New Roman Times

The Rebuilding of Bath continues unabated. Bath is being rebuilt as a New Roman City it seems to me. Today’s announcement for the new Western development includes an AMPHITHEATRE, no less. We will also have new gates, lots of new eight storey Eco housing blocks for the slaves. Trees will be axed in true Eco style, for the mass destruction/construction of slave quarters. And we will have 9000 new slave vacancies, otherwise known as “jobs”. For which we must be grateful.

Now we know why James Dyson mysteriously couldn’t get planning permission for his design centre. They had to keep the space free for the New Roman development, and you don’t want too many innovative people hanging out in a slave town, do you? The slaves might get ideas.

The monstrous new Gainsborough Hotel has a Roman style Baths for the elite, funded by RBS (the taxpayer in other words). It looks like The Old Roman Baths to me, maybe The Kings Bath. Maybe it is The New Kings Bath, just upgraded to the 21st century for the New King. The borehole for the Hot Springs has been diverted there too. There will be an old Roman Baths for tourists to view, DON’T TOUCH IT’S DANGEROUS, and a new one that only the elites can use. The New Roman Baths for New Roman Bath. New Roman Times.

This is the latest of many new developments in Bath of ridiculous scale. In order to support more elites in Bath, and maybe a higher level of elite, maybe Bishops and Kings, instead of just Knights, we need an expanded hierarchy. We need servants for the elites, cleaners, builders, gardeners, cooks, chauffeurs, managers of hotels and restaurants, artists and art galleries, casinos and racecourses, and racehorses, posh shops, and managers of all those, and officials with bits of papers to pass around. The higher level of slave can live inside the city walls, but in the slave quarters, and the lower levels can be bussed or trained in to the new transport interchange from outlying poor towns. Or even cycle in through the new tunnels! The really low level slaves, the foreign imports, can be hidden in the underground tunnels, and I have stories from people I know that tells me they probably already are.

The new style housing is looking a bit like university campuses, and I think the plan is to attract the more upmarket type of slave, a young one that has been to uni, wants to live somewhere quite nice, but maybe a bit sanitised in blocks and straight lines with good facilities, all mod cons, and is programmed to serve. No jobs for uni graduates these days, maybe they will work for free in an internship in Bath City. CHOOSE to be a slave. We are all going to want this slavery thing, sign up for it, encourage our children into it. We don’t see it as slavery because the chains are invisible, and we get to go shopping on days off. The prison is COMFORTABLE.

The Tide is Turning, says the Bath Chronicle, a curious headline for an article about lots of building work and new jobs in a city that is inland. Which way has the tide turned? Is the tide a sort of lock or key that needs turning? It maybe shows that Bath is part of a Moon controlled cycle, like the tides and women, and that we have lots of water here, and a female Goddess that needs Romanizing. The new development includes new Quays. Keys. Keys to be turned, like the tides. Quays that control access from the water. Keys that control gates. We have Locks (Canal Locks), Keys, Quays and Gates in Bath. Sounds like a prison. A great place for interns.

Amphitheatres are always near water. Amphi means to go between land and water, like an amphibian, amphi-being. The amphitheatre plan is next to the river, as well as being roughly where the water for the Hot Springs arrives underground as it comes into Bath from the Mendip Hills. I wonder what sort of Gladiator style entertainment will be laid on at the new amphitheatre. Amphi also has “amp” in it. Amp is a measure of electricity, and for sure the amphitheatre will be sited at an electrical hotspot.

Sulis Minerva is the Roman Goddess of the Hot Springs. Back in the last Roman invasion, she became the upgrade from the Welsh Celtic Goddess Sul. A sort of compromise name, half Roman, still a bit Celtic. My guess is that in this phase two of the Roman conversion, the Sulis part of the name will now be dropped as there are no Celts left to protest, and we will get Minerva, pure Roman. This is the usual method, step by step. Minerva is another version of Athena or Britannia. Funny how I am feeling like leaving Bath, much as I love the place. Sulis goes, Suli goes. Are they driving me out? It’s getting on mi nerves, minerva.
Times New Roman is a type font commissioned by The Times newspaper around 1930. A type of font. A font is a fountain like a spring. Bath is a big place for springs, hot and cold, and maybe it is time for a new Roman fountain to spring to life. New Roman Times. The Romans love their Time control as much as they love their slaves. It feels like a time cycle returning, the Romans were here nearly 2000 years ago. Maybe the Roman Revolutions run in 2000 year cycles.

