper came out in June 1967, the new Paul and new style were well in place and the death rumour well hidden, along with the 432Hz frequency. It seems that the Revolver album announces a sort of turning point, the end of one cycle, the beginning of the next. A bit like the clock striking noon, or the sun rising in the East.

Jesus is the Son. He dies and is reborn every 33 1/3 years. The Son. The Sun. Jesus was taken Westwards for his crucifixion. He rises at Easter, In the East. Same as the Sun sets in the West and rises in the East. The Sun cycle is 1 day, and the Son cycle is 33 1/3 years. These are some sort of repeating time loops we are stuck in. A Pyramid roof on a church near me says YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN. oooh just like Jesus, yes please ! No I think not. You do not have to be born again. Jesus was forced to go West against his will. I think he wanted to go North East, to go back in time, to heal things. If you go East to West or West to East, you keep traversing the same old latitude over and over.

Trees are coppiced to prolong their life. They are cut down, CHOP CHOP, to the stump as part of the coppice cycle, and they regrow. They never get to mature, but their life is artificially prolonged. It seems that is what happens to Jesus, whether he be symbolic or real. He never gets to grow to maturity, and to the fullness of his greatness and wisdom. It is also seen as desirable in modern Western culture (GO WEST, Be Western, be reborn ! ) to prolong life at the expense of maturity and wisdom. The Live longer, Stay young mentality. This is not the way Jesus chooses, it is the way Jesus has been forced. Yet now Westerners are asking for it, and paying money for it. Crucifixion, yes please!

The blurb on the back of my new (but old) Beatles record sleeve tells me that a TV announcer says “John… Paul…” and fails to announce Ringo and George because she is drowned by screams, the point being that it takes just two Christian names to identify The Beatles and set off Beatlemania energy. Now JohnPaul brings to mind the Pope. And I did a little bit of digging… The Pope is linked in to this Vinyl Revolution too ! Well not the current Pope, but 4 popes in a row… The Fab Four Popes…

John Paul II ruled from 1978 to 2005. Prior to that, John Paul I lasted 33 days, possibly 33 1/3 days, I have not checked the exact times. Before him was Paul VI who began in The Beatles heyday of 1963, when Paul was still Paul. Before JohnPaul. Pope Paul ruled over the Paul transition. And going back even earlier is John XXIII, from 1958 to 1963. Pope John covers John’s time with The Quarrymen which started in 1956, and the early Beatle years from 1960. The John time. John and Paul met in 1957, just before the Fab Four Popes began.

The female anatomy creeps in again, as it will do in nearly all my posts since “Sheela”. We just add a bit of silver, (Ag is the chemical symbol for silver), and we get Vaginyl Revolution. The death and rebirth business takes place through the vagina, the passage between two worlds, between your birth mother and Earth Mother. Revolver is also about the revolting revulsion that Western society has at all sexual anatomy, especially the volva vulva.

I don’t know what happened of significance around Christmas 2000, the last revolution point, but the next revolution is due at Easter 2034 in our hamster wheel of time. The current Jesus, whether symbolic or real, will be 13 years old this Christmas/Solstice 2013. That’s an interesting number, 13 is the number of The Sun, The Son, and maybe it signifies a sort of partial maturity, when child turns to adolescent.

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7 Responses to Vinyl Revolution

  1. suliwebster says:

    Extra info : My Beatles album cover says that there is a “dual-voiced Paul” on the song, A Taste of Honey. It is the “only trick duet”. Looks like the Paul changeover plans might have started as early as 1963 on the debut album…

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    ’58-’63 was Cliff and the Shadows time,they were John the Baptist to the Fab’s Jesus.If Paul was replaced you would hear it in the voice.

    • suliwebster says:

      I am pretty sure Paul is replaced or at least heavily edited, but I have studied photos and other clues, not his voice. You are musical, Nixon, what do you hear in the voice? They never played live again though, except at the top of the Apple building where noone could see them clearly. I guess they could use his earlier recordings to recreate the right sound, and then there is the change of voice with age too…

      • Nixon Scraypes says:

        The voice sounds the same to me.A lot of people say that Theo Adorno wrote some of the Beatle’s music but I don’t go for that either.Classical composers and musicians are usually useless at pop,and vice versa.Mind you, I find it hard to understand how their solo efforts were well below Beatle standards,’though good by any other.They were used by powers few are aware of.

  3. Noonoo says:

    Nearly a year on since I read this, and I’ve recently watched an intriguing video about Paul/Faul:

    • suliwebster says:

      Will try and watch some of film, thanks Noonoo. It is all very strange…..

      • suliwebster says:

        The album cover clues are very compelling in that film, and also Lennon’s determination to out the truth. I am not sure about some things in it though, and have no idea if it is really George Harrison. Heather Mills was born 2 years after Paul died for example. Paul’s parents didnt go to the funeral, his mother died when he was young. I don’t really find the backward sounds on the recordings very obvious either. The Sgt Peoper album is surely not really people that Paul would want to invite, Aleister Crowley included ! There are better analyses of that album around, and I think it is much more to do with satanism and its victims and perpetrators.
        I doubt the motivation of MI5 was as noble as to save girls from suicide, and it seems quite likely to me that Paul was murdered by someone programmed to do so. As John was, by someone claiming to be instructed by Satan, or maybe satanists.
        It shows to me how the truth will always out. If people are suppressed or cornered into a false life, a lie, then eventually they find ways to speak their truth, even if the only way is in coded form. It seems that for John Lennon, the truth was more important to him than his life, and maybe his love of Paul was more important too. The MI5 have a hold over us if we value our own life higher than Truth.

        Quite interesting that A Paul can turn to Apple. Appalling. Apple Corp is the poison. It is also a code. Paul Bearer is the male funeral official. Faul is also Fall. The fall of us. The four of us.
        The film says several times about Faul smoking, and refers to him as a marijuana and LSD user, almost irrelevant to the message of the film really. Both contain cyanide as do the apple pips in the apple core. Cyanide is another code for death. The whole Beatles story seems to be the Garden of Eden story playing out, including the Faul fall of us.

        I read a book ages ago about Lennon’s death at the hands of the FBI. Very obvious when someone digs it up, It didnt mention the Paul Faul double.

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