Pavlov’s Women

Pavlov’s Dogs is a famous and cruel experiment on dogs. The dogs were trained to expect food when a bell sounded, even when there was no food to be had. The expectation of food was measured by a device cut into their throats, which collected and measured their saliva.

How did the dogs get trained to think that a bell was food?

This is the Pavlov Method, and once you see it, it seems to turn up everywhere.

The dogs were first given food, at which they salivated. Then they were given food and a bell sounded at the same time, or maybe just before. Then eventually, they just had the bell. By this time the dogs brains had become wired with the message that the bell and the food are the same thing, so they continued to respond to the bell as if it was food, and they salivated expectantly.

I find myself expecting food when I get home because I associate food with home, that is where my food supply mostly is. When I get near home, I suddenly feel hungry.

You can see how if Big Brother wants to convert us from A to B, they start by introducing B alongside A, so that they coexist for some time. Then eventually A gets withdrawn. A to AB to B. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, the longer the better, it becomes more ingrained, and we are less like to notice what is being done to us.

Women seem to be trained to bleed at the Full Moon, just like Pavlov’s dogs. I think it is highly unlikely that women have always done this, it makes no sense, any more than Pavlov’s Dogs salivating at the sound of a bell.

Somewhere in history, using the Pavlov Method, women started bleeding by force, then bleeding to order, and now obediently meekly expecting to bleed. And it became so ingrained in the female psyche that it was automatically handed down the generations.

Curiously, there appears to be some research that says the Moon can be rung like a bell, it has a hollow bell like sound. So maybe the bell sound trained the first women, then the moon was introduced to go with the bell, eventually the bell was no longer required, just the moon.

Things get quite gruesome from this point, and you may not want to read on.

How did it all start?

I think that there was a Satanic sacrifice of menstrual blood, menstrual blood being the best blood to drink, the most nutritious, the one that supports the baby. To get this process going, would require a miscarriage. A miscarriage of justice, or juice, red juice. The juice that was meant for the baby gets carried out the vagina, miscarried, stolen. And along with the juice, comes the foetus and the placenta and the stem. A set of very rich nutritional food for someone.

To extract the juice (juice extractors are popular these days), requires a developing foetus, and an abortion. Women must be continuously impregnated, so that there is a constant stable of pregnant women, and then the foetus aborted. Maybe women were selected for the sacrifice from the many pregnant ones available.

You can see how the Vatican is involved. This is their big subject. They ban contraception, and abortion, and encourage regular siring of women through the marriage license, a certificate that means a woman is owned (stabled and bridled) and available for her husband for regular “communion” and carnal, cardinal, knowledge. Back street abortion, and also state endorsed abortion is what women are herded towards.

The Palace of the Placentia in Greenwich is translated as Pleasant Place. Was the placenta a pleasure, one of the elite food delicacies? We eat enough of these cruel reapings from animals, like veal for example, why not human delicacies too?

In modern childbirth, the midwives are trained to capture and measure the blood and save the placenta. About ONE PINT of blood is collected per birth, and I wonder where the pint measure came from. I don’t know what they do with the blood. Maybe women are encouraged to sign a form to donate it for “medical science”.

The Lamb and Flag pub in Covent Garden London, is nicknamed the “Bucket of Blood” from the early 19th century. It says so on their website. A bucket is 32 pints. That makes 32 sacrifices per bucket. You “kick the bucket” when you die. Maybe that is the foetus landing dead in the bucket, or maybe women do not survive the sacrifice. Bucket is a “buck” word, which gives me Bucks County, counting buckets, a place where many elite live, including Rothschild. There is also Buckingham Palace, place of buckets. And Big Bucks, big buckets, lots of money, which makes me think people are paid well to collect buckets of blood. Brided, bridled women, are like horses, and a horse will “buck” to get rid of its rider. They need taming.

