Santa or Jesus

Jesus and Santa are both household names. They are both potent symbols of exact opposites. It doesn’t matter if they are real or not, it is the message that counts. These days Santa seems to be more revered than Jesus.

I increasingly find the answers to life in the message of Jesus, the Jesus that I have spent my life ignoring or even despising. I have ignored it because of the evil layer of Christianity that seems to be standing guard over Jesus. Jesus has been put in a Roman Catholic Prison, and labelled Christ.

Which one do you like best?…
In every twist and turn of daily life, it seems we are faced with decisions to choose the way of Santa or the way of Jesus. The Santa way is really obvious, big heavily populated route, the one with bright lights and goodies to lure us in, the one we autopilot along, inwardly wondering what’s wrong. The way of Jesus is hidden and overgrown, it takes longer and is hard to find, it is a bit lonely, and there is not much of a trail to follow. I like the way of Jesus, but I would say most of my daily life follows Santa. Santa is like an addictive drug.

You can follow one or the other, but you will be foiled when it is time to go to the toilet. Both Jesus and Santa go into the Men’s. Dammit. If you are female, you will be smugly NOT following Santa, but forced to NOT follow Jesus. If you are male you will be smugly following Jesus, but forced to follow Santa. HoHo says Santa, Gotcha. Another reason why Jesus is probably female. And anyway, isn’t the toilet block something of Santa’s invention? Surely Jesus would feed his bodily products back to Mother Earth somewhere in the desert that he is wandering in.

Jesus wanders barefoot in the desert, wearing loose simple robes made from natural plant fabric. Santa wears red and white coca cola colours, with heavy black army boots. It is obvious that Santa is in disguise, the costume is ridiculous, he is hiding his inner blackness with the attention grabbing RED DRESS, with white trim. The black boots sticking out at the bottom give it away. Santa’s white fur lining is animal fur, Jesus would not kill animals for a fancy costume, would (s)he?. Santa wears a masonic belt and buckle, just like we are supposed to on our blue jeans uniform. Red and white represents the blood on white cloth of menstruation, or war wounds or the taking of a virgin.

Shoes are mostly made in slave factories in China, and I am sure Santa’s boots are no exception. We have lost our natural connection to Mother Earth through wearing shoes. Connecting to the Earth keeps us at our correct voltage, but shoes, houses, tarmac get in the way. Santa doesn’t ever seem to touch the Earth, does he? Jesus always does, except when (s)he is on the cross.

Jesus doesnt wear socks either. Santa insists on stockings. Stockings are held up by garters, and the most exclusive senior Order in Britain is The Order of The Garter, the patron is St George. Oh look, St George has the same garish red and white colours of Santa.

Fat and thin…
Santa is overweight. He eats too much, is greedy, lives in the modern day material world, and sits in chairs and sleighs. He gets slaves and animals to do his work for him. He probably watches tele. Jesus is much healthier, I would say, and he shares out food, and all have enough. Santa is not attractive at all, and lots of kids are frightened by him. His main big attraction is that he provides toys.

Toys and slaves…
Santa’s toys are made in factories by his slaves, the elves. Materialistic toys means slaves exist somewhere. Toys for kids, toys for adults, cars, computers, whatever. We are all trained to want more toys. Toys will make us happy. Work hard, be good, and you will get your carrot, your reward. Rudolf gets the carrot, we get the toys. I don’t see Jesus with toys or slaves, Jesus offers a way for us to follow if we choose, not things in exchange for behaviour.

Healer or Stealer…
Jesus is a healer, (s)he heals anyone that needs it, and doesn’t expect any money or other payment in return. Jesus gives unconditionally. Santa steals. He steals children’s innocence by tricking the mother. He steals souls. Maybe the elves in his factory represent those who have had their souls removed from selves. Factories are soulless. They also have shelves. The helve is the handle of the axe which chops, the soul from the self, leaving the elf. Add the souls to the helves to get the shelves. The souls have been fixed to the wall with the materialistic toys on the shelves. We can get our souls back by releasing the shelves, by getting rid of the toys.

Saintly Sanity…
Santa is a Saint. Saint Nicolas. Most churches are labelled Saint or Santa. Churches are dedicated to Saints, and many people martyred to become Saints. Curiously, Jesus is not made a saint, and has no Church dedicated. However someone gets to be a saint, the sainting seems to sanitise them to Satan’s side, Santa’s side, and they become owned and manipulated by the Church for their own ends. Jesus is not a Saint. Saints are Santa.

25th December…
Jesus and Santa have the same day allocated to them! How curious. Strictly speaking, Santa precedes Jesus, almost announces the coming of Jesus. Santa takes over Christmas Eve. I see that first woman Eve sneaks in here to be tranished by the Crossed Masses of Christmas. Another clue that Jesus may be a female.

Santa travels by slay, sleigh. Jesus walks the sole way, soul way. Santa has to imprison and harness an animal to pull along his heavy sleigh, heavy self and all his sacks of material stuff. Jesus can travel by foot because he doesn’t seem to have much stuff.

