The Lewis Key

The Lewis is a tool of trade used by Stone Masons to lift up big blocks of stone. It is also an instrument of torture used on women. And so that is two reasons why the Freemasons use it as a symbol, a trophy of their achievements. Levitating big blocks of stone, and torturing women. How mighty they are.

This is all happening on my doorstep, under my nose, and that is how I got to find out about it.

How the Lewis works…
There are several different types of Lewis, but the basic principle is the same. The Lewis works like a key, it keys into the stone, locks in place, and then the stone is securely lifted by the key handle. First the block of stone to be lifted has a notch cut out of the top, called the “Lewis Hole”. This forms a “seating” for the Lewis to be inserted. The key end of the Lewis Key is inserted into the keyhole, the “Lewis Hole”. The hook end of the Lewis Key is attached to a crane. As the crane lifts the hook, and the weight of the stone is taken up by the key, the deisgn of the key means it expands and locks into position in the stone. It is a sort of scissor action. Imagine a closed scissors entering the hole, and then opening as the weight of the stone pulls down, the outward pressure of the opening scissors grips the walls of the hole by friction.

St Peters Keys…
One type of Lewis is the three legged Lewis, and this is otherwise known as St Peters Keys. In some depictions of St Peter the keys he carries is actually a Masonic 3 legged Lewis. The concept of 3 legs is a reference to a 2 legged man and his tool, a penis or sword, which enters the vagina for either impregnation or abortion. The third middle leg of the 3 legged Lewis Key is the “square leg”, a cricketing term. This is the safest type of Lewis as it won’t fall out, the dove tailed shape keeps it in position. St Peter is of course associated with Rock and stone.

The Papal Test…
You may notice a similarity to the cervical smear test on women, known as the “Pap” test, maybe Papal Test. What, the Pope, surely not! The tool of trade of the Pap test is a speculum, which is scissor like. The speculum is inserted into the woman’s hole. Once it is in, the scissor action is operated to allow a third “leg”, the spatula, to go in and scrape a bit of something from the womb. The spatula is then withdrawn with its prize scraping, the 2 legged scissors close and the speculum slides out. It is very unpleasant, but “good for you” we are told, and most women sign up to have this done to them regularly.

The Vatican Key…
Surely not, the Papal crew entering women’s wombs? They are all celibate !! Hoho says Santa. The Vatican are ALWAYS involved in the invasion of womens and childrens bodies. That is their job. The layout of St Peters Square in Rome, the very entrance to the Vatican, is shaped like a keyhole, with that dovetailed look. I think this is the three legged Lewis which is exactly the same shape. The dovetail keyhole end of the Vatican Key is the Vatican entrance, which, if you look at the map, makes the Vatican the vagina and the womb, with the Lewis Key inserted. St Peters is inside the body of a woman.

VA for Vagina…
The US state of Virginia is coded VA. The virginal vagina. The Vatican is VA too. The Vatican is the Vagina, that is why they are always involved in entering vaginas. That is why the whole Bible is about the Vagina, which is why it is the Book of The Hole, the Holy Book. And all those Cardinal, carnal, sinners live inside the Womb, which they access via their vagina, using the St Peters Keys. Because the vagina is locked and has restricted entry. In Bath the vagina street layout has the Victoria Art Gallery (VAG) at its entrance.

The Sword in The Stone…
The map of the Vatican shows the third leg of the Lewis to be inside the womb in the shape of a cross, which is the handle of the sword. The sword is the third leg. So the double edged sword becomes the double ended sword, it is not just the blade that is used as a tool. The hilt, the cross end is used as a Pap Key, inserted, and turned to hold it in place. You can see how it is laid with the side arms of the sword going from North to South. North seems to be the (possibly pregnant) bump of the woman’s navel, which means a sword arm is pointing towards her back too. Ouch. That means the sword was inserted with the side arms matching the human arms, then turned. The woman is lying on her side facing North, her legs pointing East, like Church entrances do. North is home, where I am headed, so having the navel at North fits very well.

The Bath Sword In The Stone…
Bath and some other places (like Caerleon, another Roman place), have a sword in their symbol, going into rock or womb shapes. I noticed one carving recently, on the newly renovated monstrous Gainsborough Hotel. The handle of the sword was depicted like a screw, screwed down into the stone.

The Cross Keys…
You can also see how the symbol of the cross keys can be seen in the same way. Insert the two keys parallel together, then once in, cross them, and the woman or stone is locked. Or you can insert the keys parallel, then turn one to open them out. There are many pubs called the Cross Keys, and I live near one. Bath Abbey (which is St Peters), and RA’s Mansion both have two keys and a sword in their symbols. It is another version of the 3 legged Lewis, the St Peters Keys.

