The Cow Machine

Whatever we do to animals we do unto ourselves. Whenever I see a situation of humans being mistreated, there is always a matching scenario in the animal world. The animal world version is usually acceptable to most people, and that makes it an easy sliding transition to accept the same cruelty to humans.

I would say nearly everyone is participating in animal cruelty every day, though you don’t actually see the cruelty yourself, you just demand the things that create the cruelty.

There are many ways in which humans own, trade, control and use animals. There are domestic animals (pets), circus animals, farmyard animals, zoo animals, medical animals, animals for research, war animals (horses), gaming animals (like racehorses).

Own, trade, use, control. These are things that we don’t want done to us, but it is ok for us to do it to others. Surely we can’t protest about what is done to us until we set our own book straight.

I am going to take the example of cows, and see what it represents in our human world.

Cows are farmed for milk products and meat. The vast numbers of female adults are continually impregnated by the very few male bulls. At an early age, the male calves are taken away from their mothers, and reared for slaughter. The male bullocks are MEAT FACTORIES.That might explain why bullocks are usually a bit neurotic, look at what has happened to them. It probably doesn’t do much for the psyche of the mother either, to continually have her babies taken from her. But she will be constantly heavy with milk and not have enough energy left to protest. The mother is milked by being hooked up to a machine regularly, that keeps the milk flowing as fast as possible. The mother cows are MILK MACHINES. We must have more milk. The baby girls are bred so they can grow up to breed replacement milk machines and meat factories. Occasionally, a baby male is spared slaughter and bred for raping the girls. When the cows are old and useless, they are got rid of.

The cows are all kept in fenced fields or barns, prisons of sorts, romantically called “farms”. We are all brought up with the idea of farms being romantic and idyllic places, with cuddly animals and pretty countryside, and home cooking. The amount of free space the cows have is very small for the size of animal that they are. They usually have earrings. Their ears are pierced for labels, labels that have identity numbers. The Bull has a nose ring too. So he can be pulled along and controlled by the nose.

For that extra special bit of meat, the young male calves are kept indoors, slaughtered younger, to produce veal. The more the cruelty, the higher the price of the meat.

So the girls are machines for breeding and milk. The boys are machines for rape and for slaughter. And they are all in captivity, born into captivity, and bred to supply us with food from their bodies. That is the only purpose of their existence, they are living machines and factories, and they rebuild themselves. Brilliant money making idea, a factory or machine that continually replaces itself with a brand new one. The cows probably have no idea there is any other way to live.

Does it sound familiar? This is the human version of the cow story…

Human boys are brought up to be sent to war. Taken away from their mothers young, reared for slaughter. A noble sacrifice, heroic, just like the bullocks die heroically to feed us beef, our Sunday Roast is courtesy of the heroic bulls making that supreme sacrifice. Roast Beef, good old British roast beef symbolises young human males being slaughtered pointlessly in war. And traditionally eaten on the day of the Sun, Son day. To celebrate the slaughter of our young sons.

Human boys are encouraged to help themselves to women, bull style, especially the males at the top of the pyramid, the Bulls. Imagery everywhere shows women advertising themselves available for sex, and girls are encouraged to go along with this from an early age. That’s because the cow program for girls is about breeding. Breeding the next lot of farmyard human machines to replace the ones that are being slaughtered or who are no longer of use. So the human sex machine, romantically called “love”, is like the cow breeding programme, to replace ourselves with a new factory product, when the old ones are worn out and no longer of use. Keep the milk and the beef flowing…

The main function of a human female machine, a woman, womban, is to breed. There is increasing pressure on human mothers to separate themselves from their babies at birth or even before. And coincidentally to replace their own human milk with cows milk.

So from birth we are taught to worship the cow story, the one that is mirrored in our own human lives. And I think this is how we set ourselves up in our psyche to be farmyard animals, farmyard humans. Human babies are being fed on cow’s milk, we are told that they need it for their development, they need milk from another species, COWS, it’s essential, better than human milk. Babies are fed this mixed with a load of chemicals. And they get hooked on it, they associate it with comfort, mothering, nurturing. The mothering and nurturing they are not getting enough of.

