Place Your Bets !

We are all like racehorses, racing round the Human Racecourse. Money is gambled on us by the construct of wages, wagers. Wages for gainful employment. An employer employs someone if they are a good bet.

Gainful Employment…
We must all be employed, employment is essential, we are told. Employ means “to use”. Employment is to use people. It is a PLOY, employ, to make money and profit from using people. But we are all begging for it, aren’t we? An employer is revered in our culture, almost godlike in their bringing of gifts of jobs for us, employment for which we must be grateful. Who gains from the gainful employment?

We are paid wages for our employment. A wager is a bet. The employer pays a wager to bet on an employee. If you are a good bet, then the employer gets a good return for his money. You get £50 for a day, he gets maybe £200 return from using you, employing you, odds of 4 to 1, not bad. With modern day accounting systems, the employer gets his return before he even pays the wager, wagers are paid monthly in arrears.

Employees are used, am used, amused. Gambling is a form of amusement. Employment is gambling just like the racehorses on their courses. And when we are not being employed, we can go out and be the users of the amusements, betting and buying things for a good return for our money, helping to pay other people’s wagers.

Give us a job…
“Please, I plead with you, give me a job, I am a good bet, a good prospect for you, a gold prospect for you.” However did we get to believe the employer does us a favour when we are working for the employer. Surely we are doing the favour, not them? But somehow we are begging for jobs as gifts from heaven to save us. To get a job, you have to prove you are a good bet. When you are no longer a good bet, you are redundant, or fired. Useless, no use, you can’t be used.

Girls used to be brought up to work towards a curriculum vitae, CV, of their “vital statistics”, which is the bust, waist, hips measurements. The best CV secured you the best rich husband, you have to prove your form, like a racehorse, prove you are a good bet. Nowadays, kids are brought up by schools to create a CV for employment as their main goal. It is a sort of own goal, own goaled, own gold, the gold will be owned by the employer who has bet on you.

Better yourself..
Bet on yourself! Why not? Of course that is the right thing to do! You better yourself by getting more wages, more wagers on you, a higher wager. To get to this point, you might have to invest. Investment is a bet, to put down some money with expectation of a future return. Invest in some training course, go up in the world, get a bigger return. Instead of just being a whipped and blinkered racehorse, be a stable manager or jockey or trainer or owner instead. You can do the whipping ! Can’t be more than 2 choices can there? Whip or be whipped. If there is another choice, we are not told about it.

Racehorses train. There is a new form of employment, called training. You go on a course, a racecourse, to train. It keeps you busy, and you are used to it from school. Training is a growing industry, because it is a good bet that the trainer always wins. If noone wants to employ you, bet on you, then you are persuaded to train, to bet on yourself, being promised a good return for your money at the end if you win. To win, you have to persuade an employer to bet on you, your new improved form because you have trained well. It is more gambling. The trainer always wins, because they take your fee for the course, your bet, make you run round and round the track, and then give you a certificate that says you now have good form. The trainer is like a bookie that takes bets but never pays out.

Keep racing…
It doesn’t matter what we do for employment, any old crap will do, as long as we keep running pointlessly round the racetrack, generating good returns for the gamblers. That’s why there are so many pointless businesses around, creating party hats, making packaging, wedding organisers etc etc. Is any of it really necessary, or is it for amusement? Do you feel a bit used? Would you do it if you hadn’t been betted on? Or are you driven by the wagers?

If not, you soon will be. Then you go to the knackers yard. When a racehorse is no longer a good bet, it is dumped, slaughtered. A charity may intervene and put it in a rescue home til it dies. When you are useless, you are no longer wanted, so make sure you keep up being a good bet. Or even the best bet.

Good, better, best…
…every good primary school will teach kids about betting. Repeat after me… “Good Better Best”. Understand? You need to be a good bet, or a good better, or maybe even the best better. Or place better bets. That’s life and that’s what school trains you for. Always be good and do your best.

Mort Gage…
Mort means dead in French. The gauge of the dead. We plead to be given a mortgage, a chain round our neck, and we do our bestto convince the bank we are a good bet for them, that they will be able to make a good profit on us. “Please Mr Bank, bet on me, I will race round and round til I am knackered to make a good return for you”. If you don’t have a mortgage, you will most likely be begging a landlord that you are a good bet. And this is the main reason why we want to be used and waged by the employers, it is to ensure that the landlords and the banks get their good returns on their bets.

