Popule Copule

Popule and Copule are two words I have invented. They fit together very well. Which is exactly what happens when two people copulate. Copulation seems to be a big part of the world plan. And it therefore needs someone very senior to supervise it. How about The Pope?

A copule is actually a couple, just slide the u along a bit, usual trick. Whenever we talk about a couple, there is a hidden implication that the two people involved are having a sexual relationship, but we don’t mention that. They are copulating, they are a copule.

And if you copulate, you populate. You increase the popule, the population. The copule then become a bit more than a copule, couple, they become Ma and Pa. The parents.
The Pope is papal, the man of the p(e)ople, pople, the popule, the population. He has been given the right to rule over the popule of the world. Pope, Pop, Papa, Papal, Pa. The Pope is the World’s Pa. The business of The Pope is to worship the Virgin Mary. Mother Mary, Mo.ther, Mom. Mary, Ma, Mama. So there you have it, Virgin Mary and The Pope, the ultimate highest level parents, Ma and Pa. Parenting us endlessly throughout our childhood and adult life and probably after death too.

The Pope is all about copulation and population. The purpose of copulation is to populate, and the purpose of populating is to create an endless supply of slaves, of various sorts, including sex slaves. That must be why the Vatican is always going on about certain things….

…MARRIAGE to ensure that there is plenty of copulation guaranteed because the woman signs away her right to say NO.

…NO CONTRACEPTION ALLOWED, so that copulation frequently leads to population.

…NO HOMOSEXUALITY because it ruins the Ma and Pa parenting system that ensures copulating and populating.

…NO DIVORCE, so that all the population has parenting controlled by the PARENTING industry. The head of the PARENTING industry is clearly The Pope.

Say Yes to Sex…
This is clearly the Pope’s underlying message! And here I take an idea from toolonginthisplace blog, see ref below. SEX is almost exactly YES backwards. Except the X and the Y are interchanged. Er what else has an X and Y interchange or exchange? The female chromosome is X, for SEX, and the male is Y for YES. See how they mirror and fit so nicely? YES SEX…. or SEX YES, which is a bit more SEXY.

Back in the day…
I am increasingly of the view that we once had a world of only females reproducing by self fertilisation, Virgin Mary style. So then we only had SEX, not YES. The males were introduced and then there became an option, YES or NO. Or go back to the original self fertile way if you can remember. The Pope’s remit seems to be about enforcing a YES upon the general popule.

Say No to Sex…
The Pope and The Virgin Mary are both famous for saying NO to Sex. So what are they up to, then? How did they get to be the world’s top parents? (Mary is dead, she has no say in this, her image is being manipulated for an agenda). Now Mary can have a child without modern day Sex as we know it, but it doesn’t just happen, she needs some sort of stimulation, some unusual body state at the correct time and the correct place.

The Arc Angle…
Enter stage right, the Arch Angel. You can see how modern freemasonry is the new Arc Angle, this is a more senior Freemasonry label than the Square and Compass badge. I would say the remit of The Pope also includes creating Godly new life by impregnating the right sort of virgins without entering them bodily. A bit like the old method, but I doubt they get direct consent for it. And maybe the arc and the angle have to be carefully calculated to get the right effect.

Paedophile Pedophile Peopile People Pople…
Can you see people and pople in paedophile? I expect the Vatican lot train for their immaculate conceptions on a steady supply of kids. And that ensures a steady supply of people that are paedophile victims, carrying around a subliminal taboo subject always hidden among us. Victims often go on to be the next generation of abuser, or may continue to be victims for their whole life. Some manage to escape and even expose the repeating cycle of abuse.

Papal Bulls…
The main thing with a Bull is that it is for copulating with cows and populating more cows. Oh that is a coincidence, what is a Papal Bull then? It sounds like some sort of instrument that might be used for impregnating a virgin (a Mary) without actually bodily entering and providing seed. So technically, both Ma and Pa, Mary and The Pope remain virgins. I just looked up Papal Bull and the Catholic website tells me that it is “a popular term used almost promiscuously for all kinds of instruments which issued from the papal chancery”. They use the word “lead” and the word “seal” a lot. Which makes me wonder if the Pope’s instrument is made of lead and the seal is the hymen. (Hymens of Praise are sung by the Church). It would not be a carnal or cardinal sin, nor break the celibacy vow would it? And of course there is no commandment forbidding paedophilia.

Papal Docs…
We are told the papal bull is a document, but maybe it is a dock. The bull instrument “promiscuously” docks within the virgin to create the right state for an immaculate conception, by stimulating the female body in the correct way. Or maybe the docking refers to the docking of the embryo within the womb.

Poppy Day…
We have just had Popey Day, Poppy Day. 11/11. The 11 to me represents the opening of two gates, the opening of the V. See how it is like a canal LOCK Gate? Then you open the V gate and it becomes ll, and you can pass through into the chamber. The Vulva and the Vagina are all V’s, the gates, the way in to the Sacred Chamber of Creation. The Way of The Pope and the Papal Bull.

Copy Day…
Every day seems to be a Copy day, Copy the Royals. Copy the primeministers and presidents. They all seem to have babies these days don’t they? It seems to be part of the job description. And of course our next King must have one too in order to qualify. Oh, he already has! Look at the new Royals, always being paraded out as perfect happy parenting examples, with a perfect baby who never makes a noise or even moves. Happy parenting, Happy Copulating and Happy Populating.

