I Want One

See something, want it, buy it. Maybe it’s FREE, or it’s on special offer, or it’s cheap, or it’s expensive but worth it, or it’s a “must have”, or it’s essential. Don’t ask questions, it might make you think twice, you might not like the answers, it might put you off. And then you might not get what you want. Boo hoo.

I want one, other people have one, my friends have one, nice people sell them. People who have one are happier than me. I was brought up with one, my parents must have approved, my mum has one.

How many of these things we want are Trojan Horses? That we happily let into our lives by consent, and sometimes we even pay for them? We have got used to trusting Trojan Horses as a way of life.

My Mum even let one into her womb, it must be ok then….

…in through the sacred city gates, the Vulva Gates, along the sacred passage. Once it reaches the sacred place inside, the fighting sperm jump out and invade the sacred space. Like Trojan Warriors.

The Trojan Horse, now inside the womb, sprays chemical fertiliser all over the natural fertile land of the womb, and in particular targets the golden egg. It’s a bit like Monsanto. There is even a condom brand called “Trojan” to fit the Trojan Horse and stop the spray, though I suspect it has its own brand of chemicals to spread around instead.

The male sperm is the sex determinant. The male is determined to have sex. That’s because the male wants to replicate itself, to make more males. This is the source of the Battle of the Sexes. The males currently have the winning edge reproducing themselves 52% of the time.

We have been misled…. oh no not again.

We have been told that the male sperm can be either girl sperm or boy sperm. Er, how? Every cell in the male body is male, XY. Every cell in the female body is XX, female. I would like to suggest that every male sperm is male, and every female egg is female. It is pretty obvious when you think about it. Sperms are male, eggs are female.

Without male intervention, all babies would be female. If males intervene, they get an opportunity to genetically modify the female egg to become male. The male spray contains a chemical (hormone) that alters the female egg. If the chemical is successful, it converts the female egg to an XY male egg. It gives it a “Y” front.

The difference between males and females is actually very small, the breasts are blanked out in males, and the penis is an inside out vagina, which is why it fits so well. The ovarian egg baskets become male sperm baskets. The male SRY gene is responsible for making a male out of a female egg, by overwriting certain instructions in the female development program, via the Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH), which opposes the Mullerian development of womb, ovaries etc. See that word anti? The AMH hormone creates the male by attacking and opposing the female. This is an important point, the female is the default development, the female develops because there is no intervention, an “absence” of SRY, an absence of AMH. The male is an alteration, an intervention, a genetic modification. The modification occurs because the male sperm is sprayed over the female egg.

This is the bridal sacrifice at the altar in the sacred temple. The Trojan Horse brutishly (Brutus of Troy) enters the female to chemically spray her crop of eggs and alter them. And here we have the horse and bridle analogies once again.

Monsanto, Moon Santa, tricks us with our food crops. Santa tricks us with our material needs. I want one, I want one, give it to me, I can’t do it myself, I am helpless, get your elves to make one for me. The same thing plays out with the female who is conned that the male is the only source of seed for the baby she desires to grow. Just like the Monsanto seed will give us GM crops, the male seed will give us GM babies, male babies.

The human egg is already a sort of seed, it has all the ingredients it needs to grow. The womb is already fertile. It doesn’t need chemical fertiliser, it just needs to be kept healthy, to be cared for.

Some plants self fertilise without need for male and female. The most important thing is to keep the soil fertile, the fertility is in the soil, not the seed. Though the seed must be strong and suited to the soil. I collect my own seed from certain crops I grow, but after a few years, I notice that a crop I have introduced starts to self seed anyway, provided I don’t overweed or kill off the soil with chemicals like the gardening industry tells me I should. The quality of the crop increases over the years as it becomes less controlled, and more naturalised to its place. The crop becomes as strong and invasive as a weed. The crop adapts to its surroundings. So I don’t need to go to the Garden Centre (Moon Santa) to get my seeds. And now I don’t even need my own collected seeds, I just make sure my garden is healthy and chemical free.

If a woman is healthy and chemical free, she might be self fertile. She has eggs in her basket, they just need a healthy fertile womb and a desire to implant. Then the egg (seed) germinates and grows. It doesn’t need harmful chemical sprays.

But then you will always get a girl baby.

Ho Ho says Moon Santa, I have a new toy, it is called a boy baby… I want one, I want one! Give me one! I will be a good girl, just give me one of those new toy boys.

Girls are often not wanted, are they? In many parts of the world, the culture is skewed to prefer boys, and girls get aborted. Girls are wanted in the UK, but I would say are generally treated differently, less reverentially, than boys. I would guess that the boy worship culture derives from a long time ago, a set up that encouraged women to want a boy. Maybe some monetary or status rules to drive things that way, or maybe a new toy boy baby that everyone “must have”, so that women somehow ended up consenting. To get a boy, you need to let in Moon Santa, let the Trojan Horse in, don’t ask questions. As time went on, over the generations, the original story was hidden, helped by some misleading government funded biology lessons, and we are left with the idea, an indisputable fact, that we need a male Moon Santa to get a girl baby.

