The Paedophile Agenda

The real agenda is of course to get paedophilia into the home on a normal everyday acceptable basis. That’s what they have done with everything else. Once it’s in the home, it becomes normalised because babies are born into it as part of their familiar everyday upbringing.

We already have the telescreens in our homes, poisoned water, gas bombs, electromagnetic rings round us (electric wiring), electromagnetic interference, spy cameras and microphones (on our electronic devices), homework (from schools and homeworking). Sex is already in the family home, in the form of the real live couple, and in virtual form on all the screens and magazines. We have done this willingly, cooperating. By consent. We even pay for a lot of it.

The “stranger danger” motto of the child protection industry is deliberately misleading. Most sexual abuse of children is predominantly at the hands of people whom the child knows well. That is why children are groomed, so that the child gets to know the paedophile well and learns to obey and do as is wanted, to become a cooperative sex slave.

I read recently that children as young as five are now sexually abusing siblings or anyone else nearby. From my own work in schools, I have seen children heading down this path as young as 11. I would say it is getting progressively more common, and younger.

The Metro headline today tells me that children are abusing each other, kids are selling their bodies to other kids in exchange for drugs or money, and it is not really considered rape. This headline is part of the Getting Us Used To It programme.

How does this horrific state of humanity come to be like this?

I think that we are all being subliminally programmed. The Telescreens everywhere are indoctrinating very young children from an early age with sexual imagery. This is well known in Disney films, Postman Pat, CBeebies and many many more. And increasingly I see romanticised imagery of very young kids and babies watching screens. Just to make sure we sit them in front of the mind programming devices. That is what a good parent does.

Sex education at schools is perhaps the worst culprit. The age for sex education is getting lower all the time, and now starts about aged 9. Children are being taught at school how to have sex. And it looks to them as if the teachers and parents are all endorsing it, telling them this is what they are working towards, their target, maybe even a grade. Lots of kids are of course very keen to please, to get the grades, to get the praise. They are trained to work to external grades and praise, not towards what their inner self needs. Not only are the children trained, but the parents and teachers soon start to think sex education is ok too, normal, good for the kids educational life.

The next step will be to have practical sessions within the sex education. And eventually it will be incorporated into Physical Education and Sport. Institutionalised sport is rapidly rising everywhere with the Olympic Programme. And younger and younger kids are being brought into centrally controlled sport, Rugby for Toddlers etc. Parents pay for it, and this becomes the main way that kids get exercise, in controlled, regulated, uniformed, timetabled conditions that are all safely CRB checked.

Children are told that having sex is what grown ups do. Same as smoking and drinking and driving, the other things that kids can look forward to being legally allowed to do when they grow up. The things that they know about, that are in their face the whole time, but they are denied their entire childhood, creating a craving for them. Adults do them, it must be ok. Sex, drink, smoking, driving. Great list. And then there is the trigger command that the children hear… GROW UP, we tell them. STOP BEING A BABY. Sex, drink, smoke, drive, makes them feel grown up. It is a classic paedo trick, to tell the child how grown up they are.

Adult porn is being constantly blurred with “child porn”, and we are constantly presented with images of kids dressed as provocative adults. Even the wording blurs the boundaries, all media uses the expression “child porn”. This makes it sound like it is voluntary, ok, acceptable, the kids are happy to please the “normal” sexual desires of adults. As I see it, there is no such thing as “child porn”, it is child abuse. So you can see how men are being subliminally programmed to see child abuse as acceptable, it is just porn, sex with a slightly younger age group, just a personal preference.

Men are increasingly put in charge of childcare, again this is something encouraged by schools, government, Fathers days and the parenting industry. I have nothing against men taking more interest in their children, I would prefer a world where all adults genuinely like and help children along. But what I see is that young kids are being adapted to accept being with groups of adult men.

Mothers are being programmed, and often financially forced, to hand their kids over to people they don’t know or trust, and to ignore any signs of distress expressed by their children. Kids are being programmed to accept it. Schools and pre-schools urge kids to follow instructions and obey adults. The wedge between mother and child continues to be driven in. Mothers who protect their children are considered not nice, possessive. In the animal world, it is normal for a mother to become ferocious and protective over her young, have we lost that?

