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There are repeating questions in my Quest for the truth. Who am I? Where did I come from? How did I get here? How did this world get to be the way it is, with its wars, slavery and paedophilia? How can I make changes that will make things better? And the way to find out seems to involve going back, going back quite a long way.

I have been curious about past life regression recently. I am left in no doubt that it is very effective in healing recurring problems, physical, emotional or that annoying way in which you keep repeating the same destructive patterns in your life. Hypnotherapists seem to stumble across past life regression when they regress clients to childhood, then find things have gone back somewhat further!

I am curious as to how it is so effective, and what that tells me about how things work.

Now if you regress beyond childhood, you are going to go back to the womb, then go back to some inbetween point, then back into another life at the point of death, etc etc. You can go back a very very long way, and this is why people end up in very different places to where they are in this life. The regression can all happen very quickly, it is like a video being rewound, spirit or imagination travel is high speed. You are sort of leaving the senses of your body (taking leave of your senses), going into a sort of trance. You are miles away, you are somewhere else, in time and in place. In your imagination, your Magi Nation, your magic place.

“Near death experiences”, or “out of body experiences” are a sort of death, but then you change your mind and come back to your body. People who have had these say that their life flashes before them, and I think that this is what happens at actual death, except we do not return. Out of body experiences seem like an unplanned past life regression.

It seems to me that past life regression rewinds the video to find the source of the problem, and then edits it, changes the outcome to a preferred one. It rewrites the script. Then it fast forwards back to the present, and subtle things in the video now have to alter to accommodate the change you made. It is maybe like reliving your lives again, but at much higher speed. I can think of plenty of key points just in my current life when I wonder what would have happened if I had said No instead of Yes, or Yes instead of No, or gone There instead of Here, how differently would things have turned out?

Maybe it is like repairing something, making it good again. Or maybe it is like when you realise you took a wrong turn, and you have to retrace your steps, no matter how far you have come the wrong way, and then get onto the right path.

You can see how the technique can be misused though, and that is why I do not like the way past life regression assistance is given in exchange for money. I notice that it attracts in greedy people who want to improve their financial wealth, make even more money, exploit even more people. It could easily be used by people who want to create some very unpleasant situations.

The scripts and imprints and culture we are handed down from our ancestors heavily infuence our lives. If your great grandfather had done some key thing differently, like stayed ut rather than move to another country, then how would that affect us?

Our ancestors and our past lives both seem to set us up with patterns, starting points in life. Maybe we were our ancestors in our past lives? Maybe you are your great grandfather? Maybe it is the same old souls leapfrogging each other down the line? This neatly explains why the elites are so keen on handing down their enormous material wealth through the male inheritance. And why they take care to interbreed. They know, don’t they? They can’t take stuff with them when they die, but they want it back again when they are reborn. And when they are reborn, they inherit the same old repeating patterns of their ancestors.

So going back seems like a very useful thing to do, whether to heal, to repair, or to research. And going back into the womb world is something I have found very interesting, a place we are normally diverted from thinking about.

There is another sort of going back, which is the Big Brother interloper. GET BACK. Big Brother wants you with a fixed address, in a fixed box. You get in your car go to work, park your car, get out. At the end of the day, you have to get back to your car, so you can get back to your house. If you go on holiday, a similar but longer chain of getting back is required. When I go out for a walk, I get to a certain time or distance away, and think Oh I have to be getting back now. It often feels like I am wearing a dog collar and lead, and am limited in how far I can go and for how long. Get back in your box ! Or get back in line. We are told that our fixed address, our housing blocks, are “home”, but I think there is another sort of home that we are seeking.

There is another sort of BACK. The spine. The spine that is behind us, but which holds us together, defines our strength, carries our nervous system. It is a very important part of us which is paid not enough respect, judging by the amount of back problems around.

Our species is defined as a vertebrate species. Ones with spines, with backs. And I wonder if I regress back far enough, would I find I was originally an invertebrate? To go back and find there is no back? We will see, I have a few more layers to unpeel first. But it seems to me that the vertebrates are a newer model, a new improved upgrade version, of the invertebrates.

Going back helps us to understand how we got here, and where we are now heading. It helps us make more informed choices about where we go to next, how we can change paths now if we wish to, and save someone a repair job in the future.