Sandy Hook…
The Sandy Hook school massacre seems to be linked in. Bath is a world centre of freemasonry, and the stone was taken from under my home. Freemasons are so called because they carve in Freestone, which is stone without a grain, ideal for making intricate carvings. Bath stone is an excellent freestone, it is honey coloured SANDstone. To hook up a Bath Stone block to a Lewis Key is to hook sandstone. Maybe a Sandy Hook is another name for a Lewis Key used on sandstone.

The Cornerstone Centre…
This is a new centre to be opening shortly opposite King William, (the pub). It is about the history of stone in Bath, and therefore Freemasons. It is called Ralph Allens CornerStone, it is especially linked to RA, Ralph Allen. King William is the returning Egyptian Sun God RA, so it is fitting that his new centre is opposite his pub. The website says this is where it all began. And this is where my story began when I noticed the curious symbol of the new Centre. It is a Three legged Lewis, depicted in a very similar shape to the Vatican Keyhole. The Knights Templar of Bath, those caring Almshouse people, are busy evicting long term tenants from the neighbouring cottages. An interesting coincidence, and unpleasant for the evicted tenants.

The Cornerstone message…
The Freemasons hold messages we can use. The Cornerstone is indeed the place where a building begins. All measurements are taken from the Corner Stone so that any errors are not repeated. If you measured one wall against a previous wall, then any margin of error in the previous wall would be repeated in the new wall, you would end up with a wonky building. So to minimise the error and perfect the building, the cornerstone is carefully laid, and all measurements refer back to that one first source. We must do the same. We have lost our Cornerstone, and we are getting wonkier and wonkier as we hurtle forwards with new things. We must dismantle our building work to hunt down the cornerstone of our life.

Hanging Women…
The last woman publicly hanged in Britain was in 1955. And the last non public hanging, Ruth Ellis, was 1955. It is highly likely that women are still being hung. And maybe not publicly, but pubicly. A pubic hanging of the womb, of womban, of woman. Using a Lewis Key mechanism. According to wikipedia, Ruth Ellis was required to wear padded nappy style knickers, strapped onto her, very strange, but not if her hanging was a womb one. She would need a nappy.

Hanging by the Neck…
Women have two necks. The neck of their head, and the neck of the womb. The top of the spine is the Cervix, same as the top of the vagina. The cervix is the neck. Wombs are hung by the neck. Using a Lewis Key.

The Last Hangman…
…was Pierrepont. He hung Ruth Ellis. Pierrepont Street in Bath is about to be rebuilt like lots of Bath currently is. I take that to mean that the Hangman is about to be re engineered, and a new, maybe more subtle, method of “hanging” is coming our way.

The Masonic Buckle…
It is suggested that in order to aid the lifting of the stone using a Lewis, the stone is also supported by some sort of cradle and straps. This reminds me of the Masonic belt and buckle and what it might be used for. Coincidentally, Ruth Ellis’ grave was transferred to a church in Buckinghamshire, known as Bucks. Just to emphasise the Buckle control.

Waists can be drawn in using a belt and tightening the buckle, one Masonic hole at a time. Squeeze out the womb and its contents. Cameron kept going on about having “less waist” at the last election. Everyone assumed it was about rubbish collections. But it is to do with wombs and women. The fashion was once for an hourglass figure, no pregnancies then ! And the relentless womb interference is thus linked to the sands of time.

The Stone Centre…
Many fruits, such as a peach, have a stone in the centre, the stone is a sort of seed within the flesh. The stone creates the next life. There are two types of next life, the after death, and the after birth, the new baby or new growth. I think they both go via the womb, the stone, the rock. The word stone or rock seems to refer to the womb inside of a woman, the centre of creation. The evil way is to mine or quarry this stone, and build huge monstrous cathedrals from it, hoard the space, hog it to yourself. We should be honouring and respecting this creation space without any desire to own it, or tame it.

The Mined Stone…
Woman has a stone (the womb), at the top of one neck, and a mind at the top of her other neck. The Stone and The Mind. Both are being mined, invaded, stolen from, locked.

…have recently been advertising themselves with symbols of large gruesome looking open scissors and it has been bothering me awhile. Maybe haircuts are linked to this too, though I haven’t yet looked into it.

The Keystone…
The Lewis is a sort of Stone key, which keys into the keyhole and locks the stone. The Keystone is the clever central stone that is required to form an arch, and sort of lock all the others in position. The Keystone has the same dovetail shape that the key part of the Three legged Lewis has. It is a Lewis Key without a handle. The handle has been cut off, the key is stuck in position without its handle isn’t it? The arch supports the Monarchy, the Moon Arch, the Lunar Arch, the Lew Arch perhaps. And if we turn the key of the Vatican and take out the sword, (just do it in your imagination gently and slowly as you can if you feel confident, maybe wearing good gloves so you don’t cut your hands, and prepare your mind with the correct directions first), then maybe we can free up the locked up womb, and reclaim our creative space, our space of creation from where we came.

