Wombless Women

The headlines today are all about tummies. Kate is on the media main stage again. This time she has her navel on full view, rather than the pre birth photos that always looked up her skirt. She wears that strange electric blue that keeps appearing, also to be found on top of Nelson’s Column in the form of a cock. And the Big News is: Kate has squeezed back into her jeans!

These are tight skinny jeans, blue of course. And we must all Copy The Royals, the perfect couple, the fairytale. The big achievement for new fairytale princess type Mums to aim for, your target to get your A* grade, is to get back into your jeans as quickly as possible. Almost as if you had never actually been pregnant!

Was Kate ever actually pregnant anyway? The bump always looked a bit contrived to me. But the important thing is the symbology and the messages that we are presented with.

The other important point is to always be out and about WITHOUT your baby for the best photoshoots and images and general acceptance in society. The pressure is on to leave your baby with someone else, babies don’t need their mums. Anyone or any place with a registered certificate will do. The baby is not that important, just the jeans.

Soon we will all want to have babies without the hassle of even getting fat in the first place! Then the issue of getting back into your jeans doesn’t even arise, because you can wear your jeans the whole way through your baby’s pre-birth development. The getting back into your jeans target is the latest step on the slippery slope to lab grown babies. No need for wombs.

Quick planned Caesarian births already exist, but they are a bit of a hassle with 6 weeks unable to drive, feeling a bit rubbish after the op, and still the jeans target to achieve, as WELL as trying to manage a new baby in the background.

Designer babies are already here, we can choose selected sperm for IVF babies. And oh look, the Royals already seem to be CHOOSING the sex of their first born. The Coat of Arms for Kate has a baby blue ribbon. Blue for Boys. Diana’s is baby blue too. Fergie had girls, and her ribbon is baby pink. Copy the Royals. Wouldn’t it be great to plan the sex of our baby. It would be just like going shopping!

And of course if you are shopping for your predesigned baby, now with the added option of it being grown for you in a safe and secure registered and certified lab, then that will mean you have to pay lots of money for it. Cash for Babies. Babies for Sale. DNA could be supplied just from a bit of hair or skin, and then noone need ever suffer infertility issues ever again. Everyone could contribute their DNA to the next generation. It means it is fair for everyone. Sign up now for the Brave New World.

The other headline tummy story that I noticed today was the War Game one. Soldiers use pregnant womens tummies as targets. I didn’t read enough to notice if it was a computer game or a “real” war. The point is that obviously women carrying around their unborn baby in their womb is a bit risky. DANGEROUS. The womb is not the safest place for the developing baby, is it? We need somewhere more safe and secure to grow our embryos, our future children. A certified registered lab would be much better, more protective.

Woman is so named after the womb. Womban. This is the main function of the woman, and the biggest difference between the two sexes, it seems to me. Things seem to be heading towards wombless women. And if women are going to have no womb, then they will not be womben. They will be men.

To me, this tummy thing seems like part of the UPGRADE of Homo Sapiens to the next version, a version without women, a version without sexual reproduction as we know it.

I wrote in “The Time Lord” about how Jesus may well have been female, and that the story may have been edited over time to make him a son. Now I notice that the Catholic Church are so envious of the power of the womb of the Virgin Mary, that they are trying to proclaim themselves the Virgin Males. The celibate virgins that should be revered. If Jesus was actually female and got edited to a male, they can do the same with the Virgin Mary. A couple more milennia down the line and we will have wombs of women almost forgotten, the story slipping into ridicule, myth and legend, and Jesus will be born of the Virgin Male. The Catholic Pope would be ideal for the job.

Maybe Freud got it wrong. It is not women envying the penis. The ruling men envy the power of the womb. The womb is creation, and the womb holds the power for new life, the future. That must be stopped, controlled, and taken over.

It may sound cool and modern, up-to-date, to just have one efficient wombless gender, or it may sound horrific. But it begs the question, how did we get to what we have now? At the moment we have the COUPLE as the centrepiece. We have males and females. Once upon a time that may have seemed like some horrific future science fiction story. How did we get here?

