Why Don’t You…

There was once a TV programme called “Why Don’t You Just Switch Off Your Television Set And Go And Do Something Less Boring Instead”. The irony was that it got lots of viewers. They were watching a TV programme showing them the interesting things they could be doing instead of watching. No matter what programme you are watching, your activity remains the same, you are sitting there, watching a screen.

The same applies to anything on the internet, including blogs, including this blog. It doesn’t matter what blog you read, you are plugged into the internet, caught in the “net” or the “web”.

I often ask myself why I keep blogging. I already have enough material to keep writing for years to come, and I have more insights by the day. It is quite a comfortable routine, and I get statistics to look at, and feedback, and followers and “friends”, cyber friends. I get to write a lot of stuff I would like to share. The writing helps me focus and organise my thoughts. There is no money involved, but there is some sort of status, and it fills my time and stops me having enough time and energy to make any big changes to my real life. Maybe it allows me to continue to blame the Illuminati for the things that are wrong, thereby believing that they have the power, not me. Maybe it allows me to perpetuate the current situation, and believe that I need the Illuminati to crumble before I am free to have a different life.

My ultimate aim with my blog, when I feel I will have completed my work, succeeded, will be I when I have done myself out of a job. When people stop reading it, and when I stop writing it. When it is no longer needed by me or by anyone else. When we have moved onto something better.

I see certain jobs as being transient in the same way. If you are a manager, the goal is to do yourself out of a job, set things up so well that they run themselves. If you are a teacher, you need to teach so well that your pupil no longer needs you.

Unfortunately we are programmed otherwise. The goal of a business is to stay in business, expand, create more of the stuff you have set yourself up to sort out, so that you get more business, hang onto existing business. The status quo gets maintained and expanded. And humanity’s progress is blocked.

Charities are a good example. A charity supporting disabled people needs more disabled people to grow and be successful. A charity supporting starving kids in Africa needs more starving kids in Africa in order to grow and become successful. Childline supports children in need, especially those being abused, it is successful. Watch out for an increase in paedophile charities.

Fame and fortune, status and money, PULLS things this way, carrot style. And the need to pay mortgage or rent, and be accepted in society (or fear of the opposite) PUSHES things this way, stick style. And so the Merry Go Round continues, spinning ever faster.

Money makes the world go round, I would say status does too. Charities have status by claiming the moral high ground, and maybe conspiracy theorists do too. What would happen without money and status (fame and fortune) ? Maybe the world would stop spinning.

The irony of my blogging is that I am interacting via a screen made by slaves, via an Illuminati controlled internet. My blog says we should stop participating in Slavery, and escape the Illuminati control, and that EMF emissions are bad for you. The internet is surely the pinnacle of Illuminati control over humanity. I am knowingly supporting the things I stand against. I give energy to them to keep them going.

The conflict will stay with me until I switch off my connection, and find a better way. Why Don’t I switch off now? I am not sure, really. It is a little bit addictive I think, and there is a sort of weaning process involved.

I also have a feeling of powerlessness to grow out of. I suspect that people are online TALKING about these things, because they feel trapped in some way, and the internet seems like the only saviour. Talking is helpful, but it is only one stage of many. Having buddies that see the things you do is reassuring but doesn’t actually CHANGE anything, and if you are not careful, it can just end up as a cosy club, a club that perpetuates the prison. To make a real change, you have to change how your life runs. The energy and time given to the internet is huge, imagine what we could achieve if we put that towards our own life?

I am also reminded that Jesus didn’t have the internet, he just mixed with people for real, all sorts of people, and this is what I like to do myself. There are other ways of sharing and connecting that bypass the slavery, and bypass the Illuminti control grids.

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2 Responses to Why Don’t You…

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    To blog or not to blog?Aye mistress,tis a thorny question.About four years ago I was given an old computer and later a travelling salesman sold me broadband and telephone line for what my BT phone cost on it’s own.Pure chance,the way I like it.I think that makes me a neutral observer and as such I say “blog on”. Sure it’s the medium They intend to control us with but, while you still can,it’s good to hear an independent awareness speak.The only alternative is pure MSM propaganda on the airwaves,NO GOOD.Cosy clubbers will always go to the Kozy Klub whether it’s on the net or the high street.If I happen to meet someone who can show me how to set up a blog,I will,if not ca va.Despite all the interference the universe is still working and I trust it.One thing,the printed word can reach more people than the spoken and it’s physically dangerous to tell some people what they don’t want to know!

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