It’s nothing new. It’s always happened. Men used to legally own their women and children. Chattel. A man could legally rape his child up until only 40 or 50 years ago. The law has changed to appease those who protest, but the problem goes on unless we start to resist the programming, and reduce our support for the entire system that props up the paedophilia programme. A change in the law does not seem to make any long term difference, it shuts us up for a while, and then they get round it.

Most paedophilia is hidden under our noses, in our homes, our streets, our communities, our schools, and we are saturated with suggestive imagery in magazines, and on screens, and in shop windows. It is easier to blame it on a few elite at the top, and ignore your own part in turning a blind eye to what is around you, under your nose. It is easier to go along with it all, or be TOO BUSY. It is easier to believe it does not really happen. It is easy to think it has nothing to do with you, just because you are not actually a paedophile yourself.

A big target for the elites is to drive the wedge between mothers and babies. The division is getting bigger, and happening at a younger and younger age. The lack of mother nurturing, the lack of bond, makes the child more ripe for programming and abusing, and the mother more willing to allow it.

It seems to me that one day we may accept paedophilia as a normal and desirable part of child development. We will be educating our children with sex of our own free will, just like we now register our child to the State at birth. Just like we now send our kids to school and pay for it, but there was an outcry when this was first done. It is the same with vaccines, we willingly take our tiny babies for shots for their own good. In the Muslim world, mothers hand over their girls for circumcision, believing it to be the right thing. We can barely fight against these modern day acceptable things without being cast out as a bad parent who does not want the best for their child.

And that is the way things are being moved towards with paedophilia. You will be a bad parent if you don’t go along with it. Paedophile means “child lover”. The paedophiles love your child but you don’t. You will be told you do not “love” your child properly if you do not train your child in sex, the same emotional blackmail that is currently used for vaccines and schools. It may take a few more generations to make paedophilia acceptable in the home, but the elites are in no rush.

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12 Responses to The Paedophile Agenda

  1. Noonoo says:

    When my child was in the 2nd term of year 5 at primary school, some years ago (still only 9, though some of them were 10), they were hit with the sex education programme (and I use the terms “hit” and “programme” purposely). It lasted 4 consecutive weeks, a lesson a week. The year 6 kids had already told them all about it in graphic detail in the playground, especially about the cartoon they were going to watch of two people “doing it”. It was the only topic of conversation in the playground for weeks beforehand. My child first came home with questions, which I answered, then started getting disturbed by the relentless persistence of the topic amongst the kids, before the programme had even started. The week beforehand there was a meeting for the parents, at which the programme was discussed and “the cartoon” shown. It was horrible sitting there knowing that your child was going to watch this. Weirdly, none of the other parents seemed to think there was anything distasteful about it, or if they did they wouldn’t say so. They said their kids would have to know sooner or later and perhaps they thought having this programming at school saved them from having to say too much themselves. I knew the programme wasn’t and couldn’t be made compulsory but when I discussed with my child the option of withdrawal from it, I was begged and pleaded with not to. “I wish we weren’t having it, but if you withdraw me I’ll be the only one and then the others will laugh at me and call me a baby because I wasn’t allowed to do it.” So despite my misgivings I went with what my child thought would be the least-worse option. Suffice to say that it did cause trauma – definitely to my child, probably to others as well – acknowledged or not – and my child is not the only one I’ve subsequently heard, years later, looking back at the programme and especially “that cartoon” with a shudder, talking about how it gets into their minds and they can’t forget about it, and how it makes so many of them talk about sex for weeks beforehand, and months if not years afterwards. It is plain and simply institutionalised child abuse and I have absolutely no doubt that it’s a big part of the paedo agenda.
    (Can you expand on Postman Pat by the way? I couldn’t agree more about the horrors that currently pass for children’s programmes, especially in the last 15 years or so. But my niece and nephew, growing up quite a bit earlier than my child, watched programmes like Postman Pat, Poddington Peas and Gran (and weren’t, as far as I remember, threatened by such early and graphic sex education) and they seemed to be less TV-addicted and unhealthily sex-obsessed on the whole, although there is probably a slew of other relevant factors involved.)

