Blinded By The Light

Over the years, I have cut down my use of clocks, watches, alarms, diaries, appointments etc etc, all time control devices. I feel much better for it, more in tune with myself, although the down side is that it is getting increasingly difficult to climb back into the Time Control Zone when I have to.

The trouble is with this conspiracy world stuff, every time I peel back one layer of control and deception, I soon find another layer below that. The next layer of Time Control is The Sun.

When I get a nice sunny day, I feel really good, lifted up! But then if the next day is grey and overcast, I feel extra bad, a sort of let down, dropped from a height. Then I realise how my moods are controlled by The Sun. I also feel bad when we start to lose the Summer in September, because I felt so good in the Summer. And I feel great in the Spring as it starts to return. I am seriously hooked on the Sun. I find ways to cheer myself up, keep my chin up British style, and alleviate the lack of Sun by lighting fires and candles. Fire is suspiciously another one of man’s greatest inventions like the wheel and gas central heating. Candles are something I associate with Romans. But for now I really like fires and candles, and I have more control over them than I do over The Sun.

Every clock is a control device, and the Sun is no exception. And I therefore think it was introduced at some point. There seem to be two possibilities. Was the Sun introduced to a world with no light source, a world that was always night? Or was there originally constant light and that light was then rationed to a little ball in the sky that we don’t see very often?

The clue is in the words. God said “Let There Be Light”, implying there wasn’t any. The day “breaks” and we have “mourning”. We mourn the night that has been broken by the day. Other creatures can see at night, and so can we if we allow our eyes to adjust to it. But we don’t. We are trained from birth (or before) to sleep at night, and open our eyes and be active, and work hard, during the Sun time. Those that are up and about during the night are exposed to the modern day Sun replacement systems, electric lights indoors and out. These lighting devices are getting brighter, I find it increasingly difficult to drive at night due to the blinding lights, and I notice lights are increasingly used during the daytime too, indoors and out. New regulations are forcing us towards Eco lights that seem more blinding than ever. “Floodlight” is a word that gives me the creeps, but hey it helps us all to see in the dark, wonderful !

So I would say that the world used to be always “dark”. We are educated to think that “dark” is bad and scary and dangerous.

Have we been blinded by the light? The range of frequencies for human vision is tiny. We can only see the rainbow colours, and I guess the plan is to reduce that range even more. Maybe our exposure to the bright light has reduced our ability to see. If you look at the Sun directly, it can damage your vision. Maybe we once had a better range of vision, one that could see in what we call “the dark”.

The Sun is actually two clocks, a daily one, and an annual one. First they brought in the daily one, with a simple Sun and Earth revolution. We now have hourly divisions (thanks to the Romans), and we call it the 24 Hour Clock. Hoho says Santa. Humans naturally run on a 25 hour clock, so looks like they have managed to create a time that is excruciatingly off centre to our natural being, usual method, like a note that is slightly off tune. Never mind, we have all got used to it now, it’s normal. An experiment with people being put underground without the Sun’s influence showed that they reverted to a 25 hour internal clock pattern. Maybe that is why humans once lived in caves, to escape the Sun Clock, and hang onto the Human Clock. And maybe that is why teenagers don’t like getting up.

Next, the Sun Clock was improved to create a more complex seasonal clock, the 365 day clock. Thus creating another way to have us all scurrying around according to what the Sun is doing. If humans have a natural seasonal cycle, I doubt that it is 365 days. I am sure that will be slightly off tune for us too.

The Sun is seen as our Provider. That sounds a bit like Big Brother. Anything that provides for us, we end up worshipping and craving and becoming dependent on. You will learn to love Big Brother. The Sun provides our light so we can see, warmth, energy. Maybe we can provide this ourselves from our own bodies, but we have been gradually trained to rely on the Sun instead. When women reach the menopause, they get hot flushes, which doctors are very keen to “correct” with daily control pills. The hot flushes prove that we have the inner resources to heat ourselves, though our lack of practise means this is somewhat erratic.

The solar plexus is the yellow chakra. It is the still centre within us. The solar plexus is at our navel. Our naval centre, our navigational centre. It radiates out. It is where we were fed in the womb by our mother, the umbilical connection to the source. It is the home of our soul, our SOULAR centre, our soular plexus. This is surely our inner sun and provider to which we need to return. The outer Big Brother Solar Centre has replaced our inner solar centre. And now The Sun is being replaced by LED lights and central heating and digital clocks. Big Brother is getting rid of The Sun and upgrading, tightening the control. And herding us further away from our soular source.

