The Harry Patch

Maybe this is a place to grow Harry’s, like a cabbage patch ? You could grow different varieties, Harris, Harrison, or even George Harrison, Harry’s son. With the help of the Sun, and some good water, the Harry’s should grow quite well. And it is indeed a sunny patch with a Sun God too, and some good water and a Water Goddess too.

I walked past Harry’s Patch today. Harry Patch is buried in Monkton Combe churchyard on the sheltered warm sunny southern slopes just outside of Bath. Harry Patch was the “last fighting Tommy” from WW1. Before his death in 2009, he spoke out against war, as “calculated and condoned slaughter”, and wrote a book. He died aged 111, and was snapped up by the powers that be for their own publicity stunts. His funeral was like a state one, all pomp and ceremony with the Last Post sounding, at Wells Cathedral, where a standing stone memorial now marks him.

Monkton Combe used to be called Combe, and is now heading towards dropping the Combe to become Monkton. Usual label change trick. The Monkton refers to the old Monastery in the valley, where the monks lived. And from there, they walked up the hill, over the top, and down into Bath. This south facing slope is ideal for growing. I have seen daffodils come out one or two months earlier than anywhere else around. Nowadays the Monastery is a private school called Monkton Senior, and the slope is covered in boarding houses. The school has recently labelled itself ” A Foundation for the Future”, and it has a big M logo. How mighty is that.
If I follow the Monk’s route to Bath, things get quite interesting. Things connect up. Harry’s Patch seems to connect to William’s Patch. It is like the Monks are morphing to Monarks. The new young Monarchs. The ones that are just like us, commoners who shop at Waitrose supermarkets, and drive Renault Clios, and have fun. The new brand of Royals, the upgrade.

The Knights…
I am going to start at the Knights Port Centre. It’s where the school kids play indoor sports, but maybe this is where the Knights fly into to as well. William is a knight. Coincidentally this is on the cycleway that connects to the new Twin Tunnels, and is part of the proposed new 13 mile Half Marathon route, very sporty. Kate is very sporty too ! Now I will walk up to the School Chapel…

The Council Rituals…
Next I will trace the footsteps of the Chairman of Bath and NE Somerset Council, since he was here having a Council Civic Ceremony a few weeks ago. It sounded like a full pomp and regalia affair, and I am not sure why the Council have this on their To Do List when they are struggling to keep the library running. They paraded from Harry’s Patch to Monkton School Chapel, not far, and back again. The insignia of the Chairman looked like a Masonic badge, but it had CHAIRMAN written across it. This is a council position, our elected representative, poncing around in an esoteric ceremony on the rural outskirts of Bath, acting like a Freemason, in the name of the Council, in our name, and possibly with our money too…

The Placenta…
Now I turn and head up the hill via the ancient drungway. I mount Mount Pleasant on the Southern rim of the old volcano that holds Bath. I know Pleasant means Placenta, because the Palace of Placentia at Greenwich is “Pleasant Place”. The source of life is the placenta that feeds the growing foetus, a great bit of nutrition for your cabbage patch, or your Harry or George Patch. And Bath is shaped like a bowl, a circle, same as a placenta. The feeding bowl for the baby is the placenta, The Place to be. The Palace to Be. Bath is a very pleasant place too….

The Octagon Entrance…
Now I am on the ridge, at Combe Down. On my right is the hidden octagon shaped entrance to the old Stone Mines, a shiny brand new metal mine shaft that noone seems to know about. The mines are supposedly filled in, but with tunnels carefully left open for BATS. We must always think about the BATS and create space for them. Who are the BATS? At this point, we are not very far away from where the Twin Tunnels pass underground, and it would not surprise me if they connected to the mine tunnels. Both have been very recently renovated and upgraded at enormous public expense in the name of HOUSE PRICES, and GREEN CYCLING, a good opportunity to redesign the whole underground world in full public view….

The Three Monktons…
Continuing over the ridge, or on the “plateau” as it is now called, the new brand name sneaking in. On my left is Monkton Junior School. And I will shortly pass Monkton PrePrep School. The Three Monktons line the route, the ancient route. Perhaps this symbolises the Three Monarks, the Three Kings….

The Magic Pie…
This is another Mighty M. The Magpie is the symbol of Monkton Juniors, and the name of some sort of annual school publications. The Magpie is the only ship ever commanded by Prince Philip, and the ship’s logo comes from the same design created at Monkton. A curious link to Prince Philip, who is no stranger to the area, since he trained in Corsham which is on the Bath, Box, Oxford, Cambridge alignment (The BOX Line , I call it), and is also known for underground tunnels. The Magpie is also a sort of Pie, the Great British Pie. Or maybe Pi, the circle, which is 22/7, the date of Prince George’s birth, a Monday, Monkday. Maybe a Magpie is a sort of Magic Pi. The Magic of Pi. And of course there is lots of conjuring going on using circles. I think the Magic Pie is the circular placenta to eat and nourish the growing foetus, the nutrition for Harry’s Patch. The Bishop of Bath and Wells laid the Foundation Stone for this School. It is strongly CofE or COE….

