Romans Remain

I saw a tourist signpost in Wales recently that said “Roman Remains”. It reminded me that the Romans remain. They never went away did they? We have all been Romanized, and we are still being romanized. So that we see everything through Roman Eyes, that straight line, straight time, tunnels and squares way of living. It’s sort of comfortable materially, but sort of uncomfortable spiritually. There is something not quite right.

A tourist interpretation board explained the “romanization” of Britain in that rather jolly sort of way that implies that the Romans are heroes, not evil rulers who steal and kill, and ruin lives and ways of life. Apparently Wales was the most resistant, and again I am struck by the strength that Wales once had.

Even in those old Roman days, psychology was very useful. The Roman method to romanize people and places is to make friends of your enemies. Yes, I know that one, I have been on the receiving end of some current day Romans in Bath ! Then you bestow titles and lands and gifts upon these enemies that are now your friends. By this stage, the enemies have been seduced into all the material trappings of Romanism. Or at least the main leaders have. But eventually everyone succumbs, because otherwise you get left out.

If you give out enough treats to the right people, you sort of convert them to your side. They want to be in with you. They WANT to be Romans. They not only stop resisting, they desire your way of life, they aspire to be like you. What a great trick.

The Conversion of the Jews comes to mind. And apparently the relevant Bible chapters are in Romans 9-11, a curiously Roman and 9/11 coincidence. By Jews, I am thinking that there is an original true Jew who sees the truth and resists Romanization. And then there are converted Jews, ones that have been Romanized by the “method”. It sort of explains what often appears to be two lots of Jews, especially in WWII.

The Silurian tribe (almost Sulirian, I think !) of Wales were creatures of nature, strong and healthy, semi nomadic, living in harmony with the Earth. Romans are the opposite. Romans do cities, villas, theatres, stadiums, straight roads, caesarian births. Romans want to capture and control. Romans need slaves.

Their first takeover was Romania, the Romany nomads. Have they adopted the name of their first victim as a sort of trophy of their achievement?

Nowadays, we say “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. Have you noticed how many free things you get offered? How easily are you lured into Romanism or persuaded to stay in it by status, ownership, gifts, and slaves (albeit remote slaves in foreign lands that you don’t see)? Have you noticed how politicians so quickly become “corrupt” when they rise to power? They get heavily Romanized. They change sides.

A mousetrap offers free admission, a free home, and free cheese. What a fantastic gift! By coincidence The Mousetrap is the longest running West End play in London.

Bath is known as a romantic city. It is also a Roman City. A Romancity. That shows me that romance is another one of those lures. Images of modern day romance show expensive meals out, expensive holidays, being waited on, fancy clothes, luxuries like chocolate made in slave countries, materialistic presents, square beds, going to the theatre or cinema to watch performers, etc etc. To get real love, you have to succumb to all things Roman. You have to be romanized to have love, we are told. We are spiritually empty and so are easily persuaded.

The old Roman city of Caerwent is laid out in boxes. 4 rows of 5 numbered boxes. You get to live in a house in one of the numbered boxes. The main road through goes East to West exactly halving the city. Lucky we don’t live like that now eh? Well actually, we do. We have numbered box shaped houses in named streets, which are themselves enclosed in a marked postcode box. Washington DC is a great example of a city laid out as boxes, Roman style. It looks like it is carefully measured with a ruler, a Roman Ruler.

What is this boxing, squares, straight lines, straight times, use of slaves, specatordom doing to our minds? How is it programming us? I think it is detaching us from our souls, and we need to get more Silurian again. That’s the way out, to unRomanize.

Curiously, when I was crossing into Caerleon, I came across a disturbing stone sculpture of a howling wolf. On closer look, there were two girls kneeling and suckling the wolf, with their bottoms stuck out behind. Eek. Then I realised it was Romulus and Remus. Rom and Rem maybe. Roman and Remain.

ROM is Read Only Memory, it means the program can’t be edited, it’s fixed. Romulus killed Remus and won Rome. Are they trying to fix us into Read Only Memory, so that we get to a point where we become so Romanized, that we cannot change back?

REM is Rapid Eye Movement, a type of sleep. And we are back to the eyes again. Rapid REM eyes, or Romanized ROM Eyes? Your choice. REMus got killed off by ROMulus. Why? If REM was in ROM’s way, then I bet REM is going to help us. And hey what do antidepressants do? They stop REM sleep. You must not be depressed in Rome. Not allowed. Depression frequently happens when people see the truth. Maybe REM sleep enables truth. Maybe we all need plenty of REM. Because the Roman ROM program is overwriting the truth that will set us free.

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2 Responses to Romans Remain

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Romania was just an earlier form of Beatlemania.

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