The Yellow Star of David is the symbol marked on the Jews armbands in WW2. With the word JUDE. We have been reminded of this by the recent “St Jude storm”. If you overlay a Star of David on the planet, the centre on the equator, the base of each triangle on the Tropics, it seems that the North and South points of the star will be on the arctic and antarctic circles. These circles are the limits beyond which 24 hour light or dark extremes occur. The Star of David shape therefore depicts the annual Sun cycle. And that is maybe why a blue or red Star of David is used as a symbol by the controlling power of Israel, the source of The Sun and The Son.

The daffodil is a Yellow Star of David (daffod, daffyd, daffid, david), and is the symbol of Wales, a country historically of great spirit but continually crushed by the Romans and British Monarchy. We still have the English heir to the throne labelled Prince of Wales. Wales has a Royal David’s City, and many people called David or Davis. I am wondering if the Yellow Star represents the suppressed inner sun, and the Blue or Red one represents the controlling overlay Sun. Just as the yellow Jews were crushed in WW2 by the red and blue Jews. Has the Davidic line split in two? Is there a true one, and a false one?

You can create fire by focusing energy through a lens. The Sun is a ball of fire. I will return to my earlier theory that the Moon is a lens. It looks like a disc in the sky doesn’t it? Watch it follow the Sun around, always pointing towards it. The energy that is fed into the moon, I suspect comes from planet Earth, harvested from us. The Earth, The Sun and The Moon have a very intertwined relationship. We are powering the Sun (via the Moon) with our treadmill of life, and The Sun controls the treadmill that we are on, great trick. We think the Sun is our natural Provider, but maybe it is the biggest Slave Master of all.

Maybe we do not need the light of the Sun. Light is the opposite of dark, but also the opposite of heavy. The path to enlightenment is to shake off the heavy, get rid of the weight, the material things. And by reducing the weight, we maybe reduce the WAIT. Wait is a heavy time sort of word. If there is no time control, we are not constantly waiting on Big Brother’s next event, morning, night, winter, summer, 3pm, sunday, Xmas, end of the world, death, etc etc…

Light is also the opposite of seriousness, grave, gravity. Lighten up, play more. When we were in the womb being fed by the umbilical, the source was the placenta, the play centre. Our soular plexus, our soular centre is fed by our play centre. Maybe we need to rediscover play, real play, not Big Brother registered Play Centres, not play workers, not learning through play, not time fenced play times, but just natural spontaneous play.

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With thanks to a blog post that inspired this one…

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18 Responses to Blinded By The Light

  1. maundy says:

    Hmmm, my feelings for the sun and the earth, show me a different story. For me, we have and are having an intimate relationship with the two beings that are earth and sun, in this universal experience. The moon is only a reflector of the light of the sun, a false light. Time is a matter of this dimension and something we are all having an experience in/of.

    • maundy says:

      Just brief, and a larger discussion. Not sure I’m with you on this, cos it brings to me a sense of convoluted thinking. Why not trust your feelings, rather than listen to the mind? Just saying, and frustrated with this very limiting medium! M x

      • suliwebster says:

        Hi Maundy, I don’t claim a monopoly on the truth, and no two people will have the same view of the world, though there maybe overlaps. What I am doing is exploring a very interesting possibility which started with how hampered I felt by time. I am currently playing around with paying less attention to the Sun Clock and it is quite interesting to see how I feel as a result. So far it is giving me a greater sense of freedom.
        I think if I continue exploring this, I will eventually find that to escape ALL time control would mean you die, de-earth, leave your body. Which is just as you say, time is essentially bound up in our human experience. But in order to find that out for myself, I like to keep exploring. I can revert to revering the Sun and Moon at any time if I wish or if I find that they are beneficial after all, and I have falsely accused them!
        I agree that we have an intimate relationship with the Sun and Moon. But the word “intimate” has several possibilities to me. One is that abused people have intimate relationships with their abusers, they come to love their abuser who is also the provider. The biggest clue to me that The Moon is an abusive control device is that it makes women bleed. (See Blood Sacrifice).
        What drives me to explore further is my awareness of the horrors that are perpetuated in this world. It is not such a great world with its slavery, paedophilia, and wars, and I am pretty sure we are all part of propping that up somehow. All the Religions seem to worship the Sun and The Moon under their facade, and persuade the masses to follow suit, and I would like to understand more about why they do that.