Glen Burn…
Next I see Monkton PrePrep (preparing what?) ahead of me, a large Georgian house called Glenburnie, renamed when the School bought it. Glen sounds Scottish, like Glen Coe, Glen COE, Glen Church of England. I think there was a Glen Coe Burn recently, Jimmy Saville’s Scottish home burnt down. The royals like Scotland don’t they? Philip, Duke of Edinburgh is even labelled with Scotland. The Preprep school is “taking children from the age of 2”. Taking? taking them away from something? It is a sort of Kindergarten isn’t it? Oh that’s German, but so is Prince Philip. Glenburnie is not just a Glen, it is also labelled with burn, like the Holy Burn to come….

Holy Burn…
If you are wondering where Kate has got to in this, she is currently sitting in the Holburne Museum, Kate’s Patch I guess. She is female so she can’t be on the Monks route can she, they are male. She is in the female place, in the wombly bowl of Bath, but on the edge, on the exact same BOX line as Prince Philip was on in Corsham. Her portrait hangs there until 6th November, the day after Bonfire night. The HolBURNe was once the HolBORNe, and morphed names using the usual label change trick. We have had the born. George was born (George (w)Osborne? ), and the burn is to come…

St George’s Chapel…
Anyway, back to the Monks. Hidden at the back of Glenburnie, I pass the tiny St George’s Chapel on my left. There aren’t many St George’s Chapels around, and a most significant other one is the one at Windsor Castle, the spiritual home of the Order of the Garter, the most senior and exclusive Order in Britain. William and Charles are in it, and many foreign heads of State, and the Queen is current sovereign, soon to be William I would say. My local history book tells me that the masons and quarrymen of The Ancient Order of the Foresters used to meet in Combe Down, they marched ceremonially with their gold tipped wands to the Church, which church? Maybe St George’s Chapel was their spiritual home. The very important Bishop of Bath and Wells dedicated this tiny Chapel on 20th March 1952, the equinox (Sun Gods at play with Magic Circles), shortly after the last King George died in February. The next George seed is planted in Harry’s Patch. Or are we on William’s Patch now?…

Scottish KinderGarters…
Garten is Scottish for Garter. Hoho says Santa. I think I have nailed it. The Scottish sounding Glenburnie is a KinderGarter, a place of the Garter, with a St George’s Chapel. It is in a Freemason stronghold, on the Ancient Way of The Monarks. The purpose of the Order of The Garter becomes clear. They “take children from the age of 2”, so they can preprep them. Their mission is to divide mother and child at an early age, and they set the example in the elite world by doing it themselves, so we will all want to pay to copy them. And maybe George’s name is already on the waiting list for Glenburnie….

Windsor Bridge…
Just to digress to Kate again. Windsor Bridge in Bath was announced closed from 22/7, George’s birthday, for 14 weeks. (double 7). That makes it Monday Moonday, Monkday, 28/10 by my reckoning, that it reopens. I don’t know what that means as yet, except that William will have access to Kate again. That is 7 days before Bonfire Day…

Next I walk up Gladstone Road, sounds like Glastonbury, the Glad Stone, or Gladiator Stone perhaps. I pass number 14 where Harry Patch once lived. Not 14 again. A double 7. A James Bond sort of number. It must be a good spot if you survive to 111. But I am now firmly onto William’s Patch…

The Sun God…
William is the new version of the Egyptian Sun God Ra, see earlier posts. Ra in Bath comes from Ralph Allen, RA, who mined all the stone, most of which comes from the Southern ridge of Combe Down. And this is where the Sun God comes from to help grow things on Harry’s Patch. I cross the North Road at old St Gregory’s Cross, a crossing point of at least 8 different energies. I start to descend, past the mighty gateposts of RA’s Drive (now known as RAD, a bit radiant like the Sun, or radial like the Pie).

Pope’s Walk…
Not the Pope again! Supposedly named after Alexander Pope (oh look, isn’t that George’s middle name? ), the poet, RA’s first garden designer, it could easily be something more obviously Vatican, like Pope Alexander, or Pope Gregory. RA’s nearby mansion is now a private Roman Catholic School, Prior Park, with a Vatican Cardinal no less on its control panel. It has a Priory, Priory of Sion perhaps? Prior Park is morphing names too. It is becoming “Prior”, or the Prior Foundation. Another Foundation? How many foundation stones do they need to build the new Temple? I head down under the ominous Hangman’s Arch towards Blind Lane.