Santa has an address in Greenland, and is depicted with a house, armchairs etc, just like us! He doesn’t seem to go outside except for riding around Father Sky in his slay. Jesus doesn’t seem to have a house, his home is Mother Earth.

You can write letters to Santa. To explain how good you have been and to plead with him for some reward in the form of factory toys made by slaves. Santa can read. Jesus is illiterate, Jesus talks to people, (s)he has presence. Santa has presents. What do you prefer?

Santa comes straight into the hearth, heart, of the home via the chimney. The chimney is supposed to be a one way exit for smoke, and he forces himself down the wrong way. He makes a mess with his sooty boots, ready for Mother Mary to clean up. The Santa marketing team encourage us to let him in, and leave him whiskey, mince pies and a carrot (carrot to persuade Rudolf to keep going). I don’t think Jesus is this invasive somehow, (s)he would only visit a home if invited, and via the front door. And not when you are all asleep.

Santa says “sit on my knee if you want presents”. Hard to imagine Jesus doing this eh? Santa breaks in to our homes. We must all be asleep, that is part of the deal if we want presents. Parents have to allow Santa free access to their kids in their own bedrooms in the middle of the night. That is part of the deal if you want your kids to have presents. If you don’t do Santa’s deal, your kids will be left out, ostracised, and so will you. The Santa machine in the form of the State, will tell your kids that they are hard done by and not being treated properly, and NOT LOVED. If you want to prove you love your kids, you do the Santa deal. It trains their minds well for any future paedophile attempts that come their way. Be good, do as I say, sit on my knee, and you get presents, just like your Mum said.

Water is H2O, HHO. Santa turns this to HoHo. Jesus turns it to wine, which I see as a healing herbal drink if made naturally in small quantities. Water is vital to our life, and the Santa team seem to have sold off the water. They think it should be traded and owned and rationed and measured and tampered with.

Be Good…
You have to be good for Santa, for the whole year. To get one measley delivery, a stocking full of presents (which your parents buy, not Santa anyway, parents are funding the Santa charade). Jesus heals anyone that needs it, unconditional, including those that are labelled “thieves”. Jesus would even heal Santa! For a whole year, kids are trained to work towards Santa’s approval, hooked on the promise of toys. This is the Alms method of getting a few measley crumbs of reward for huge amounts of work. Rudolf gets a carrot, same idea. Kids are trained this way by their well meaning parents, who have also been trained from birth. And you can see how all this Santa training gets ingrained, how we are still all behaving, being good, working hard, doing as we are told, so that we get our material reward that we are conditioned to desire, all made by slaves.

Jewess or Satan…
Jesus is the Jewess, and Santa is Satan. We have been born into Satan’s world, but the message of the Jewess is still here. Finding the path of the Jewess is not so easy, and I keep losing it, and stepping back into the comforts of Santa which I am so used to. When I do find the Jewess path, it feels like the way out. Don’t just follow me, work it out your own way.

The Farther World…
The Egyptians called the spirit world The Far World. We can all go there if only we know how. Today I walked past a sign on Bath Spiritualist Church: Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life. Noone comes to the Father except by me”. If you see Jesus as the Jewess, and Father as Farther, the Far World, it makes perfect sense. The way to the Far World is via the Jewess. It is all in code.

The Toilet Trick…
Back to the toilets. You can’t just simply FOLLOW Jesus, the Jewess. You can’t just AVOID Santa Satan. You have to find the hidden way that does both at once. Oherwise you can be easily duped into following Satan to be with Jesus. Or, you get left floundering in the non-spiritual space of avoiding Jesus in order to avoid Satan. You can’t steal to heal. You can’t buy a soul. And if you close your mind to Jesus because s(he) is labelled “Christian”, then you close off the way out.

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5 Responses to Santa or Jesus

  1. Santa has always had the pedo thing for me, big fat old smelly alcoholic that likes to fondle children and the parents lap it up sending there youngest to the grotto for some brainwashing.
    Have always felt the word grotto has a nasty ring to it.
    Yet santa dies, or evaporates from the minds of the young, just because he likes them at a certain age, like old child sacrifices had to have a child of specific age, think crimbo is just another satanic holiday that most have been duped into taking part, yes i would welcome a fat old pedo into our homes to molest the children.


    • suliwebster says:

      I think one of the saddest things is that parents persuade and encourage their kids to go alone into those grottos, even when they don’t want to. In the child’s eyes, the whole thing is endorsed by the very people who love and protect him/her.

  2. Yes i agree! very sinister indeed, i remember going as a child and not having any fond memories.
    Santa’s grotto, sure gives me the creeps.

  3. Elena says:

    Scripture says Jesus was born of a virgin female ( X chromosome ). In the absence of the male no Y chromosome was added to make the infant male. Perhaps the Bible has been shouting the truth at us for centuries. Some things you just can’t conceal.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, i think you are right, Elena, the truth can’t be concealed, that is why it has to be “hidden in plain view”, in a way that we don’t see it properly, or misinterpret it, even though it is under our noses.

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