  2. suliwebster says:

    Thanks for your story Noonoo, I felt the same about it with my kids, and had the same issue as you that you can’t excude them because then they stand out. It is the same problem with signing the bloody form to agree to photos, and even sending your child to school in the first place. My kids only had one or two sessions as far as I remember, not 4, so looks like the amount is going up, as well as it getting younger. The cartoon still haunts me now, from seeing it as a parent, endorsed by teachers and parents who all go along with it. Which I probably appeared to do too, not knowing how to handle my discomfort.
    I am also now remembering children’s books which help parents to describe sex to children.
    For a start, Postman Pat’s face is phallic with his stupidly long nose and round eyeglasses. I notice lots of young kids have a tendency to draw faces with the nose and eyes looking like the male genitals. There is a You tube clip with Pat supposedly getting a child unstuck from a tree or something, basically looking like he is mounting the child from behind, and the language used is ambiguous too. Will see if I can find it.
    I think the amount of stuff kids are subjected to has increased, with far more hours in school and out, looking at screens. I dont trust anything on the screens.
    I met someone today who has no TV, and her child comes back from school with homework set that requires watching the TV. I noticed that the school sixth form subjects all seem to involve what is going on the TV or the News. And of course the internet is “essential” for school children and even younger nowadays.
    Postman Pat clip…
    Postman Pat is part of the Royal Male which is Santa coloured branding, I will write a post about the Royal Male one day. (if I havent chucked my screen in the river).

  3. Nixon Scraypes says:

    It’s all part of “cultural marxism”,courtesy of the Frankfart (they stink) School.In order to bring in the proletarian paradise (stop sniggering at the back there) society must be degraded to such an extent that the new order seems like the answer to a maiden’s prayer.The method is to normalise paedophilia,necrophilia and other assorted pleasantries,introduce sex education to juniors you can guess the rest.After WW2 these sweeties were asked to modify our culture so we didn’t become Fascist (you at the back,I warned you before) It’s all official,the work of the ages must slowly grind on.Good gracious,I must be paranoid,our leaders could never do such things!

    • suliwebster says:

      The Frankfurt method is a new one on me. I am just reading about The Chicago Method which psychologically shocks a culture with economics or “natural” disaster, to wipe it clean, then rebuild it. Frankfurt sounds slightly different, in that it morally degrades the values, bit by bit, so that we become desperate for a new spiritual beginning. A different sort of rewrite.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks. I shared it on Facebook.
      See my earlier post on The Homosexual Agenda which shows how the Homosexual thing is designed to pave the way for paedophiles.
      The other potential public reaction is the Homosexual witch hunt, as all homosexuals then get branded as paedophiles. And you can see a lot of the media and alternative media enjoying lumping them in together, very Nazi style, leading to if we kill all homosexuals, then the problem will be solved.

  4. Noonoo says:

    Gosh, the Postman Pat clip was a bit of a shocker and you’re right, his face is phallic. I’d never paid him much attention before as he was never a favourite in this house – probably just as well. My quirky child was never keen on live TV but was a bit addicted to the Brambly Hedge videos (as we also had all the books). I do have a couple of reservations about Brambly Hedge but on the whole it seemed more benign than some of the crap other kids were watching at the time. However I won’t be surprised if you have more shocks up your sleeve about that! I don’t think anything surprises me any more. The Prague TV tower is truly awful – one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen. And the BBC’s Eric Gill sculptures, which I believe they were challenged to remove but refused. I also noticed, when we were in Cornwall earlier this year, that the creepy Peter Blake is still being promoted in St Ives. Strange, dark art is very much part of the agenda too.