I don’t know when “parenting” came in, I am sure it was once “mothering” or “nurturing”. Parenting means in loco parentis, or parenthesis, locked in brackets. Your parents, your Ma and Pa, are gateposts on your life, (just like a pair of brackets around some text). And there are layers and layers of brackets round them too. Even if your parents die, you still feel parented by them, you have state parents, religious parents, or whatever. School trips now tell me they have my child “in loco parentis”. So it doesn’t have to be your actual Ma and Pa, anyone can bracket you, and it seems to be important that someone always does.

Endless Infancy…
We have very little real mothering and nurturing any more. If we did, the kids might grow up and flee the nest, fully formed adults, a damn sight sooner. The State on the one hand tries to prevent proper nurture, and on the other hand perpetuates infancy, which is made much easier of kids are unnurtured. The endless schooling keeps kids endlessly infantile, finally emerging almost useless and helpless and needy. This means they are easy prey for conditioning and paedophilia.

Essex, Wessex, Sussex, Nossex…
Spot the odd one out. Nossex does not exist, it is mysteriously missing, you can’t go to Nossex. No Sex is not allowed. You can only say Yes to Sex (Wessex), and I see that Wessex is on the rise. The Wessex Water logo is designed so that it could be read as Yessex. We have an excess (Essex) of sex and too much emphasis on success (Sussex), especially sexual success.

SEX YES School…
There is even a school called Sexey’s. In Bruton, Somerset. It is coeducational, Christian, and boarding, though strangely a state boarding school, perhaps a sign of the way state schools will be going. Wikipedia tells me about the 2002 school calendar called Hot Twelve, photos of children in seductive poses. It sold out. Say Yes to Sex.

God is Love…
…and Love is Sex, all the marketing tells us so, sex is making love. So therefore God is Sex. The Pope is the only guy who has a hotline to God we are told, so that means he is carrying out the SEX instructions of God here on Earth. The Pope loves his people, the people of the world.

Pope Cope…
The Pope’s Cope is a sort of cape, a Pape Cape, a cross between Batman and Santa. It is semicircular, fastened at the breast, and red. He looks like Santa when he wears it, and that will help endear him to the kids and the idea of strange men entering their bedrooms at night if they are good.

The current Pope drives an old Renault Popemobile. He is Copying. Copying the Royals. Kate and Wills drive a Renault Clio. Renault is French, Reynard is French for fox, it is all very foxy, and I would say that is because the cervix is a Sir Vixen, somethig to do with siring the female fox. Foxy ladies are ones that sexually attract males, sires, often by wearing red dresses.

Pap Test…
The Pap Test, Papa, Papal Test, is the Cervical Smear Test. To get to the sacred Cervix, the foxy vixen. To insert a metal instrument into the vagina. Have we heard that before somewhere? It is likethe Papal Bull. The Pap Test is very invasive, but women keep giving their consent.

Mam Test…
There is of course a matching Mam Test, Mama Test, to go with the Papa Test. This is a scan of the breasts by sandwiching them inbetween metal plates and squashing them. It is very invasive of another vital part of the female body which should be reserved for nurturing babies. But women keep giving their consent.

The Pope’s job…
So you can see that the Pope’s job is all to do with sex, overseeing the Hole, the Holy See, ruling over copulating and populating according to God’s orders, creating ordinary people via the family copule, and creating immaculate conceived ones too. And making sure kids are prepared for a world where God is Sex dominates. And somehow we all get bound up with going along with it.

(See also: Jesus The Jewess, Jesus da Vinci and Chakra, Decoding the Murder of Jesus, Royal Installed In Bath, Wombless Women, Be Positive, The Eyes and The Nose, The Lewis Key, Agnes Day, Sheela Negative, The Cow Machine, Centre For Exploiting Missing Children, Normalising Paedophilia, Move The Spotlight, The Homosexual Agenda, How To Steal A Child, By Consent, Santa or Jesus, Santa and The Snowmen, By Consent)

http://www.johntaylorgatto.com/bookstore/dumbdnblum1.htm (Stuff on the damage of schooling).
http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/03052b.htm (Papal bulls)

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2 Responses to Popule Copule

  1. Christine b says:

    Hi Suli, those kissing booths you mentioned are actually part of the Anti-bullying program. Therefore, parents cannot “opt out” like they could if it was in sex ed class. It is mandatory as it is a human rights issue! What confuses me is why homosexuality dominates the anti bullying when big ears, bad hair, overweight, too tall and too short all count as reasons to get bullied. BTW our new provincial premier and former Toronto school trustee is gay and her former minister of education has been charged with making and selling child abuse photos. I have no problem with gay folks in general, I know many very great individuals. What I don’t like is an agenda or social engineering.

    • suliwebster says:

      Do you have an “education otherwise” opt out in Canada, i.e. home schooling, like the UK and US? I think we are being pushed towards this choice. You can completely opt out of mainstream schooling, but schools still have a social monopoly of course, so it is not the easy path.
      There is a Homosexual Agenda (see my post), which is paving the way for the paedophile agenda by blurring the two. It is also at the same time throwing up little clues, challenging our value system, challenging accepted wisdom, giving me more questions and answers to explore. If you can’t stand the way things are going, you have to stop and look into it, don’t you? The horror of what is happening is actually prodding more people to wake up at the same time as leading people deeper into the horrors.

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