Jesus the Jewess

I have been sitting with the idea of Jesus as female for a few weeks now, and some days it seems ridiculous, but mostly it makes perfect sense. It doesn’t really matter if Jesus was real or not, it is the symbology, the message, that counts.

Ju words…
It started with Ju words. There are many Ju words, like Jupiter, June and July, and jury and judge and judiciary, and Julia and Judy, and Julius. And there are Jew words like jewelry. Jews are known for jewels, the Crown Jewels perhaps, and running the world via the judiciary. It seems to me that all Ju words are Jew words. The Jewess is the Juess.

Marazion is the place in Cornwall where Jesus first landed on reaching England. The town square in Marazion (which is not square and is very small) has a stone saying that Marazion means Thursday Market. That means Zion (the Jews) is Thursday. Thursday is Jupiter day, if you look at the French days of the week, you will see how each day translates to a planet, Thursday being “jeudi”. So this confirms to me that Thursday is the Jew Day, Jupiter Day. Ju and Jew are interchangeable.

Jesus was a Jew…
We know that Jesus was a Jew. I also notice that the Romans like to put US onto all their names, Claudius, Julius, Josephus etc. A sort of stamp of ownership. We call ourselves US, which means we accept that stamp too. The United States is nearly always US these days, not even U.S., and never U.S.A. any more. Jerusalem contains USA and US. So if Jesus was a Ju, maybe Jesus was a Juess, a Jewess, that got altered by the Romans. Or maybe “Jesus” was a very good disguise to blend in with the Romans. The Romans were responsible for the crucifixion. You only have to move up one letter from Juess to get Jesus. The female Jewess rebranded or disguised as a male Roman Jesus.

Mary the Virgin…
I used to think it was ridiculous, the idea that Mary was a virgin. That shows how well educated I am, programmed to believe that babies require a male sperm and a female egg to be created, and anything else is IMPOSSIBLE, against science, against Darwin. Education gets us to believe in impossibilities, it trains our minds to have walls. Looking at the possibility of a virgin birth is my second big clue to this story. Parthenogenesis is how female reptiles (and other species) can reproduce without a male. No fertilization required. If reptiles can, why not humans?

The Parthenon…
The Parthenon in Athens is a very special sacred site, worshipping the Virgin reproduction, it seems to me. Parth is also path. And it looks like the path of No, Path.e.non, the path to the NORTH, the path to be able to say NO, the path to KNOW.

Peter Gabriel…
It is easy to see why Peter Gabriel of Genesis continues to be so successful. Look at those three words! PETER is the guy that has the keys to the womb. GABRIEL is the arc angle, I mean archangel, that helped Mary to reproduce parthenogenetically. And GENESIS is the creation of life, the new baby. Coincidentally he lives at Box (near Bath), which turns up in some of my other posts.

Replica reptilia…
I am warming to David Icke’s idea of reptiles. I never disbelieved him, but I couldn’t quite work it out for myself, until now. (And more of that in future posts). If Mary reproduced parthenogenetically, reptile style, then she must have created an exact replica of herself. Only one set of DNA. The replica would then diverge as it grew, but the starting point would be a replica. And if the baby is a replica, then it is a female. Mary The Virgin’s child is therefore female.

Mary Magdalene…
I am thinking that Mary Magdalene is the daughter of Mary the Virgin. And Mary M is the one we call Jesus. There are a few clues to this. Jesus was known to favour Mary Magdalene above all the other disciples, saying only Mary really understood him. This makes sense to me, the only truly like minded person to yourself is er… yourself. Jesus likes the company of women, it is said. That fits very well if Jesus is a woman.

Gender disguise…
Jesus may have been a male disguise for Mary M in a man’s world. In Biblical times, possibly umbilical times, women were probably not allowed in a lot of places, and to get in, or to be listened to, you needed to be a man. George Elliot, the writer, is a female disguised as a man in order to get published, to get heard. Maybe Jesus is the same. Bonnie Prince Charlie similarly disguised himself as a woman, but this was in order to hide, to NOT be seen or heard. There are advantages to being a woman too.

The crucifixion reminds me of the burning of witches at the stake. Jesus was a healer, and used herbs, and this is what we usually associate with witches, females. The females with natural witchy powers that those in charge like to eliminate through their witch hunts. The females that are too threatening to the current world controllers. And maybe the witches are all descended from the Jewess. Magdalene is a magic magnetic sort of word, and that seems quite witchy.

