Time Tunnel

Commuters are being promised “ultrafast broadband on trains”. Fantastic, we can live on the trains, and be permanently plugged into the internet while we constantly get from A to B, and B to C, and C to D etc etc. A sort of nomadic lifestyle that many of us crave, travelling about, not fixed in one stagnant abode. Except, true nomads roam freely. And this is Big Brother style of nomad. You are in a moving tunnel, a tube shaped train, with fixed time and place mappings pinning you down to a very narrow tunnel vision of life.

We are already in a Time Tunnel, and have been for many generations. We see time as a one way street. You can’t go from side to side, up or down, or backwards in time, only forward in a line, at a steady pace controlled by calendars and clocks and the Sun.

The Place Tunnel is on its way. Place is being pinned down to fixed times by means of Time Tables. That is why kids are forced to learn their Times Tables at school. To create a mind set of train number 7 at place number 6 equals time number 42. I suspect that train labels and place labels will start to get more and more coded looking, more like numbers, to help this transition. We already have 3 letter codes for airports and train stations, such as LGW for London Gatwick. So then you get your timetable looking like a times table, or even a time stable. Rows and columns of numbers that there is only ONE RIGHT ANSWER for. That’s where we are heading. Into more tunnels. Tunnel vision. So we see less and less truth.

People get frightened by time tunnel events, like The End of The World, back to work on Monday, deadlines, getting to school or work on time, things looming on specific dates, because we don’t see any choice other than to go through that point in time. People are also herded along the time tunnel by having nice things to look forward to, like a holiday somewhere down the line of time. It is really easy to control us when we are in one way steadily moving tunnels. It is really easy to blow us up, herd some people off to one side, reward us with treats, bombard us with background mind control noise, get us all to do the same thing simultaneously, etc etc.

Sometimes we “kill time”, because we are stuck with a certain amount of time between fixed points (appointments) of time that we are tied to on our TIME LINE. Sometimes we don’t have “enough time” between fixed appointments, and life seems too fast. Sometimes time “flies by” when we are busy or involved or interested in what we are doing. How can that be when time is always supposed to be exactly the same, TICK TOCK, measured by hours, and calendars, and seasons ?

I think we each have our own time run by our own body, and the clocks etc are measuring something else, and trying to tune us to their time, Big Brother time. So when we think time has gone fast, it means that we have gone slower than clock time. We have taken a different route through time, and compared to the clock, we went a sort of long way round. If time seems to go slow, then we have gone faster than the clock, we took a short cut through time, and got there before the clock did. If you find that this hardly ever happens to you, then it means you are very well regulated by the clock and calendar, Big Brother time, Big Ben. Most people I know are finding that time appears to be going really fast these days, and I think that means that people are going off on long ways round, the scenic route, exploring and roaming a bit. Good !

If we look at how we are being herded into this new Place Tunnel, we can see how we got trapped in the Time Tunnel. Because the method used is much the same.

Let’s look at the London Underground, otherwise known as The TUBE, because it puts us in a tube, and a tunnel.

The map of the London Underground trains is quite deceiving. The map only shows the tube stations and the lines joining them up. Distances and directions are all incorrect. Getting from A to B is a line. Or sequence of lines. And you have no idea how far apart these places really are if you live by the tube map. That’s why most people don’t realise that there are some tube journeys that you could do quicker and with less walking if you WALKED above ground, along the streets.

But the important thing is that your mindset gets programmed to thinking in terms of points A and B and how to use lines to get from A to B, by following Big Brother instructions, and that you always face the front, follow instructions, keep moving at a steady pace in a one directional tunnel. Can you see how place is being narrowed down to a one-way one-dimensional street?

When you are underground following the instructions, Go Left, Keep Left, Yellow Line, Blue Line, Circle Line, Westbound, Northbound, Next Stop, Mind The Gap, you get completely disorientated. You are like a lab rat, being trained by the trains to follow lines to get to the target destination.

If you are driving on a motorway, it is much the same idea. You cannot stop except at the fixed points. You travel at a steady speed (they are going for about 50mph I would say, roadworks are good for keeping everyone travelling steadily at 50mph). You face the front, follow instructions, and have no idea if it would have been quicker another route, but you have been told that the motorway is the quickest, so you believe it. If you have a SatNav, you obey the SatNav, which is programmed by Big Brother. Soon, we won’t need windows or drivers, and we will just sit in a sort of limosine style car which drives itself from A to B for us, and will, if we are really lucky, have full ultrafast broadband access just like the trains, so we are plugged into Big Brother while we constantly get from A to B, B to C etc.

The Cycleway is the new Green Eco Fitness method of narrowing down place to linear, one way face the front, don’t stop, one way streets. It wins over the Green movement whilst tarmacing the countryside in the process. Watch out, place tunneling is everywhere !

This is how place is narrowed down to tunnels. First it goes to lines, two way lines like with trains and roads. Then it gets fixed to times with timetables. Even roads now have timetables of a sort, because place distances are being measured in MINUTES. How many minutes til the next place, not MILES. So people start to move along lines, preferably with plenty of reason to make sure they always look straight ahead. Even better, hedges and fences can be erected at the sides of the roads, motorways, cyclepaths to prevent people seeing out.