I have recently had a letter from “Western Power Distribution” saying we will get an electricity power cut in November for 3 hours for some reason, maybe just to annoy us. The department is mysteriously called Bath City Construction and has an AA postcode. What are they constructing with their Western Power? The new Western Bath City? I can’t locate them online. AA is the Queens postcode, Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament have the AA code, amongst other Queenie places. It reminds me of the current US government “shutdown”, though that is a lot longer than 3 hours. Bath will be rebooted on 12th November with the big Switch On of the Xmas Lights, by Mary Berry, no less! Queen of Cakes. Or maybe Queen of Tarts, Alice in Wonderland style.

In writing this, I have imagined how it would be, if we follow our “leaders”. Maybe by imagining that picture, we help to create it, form it. So now I know what they are trying to create, a New Roman Bath, I will start to imagine and live out something more along the lines of what I would like. Starting with free access to a more natural version of the Hot Springs. Forget any new developments, clear the derelict space, and let it return to nature. And if we don’t have enough facilities for the elites, maybe they won’t come here.

I am half waiting for some official in Bath to challenge my writings. But the reason I write about the place is because I am very fond of it, and I don’t like the destruction that is being done in the name of “development” and “good for us”. Bath is a very powerful place energy wise, the hottest place, geologically, in Britain. Heat is energy and power. Which is maybe why the elites want to hog most of it for themselves, and then allow us little tasters of it if we are good, for which we must be grateful.

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5 Responses to New Roman Times

  1. paul says:

    it may be handy to have access to hot springs when the weather turns cold
    Our recent interaction with the greater human-internet and its linguistic clues to the future have provided us with a view of a very cold cold, bitterly cold, winter coming to the northern hemisphere. This view arises from linguistics that have been showing in our forecasting for the last several ALTA reports and are now beginning to manifest in the larger media space of the internet as these very early ‘winter episodes’ hit around the globe.

    Our recent data sets continue to point out that humanity is about to get hit by an [ice age experience]. The data sets are suggesting that this Winter (2013/2014) {which has already started in many places} terra will see bitter cold, and ice age conditions that will produce [unexpected places (and types/amounts) of glaciation]. The data sets forecast 1000 (eyup, that is correct… one THOUSAND ) year floods, as well as [mountains (of snow and ice)].

    • suliwebster says:

      So far it is very WARM this winter. It does feel like we are getting progressively less sun, but being progressively more trapped in a smaller space with closer muggier air. I guess the eventual effect of less Sun will be cold.
      As I look more and more into the time tunnel idea, I can see that having an Ice Age is like visiting the North Pole. If there was a spiral of tunnels that was herding us towards the North Pole like a one way street, we would be heading for an Ice Place. At the moment, we have a choice and most people choose not to go to the North Pole. If you see time as a choice and not a tunnel, then there should be a way of not being swept along to the Ice Age via a one way time street. It probably means not going with the flow of the media and the masses.

    • suliwebster says:

      I like the SOC effect idea in that link you posted, Paul. That is kind of how I see things going too. Whatever disaster comes, there will be a SOC effect, and we will somehow deal with it. Maybe the SOC effect will make us reclaim the Hot Springs.

  2. Smampher says:


    • suliwebster says:

      Thankyou. I think this post has become more relevant since I wrote it 4 years ago. There is now a Bath Quays project at Green Park, and the Dyson site is being used for it. I hear some “defence giant” is involved in funding it. (See Bath Keys, the new Bath Quays line up with the King Key energy). And now the river is being branded a “Serial Killer”. It is increasingly Roman.

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