The usual method to convert people from A to B is to slowly introduce B alongside A, have them coexisting for some time until it becomes normal. Then gradually phase out A. They do the same trick with names, like Monkton Combe near me was once known as Combe, and is now slowly morphing to Monkton, only took a few centuries, no rush when you know how time works. If you can change over names like that, why not gender too? Why have a gender? Why not have a general homogenised human? So much easier. And the word “sex” can then be used exclusively to mean sexual intercourse, just for fun, and no need for contraception.

So it seems that the world may once have had no males, and then MAN was a new version of the species, introduced with the intention of phasing out the previous earlier model, the WOMBAN. They do this with computers too. New models come in, old ones are phased out.

If a new model is introduced, then it is heavily advertised and pushed. Once nearly everyone has upgraded as instructed, the old models are no longer supported, and they get deleted, or become useless.

Hyster is the womb, and hysterectomies are getting more common, which creates a wombless woman. Women with wombs are considered annoyingly hysterical, or the new word is “histrionic”, which sounds a bit historical, out-of-date. Women’s wombs are already linguistically tied to hystory, history, his story. I would say women get hysterical when something hysterly, wombly is interfered with, the mother baby bond, or sexual abuse, perhaps.

They love ripping out wombs. They love to attack the mother baby bond. They want to axe it completely, and take full state control of producing new babies, right from conception.

The family friendly BBC helps out with the indoctrination. I was programmed with the childrens programme, the Wombless Wombles, who mysteriously reproduce without any sign of pregnancies. No wombs, I guess. It is suggested that babies maybe appear from eggs hatching and then they go to the Womblegarton. Sex is still allowed via an adult style special “cuddle”. Though it is not specified whether it is just adults who do it.

Do you want to upgrade? Maybe not such a bad thing eh? Sounds more efficient really. Surely the new version is going to be BETTER than the old one? I notice that young people generally like to upgrade to the new versions, and older people upgrade so they don’t get left behind. I don’t want the upgrade. I want to go back and find out how it all started, find out my own story, how we got stuck in these endless cycles and upgrades. Maybe there was another version before the womban?

Our minds are being subliminally programmed by this stuff, which is almost unavoidable in daily life. A normal topic of conversation for new mothers is about getting back into your jeans, and it has been a normal topic since I first gave birth 20 years ago, maybe longer, maybe since jeans came in. The programming is working. It takes one step at a time, they take their time so that we don’t even notice the change.

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2 Responses to Wombless Women

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    The Knave Brew World is coming.It appears that Huxley was part of think tanks,the elite intellectual scene in the twentieth century,as was Orwell to a degree,planning future developments in human farming.That’s where they got their ideas.They knew the plan and helped to implement it.Welcome to the artificial world.Freud was a predecessor,working on the psychic sabotage of humanity.I’ve read that,when he and Jung arrived in America to beatlemania crowds,he said-“little do they know we’ve come to bring them the plague” It makes me sick that people have such respect for that coke-headed intellectual thug.

    • suliwebster says:

      That is a whole other subject there, about how these people get used by the elite, and at what point do the elite control them? How much are they aware of their control, or are they just seduced by the Devil’s deal of fame and fortune? I feel that Orwell was in the elite, but got out, and died young as a result. I have not read the others, but am aware of some of Freuds conclusions, the most hideous one being that girls invite sexual abuse by their fathers. I also read that Freud discovered that women’s hysteria was due to sexual abuse, but as he was famous at that time, he knew that to publish his findings would destroy the entire nuclear family structure that our current society is founded upon. Whether or not his arm was twisted, or not, I do not know. There are two ways of twisting arms, with carrots or sticks. I guess they can think up some pretty gruesome sticks if you refuse the carrot.
      I think I have some elite stuff in my history heritage, so that is maybe how I can see things.

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