… is the practice of making monetary loans and taking unreasonable profit in return. Sounds familiar. Everyday corporate employment is usury, I would say. Employment, usement, usery, is just usury by another name. Usury is still a dirty word in our culture. Never mind, do the same thing just in a slighty different way with a new word, and people can be persuaded to like it.

The bookies…
Accountants keep books, they are the bookies of the Human Racecourse. They keep a count of everything, totting it all up, paying out the winnings and the wagers. They take their cut too.

The Tote…
…is a bookie company, created by the UK government since 1928 and sold on as recently as 2011. Not only does it take racehorse bets, but it is a very big employer too. This is our elected government profiteering from animal cruelty and gambling. We elect them to do this, and then we join in with their game. Their game ball, gamble. The Tote is short for Horserace Totalisator Board. Maybe there is a sister company called the Humanrace Totalisator Board.

A tote…
…is slang for a bet. It means “to carry, wield or convey something heavy or substantial”. That is what we do when we are betted upon, we carry a heavy burden of expectation, the burden to be a good bet. We have to live up to the promises we made when we impressed the gamblers with our good form, when we paraded round the pre-race enclosure looking good. Do your shoulders feel heavy?

A stake…
…another word for a bet. Stake your claim. The employer stakes his claim on the employee. He has placed his stake, he expects to claim a good return. Ever feel like you are owned by your employer? A bit like a slave, you have to do what you have been employed for, do what you are useful for, so the employer gets his good return, his use out of you. Make sure you are useful, that’s what you are here for.

Keep Busy…
Keep busy, busy, busy. Busyness on pointless things keeps us dim, blinkered like the horses, and unaware of important things. But busyness is good business.

Racing round…
Ever get fed up of racing round? Maybe you are racing round the racetrack like a racehorse. Does it all look repetitive, same old cycle, same old scenery. Do people cheer you on from the sidelines, do you feel you will let people down if you stop, let down the people that have bet on you.

Keep on track…
….or getting back on track, is what we are supposed to do, the correct way to live the human race. Like a racehorse. Off the rails is a racehorse who has veered off out of the railings of the course. Or maybe a horse that is training like a train off the track. If you are “off the rails” you must be brought back on track. If you are “unstable”, breaking out of the stable, you must be stabilised.

Investors in people…
…is the ominous name of an organisation that “cares”. If you get the logo of approval from them, then your customers know you care about people. Caring means investing in people, which means betting on them. Just like investors in racehorses. This is yet another new and growing industry, the approval mark industry. An industry set up specifically to inspect, control, and certify or give an award to your business. So now lots of businesses are racing round racetracks to try and get this approval, to keep up with all the other businesses.

The spirit of the horse…
Horses are known for their spirit. Horses are “broken in”, their spirit broken, to domesticate them, to stabilise them for stabling. Employment breaks our spirit, but we are suppose to love it, worship it, welcome it. One of the best ways to break spirit is to teach humans they are separate from other humans, that they can better themselves by using or mistreating or exploiting others. This is a tried and tested torture method, and it features in Orwell’s 1984. When this separation is totally (or totalisating) complete, Winston has finally learned to love Big Brother. Did I say Winston? Winston Churchill set up The Tote.

What we do unto others…
…we do to ourselves. This is a basic principle of all religions (if you get past the indoctrination and misinterpretation layers). “Others” means animals too. What we do unto animals, we end up doing to ourselves. If we want to play at racehorses, then we become racehorses. Somewhere in our deeper psyche, we consent to being used by joining in with the game, we consent by our actions far more than our words.

The Monopoly game has a racehorse in it, which shows me that it is one of the ways in which the Monopoly continues to exploit us. There was a lesser known similar game called Totopoly, sort of Total Opoly, about racehorses and betting, and making money from your stables of broken spirited horses.

