Square Eyes

My Mum always used to say I would get square eyes if I watched too much Tele. It sounds like another one of those silly phrases, but I am now starting to wonder if she was right. A future upgrade model of the human race will one day have square eyes.

The TV screen was not the first square bit of glass our eyes were plonked in front of to look at.

Windows were an earlier version of screens. Not Bill Gates’ Microsoft Windows. But the glass windows in our houses. Windows that are square and refract and reflect light, thus altering it slightly, so that what we see is similar to the real thing outdoors, but not quite. The windows show us a nice view, a view of the bigger world outside our comfortable prison. It saves us going outside to see it. A newer version of windows is Double Glazing, giving a doubling up of the refraction and reflection to glaze over our eyes. It is subtle, and of course we get used to it after a while, especially if we were born into a windows environment.

Windows beam light into our eyes. The squares of light are alluring, distracting, like the stars, the Moon and The Sun in a dark sky. And like the TV or internet, the interesting movement and happenings through the window often attract our attention in an otherwise stagnant sealed in house. If I am in a room with a tele, I have to fight quite hard to avoid being drawn into its dominating spell. And I always like to look out a window if am indoors. Why don’t I just go out? Is the square distorted view feeding me just enough to satisfy my needs, to keep me in?

At school, teachers often draw the curtains to stop kids being distracted by the outdoor view, usually far more interesting than the lesson. Nowadays classrooms are all fitted with a new type of Windows, the internet view of the world. Kids Face the Front and look at the world through the square Microsoft screen, their eyes focused on a constantly fixed distance, while the screen does the focusing for them.

People go on coach tours to look at the outside world through the square windows of the coach. They can see it all from the comfort of the coach, same as we can see the outside world through our house windows without the hassle of getting wet or cold or being mugged by all the criminals out there.

People hang square pictures on their wall with glass frames. You’ve been framed. A person gets squared up as a PORTRAIT, a view gets squared up as a LANDSCAPE. A person is not square, nor is a landscape, but those are our options with pictures and screens. The Royals have pictures on the walls, we all want them. The pictures on the walls give us something to look at to keep us interested, just enough to stop us going outside to see real people and real views.

Before glass windows, maybe we looked at the view through open windows, a narrow square view, but at least a true one. It saved us going outside, and it is much safer indoors, we are told. And before that, maybe there were no windows at all, so to get the views, the far sights, the bigger world, you had to go outside. And then you would use your eyes properly, exercise them by focusing.

After glass windows got established as normal, they gradually got replaced by the TV, for which you need to draw the curtains over the windows to stop the light from the windows, so that you can see the light from the TV. At this point in time, everyone is already used to looking at square bits of glass for their entertainment, looking out the window. They are already used to staying in more. But teles are even better than windows, they give you a view of everywhere in the whole world without going outside. They kid you that you know the whole world, you are educated, well travelled, without ever going out. And gradually over time, the truth gets replaced by a very distorted view of the world. Nobody knows the difference any more. The TV is the world, the truth.

When TVs were introduced, teachers started setting homework that referred to TV programmes. So all good parents had to have a TV to bring up their kids correctly. Now the same applies to the internet screen, and the modern version of Windows, Microsoft Windows. A good parent provides internet screens for their child. So their child gets to understand the whole world by staying indoors. The whole world as Big Brother wants us to see it, the SQUARE way.

Kids are trained from very young to look at screens at the front of the room. Kids plugged into square screens 5 hours a day, 5 days a week at school. Plus whatever they do at home. Kids are being brought up to see square screens as an essential continuous interactive connection to their eyes. It is only a matter of time before the square screens become smaller and closer to the eye, and eventually we will get very small interactive square lenses to fit in our eyes. At first these will be some cool optional removable device, a bit like contact lenses. But eventually they will become normal, acceptable, and maybe one day genetic engineering will ensure we are born with them. All with our consent.

In the round womb, you look at the round placenta, everything is round and soft. When you are born, the objective is to wean you onto squares. And it seems that teenagers are hooked on square shaped screens, they crave it. This is where their eyes want to be, and where their mind wants to be too. All their communication is via a layer of Big Brother.

We have ROUND lenses in our eyes these days, the ones we were born with. Operations to “correct” eyesight, faulty longsightedness or farsightedness, by replacing the lens are increasingly common. Why is farsight a problem? Why do we have more “faulty” farsight with old age? It is a “problem” because you can see further outside, you can see more truth, and because if you are longsighted, farsighted, you can’t read the bloody screens or books, or road instructions everywhere. You are slipping beyond Big Brother’s control and you must be corrected.