The word Lewis comes from lever, levitate, meaning to lift. I cant help but see Levis in there. Levis are the original Blue Jeans, or genes, and are depicted with a belt and a buckle. They also have a zip to unzip the womb and enter, or unzip the penis to enter. They are nearly always depicted as sexy and desirable, though I see them as the opposite. I suspect that the locked wombs are the wombs of the original blue genes.

The Lewnar Moon…
Looks like the Moon is involved too. Lewis is Lew, is Lu. Lu is the Moon. The Moon that makes women bleed from their womb. And maybe the word lewd comes from the Lewis Key too. A Lugh Stone turns up in stone circles, and there is a God Lugh which I am not even going to start on.

Baby George, the GAL…
Baby George is George Alexander Louis. Louis is the French version of Lewis. Alexander is a Scottish name abbreviated to Sandy. The Sandy Hook is in the name of the new Prince, poor kid. And it all started in Georgian Bath. At RA’s Cornerstone. Methinks the new Cornerstone centre is William’s new baby, symbolic of Baby George.

Blood, Toil, Sweat and Tears…
On a practical level, the amount of work required by man and horse and machine to lift just one block of stone is incredible. The whole thing is completely and obviously pointless, other than to keep us all busy and worn out, and dead. Noone in their right mind would do this unless ordered to by another and feeling they had no choice but to obey. It is documented that the “philanthropic” Ralph Allen was concerned about the deaths of his quarry men. Jimmy Savile is a philanthropist too, and we need to watch out for them. Much of the mined and quarried freestone was used to build cathedrals and mansions, including Buckingham Palace. The sort of places we are taught to worship and revere, even though they are killing us. Worship your master and your torturer.

Modern Mining…
We still continue to build at a hectic pace. More and more housing is demanded. More shops. More cities. We must build ! It is killing the men to labour to do it, and killing the woman and her labour of the womb in the symbolic process. We need to slow this building lark down, and stop demanding more. Is it worth it? Do you still want to live in a stone house?

Red Dresses…
The red dress seems symbolic of a blood soaked white cloth, or bandage. And they are everywhere at present. Woman in red are symbolising the plight of our bloody life. The Bloody Mary life. And I am seeing more and more symbols of girls upside down with their legs apart. Sometimes it is gymnastics or Jim Nastics, nasty Jimmy. Sometimes they are in red dresses. Sometimes with a rope or chain nearby. Reminding us of the secret pubic hanging of the womb, and the purpose of the Lewis Key.

(See also earlier posts: Wombless Women, Pavlov’s Women, Blood Sacrifice, Freemasons are Human Too, X Marks The Spot, Royal Georgian Bath, Cull The Queen, Romans Remain, Bridle and Groom, Demand and Supply, By Consent, Blue Genes, The Mary Line, Knights Templar of Bath, New Roman Times, Sheela Negative, Is It Worth It, Its What We Do)


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16 Responses to The Lewis Key

  1. Anonymous says:

    Found your blog through the Merovee blog. Excellent stuff, and so happy to read it from a woman’s perspective! Keep up the great work and I’ll have fun reading your archives! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    P.S. What you say about the CORNERSTONE in particular is brilliant. It helps to know history and old literature and art, allows one to keep some kind of moral center as everything erodes so quickly in our modern time.

  3. paul says:

    scissors and hair

    paul lewis (not a freemason though)

    • suliwebster says:

      Sorry that your name has such a nasty stamp to it! You should try tracing your own name and what it means, maybe you have already, it gets fascinating. I have lots of wierd stuff in my ancestry, and embedded in my (birth) name and my kids names too (how did that happen?). It is a great way to find out things, because of your inbuilt familiarity with them. There are lots of other Lewis labels I didnt mention here. One is the Island in Scotland. Another is the giant company John Lewis…. I find that I am quite an expert in things with my name on.
      Will check out the hair link, thanks…

    • suliwebster says:

      Oh that is very interesting. I havent cut my hair for about 2 years now nor used shampoo, just felt like I didnt want to. The loss of hair with cancer treatment (not the cancer itself) seems like it might be part of their lab tests on us human labrats. Prisoners have their heads forcibly shaved dont they? So the hairdressing scissors are a very invasive tool. I think hairdressing was once about arranging hair, but is now about the CUT. The razor too, erazing your sixth sense.