Copy the Royals…
The Royals and others at the top, own racehorses. Copy the Royals time. We are constantly tempted to better ourselves as a way out of being whipped and raced. You can be a trainer, or a stable manager, or a jockey, or an owner, or a gambler. Whoopee, the answer, the get out of jail card ! If you are a trainer, you are breaking spirit. A gambler uses horses to make a good bet. A manager makes good bets for others above him, getting a bigger cut himself. A jockey whips and kicks the horse. The Copy the Royals ploy is that you can escape it by being another aspect of the same game. The ploy sucks people up the pyramid, thus maintaining and expanding the pyramid structure of control and enslavement.

The Royal Box…
The Royals sit in boxes at the theatre, and at the races. Horses sit in boxes too, horse boxes. The Royals are racehorses too, just more highly bred, more broken spirited I would say. I think the Royals are themselves used and betted upon by something above them. You don’t escape by copying them. You have to get out of the whole game gamble, otherwise you perpetuate it and grow it.

Jesus was born in a stable. That is a clue for me. We are all born in stables, bred to be racehorses, running endlessly round race courses until we are knackered. To me, the story of Jesus is about finding the way out of this eternal cycle, by decoding how it works. What would life be like if we did not have endless pointless employment racing around, being whipped, whipping those below us, and being good bets for those above us. Would we find we were bored, too unbusy, not amused? Is there a way out to be found, a hidden narrow path, long and winding? Or shall I just give up and stay in my comfortable prison with my gainful employment and caring Big Brother investing in me.

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Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell
Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein

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6 Responses to Place Your Bets !

  1. Elena says:

    Your post reminded me of a movie from the 60’s called, They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? A fictional account of one of the dance marathons prevelent during the Great Depression.
    The marathons employed tens of thousands of people, during a time of great unemployment, to stage an incomprehensible spectacle of human suffering. People danced or sometimes raced like horses around a track until they dropped from exhaustion.
    I was a teenager when I first saw it, in a time of plenty. But, it drove home for me the human capacity for exploitation. ( there’s that ‘ploy’ sound again) I’m just now beginning to sense the human willingness to be exploited.

    • suliwebster says:

      I recognise the name but have not seen the film nor heard of these dance marathons. It sounds like their only point is to keep people busy and destroy them. Good spot with “exploit”.
      And now your comment has reminded me of War Horse, (originally a book) and now a very popular long running play in London that costs a fortune for a ticket. The horses are played by people, and apparently are very realistic. But I know firsthand from an actor in the play that the horse actors have to be frequently replaced because they get all sorts of knee and leg problems and injuries. The story is about a horse’s experience of war.

    • suliwebster says:

      I was just thinking today about how sport is changing… carrying a dead body off a sports pitch will soon be normal and acceptable, “worth it”. My thoughts were triggered by yet again seeing an ambulance on standby at a school rugby match, a normal part of childrens sport, injuries are already normal, acceptable, and expected.

    • suliwebster says:

      They are still doing danceathons according to wikipedia. Usually for charity, which is maybe how it is justified as “worth it”. Heroic, like wars I guess, die to save others.

  2. Elena says:

    The dance marathons today come with a time limit usually three days. During the Depression they were something like gladiator sport, if you know what I mean. In the US there’s big controversy over the violence in our version of football, and the long term brain damage that results. But you would be hard pressed to find someone who would turn down the chance to play the game. May have something to do with million dollar contracts. Dangling carrots in front of the horse!

    I hope you get a chance to see They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? someday. It’s one of a handful of movies like Grapes of Wrath, Fail Safe, On the Beach, that really affected me.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes I could write a whole post about gladiators.
      I find the whole sport thing quite tricky as my son is very sporty, which is getting increasingly injury prone as he gets older. He never turns down a game, unless injured, and there is no money in it. He genuinely loves it. He is not at all agressive and never gets involved in any fights or arguments, but he is a natural team player, and very well mind body coordinated. There are some very striking human positives in sport, one of which maybe the team bonding, which we are short of in our Western society. We are drawn to watch sport partly because of that display of mind body coordination, (someone is a performer, beautiful to watch) which is again quite rare in Western society.
      I guess that things change dramatically at a higher level, when contracts kick in, and players are bought and sold like slaves. That is when the Illuminati step in to own and control the show.

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