Paul Bearer…
I always think of Paul as the Paul Bearer, someone at a funeral procession, who carries the heavy wooden coffin. Paul is quite a big name linked to Jesus. Maybe the story of someone carrying the cross for Jesus is a substitution. A substitution to protect the secret of the Jewess. A substitution to save the Jewess and allow her to reproduce, to continue the Jewess line. Maybe the Jewess carried the cross, and then Paul took over. Maybe it was Paul on the cross.

Peter with the keys…
It is said that Peter was jealous of Jesus attention to Mary Magdalene. I am wondering if Peter was in love with Mary M and wanted her to himself, and so there we have the history of greed that leads to the locking up and ownership of women and their wombs. And the reason that the Vatican is so keen on St Peter.

The False Son…
Da Vinci’s painting of the Last Supper shows thirteen people, with Jesus in the centre. To me Jesus is an identity, a pen name, a stage creation of Mary Magdalene. So there are really only 12 people. One of them was the betrayer. Who knew that Jesus and Mary M were the same? Was that the secret that would be betrayed? Something to upset the Romans big time eh? Betrayal means to let out the truth, be tray, put on a tray and serve to others. Maybe the “betrayal” was actually a way of passing on the message, in code form, for people to read in future times. Judas was the “betrayer”, yet the Judas tree is the very powerful witchy Elder tree.

The False Sun…
If Jesus the Son is a stage persona, then it seems to me that the Sun is as well. Below the first layer of the Bible, we see a layer of astrological worship, centred on the Sun. The Sun is yet another control device (but more on that in a future post). The Sun is number 13. And now it becomes clear why the number 13 is superstitious, avoided. And why it is deliberately missing in some streets, where house numbering jumps from 12 to 14. It is a clue that tells me that number 13 is a false identity, a stage character, or a disguise.

Head of Christ…
Da Vinci is someone who seemed to know a lot. I am reading a book called The Jesus Papers, and I keep looking at the picture on the cover of a beautiful woman and wondering who it is. Yesterday I noticed some small print that told me it is a painting by da Vinci called “Head of Christ”. It looks like a Jewess to me. Maybe this shows that da Vinci had come to the same conclusion that I have. Christ is the Jewess crossed by Christianity.

Painting the story…
Gradually more coats have been painted over the original story. Mary M, the daughter, was overlaid with Jesus, the Son and the Sun. Then Jesus was crucified to become Jesus Christ, the crossed one, owned by Christianity. We now have a male Jesus Christ and a male Sun to worship, not a female Jewess called Mary Magdalene. The original message is getting more hidden but is still there. Gradually the old traces are being eliminated, and Mary M is not really in the Bible is she? I think that in time, the plan is to remove Jesus completely and be left with just Christ. Mary the Virgin will go, and we will be left with God the Father. Christ will be a godlike man born from God, a man. And this story will match what they want us to do on Earth, breeding transferred to God like laboratories.

Jesus Christ…
Philip Pullman’s book “The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ” was written after he noticed that Christ and Jesus seemed like two very different characters. It looks like this is another one of their standard label change tricks, from Jesus, then to Jesus Christ, then to Christ in two easy steps. No rush, a few milennia will do the trick.

Marys ion…
Marazion again. Maybe Marazion can also translate to Mary’s ion. England charged by Mary Magdalene, the Juess, Jewess, when SHE arrived in England. An ion is an electrically charged particle, in this case negative. Maybe this is how the Rh negative blood first came to England, via the Jewess. And opposite the ruins of the almighty Glastonbury Abbey where Jesus stopped and Christianity was founded in England, is the tiny more hidden church of Mary Magdalene.

The Mason’s distress…
The distress call of a Freemason is “Is there no help for the Widow’s Son.” It sounds like a Mason might get a bit distressed when realising that he has spent his life working for the wrong thing, when he realises that the Son is actually a daughter. A Mason is “ma son”, Mary’s son. Everything the Mason is set up to do is based on the Son of Mary. The mason’s worship seems to be false. Distress is to dis tress, cut off hair. And hair is power, the power is cut off. Freemason seems like Free Mary’s Son. And maybe the ultimate freedom is to free up the layers of paint covering the story, and set free the truth, thereby freeing the stage character that is Jesus the Male Son.