Knights Templar have the Lamb and Flag as their symbol. The flag is red on white, red blood on white cloth. Rothschild have red on white symbols too. Knights always seem to have a sword don’t they? The instrument of abortion. And the Knights are also symbolic of siring damsels. Arise Sir Knight The Queen says as she blesses him with the sword his abortion tool. She is talking to the head of the penis, the impregnation tool, not the head of the man, the penis arises and as it does, the hood falls back. Knights are always depicted with hoods on their heads. The role of the Knight is to impregnate women, a sort of factory to ensure a steady supply. And then they sacrifice the product that they helped create, thus reaping the bountiful reward.

The sacrificial lamb is starting to look symbolic of sacrificed human foetuses. And a sheep, the lamb’s mother is a SHE, symbolic of the sacrificed woman. St Agnes is the Knights Templar symbol too, and Agnes chose to be killed rather than submit to this marriage cycle of impregnation and sacrifice. Great choice for women though eh?

In time, women would get used to this sacrifice as normal. Maybe a bell was rung as it occurred at the Full Moon. Eventually, the sword would not be needed to abort. The woman would automatically bleed in fear at the sight of the sword, rather than have the sword put through her. Now they have the woman appearing to be a willing volunteer, by consent, and it has become a miscarriage of juice, not an enforced abortion. Maybe eventually the bell would be enough to cause the miscarriage, they don’t even need the sword, just the sound. And eventually the sight of the Full Moon becomes enough to make women bleed even if they are not pregnant.

It only takes a hundred monkeys doing something, for the rest of the species to pick up the same habits. So only a small percentage of women suffering this over the millennia would eventually create the same effect in all women. And nowadays women will obediently bleed monthly, even if they are not miscarrying or aborting. Just the Full Moon will do it. And if that fails, there is always some pharmaceutical pill to get you back on track.

A Pavlova is a red on white pudding. The juicy red strawberries on the eggy meringue. A pudding that celebrates the success of the Pavlov Method on woman. They always like some fancy dish to go with all their horrible practises.

A curious recent news story tells of a gynacologist who has given up abortions. He felt compelled to go to the Vatican and lay his instruments of trade before the Pope. You are supposed to see the Pope as anti abortion, but actually this is part of the Pope’s job, to ensure more abortions. It almost seems like the doctor was giving his tools to the Pope as the Pope is the real abortion master. Why else would the Pope need the tools? Maybe there are too many hospital abortions, “throwaway” the Pope calls them, and they want more secret ones that save the products.

I very much doubt the sacrifices have stopped. Foetuses are still aborted in public places like hospitals, blood is collected, foetuses and placentas are collected, and I would say that there are more ritualised versions going on behind the scenes, unscene, unseen, every Full Moon.

I think it is possible to release ourselves from this spell by reprogramming our minds. To start that process, we have to understand how we got to this point, understand that monthly bleeding is not necessary and is not healthy, and to stop worshipping the Bloody Moon.

(See also: Program Me, Blood Sacrifice, Shooting The Moon, Bridle and Groom, Monkey Stories, Agnes Day, Wombless Women, Sheela Negative, Black and White and Red, Knights Templar of Bath, The Old Welsh Road, The Georgian Empire)

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14 Responses to Pavlov’s Women

  1. suliwebster says:

    The Holy Communion comes to mind. The red wine and the round wafer are symbolic of drinking the menstrual blood and eating the placenta. (The word placenta comes from the Latin for cake, and the Romans had a bread called Placenta). This could have been by products extracted at Jesus’ birth, (by the shepherds? the sheep herders with their crooks), or it could be that Jesus was a female Jewess, Juess, and she was sacrificed in this way, when pregnant.

  2. reminds me of the five monkeys experiment, five monkeys in a cage with a ladder in the middle with a banana hung from a string above the ladder, whenever one monkey goes for the banana they get sprayed with cold water and in time do not even notice the banana, then one of the monkeys are replaced with a monkey that does not now the routine, as soon as it goes for the banana the other monkeys prevent it from doing so violently as they know the result, other monkeys are introduced until none of the original monkeys remain but all of then fear the banana, and not even knowing why, substitute bell, very pavlovian.