Human milk is currently being traded online. If demand for this increases, then we will become even more like the cows. Trade will be set up so that human milk fetches a higher price than cows milk, to encourage poor mothers to sell their own milk, and feed the cheaper cows milk to their babies. This is exactly what is already happening in childcare. It is cheaper to go to work and pay for government approved childcare in fenced in nurseries, than to care for your own child, because of the way the marketplace is set up. In fact the structures make it almost impossible for some women to look after their own children and stay financially viable. Those in charge are already doing a good job at separating mothers from babies, cow style, the next stage is the human milk market.

And from a comment on a previous post, I know that placentas are already being traded by the NHS as a product of the human breeding programme. Eggs are “donated”, which means that somewhere they are being traded too. It makes me wonder about human meat, what happens to all those slaughtered young men? Surely some profit to be made there? If horse meat can sneak into burgers, why not human meat? Noone can tell the difference.

So you can see how we are like herds of cows? And how we will get more and more like cows the more we carry on treating cows like this, and the more milk and beef we consume?

To me, the obvious way to counteract this is to treat the cows better. Consume less beef and less dairy, or only get it from sources where there are small well cared for herds. Or even better, give up cow consumption completely, and allow the cows to go free. The underlying psyche is at work here. There is some subliminal law that says Treat others how you want to be treated yourself, and this applies to all beings on Earth, all Earthlings. If we treat other beings this way, we have somehow agreed to our own treatment plan as the same.

There are increasing allergies to dairy products, and that shows some sort of turning point to me. Either the factory farming has got too extreme, or the consumption levels are too huge, or the subliminal mind is kicking in and saying NO.

Once you start looking at one animal, it sort of spills over to all the others. Stealing eggs from chickens matches the trading of human embryos. The taming of the horse spirit matches the taming of the female. Owning pets matches the owning of children. Animals in cages matches people in prisons. Buying and selling animals matches the slave trade. Pure breeding animals matches the pure breeding of the Royals. The hamster on the pointless treadmill….

I think we get lured into the Cow Story in order to bind us to some sort of soul agreement, a deal with the devil. All the imagery and advertising pushes and pulls us towards propping up the cow machine by participating, remote controlled cruelty. It seems to me it is all By Consent. We don’t need to feed off cow products to live. We can get out of it if we choose. By freeing the cows, we free up a part of ourselves, it is all linked.

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4 Responses to The Cow Machine

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I’m with you wholeheartedly on this one.I don’t think most of the bulls even get a bit of rape and pillage.They’re sent off to the bovine porn shop to mount a sex doll that harvests their semen. Sound familiar,boys? I’ve heard about farms without fences where the animals forage around willy nilly and find the herbs they need and are consequently much healthier.Personally,I long for everything to be free,including me and if I need meat I’ll hunt it myself.

    • suliwebster says:

      I think you are probably right about the bulls.
      Yes I dont think we can expect to be free by enslaving others (including animals) to achieve that freedom. Those that are truly free are not participating in any of the structures that enslave, murder or harm other beings. Quite a long way to go to unparticipate, I think, but I am slowly inching my way along.

  2. You are so right. I’ve just been reading a report from Compassion in World Farming about the appalling conditions of pigs being reared in the EU while the politicians and commissioners do nothing.

    I wish pictures could be shown to all who sit down to eat products made with this meat so they might see the suffering of the animals whose lives were sacrificed to bring them the meal on their plates.

    • suliwebster says:

      Interesting you mention pictures, Maureen. Because we are normally bombarded with pictures of very happy animals on all the marketing. They don’t want us questioning it, do they? And we must be happy with our human lot too, always happy and smiling, just like the farmyard animals.
      I think the politicians and EU lot support the whole thing. The only way out is to change our own actions. Though hard when you are born into this diet. I have been veggy a long time, but now want to work towards more veganism, which will get me even more flak than being a veggy I expect. The more I think about it, the more I realise how carefully vegetarianism and veganism is ostracised, and how I tread around the subject very gingerly. We are warned off plant diets, and warned off the people who practise it too. It is quite an emotive topic, and I usually keep quiet about it in public, knowing that my views will almost certainly be ridiculed. On the other hand, it is socially compulsory to accept meat eaters and meat eating, and not offend them in any way by questioning it. It is all very politically correct.
      And if it has been set up so carefully as a taboo subject, then I would say that it is quite a big control plank of the powers that be.

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