Catholic Protection…
The electricity box at the top of Pope’s Walk is labelled Cathodic Protection. Further down the hill, there is a Catholic Cemetery which seems to have Catholic Protection. The “Eyre” Chapel is covered with carvings of Knights, and my local policeman tells me it was mysteriously exempt from the recent spate of lead and copper thieving that hit all other churches.

The Water Goddess…
Eventually, the male monks arrive at the centre of Bath, the Hot Springs, the female source. Sulis Minerva is the Roman Goddess of the Waters. This is the centre of the Bath bowl, the centre of the placenta, home. The Bath volcano is not extinct, it gives out over a million litres of hot healing water every day. It is very much alive, and it is very much hogged by the elites. The water of Bath will help grow strong healthy crops at Harry’s Patch at Monkton, and William’s Patch at Prior. Will they share it with us? William, Harry, and George, The Three Monarks, The Three Kings.

Wise Kings…
Will they be Wise Kings? I am not sure I want any Kings at all myself, however good the new Royal Brand “appear” to be. But I have a feeling it is up to us somehow. I have a feeling that William, Harry, George and Kate are all in prison, more so than we are. I have a feeling that all of the Royals have a double life, with the Real human trapped in the Royal shells of the public VEIL and the private EVIL. I have a feeling they are like mirrors to us. We copy them, and they reflect back to us what we are doing, but in a very caricatured way. And so it spirals uncontrollably until WE stop. They can’t continue in their roles if we don’t continue in our roles.

Patch might mean to mend something, to patch a line or a net. Or to patch a hole. Maybe the Georgian line and net are being patched, the escape holes being plugged up, so the fish, that’s us, won’t escape. Or maybe the Roman and Georgian and Egyptian and Catholic and COE threads are all being pulled and woven together to make one grand new whole. Patching takes you from hole to whole. What is being repaired, what is being covered up, and why is Harry so crucial?

Minerva, the Hot Springs Goddess is another version of Britannia and Athena. Britannia is being disabled, so maybe she will die. Maybe the Goddess needs a rebrand. Maybe we can go a bit Greek, be Athena again, B.Athena. The endless rebranding doesn’t solve anything, it just gives us this honeymoon feeling of hope of a new start, same as a change of government. Hope keeps people going artificially with a dangling orange carrot. People are fed up with the squabbling corrupt government, fed up with pointless voting. Wouldn’t it be nice to just have a single steady stable monarch? A Good King, not the old corrupt monarchy, we want the new ones, the ones that are commoners, just like us, that understand the people, that drive Renault Clios and shop at supermarkets, and carrot topped Harry even has fun, that’s the Youth vote. Being ruled over is great, as long as the King is Good. And the new brand looks good, doesn’t it?

Bath was recenly twinned with Bethlehem. The Three Wise Kings travelled to Bethlehem. I don’t know what is coming here, but something is. I have already written posts about Kate, William and George coming here. It looks like Uncle Harry might be coming too, to claim his patch. He usually follows Kate and Wills around.

Harry Patch lived to 111, an interesting number. I see 111 as three gateposts with two gateways, an in and an out gate. INPUT and OUTPUT is I/O or 1 and 0. This is what computers are. Input/output, and binary numbers. 111 is binary for 7. Harry Patch died in July, the seventh month, and we have had a lot of 7’s in this post. Bath is known for its seven hills, same as Rome, and it would be fitting for the seventh George to be in New Bath.

(See also earlier posts: The Vikings and Alf, Royal Georgian Bath, Twin Tunnels, New Roman Times, Romans Remain, The Georgian Empire, Cull The Queen, Bath Alignments, The Lewis Key, Knights Templar of Bath, The Bath Skull, Hot Springs Go Cold, Boring Bath, Stories of The Borehole, Adam and Eve, Wombless Women, The Role of Evil, Program Me, Britannia’s Wheelchair, Freemasons are Human Too, No Audience No Show, By Consent)

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8 Responses to The Harry Patch