There is one thing that lies ahead of us all with great certainty, and that is death. Past and future now get very confusing again. It seems that when we arrive in the future at death, we actually go back to the past.

My feeling is that we need to prepare for death. We need to know how to make choices in our after death, because Big Brother will be there with his symbols and bright lights, ordering us around, and luring us in, to suit his agenda, not ours. This is perhaps the biggest benefit of all from going back, to practise, to learn, so that when death comes, you know what you want to do and where you want to go.

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6 Responses to Go Back

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Get back Suli get back to where you once belonged…those Beatles again,tattood on my sixties mindskin.They were always going on about getting back to their roots,yet they were right at the front of the pack.I think they went back like a catapult and shot themselves forward,the further back,the further forward,which is I think, what you’re getting at.

  2. George Silver says:

    “My feeling is that we need to prepare for death”
    Then as you die you will be able to think “I’ve been waiting for this moment all of my life”
    Never enjoying the moment. Never really living in the present. Always thinking of death.

    • suliwebster says:

      Good point George, there is a danger of thinking that death is the only thing worth living for, and waiting for it with eager anticipation. But I don’t see why you can’t prepare for something and be in the present, like you might prepare to go on a trip to another country, or to move house. And enjoy the preparation. It is quite interesting working out what to take with you, what to chuck out, what you don’t really need.
      I find that looking at what happens after death shows me quite a lot about how life works, it makes me wiser, and I find better ways of living the present that make it more enjoyable, and less harmful in terms of propping up the evil structures on the planet. I don’t actually have to die in order to start practising some of the beneficial things.

  3. A Non says:

    “You can see how the technique can be misused though, and that is why I do not like the way past life regression assistance is given in exchange for money. I notice that it attracts in greedy people who want to improve their financial wealth, make even more money, exploit even more people.”

    Sad but very true, unfortunately. Much as I like alternative/complementary therapies, I am deeply uncomfortable with some of the fees charged. I’m trained in three therapies and I don’t practise any of them for money. I give treatments to friends as freebies, or do skill swaps. When I first qualified I looked into joining complementary therapy networks and found that there was fierce resistance to anyone charging below the “going rate”. Apparently this “devalues other therapists’ skills and time”! While doing my training, one of my study tasks was to research people’s views on what they would be willing and able to pay for treatments. Most of the people I spoke to cited figures that were about half to two-thirds of the “going rate” and said that if treatments were too expensive, they’d be unable or unwilling to use them. I’m not happy with complementary therapies being the preserve of the wealthy and I can’t practice on that basis, in good conscience.

    In response to another of your posts I mentioned Michael Tellinger and his study of the ancient structures of Southern Africa. Looking further into his work, watching some of his videos and listening to podcasts, I’ve become really interested in his idea of “Ubuntu Contributionism” in which he advocates the abolition of money. Some people have criticised him for registering his Ubuntu movement as a political party in South Africa. Personally I think his intentions are genuine. I find it more and more difficult to live in the world as it currently works.

    • suliwebster says:

      You must be rare to be practising for free! And it is heartening to hear. When I wrote that bit, I was actually thinking of the clients who can afford to pay hypnotherapists to be regressed, wealthy businessmen who want to be even wealthier.
      But what you have read into it is another very interesting aspect. The fees are very high, I have tried out a few, exploring alternatives to the NHS and pharma. I increasingly find that the money is the elephant in the room, when a whole day’s wages for me goes straight into somene’s pocket for an hour. It almost seems worse having a money exhange with health things because the outward appearance is that the practitioners really care about you. Would they care if you didn’t pay them?
      My way forward now is that I work health things out for myself as much as possible. I am not trained in anything but I have helped to heal people around me just by giving them my time and energy and any wisdom I have, it is a much nicer way.
      I have written a few posts about money The Gift Economy, Why I Need Money, The Money Less Society, Housing Tax, The Queens Debt. My preference is for the gift economy, i.e. no money. I think this can only come about by individuals gradually reducing their involvement in the money system, exactly as you are, and just doing things for free. The more of this that goes on, the more we will realise that we don’t need money. I personally don’t think a political structure will solve it, but it will give the idea publicity. An important part of the gift economy idea is that people want to do things this way, it can’t be enforced with rules, it has to come from the heart.
      There are some websites by people that live without money. Jesus was one of them !

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