      • maundy says:

        Yes, agree about the moon. Many things get hijacked. Well as far as I can tell, most things are. Nothing is as it seems and it’s a job and a half to unpick all the convoluted knots, for all of us. You are doing a brilliant share of your own here, and by sharing it Sparks a wonderful dialogue. But I find it much easier over a cuppa ! M x

      • suliwebster says:

        Yes, face to face is definitely a superior method! Though I like the thoughtfulness of writing. Hope to catch you soon!
        The dialogue here has fed into the next post, seem to be on a roll with this time business. The comments I get often feed back into subsequent discoveries.
        And now I seem to be heading towards Mother Time !!! Wasn’t expecting that….

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I just noticed in your reply – “intimate relationship” IN TIME ate. Not that I think all word deconstruction is meaningfull but I think there’s something in there. D H Lawrence was supposed to be an initiate of the mystery schools,he was definitely a bit of a psychopath but I think he was a loose cannon. Anyway,he said some very interesting things about the sun.I had a Penguin book which has Fantasia of the Unconscious and it’s more thorough follow up in it. It contains some amazing insights which I recommend with the usual caveat – don’t trust anyone! By the way,I find his novels rather boring but his poetry is good.You don’t hear anything about him there days.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes very good! In time ate. Are we in time with the Sun and the Moon? Are we following their time, dancing to their tune? Maybe it is like the 440Hz decree for all our music, when we should be on 432Hz.
      Yes you are right, DH Lawrence is not being pushed our way at all is he? Maybe he will be revived when it suits them. I havent read any of his stuff.
      Anyway I have had some more brainwaves about the sun and moon today, and there might be a follow on post soon.

    • Anonymous says:

      The plumed serpent ~ CULVER in Saxon means “dove”, COLUBRA in Latin means “snake” ~ if you cross a dove with a snake, you get… Ishtar by any other name. Hence the name CULVERHAY CASTLE…

      • suliwebster says:

        That is two things I am curious about. Culverhay school is now an ABC (or is it BCA) place with red white and black (Santa) logo. And a phoenix !
        Ishtar keeps cropping up, I even found street names in Wales, at Caerleon, the Roman town (possibly Camelot). I also puzzle over why some countries are “ish” whilst others are “an” or “i”. English, Scottish, Irish but not quite Welsh. Scandinavia, but not Norway, and Spanish and Polish.
        Culverhay is pretty much on the Wansdyke, so is the new Sainsburys.

  3. paul says:

    another one might be getting close
    This is because the energy created through our emotions and our rituals, those rituals dedicated to the serpent, in this world (Via Sun Worship) actually sustains, feeds and massively empowers the multi dimensional entities in the location of what we see as a Spirit World, or what I know as the Underworld (Again my articles on this website explain the energy through Sun Worship) Most of the human emotional energy created in what you see a physical world actually sustains what you would perceive as a spirit world. In reality this Spirit World is mostly inhabited by alien entities.

    Although I have already pointed out that most conspiracy researchers seem to believe any global ‘conspiracy’ ends at the time of your death, and therefore claim we automatically return to source, I cannot stress enough that this is a fallacy. The Serpent controls both the world you see around you and the world you will see as the Spirit World.

    I tell you the truth again. “We are deceived in this world to carry out rituals and recite oaths that are deceptively binding. When we die we are literally deceived again and are led to the Spirit World and then deceived again and usually very swiftly given the only option available, which is to reincarnate or to actually stay in the Spirit World we are shown at the time.”

    • suliwebster says:

      Funny i just read that Delooze Hades post, as someone else sent me there! I like Delooze’s work, and will check out the other link. I agree with him that things probably get worse after death, unless we work out how to dodge their tricks IN ADVANCE.
      It is interesting that he sees our energy as mostly being siphoned off to the spirit world, which means the Sun that we are powering is giving us back just a tiny little fraction of what we put in, just like everything else. It is symbolised by the Queens Alms (a post I wrote)

  4. paul says:

    one hour 27 minutes in – the sun gets a mention
    its all worth listening too though

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Paul, I don’t watch vids these days, does my head in, but other readers might like it. I checked out the Julian Rose website, new to me, some interesting things…

  5. paul says:

    just listen to that bit then (no need to watch) – his website appears to be struggling this morning

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks for prodding me towards it Paul. Just listened to it. He is very good speaker, gets his point across well, and heartening to hear that others are coming to similar conclusions. A good sign that it is possible for us to win through.

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