The Time Lord

We are all slaves to Time. Even those of us that try to escape have to answer to Time from time to time. Even those tribal people in the Amazon that have no clocks answer to Time, because the biggest Time ruler of all is The Sun.

The Sun splits our time into chunks of Day and Night, Dei and Knight. Even if you have no clock, you are watching the big Sun Clock in the sky, and you have this deadline called Sundown, by which you must finish certain tasks, or be back at a certain place, ready for the dark Knight time. When the Sun comes up, we can start up again too. The Sun is our daily, deily, master, master of Time.

The Sun creates the seasons according to its relative movement with Planet Earth. So we have another deadline, an annual deadline, called Winter. Even if you have no clock, you have to get things sorted by Winter, the food supplies change, you get the harvest in. And in the Spring, we all Spring to life. The Sun is our annual master of Time.

People have even more trouble imagining a world without Time than a world without Money. Oh wait a minute, Time is Money, as the saying goes.

You can buy time, or sell your own time. We used to trade more in goods, but now we work by the Hour, or the Day. So money has a relationship with time. We all have a certain amount of time and we sell some of it, and buy time off other people, I very much doubt it is fair. If each of us have our own time, that amounts to quite a lot of time, I would say, if you add it all up, but we somehow believe that there is only one timeline and one lot of shared timespace, and we are all on the same groove, timewise. That is because we are all controlled by The One and Only Sun.

The One and Only Son is Christ the Lord. The Lord of Time. This is NOT the same as Jesus. Jesus was hijacked, Christianized, Romanized, Westernized, and when you view Jesus through Roman Eyes, you get Christ The Lord presented to you, the very opposite of Jesus. He was nailed to the cross, crossed, the process of Christianization. Jesus did not have a watch, or bother with clocks or days of the week, I am sure.

We are slaves to Time, and we worship Time, because Time appears to be our provider, and we are grateful to our provider. We worship clocks, and we worship the Sun. All religions worship the Sun, and Churches are positioned in East West alignments. I like the Sun, it seems to be my main source of heat, light, warmth, and makes the crops grow to feed me. It is my main provider. I am grateful when we get a tiny little bit of Sun. I notice others are the same. A “nice day” in England now means we had about 2 hours of Sun, tiny little crumbs, but we must not complain, we must be grateful.

Stockholm Syndrome is an extreme version of an abused person who loves their master, usually under some sort of imprisonment, so that the master is the provider as well as the imprisoner and guard, and abuser. You get to develop a close relationship with your abuser. This is why domestic violence victims keep returning for more, even though outsiders can see the insanity of doing so.

A trance state is when you lose all sense of time, and this is used in Hypnosis, and other alternative healing methods to heal people. So losing sense of time gets you healthy ! Maybe having a strong sense of time makes you sick.

It seems to me that Jesus was doing a great job healing people, stepping out of time and all the other control systems, like money. Really messing up the Romanization process. Something had to be done about him. So he was converted to Christ, The Son. And his name was linked to this new thing called Christianity, which was not the Romans at all! And the people were mis led by his name to be Christianized, which was now falsely in Jesus’ name.

I think that Jesus was probably a daughter, not a son. And this is another mislead, another hijack. You only need to move one letter in Jesus, and you get Juess, Jewess. It seems that Jesus was a female Jewess, like his Mother. If Jesus was born of a virgin, then he has to be a female. There is no male DNA to be passed on. And then his crucifixion starts to look like a witch burnt at the stake, another form of being crossed, or crucified. And another repeating time cycle.

And that brings me to another time cycle, the one of life itself. We are sent here to serve Time. Jesus was “sent down” to Earth. For our life sent.ence. It is like a time prison on Planet Plan It Earth, where we plan things in our diaries and calenders and by the clock and the day and the year. We want to kill Time when we have too much of it, I wonder why! Our birthdays and deathdays are carefully measured, with the fixed amount of time inbetween, serving Time like a prisoner, until our release.

Horus is an Egyptian God. Like Jesus, Horus has that Roman style “US” ending on his name. Let’s just move that u up a bit and we get Hours. In French, there are Horus words for Time, Horloge is the Town Hall Clock, Horaire is a Timetable. Horror is an interesting variation, maybe horrify is to control by Time. Must have been horrific when they first introduced Time Control, but now we have got used to it and learnt to love it, pay for it, and worship it.

Horization is maybe a process like Romanization, and Christianization. Maybe you can already see that Horizon is Horization. The Horizon is the Lord of Time. We are trained to see things through Horus Eyes, we have been Horized. We hang on to the Setting Sun, and worship it, the last bit of our lovely Time Lord disappearing til he returns tomorrow, if we are lucky! And the religious masters worship the Rising Sun on the Eastern Horizon, the Time Lord returning to provide for us.

Ra is the Egyptian Sun God, and he seems to be a bit like Horus ! He has an Eye, like Horus, and a bird of prey too. And they seeem to get mixed up a lot. Ra additionally has a Sun on his head. Horus seems to gradually take over from Ra in Egyptian legend, get two eyes, and become Horus The Elder. I think that maybe the Moon control came in about this point, and Sun and Moon Rulers were then combined into one God, the Time Lord Horus. An Elder is a senior Druid, which fits rather neatly.

Dr Who is a famous modern day Time Lord from our 21st century God system, which is beamed out via TV, radio, internet, cinema. And Dr Who has made a comeback of late. It used to be on Saturday TV along with all the other family viewing stuff, broadcast by the BBC, including the paedophile programme with Jimmy Savile. Dr Who reads a bit like Dr hoo, or Droo, maybe. A Druid. A Time Lord is someone who understands the energies of the universe, as does a druid. A quick internet search shows that Horus has indeed appeared in Dr Who. Youngsters in particular are being led to worship and love Dr Who, and therefore Horus. The great Time Lord, our guard, imprisoner and abuser.

So it seems that The Sun might not be so great as we think. I can’t imagine life without the Sun, but a child brought up from birth in a cellar might find it hard to imagine there is anything other than a cellar. He might even like his cellar, and not want to leave. To shake off our time prison might mean shaking off the idea of The Sun. Maybe there was once no sun, maybe there was something better, something that we can rediscover if we want to.

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Book: Room by Emma Donoghue, a fictional story about a boy born into a room where his mother is held prisoner.

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4 Responses to The Time Lord

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Shirley Holmes strikes again! Yes Dr Who or Hu ,the “first name of God”.I can’t see why I never noticed that before.If matter is slowed down thought, time is created,yes?So in order to have a material world we must have time.That’s my unscientific understanding of science.

    • suliwebster says:

      I didnt notice that Hoo was Hu. Humans. Doctor of Humans, maybe, the time doctor.
      I was wondering the same myself, that if we had no time, we would maybe have no matter. But did someone hijack time for selfish control purposes, same as everything else? Put us in a very controlled time prison, instead of allowing us free time travel.
      You can also slow down things with temperature.
      Thoughts are electromagnetic waves, but a wave can become a particle and vice versa, asI understand it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ah but did you notice the Acronym WHO ~ the World Health Organisation?

      • suliwebster says:

        I noticed after I wrote the post. Very good for a doctor to be part of the World Health Organisation. And the St Johns Ambulance cross you mentioned on the Tardis is appropriate too. The WHO is doctoring us.

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