You can see that 52% of boy births is a good achievement for the Moon Santa brigade. All eggs start female, and sexual intercourse itself does not necessarily cause a hit, a goal, a conversion to a male embryo, so the male team are doing sportingly well. They can’t up the numbers too much though, it might start to look suspiciously unrandom. I am starting to wonder how the intervention of IVF and prebirth scans helps the Genetic Modification along. Can you see that the heterosex act is making war, not love. Men are bred for war, and the battle of the sexes is an ongoing War across the globe, a world war, a war waged by males to kill females, being sold to us as love, and more recently, sport.

There is a theory that you can naturally choose the sex of your child by having sex at the right time. Pre egg or post egg. The theory says that boy sperm swim faster and die faster, so if the egg is already there, the boy sperms will get there first and the baby will be male. Post ovulation for a boy. If the egg is not already there, the slow swimming longer lasting “girl” sperms will arrive and hang out waiting for the egg long after the boy sperms have died. The story is partly wrong, there are no “girl” sperm, but partly right. Because if the egg arrives after the crop spraying, the egg does not get sprayed at all, it does not get chemically altered. It stays female.

The Royals pick the sex of their babies. Take a look at the Coats of Arms given to Diana, Sarah, and Kate upon their marriages. They have ribbons, blue ribbons for boys, pink for girls. Sophie is slightly more complex, as she has a child of each sex, but her ribbon colour seems to match the sex of the child that is highest up the heir to the throne order. They know how to choose the sex, or at least their script writers do. Someone up there knows how it works, and they are advertising it to us if we care to look.

I am starting to think that transexuals are not so confused after all. They are maybe just being more honest, highlighting the hidden confusion within our culture. Monsanto and Santa, the material world, the I Want One culture, this is the subliminal knowledge of our history bubbling to the surface. It is an outward expression of the source of ourselves, and how we got to where we are today.

If we want to solve it, we have to unravel the story, we have to find the source.

Beware of Wanting One.
Beware of Trojan Horses.
Beware of Monsanto Males.

(See also: Cheap Deals, Data Money, Is It Worth It, It’s What We Do, Troy Story, Ab Use of Sex, Wombless Women, Jesus the Jewess, Demand and Supply, Bridle and Groom, The Reds and The Blues, By Consent, Through the Wombhole)

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10 Responses to I Want One

  1. dognamedblue says:

    I planted some weed once
    I separated the plants when they had started to grow to a decent size
    and wouldn’t you know it the female plant changed sex to male so she could have some seed to fertilise herself, being apart from the male

    • suliwebster says:

      Wow !
      So you are saying she became male to self fertilise? Or did she sort of become a hybrid? Either way, that is very interesting, because it shows the reversion of the species to single sex, ungendered.
      So it is the maybe just the mere presence of males (presents, like Santa’s presents) that is making females lazy about their own fertility.
      It is also a nice ittle story to show how we survive what happens to us, we just adapt.

      • dognamedblue says:

        I better explain myself better lol
        I had two seeds, one became male the other female
        so I thought to stop them pollinating I’d split them up
        the female then converted half of herself into male, that developed into the seed pods that males normally develop, I guess to pollinate herself
        it only took her a couple of days, one day they weren’t there the next time I checked she had changed
        you are right to say hybrid, I recall reading that somewhere

      • suliwebster says:

        Fascinating thanks. For some reason, though I have gardened and grown veg for many years, I have always blanked out and avoided information about male and female plants as I could never get my head round it. I think I will see things differently from now on! And what about the bees too? Where do they come in? Do we need them as much as we think we do, or are they just honey machines?

      • dognamedblue says:

        well the bees like the poppies in my garden
        my aunt has this bed of just one plant, can’t remember the name will try & find out
        different bees work it in shifts
        they have their own type of stripes
        I watched them for hours
        one type of bees would all fly in, do their work
        then leave as another type of stripped bee flew in and did theirs
        I recall about five different types of bees
        they never crossed, different bees at the same time, they just worked in their own groups for well over 15 minutes
        then left in one group for the next ones in
        they weren’t interested in me at all and I could walk amongst them without being bothered or bothering them
        there’d be at least 30 bees in every group

      • suliwebster says:

        Really interesting stuff dnb. I wish more people took the time to just watch and be at ne with nature.
        Sounds like the bees had a sort of timeshare of the space. And that there was enough to go around as long as no one group hogged it for themselves, something we could learn from.

  2. suliwebster says:

    Addendum to this post…
    wikipedia says that AMH is named after a guy called Muller. But I have just found that the latin for womankind is “mulier”, so I think AMH is literally anti woman hormone.

  3. suliwebster says:

    another addendum….
    Mister sounds a bit like sprayer. To spray mist. A demister gets rid of the mist. A mister makes mist. Mister Mr. Mister Men books for kids, I always wondered about them…

    • suliwebster says:

      The territory of Mister is His territory, hister, hyster the womb. And the rest is history, as they say… The phrase “I missed you” is sounding even more sickly than I originally thought.

  4. suliwebster says:

    I have been looking into transgender operations, and found that statistics show a much higher number (about three tmes as many) of conversions to female. Could this be a desire to return to the female ? A correction of earlier damage ? Is it actually reconstructive surgery ?
    Apparently a vagina can be built inside a male body by turning the penis inside out and slotting it into what seems to be an already available space. There does not seem to be any need to dig a hole.
    The operation and drugs used to make a penis requires an enlargement of the existing clitoris, and I would suggest that the Y chromosome in the sperm has some similar effect inside the womb, acting directly on the program stored inside the egg.

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