The Messiah…
To me, the Messiah simply means The Messenger. The Messiah is actually more correctly “meshiha”. me.shi.ha. It seems to have a “she” in it. It also reminds me of Sheela, another Rh negative female motif. Everything is in the message. The story of Jesus is a message to show us what is going on, where we came from. It is not about woman vs men or feminism. The message to me is about the origin of our species, our very humanity. By decoding these clues, we can find out where we came from, see where we are being taken to, and adjust our course through life accordingly, with better knowledge and wisdom.

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The Jesus Papers by Michael Baigent
The Good Man Jesus and The Scoundrel Christ by Philip Pullman

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2 Responses to Jesus the Jewess

  1. Someone Logical says:

    Um, wow. Just wow… Not to mock or make fun. I’m one of much faith, believing Christ visited England, and was married and had children and all that. I’m also open to any possibilities, maybe even that of Him being a woman.

    But your stream of logic…. well… um… no. Just, no. There was no logic whatsoever to that stream of thought. I mean, even for a crazy person.

    Saying Jesus and “Jeuss” is changeable only by one word? Where in the world is “Jeuss” ever used. It would be “Jewess”. And keep in mind, “Jew” and “Jewess” are only English terms. The Hebrew would be “Yehudi” or People of “Yehuda” (Judah), meaning Yah is Praised. There is no way to call someone “Jewess” in Hebrew. Jesus would be “Yehoshua” or Yah is Salvation. Making a personally twisted modern English connection for ancient Hebrew words that are not connected is a very far stretch, aside from all the days of the week and planets stuff.

    If you could show some logical reasoning behind why Jesus might be a woman, I would be all ears. But really, seriously. Whoa. There is a reason that as you say “on some days it seems ridiculous”. That’s because it is. Trust me, those are the days that your brain is working.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks for your comment and the information about the Hebrew language.
      I think of my article as a possibility to take or leave or explore further as you wish.

      The alteration I used was a change of one letter to “Juess”. Over the years, I have found “Ju” to be interchangeable with Jew, (and also Due), they sound the same but look different. JUdaism is JEWish, and this is another example of the interchangeability, and though this is not conclusive logical proof of anything, it does add more weight, and it is good enough proof for me. There are many Ju words around, and the entire JUdicial system is filled with them.
      Jesus and his or her disciples are said to be illiterate, and mass literacy is relatively recent. I have noticed numerous examples of different spellings of words as they have been transcribed from the spoken language, and this movement of one letter, or a dyslexic style swap is very common. (for example, I recently found Kenya and St Keyna being interchangeable, and my blog is full of other examples). Even in the relatively recent division of English into UK and US versions, we see things like “color” and “colour”, “meter” and “metre”.
      Spelling words correctly casts spells upon us, divides our minds into strict compartments, and hides truth.

      I have found over the years that words that look similar, or sound similar will have some very strong hidden historical connection, and this opens up a whole new way of looking at things, usually a way that makes a lot more sense than the way we are taught to see things.
      I have also found that languages get mixed up, and in French we have Je-suis and Je-suit, very similar to Jesus, meaning “I am” and “I follow”.
      I also notice that in German and Danish, the “j” symbol is spoken as an English “y” sounds, such as in the name Johann. This ties in with what you say about Hebrew, and that says to me that the English “J” sound is a relatively modern English development.,

      I long ago stopped attempting to prove things to other people, I do not think anything is 100% foolproof provable anyway. If people are curious, they will seek out their own exploration and discovery of further information, enough to satisfy themselves. When people want to prove themselves to be right by proving others to be wrong and putting others down, we get into hostilities and warfare.

      To be quite honest, I do not think it is really relevant whether jesus is male or female, or even if s/he existed, what matters is that we can each have our own personal spirit guide in our life that makes sense to us and guides us to lead our life as best we can. I do not consider myself a Christian, but I have in my mind a vision of a jesus that guides me, one that is illiterate, has no computer, is kind, rejects the money temples, walks barefoot in the desert, heals with herbs, teaches without books, etc etc, and is the very antithesis of Roman ways.

      I hope this reply is helpful to you.

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