  4. The fact the when you enter the forces you get the obligatory crew cut and it is still as such, so they know that we can be cut off from the source as the wind talkers experiments confirm this.
    I think it was this source that enabled us to build such fantastic things like the pyramids and other megalithic structures and the places that they were built.
    There are some theories that they are some kind of power plants as there construction materials and sheer size says that they had a major function, just look at what some of the biggest structures are on the planet today and they are nuclear power plants, the hoover dam, three rivers dam in china and soon the bela monte in brazil, i simply do not believe that these are funeral cambers.
    I believe that we or some form of us have been around for a very long time, the newly discovered bosnian pyramids are even bigger than those in giza and have some kind of energy beam coming from the top of one, same thing has happened to some pyramids in mexico.
    If you are interested this is Prof. Dr. Sam Osmanagich has this site,
    I have alway had a great interest in these matters and i hope to join the volunteering team for this years dig, now that will be something.

    • suliwebster says:

      Wow that will be fantastic going to the new Pyramids, I am very envious. I am just reading a book on Jesus (The Jesus Papers) which has quite a lot of Egyptology in, and I was only thinking yesterday how I would love to go there! Just got to see my kids through to adulthood first ! Pyramids were one of the first things I studied when I flipped into conspiracy world. I love all the sacred geometry, and I love sacred places, the feeling of the energy.
      My book says that the Pyramids are for pharoahs to travel out of body. A sort of planned near death experience, whereby you leave your body and return. So in that sense, they are tombs. Death just means to de-earth. You can return. According to my book, this was required to keep everything on Earth in harmony. I am not sure about the Pharoahs being in harmony or not, it depends it they had slaves as we are told, or whether thay built the pyramids effortlessly with powers that we have lost, as you say. Slavery is not harmony.
      I think that anyone can go out of body in a planned way, it is not exclusively for Pharoahs. Anyone who chooses, anyone that seeks it, but you have to work it out for yourself.

    • suliwebster says:

      One of the photos of tunnels on that website looks so similar to a photo in my book which is in a place called Baia in Italy in tunnels known as The Oracle of the Dead which hardly anyone has been in.
      Some of the other photos look so similar to the mine tunnels under where I live. (which were created by hard labour). It makes me wonder what the real purpose of mining is. I think it is more about the tunnels than the stone.

    • suliwebster says:

      The symbol on that website is so similar to the symbol of the Cornerstone Centre, link at the end of this post. It is a Lewis Key ! Don’t let that put you off going though !

  5. Yes it will be fantastic to get up close to the megalithic, tried to go to giza a few years ago but life had different plans and was even considering Maccu Piccu on the 21/12/12, i first got going on the pyramids after reading graham hancocks fingerprints of the gods and then the work of Carl Munck(the pyramid code, i think), Carl links the sacred geometry in such a manner that it is simply mind blowing, his youtube vid is great but long.
    Just as the ancient shamans of america and siberia all use spirit guide and enter the astral plain via meditation/chanting/ayawasca/peyote and loads of other methods, whereas those in power have stopped the masses from being aware through endless and pointless entertainment(TV).
    There is always talk of how we need to evolve when all most can do is revolve, but from what i see of the ancient world i think we have not evolved, in fact we have gone so backwards that most value technology over life.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, pointless revolving. Very well put.
      It certainly seems the people in charge in ancient times had knowledge and skills, but did they have masses of slaves too? How would our times look to people in the future, would the buildings be revered, and the slavery forgotten? I am not sure about that one yet. But anyway we can certainly learn from the past.

  6. A Non says:

    I’ve recently become interested in Michael Tellinger’s work with the huge numbers of stone ruins that have been discovered in Southern Africa. For years anthropologists have been saying that they were structures that housed cattle 10,000 odd years ago, but Michael’s studies suggest that they are hundreds of thousands of years old and that they were essentially power structures linked to the extraction of gold. Also that the continent wasn’t sparsely populated by hunter gatherers, as believed by mainstream academics, but was home to a vast, advanced civilisation. I haven’t read any of his books yet but there’s quite a bit on his website There are various links to his talks and videos at the end of the home page.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks for link. It sounds like the usual style history cover up where we are told that past people are stupid and unskilled, and we are clever because we have been educated by the generous government education programme.
      I find the aborigines quite interesting as the few that are left say that they once had kings and queens and big civilisations, but then they advanced to living in harmony with the planet. I wonder if there is a sort of sequential process to this, and the next stage for us is to downsize our civilisations. Not by population control, but by reducing the extravagance and greed.

  7. The gold mining always leads me back to the annunaki/niburu stuff, dead sea scrolls and the measurer’s of the earth, wrapping there ropes in longitude and latitude, such a fascination with a metal that had no real application other than jewellery until recently, so why the industry?

  8. A Non says:

    Michael has come to the conclusion that it was in the monoatomic (white powder) form that the annunaki wanted the gold, not the yellow metal, and that most of it left the planet.

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