  1. I bet some Romans(or other felt the same), that why they had to invent “jesus”, i know that may offend most but who still believes in a book that is 2000 odd years old and written by the victors, that is not truth it is bragging, something that is proven to be physically impossible(immaculate conception) my arse. I am not saying that there is not intelligent design behind the environment that we inhabit but there is no guy in the sky judging our actions, if there were we would live in utopia, unless nobody has noticed the uk and most of the west is very sick(from a spiritual persecutive) and it is mostly because we are so mind controlled and fearful of breaking free, because if we try to anything that is not within the rules, like live a non consumerism lifestyle, we are free but only to do what we are told is free(the statue laws are a fabrication designed to fleece us of money) and natural/common law is ignored/abused.
    The world is upside down at the moment and it is hard to carry on the with the illusion that i am free, if i want to continue living then i must continue to be a slave, whilst the bankers and the royals get a 22% pay rise for screwing over the most vulnerable in this country.
    I like to call them what they are, criminal gangs that own everything and care for noon than themselves, look at big ears and who his best mate and marriage advisor was, thats right our famous and beloved jimmy saville, not to mention the other famous pedo mates he has.
    not very coherent but needed to say it.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes I too find that it is hard to carry on sometimes. I often think that everything seems to be happening in Bath, but it doesnt matter where they centre their power, it infiltrates everywhere. I think GLENCOE was where Jimmy and Charles met up. I feel sick when I think of how we watched Savile in TV as kids, and it is annoying that he is so etched on my mind as a result. Only today I saw a picture of Prince Charles proudly displayed awarding a certificate to a cheese maker. Hard to avoid.
      I am coming round full circle to thinking the Virgin Birth was indeed Virgin. If you look up parthenogenesis, you will see why. It is possible for female reptiles to reproduce without males, and I would suggest that some, maybe all, female humans can do it too, they have just lost the ability. I think that the human species was once all female, and males are the new upgrade, with the plan to move reproduction into the hands of the state, and phase out womban completely, or maybe keep womban as a farm animal. Men will no doubt then get replaced with the next upgrade. By tracking back to the past, we can see where the future plan lies. It will take ages, they are in no hurry.
      I dont know if the Bible stories are “true” or not, but I find there is much hidden code in them between the lines that contain the truth. I dont read the Bible, I dont need to, the stories are everywhere in our culture, and I was brought up with them, despite being in a non religious family.

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    You mention the royals being caricatures,aren’t so many people?Maybe it is a mask to hide the fact that they are not human.Perhaps psychopaths are a slightly different species. The royals could easily be prisoners,all that security may be to keep them away from us.Remember Charles and Camilla frightened in the Rolls with a rioter banging on the window?You need protecting from the violent uncouth commoners your majesty,best you do what we say. The priests do the crowning,they are in charge of the breeding program.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes I think we are all caricatures to a point ! That is why we put on costumes every day.
      Psychopaths may well be a different breed, or maybe just reared differently, or maybe both is required to make one.

      I have been thinking the same as you the last day about the Royals. Prince Charles is even quoted as saying being King would be like prison (which is code for William will be King of Prisons, see my post Cull The Queen).

      Of course Charles’ words are scripted (cripted, crypted, encrypted), but it makes the point that the Royals are prisoners big time. And they must be trained by fear from birth. They are all taken from their mothers young, (by Order of the Garter, Garten), making them ripe for programming.
      I had a brainwave yesterday that the Royals are like a stable of Racehorses. Worthy of a whole blog post! But I have so many others to write, so I will leave you to mull that one over !

  3. Yes it is those with hats that wrote the bible in the first place, had never thought about the concept of womban(but wonderful combo), i think we have been here before, maybe destroyed the planet through trying to control the weather and climate and it went wrong, pretty much as we are doing now.

    • suliwebster says:

      See my post on Wombless Women, Andy, where I explore the idea of women being womban, and rapidly being herded towards wombless.
      I too think we are on a repeat loop, another iteration of the cycle. And with each cycle, they try to perfect and improve their control. But every time they tighten up their control, more and more people inwardly rise up, the spirit rising up inside, and seek to break out of it. And the more we try and break out, the more they tighten their control. Etc etc. Ultimately I don’t think they can win, because our combined spirit is too strong. I feel both things happening at the moment, the tighter controls, and the increase in spirit rising up.

  4. maundy says:

    Great post! A link you may find interesting … This storm we’ve just been through was named the storm of st.Jude, who apparently was the patron saint of despair, depression and lost causes. 28Th October. For me the storm was gracious, steady, full of gentle feminine force and I’m left wondering just whose was the lost cause. Not mine and not humanity.the time is up and desperate measures are often employed to keep control. Interesting times! Loved coming on a little ramble with this post. Thank you, m x

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes I honed in on the name of the storm Jude. This is the Jude on the armbands of the Jews, the yellow star of David, the daffodil. People are laughing at the news coverage. The “apocalypse” storm blew down a few sticks and leaves. Though I am sure there were a few items of destruction to play up to make the news shows. Your feeling of the storm as feminine is a very interesting one. It was very different to the male Hollywood Thor thunderous storm of Thursday 3rd October.
      I have been pointing out to people that they are now trying to control our lives through weather forecasts rather than the weather. Soon they won’t need the weather, just the forecast. They cancelled trains etc on the basis of the forecast.
      But you are right, their measures are increasingly desperate and more obviously ridiculous, a sign that they are losing control.

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