Glasses are becoming increasingly common and cool. It is very normal for children now to have glasses. Their eyesight is deemed wrong, or maybe it has been made wrong by looking at screens from an early age. Glasses bring the screens, the square windows, nearer our eyes, doing the focusing for us. The Royals are busy advertising glasses, William wears them, and the Queen was pictured with sunglasses recently.

Our homes and streets are being filled with “fibre optic cable” to connect all our square internet screens to each other. Fibre OPTIC? That reminds me of the optic nerve cable leading to the human eye, the cable that feeds information in and out of our brain via the round screens of our eye lenses. So maybe our eyes are another sort of window?

Big Brother is now looking at us through our laptop cameras and webcams, and will soon be moving more obviously onto our screens via Facetime and Skype technology. Our square screens are becoming two way. Similarly, our eyes are two way round windows. We see out, and others see in, a view into our soul. Our eyelids are like the curtains. The Muslim women dress code springs to mind as a code for what is going on. The eyes peep out through the window of the black robes and veil. The Muslims have a custom of averting their eyes, whereas Western culture encourages eye contact as normal and healthy. To me, eye contact is opening yourself up to another to allow them into you, like letting strangers peer into your home, or peering into someone else’s home. It is a very powerful connection which I would say is intimate, and it seems to me there is some value in the Muslim way of protecting your soul from invasion. Be careful who you let in, be your own gatekeeper !

Our eyes are like windows on the world, round windows, from inside our human body home. Human hume, home, homo sapiens. I think another layer is being created around the human homo layer we are already in, a new square layer, like a new skin.

And if we are having a new square layer being created on top of, or instead of, our current round layer, maybe there was once something before the round layer? A time when we had a better view than we have now. Did we agree to this before, did we agree to an eye upgrade? Our human vision is a very narrow band of the known spectrum. Other animals see more than we do. I would say it is being narrowed even more by the new layer. And if the new square lens, coming soon, includes a two way Big Brother interception, then what is built into our current round lens? We are so used to how our eyes operate, we have no idea if there was something else better before this, something we have replaced.

My eyes feel square from writing this. And as I so often say, one day I will wean myself off the screens, the screens are Big Brother controlled, beware. So I will now go outside, focus on different distances, and practise my skill of farsight, a skill that I feel is improving with age.

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8 Responses to Square Eyes

  1. Elena says:

    It’s true. In nature there are no hard edges. Her forms are random and subtle. Have you noticed how over the years as human vision has become more squared and tekkie, nature itself has dissappeared? It saddens me to think that as this trend continues, nature itself will vanish completely. And what will we become?

    “As long as the Earth can make a spring every year, I can. As long as the Earth can flower and produce nurturing fruit, I can, because I’m the Earth. I won’t give up until the Earth gives up.” – Alice Walker

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, definite correlation between the squares and the screens increasing as nature is decreasing. Still plenty of nature, but maybe harder to find, harder to access.

      I don’t think nature will vanish, I think the powers that be are finding it easier to separate us from access to nature rather than to eliminate all of nature itself. I wonder if eventually those that choose nature will become almost outcasts outside the city walls. There maybe a choice for us individually between nature OR staying with our family and friends that may prefer the comfortable prison inside the city. Not an easy choice to make, and I sometimes ask myself what I would choose if my family chose to be on the inside where life is easier and everything provided for you if you behave properly. An interesting question I think.

      Nice quotation to keep us Earth lovers going, thanks !

      • Nixon Scraypes says:

        “Nobody knows the difference any more” Yes it’s getting harder to see.The world is being replaced by it’s description.One day we will look out of our windows and find that they’ve taken the world away.What puzzles me is that they seem to need our permission,even if it is obtained by deception.This suggests an authority they have to obey,what? In reply to your reply to the reply (ha) I,ve been to that world in dreamtime and it’s not pleasant.

  2. suliwebster says:

    which world Nixon, the harsh one outside the city walls or the comfortable prison within? Or the one where you have to make a horrible choice?
    I find that interesting too, the idea that they seem to need our permission. Obviously this is quite key to getting out of it ! How do we stop giving our permission?

