Moon Eye Money

Money makes the world go round, it is said. I have learnt from experience that there is usually quite a lot of truth in these curious everyday expressions. So what would happen if we stopped the economy? Would the world stop spinning? Surely not !

Let’s take a closer look at how things work….

I will start with The Moon and The Sun, with whom The Earth is intricately and intimately entwined. The feeling that the world is going round is due to our relationship with The Sun. What is powering The Sun exactly?

The Sun is a ball of fire. It seems to me that it is created and kept going by the Moon, which is a lens. If you study the Moon in the sky, you will see that it is always focused on The Sun. Focusing is what lenses do best.

Our eyes each have a lens which focuses on what we need to see. So the Moon is a sort of Eye. A Moon Eye. To create fire through a lens, you harness energy and direct it through the lens. The focusing action of the lens concentrates the energy to make enough heat for fire. The Sun ball of fire is always there, so the Moon eyeball lens just has to keep it going.

So the next stage is how does the Moon Eye lens get its energy? Where does it come from? What other planetary object does the Moon have a relationship with? Oh yes, it’s us, Planet Earth.

Somehow, and I am not sure how as yet, energy is harnessed from our planet, generously provided by us. But I am pretty sure it is linked to money. Because Moon Eye is moon.eye, mon.ey, money.

The Money of the planet is controlled by the bankers of the City of London. The Moneyed Monarchy is in London, and the Monarchy provide some sort of Moon Arch, a link to the Moon, maybe a bridge of sorts, a way of beaming energy to the Moon.

Money creates the treadmill that feeds the Moon. We are like little hamsters pointlessly running round the wheel, only bothering to continue because we need a basic wage, or desire more money to improve our unsatisfactory life. Or because we can’t imagine a life off the treadmill.

Money equals slavery, and we are all a sort of slave.

Whenever there is a transaction, it creates an order to work, to create energy. Someone pays money for a service, and it is like pressing a button labelled START WORK. Or someone buys some goods which means START WORK TO REPLACE THE SOLD GOODS. Or someone is paid wages, and the button is WORK MORE TO GET MORE MONEY. So every monetary transaction is an instruction to work. Not nice sort of work, this is work that you probably wouldn’t do if you didn’t get money. In which case all this moneyed work and activity is excessive, over and above what is required for us to live.

Now I shall move onto the Bicycle, or is it a “cycle” these days?

The bicycle symbol has been bugging me for ages, and it is everywhere you go, isn’t it? I went out on my bike today, and then it finally clicked ! The symbol is two big circles and one small circle which has the pedals on. The small one pedals, and turns the back wheel via a chain. The small circle doing the pedalling, is us, Planet Earth doing all the work. The back wheel is The Moon which harnesses the energy from the pedals via the chain. And the front wheel is The Sun, automatically PUSHED along, freewheeling, by the effort of the back wheel. And that neatly matches how The Moon appears to FOLLOW The Sun around the sky.

There are two interesting words in here. CHAIN, which is the symbol of slavery, and PEDAL.

The peddlar is a person who buys and sells. And the catch phrase of anti-slavery charities is usually something like “People must not be bought or sold”.

We are chained to the Moon, our slavemaster, our pimp which takes nearly all our energy to create The Sun which then controls our slavery through the trick of Time, and through the trick of being our Provider. We are peddling, pedalling away on our treadmill, wanting to get off, but not knowing how. We think life will get better if we pedal faster, peddle more, buy more, sell more.

No wonder the world seems to be going faster ! No wonder slavery hasn’t gone away. And maybe the Sun is getting hotter too, with the increasing energy being fed to it by ever increasing amounts of money, changing hands faster and faster.

The obvious answer is to stop pedalling, stop peddling, stop buying and selling, or at least slow down a bit.

But then we will lose The Sun and The Moon, won’t we? Which is more important, ending slavery, really ending it, not just an act of ending it, an Act of Parliament. Or hanging on to The Sun and The Moon. A world without slavery, without money, without Sun or Moon, feels like an unknown, and fear of the unknown is a standard human reaction.

But there is another possibility I am playing with, which I can only see now that I have allowed The Sun to go away…

I am coming full circle, round to the idea that The Moon has been hijacked, and was once a delicate white pearl in the sky, providing a soft gentle background light. Maybe the wolves know the truth. Maybe it is the Sun that needs to go, and the Moon just needs to be set free. That still means we need to do less peddling! If The Sun is not there, we can always see the stars, and the planet will not dry up, nor melt. The Moon travels a fraction slower than The Sun, maybe at a speed more in time, more intimate, to our natural human rhythms.

The Moon represents the female. And maybe the hijacking and locking and exploiting of the Moon goes hand in hand with the control of women and the womb.

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Book : Who Built The Moon by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler

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6 Responses to Moon Eye Money

  1. Anonymous says:

    pretty radical claims – but in todays quests i do radical pretty well 🙂

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes I agree very radical. I am sure there is more radical to come! I think radical and risk taking is probably the only way to get anywhere near the truth, even if it sometimes means getting it wrong. I am not claiming a monopoly on the truth, just exploring possibilities. It’s amazing how things that start off sounding radical can make perfect sense after a while, once you get used to them.

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    What if the sun isn’t hot? Meteors,those meaty things! heat up as they come through the atmosphere and get cooked! Perhaps the rays,energy or what have you ,heat up by friction as they zoom through space,which some sion-tists say isn’t empty after all. Then there’s all those distances,millions and millions of miles,light years,heavy years,things that are HUMANLY impossible to conceive.I haven’t got an alternative but I don’t believe in those distances,they seem like mere conjectures.

    • suliwebster says:

      Hadn’t thought of that, though it is quite funny really the idea that we have been led to believe the sun is hot and actually it isn’t. I am also playing with the idea that the sun and moon maybe much smaller than we think, and they are being magnified to seem powerful, wizard of oz style. If the Sun is not very big it wouldnt provide much heat. And if it is not hot, we dont lose much by it going away. I was wondering why nighttime in summer is warm when the Sun is on the other side of the world.
      Are you pre empting my next post Nixon? I am just writing some stuff about size being an illusion, and that the Big Scary Universe out there maybe much smaller than we think ! I agree with you about these inhuman impossible distances, which mean that only the top scientists are in the know ! Sounds highly suspicious, doesnt it? I have an alternative theory which is much simpler, coming soon…

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