Next we are stopped from seeing the traffic going the other way, and even being able to go the other way. It is already hard to turn around on a motorway or a train, you have to go to the next stop, cross over laboriously to the other side, and then get back on the groove to go the other way. But if you can’t even see the other way, and there are no signs, you might eventually think that there was no reverse direction. Just a few more generations down the line, and you won’t be able to go from B to A, you will only be able to go from A to B, or B to C.

Then the next thing is that the sun or the rain is causing too much trouble, so it would be so much easier with a roof on the highway or byway. Then we could have constant predictable conditions, so much easier for travelling, especially if you are walking or cycling, you will never get wet in a tunnel ! How free and liberating is that ! We could even take the roof off our car or train and be really free with an open top vehicle in our beautifully controlled tunnel environment ! I am sure it will all be cleverly marketed and we will all want it, and want to pay for it too.

So we will end up travelling about in our time/place tunnels, with fixed time/place points, where we rest, work, play, maybe switch lines occasionally. Signs like YOU ARE HERE tell us where we have got to and where we are going, and how many minutes or hours or days or years (not miles!) til the next place. Place will now be measured in units of time. No stopping allowed, and you travel at a steady speed measured by the Time Table and the Time Line.

Eventually people don’t even realise there is another lane of traffic really close by going the other way. Just like London tube travellers have no idea how close Stop A is to Stop B. Eventually people believe that traffic only goes one way, and when you finally arrive at that place one year away, it might actually be somewhere that was on the other side of the tunnel wall one year ago. They just make it look really different with some theatre props and film style special effects, and you will believe it is a whole new land ! Our tunnels will need a bit of livening up with Big Brother issued music and merriment to keep us entertained, and to further mind control us. To pass the time, and to pass the place. Just like we now think going back in time is impossible, we will believe that going back in place is impossible.

The most important thing is that our minds get programmed to a tunnel mindset. And this is what we have to watch out for. It is not just your daily place that is being narrowed down, your being, your spirit is narrowed down too. And once our minds are narrowed down, the physical tunnels and lines will not be needed. Our minds will simply not allow us to see or sense the traffic going the other way. Kids will be trained by their loving parents to the same mindset.

Time Place training starts young. Training is like trains, it takes us along a narrow timetabled track. Where should you be when you are 5? At school. Get here, now! the teacher says. Well done kiddo, you are exactly WHERE you should be at the right TIME, lots of praise and reward, go to the top of the class.

There is a sequence of places you are expected to be at different time points in your life. These places, such as school, are getting more and more centralised. Soon they will be in a linear sequence, from hospital birth to nursery to pre school, to school, to university, to internship, to work, to mortgage, to retirement home, to nursing home, to hospital death, to morgue. All at fixed life ages and stages. The ABC life sequence, life sentence, of time and place. Place and time NAILED together, like nails in Jesus’ hands and feet. Look how happy he is on that cross. Wish I was nailed on a cross too, looks great !

It is socially unacceptable, and sometimes criminal, to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Curfews, for example. Wrong side of the road. Walking in the road, not on the pavement. Truancy from school. If you are of school age and are not at school, people ask you why, there is clearly something wrong, you don’t fit the Time Table. My gran was picked up by the police when walking the streets at NIGHT in her nightwear, night time wandering at that age, in the wrong costume, is not allowed.

The beginning of Time…
My guess is that time began when controlled time was introduced at Time Zero, the beginning of AD, Anno Domini, the Year of our Lord. Nothing to do with Jesus, this is the Lord of Time. We are still in The Year of Our Lord, just one year to get from Zero AD to 2013 AD? Very curious. And the biggest time controller of all is The Sun, The Son, born at Time Zero, Zero AD.

The beginning of Place…
Maybe Place Zero is “Ground Zero”, New York. Although Times Square, dubbed “The Crossroads of The World”, may be a possibility with its Square Times Table sort of feeling. The Twin Towers memorial (it is now a tourist attraction) is entered at the “9/11 Memorial Entry” on Greenwich St, New York. Greenwich means time. Green Witch Means Time, Greenwich meantime. I wonder if 9/11 is some sort of code for Time and Place. Especially as the date is reversed in England. 11/9 for time in England, 9/11 for place in US.

Escape the Time Tunnel…
Now you know time is a trick, you can start to escape by reversing the process. Go BACK IN TIME a bit more often. Reduce your use of watches, calendars, deadlines, diaries, appointments. Free up time. Short cut time. Go the scenic route. Have less deadlines, don’t fear deadlines. Reduce planning ahead, the blinkered facing forward in time. The walls of the tunnel are not real walls, they are walls in our mind.

Resist the Place Tunnel…
The place tunnel is not yet in place. We still see place as three dimensional and two way. But it is beginning to close in. Resist the place tunnel by doing the opposite. Reduce your linear, one way, timetabled, travel. Do more roaming, wandering, wondering, and walking at variable speeds with no destination. Or just don’t do anything, just be. Practising this programs your mind to tune into your free spirit instead of Big Brother.

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