    • suliwebster says:

      I had forgotten that monkey story even though I printed it in my much earlier post Monkey Stories. Thanks for reminder, it does fit very well.
      I guess the first monkeys didn’t pass down the wisdom that the banana was ok and the history of when spraying was introduced.
      Or maybe they only used young monkeys in the experiment, and you need old wise ones to see the importance of handing down stories. Like a version of the Olympic Torch, the flame must not go out. Or a baton in the relay race must not be dropped.

  3. Noonoo says:

    Reminds me also of the story of the wild and free pigs of the Okefenokee Swamp:

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, very good story, thankyou. Even the old wise pigs got trapped by being with the easily lured young ones. I have the same daily dilemma with my own kids.
      It also reminds me of supermarkets, the main lure being cheap deals. (I wrote a post called Cheap Deals). The enormity of it is perhaps that this is not just a future trap, but one we have already fallen into, so we need to avoid the new traps hurtling towards us, and also get out of the ones we have been born into. One step at a time, we will get there.

  4. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Yes,there’s a lot of slave bait out there.As long as we use the oppressor’s mind and methods he’s got us bang to rights.

  5. Bulan says:

    I realize this may be a bit of old news, but non the less here it is.

    Kim Kardashian considers eating her placenta

    • suliwebster says:

      Thankyou Bulan, I am sure it is related to the story, and I haven’t seen it before. Will read it now.

    • suliwebster says:

      I think if anyone is going to eat the placenta it should be the mother, thereby bolstering her strength to care for the new baby. Maybe that is what this piece is about, drawing our attention to the placenta being edible and nutritious, as is breast milk. Trouble is the state will want to steal, buy and sell them as they do with everything else, start a trade and traffik in placentas. There is usually a double sided aspect to news stories. I am not horrified by the eating of the placenta, but by the trading and stealing and factory production of it.

      • Anonymous says:

        There’s already an online trade in breast milk, there was a scandal recently because a lot of it turned out to be tainted.

      • suliwebster says:

        Eek. I didn’t know that, but it doesn’t surprise me. I was asked to “donate” some for “research” when I had my first baby 20 year ago. I didn’t.

  6. Dilly says:

    Hi Suli – I used to be a registered nurse. During my training in midwifery I was shown a huge chest freezer in the labour ward where all the placentas were stored. Mothers never asked where all the ‘waste’ went and during my time there no mother ever asked for the placenta or where it would go. I was told not to volunteer this information and that it was sold to cosmetic companies. I was very young then but now that conversation haunts me, it was a very large hospital with lots of births each day. I really no longer believe they were sold to cosmetic companies but even if that was so why would they need so many?

    • suliwebster says:

      That is a really interesting piece of first hand information, thanks Dilly. It is amazing how much info we have between us when we stop keeping their secrets for them.
      It makes me wonder why the NHS needs funding with all this black market trade in stolen goods going on.
      You can see why they want more centralisation of births, and to cut down home births. There are useful by products, and we are just farmyard animals to them. Though I am now starting to wonder if they view the baby as the by product, and the placenta as the main purpose of the maternity ward.
      Cutting the cord instantly is probably a good way of keeping more nutrients in the placenta and less for the baby. (That is their glorious ribbon cutting ceremony).
      “Cosmetic companies” sounds like code for something so they give us the truth in a roundabout way. I am wondering if it is about maintaining the beauty and health and longevity of those at the top of the pyramid, the ones that get the biggest piece of the cake or slice of the pie. Or it may be something to do with the Cosmos, cosm, cosmetic, cosmic, places in the sky. cosmic + ET = cosm(et)ic. Or it may be to do with cosmetic surgery, creating robots that look like humans, creating skin.
      I am coming to think that the words pie and cake are code speak placenta. The placenta is round, a circle, which gives us Pi. The Great British Pie. There are several rhymes and strange expressions with pies in them.
      Placenta is also Play Centre, and modern day child rearing is more about play centres controlled by Big Brother than about nurture from mother, the Placenta replaced by the Play Centre.

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