    • Nixon Scraypes says:

      I was thinking of the world outside the concrete walls,beyond the pale,the dilapidated warrens of brick and slate where the outsiders live.I think it’s a vision of the planned future.Inside,it’s claustrophobically controlled and outside,rootless and directionless,neither of them a threat to the controllers.Another experiment for the psycho-vivisectionists.Only extraordinary vigilance in detecting the invisible rules can free us from obeying them and giving them permission to exist.Softly,softly,catchee monkey.

      • suliwebster says:

        Yes, you have it in a nutshell I think.
        Maybe it is not the future though, maybe it is now too? There are plenty of people already outside the metaphorical city walls, the underclass, the homeless etc. It is almost like they are essential to threaten the people inside with… If you dont behave this will happen to you. And the people inside are visible to the people outside and make the outsiders feel worthless because they dont have the tempting goodies and comforts they want and can see but cant have. So it is important that both sides see the other side, but they are kept separate.

  3. paul says:

    what do you think or more importantly feel
    The remedy:

    The way out of all this is clear. Forget all that nonsense about your thoughts creating your reality and other snake oil quick fixes. It isn’t your thoughts it is your indoctrinated boundaries of possibilities according to yours and everyone else involved’s deepest programming that does that. Thoughts are always ambushed versions of frequency signals corrupted by designated linguistic symbols. As mystics have for so long advised we must empty our minds of all thoughts in order to achieve clear communication with Infinite Consciousness. In that state there is no ambition, no cause, no limits; there is peace, there is unity. You become a part of the flow of Creation. ‘All that is, was, and ever shall be, at all times’, passes through you rather than shorting or discharging in you. If words go in or come out you are not where you need to be. Words and symbols are not necessary to communicate with the subtle realms, in fact they are detrimental, being gross, subversive, unreliable and cumbersome; scripted to poke and shepherd the lower incarnate mind. We are equipped in far more effective and unambiguous ways. What we feel, what we emit psychically, is the authentic communication. Once as one it becomes the healing way because the Universal Consciousness is flawless, vigorous, vital, and eternal. Everything that is reconciled is restored. It is the course of what the disconnected and oblivious mistake for miracles and impossibilities.

    Although some find it easier to have no thoughts than others, for everyone it takes dedication and practice to maintain it enough; yet it is achievable for us all bar none.

    In the current situation, as it has been before, people get side-tracked into focusing on exposing the symptoms and their egos; they believe that celebrity, status, credentials, certificates and training programmes are worth something. They’re not; in fact the portion of one’s life-journey collecting them represents wasted opportunities to help that could with the same dedication bring forth real healing, real wisdom and real transformation through channelling the epic flow of Creation. The same caution goes for those who spend their lives working, playing, and hovering over monitors and screens every hour God sends. Although all of them are inevitably tiring the last two are especially damaging. The technology employed targets our biology and mental and psychic abilities.

    There is thoughtlessness and then there is thoughtlessness. One is a lack of consideration for others; the other is a total lack of consideration of anything. In this thoughtlessness miracles happen.

    • suliwebster says:

      I agree that words and thoughts fill our brains, and that the remedy means slowing down, and stilling the mind. I often find I cant express things in words, they are cumbersome and very slow. If I do too much research or blogging, my head gets filled with more thoughts and more words !
      One day I will be off the internet and that will be better. One day I may stop using words too. (logos are even worse than words I think). In the meantime, I find that I have to untrain my mind in some way. To knock down the walls, to recognise the false paths, to blank out or replace the indoctrination. Because the crap is still all around me, trying to tempt me in or control my actions and thinking and my tuning, and I have been very well trained from birth to respond !
      The idea of “thoughtlessness” is interesting. It reminds me of “not a care in the world”. Or that point we sometimes get to at work when everything has gone wrong or crazily busy, and we all start to laugh insanely and stop caring. It definitely feels like a better place to be, because you lose your programming in some sense, you throw it off, albeit temporarily! And I think when you get to that point of not trying so hard, not caring, you actually respond more humanely and genuinely to other things like your own spiritual needs and that of others around you.
      I wonder though that if you still your mind without actually realising why you are doing it, or without first reprogramming it, you could easily be exploited by the energy controllers that are manipulating us and the planet.
      I agree all the certificates egos, status, and too much time on screens is really not the end goal, but we are probably addicted in some way. There is a long way to go to break free I FEEL, one step at a time.
      I have cancelled my home landline as from end Jan, should be interesting, I will have to go out to get internet!

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