    • suliwebster says:

      Peter Blake was part of the Brotherhood of Ruralists, from Wellow near Bath, now disbanded. Another member David Inshaw had his famous painting The Badminton Game on display in Bath recently, which hung in Downing Street for many years, I think it overlapped with witchy Kate being here. I did a post on The Badminton Game. Not pleasant.
      I brought my kids up without tele, but we still had books, and they still watchedTeletubbies (who have square tummies with screens inserted instead of a solar plexus, bit like the TV Tower babies eyes) and other stuff elsewhere. I had to prove they watched tele to get good parent points, and stop my kids being taken away. A lot of the books seem quite dodgy in hindsight, and we read Postman Pat.
      The TV Tower babies seems to be a bit of a theme with statues having their rear end exposed. There was an Olympic swimmer in Bath, female, preparing to dive, positioned so that everyone who walked or drove past looked up her bum. There is one at Bath Uni near the amphitheatre of a bent over naked being, bum in the air, carved in stone. And at Caerleon, near the amphitheatre again, Romulus and Remus are naked suckling on the howling wolf, aged about 2, their bums in the air, no faces. It is all subliminal programming.
      Once you see it, it becomes obvious everywhere.

  5. Christine b says:

    Hi! This issue angers me above all others. It is truly sickening. What is more sickening is how complacent Canadians are becoming especially in our largest city, Toronto. The link to a news article will highlight how parents allow early sexualization in some disturbing trend towards seeming hip. I really have no other explanation as to why the teacher in this case was put back in the class at the kids and parents insistence. He was a temp gym teacher (why are gym teachers in charge of sex ed anyway??!!) who posted a gay sex brochure intended for bath house degenerates bent on self distruction not grade 7 kids. Parents were aware for months that this brochure was posted in the classroom. The links in the article will lead you to some of the visuals that completely shocked and disturbed me at 40 years old! Needless to say the agenda is in full play over here and the Toronto DIstrict school board has certainly lead the race to teach the how to’s of gay sex, even allowing kids to try it out with same sex “kissing booths”.

    • suliwebster says:

      Hi Christine, yes it is my most angering issue too. Things sound pretty bad in Canada, it sounds almost worse than here. The trend of everyone to go along with it is prevalent here too. It shows how obedient the general population is I guess, and it reminds me of when the dentist checks your anaesthetised mouth by prodding it to see if it is numb. If it is numb, i.e. no reaction, they go ahead with the invasive work.
      People don’t want to believe someone “nice” can be bad. People also dont want to face the truth of how prevalent it is. It messes up their nice ordered life. Mine is already messed up, I dont care any more about that. An arrested paedo in my village went round to neighbours apologising, and they all thought he was really nice and polite and felt sorry for him, and anyway it was only photos. (apart from my friend who told me).
      I think gym = jim = code for paedophilia. I keep coming across this pattern.
      Maybe the homosexual thing is also being used to introduce practice sessions for kids younger, no pregnancy fears to worry about eh? The evil side that is taught in schools and through the media, is about the horror of a pregnancy, which is now almost criminalised in anyone under 20 or anyone that hasn’t got shedloads of money to fund raising a child.
      Sex ed = sexed.
      I wonder if parents are frightened of appearing prudish and frigid or unsexy, there is pressure on adults too to always be sexy, available for sex, if you are not sexy, you are not attractive is the message.
      Will check the links now, thankyou.

    • suliwebster says:

      A quote from the leaflet handed out in schools “Having sex with men can be as scary as coming out” and “having sex with men is natural”.
      You can see the subliminal programming on the child’s mind. The message is: Have sex with men, It is normal to be scared, Everyone does it.
      From the receiving child’s view, it is not about homosexuality, it is about submitting to having sex with grown men (note they have used the plural) even though it scares you.

      I don’t think it is homosexuals that are causing the problem, it is oversexualisation everywhere, more widespread, younger and younger. Homosexuality is a tool to roll out the agenda, and to create a false debate to mask the real one. The false debate allows heterosexual parents to blame gay people whilst allowing the paedophile agenda to continue under their own noses.
      If I had young kids now, knowing what I now know, I would not send them to school. It is not just in sex ed, the whole education system is getting permeated by it.

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