Sex Pack

Sex is sold as a whole package to us all, a bit like a mobile phone “bundle”. Lots of things are bundled up together, and you have to take the whole lot as one contract, one deal, even the bits you don’t like. Even if you don’t want minutes, you get them anyway, and before you know it you have started using them because they are there, included in the package. Sneaky.

One reason sex is sold as a package is to mask the horror of the invasiveness of it, which we have now all got used to and even enjoy. Another reason is to cut us off from other sources, other suppliers of the things that are offered in the Sex Pack. We must get all our needs met through the Sex Pack, so that Sex gets a monopoly on meeting our needs. It’s good business practice, and sex is a very serious business, the biggest one on the planet.

This is what I think the Sex Pack includes, the things that draw us in to WANT it, to NEED it, to DO it :

Sex is LOVE, if noone loves you, you must be sad and lonely. Sex is INTIMATE, it gives you the physical contact, touch, that we all crave. Sex is SPORT, a team sport maybe, it keeps you fit.
Sex is FUN, a game, play, a toy, the sort of thing Santa brings you. Sex is CREATION, to make families, to breed.
Sex is MARRIAGE, a compulsory part of the marriage deal, you have to DO IT at some point.
Sex is STATUS, you DID it, you are DOING it, you are normal, you are ok, you are attractive, you are a couple, you get invites to parties.
Sex is ROMANTIC, a false Romanised feeling of love, usually involving lots of expensive meals and gifts. Sex is a NEED, a human right almost, essential like water, especially for men.
Sex is ORGASM, temporary euphoric release, escape from the horrors of the world, which is addictive, once you have DONE IT.
Sex is WOMBLY, it takes you back to that womb womanly feeling where you came from.

There may be others, but you get the general idea.

You may have sex for one or some or all of these reasons, but quite often the other ones you didn’t particularly want will eventually start to kick in as part of the package.

Some of these things can obviously be had elsewhere, or in other ways, like SPORT and FUN and STATUS and ORGASM, without the need for penetrative sex. I am sure that we will gradually be shifted away from the alternatives, and SEX will eventually become the only known acceptable way to get SPORT, FUN, STATUS and ORGASM. Sex education in schools is already being moved towards sport, physical education and gym (Jim).

Children are taught in school about male masturbation as ok, normal (I sat through the talk some years ago), maybe to get the kids ramped up to seeing sex as a primary NEED for males. But no mention is made of girls masturbating, it is carefully omitted, implying that it doesn’t exist, is not allowed, or is unnecessary. Maybe it is being mentally removed as a possibility in Western culture. In some cultures female orgasm is physically removed by ritually cutting off the clitoris (the original penis) of young girls at puberty. Women must not be allowed to self sex, an obvious pathway towards self fertilisation I think, and maybe self realisation too.

LOVE, INTIMATE, CREATION, MARRIAGE, ROMANTIC are all things we associate with the Sex Pack, the marketing has paid off well so far. Where else do you get these things we all want eh? They all come with SEX included in the bundle. So we are driven, herded towards sex to get them all. And then we have marketing that tells us Sex is joyful, it is the sex that we want, not the other things.

The Joy of Sex was a famous best selling book, which people bought because they weren’t enjoying it, and wanted instructions. Joy is part of the Sex Pack, the Bundle. And it creates a Bundle of Joy, a Baby (or so we are told). It creates the Joy of Motherhood. I think we can get motherhood and babies without sex, but hey ho, that’s not accepted fact is it? Can you see all the hidden subliminal links going on? Bundles, babies, joy, mothers. All linked with one common central thread, SEX.

A handy by product of the Sex Pack business is contraception. A part of the package that is sort of hidden, unspoken, the small print. Contraception is a great way of getting physical devices and pharmaceutical chemicals into women’s wombs, to control, alter and destroy. Women take on the burden of contraception because they have been instilled with a fear of pregnancy at school and elsewhere. And you don’t want the small print getting in the way of the FUN do you? Contraception is sold to us in a separate Bundle, generally a woman only bundle. The Pill means Freedom, freedom to be invaded. Hoho Santa will be laughing at that one. And condoms come in packs. Packs of 3 or 6 or 12. Ho Ho. Sixes, or halves or doubles.

The most important drive to have sex maybe the feeling WOMBLY one. This is interesting because males can’t apparently get that any other way, but women can if they have their own baby.

…which brings me to the way out of this Sex Pack Monopoly of our needs. Mother Earth. Mother Earth provides everything we need. The Earth, the planet is our mother for our time here on Earth, and she has a womb which we live inside. We just struggle to believe it, Big Brother doesn’t want us to believe it, he wants us helpless and needy, thinking we are exposed on the scary outside of the planet, unprotected. If we have everything we need, then we don’t crave false Big Brother things like ROMANCE. When we are born, we should be weaned from Mother Birth onto Mother Earth, and her ROUND world. Big Brother and his SQUARE world steps in very early on, even during pregnancy and conception. If we don’t connect to Mother Earth, Big Brother fills the gap, the hole, just like sex does. It is supposedly to “protect” us, and “provide” for us, but he creates a layer of squares, erected buildings, man made machines, tarmac, rubber shoes, a layer of separation between us and our Mother Earth.

We see that the only way to get TOUCH, intimacy, is through sex, because Western Culture discourages any other form of touching, even mother baby touch, and touching the Earth is “dirty”. To me, feeling sexy is more about feeling whole, feeling sensual, feeling free, feeling alive, than about the penetrative act of sex. To be at one with nature feels sexy, to be out on the Cornish cliffs serves me well. It awakens the spirit within you, the kundalini feeling, the orgasm feeling that gives the euphoria, freely available from our Mother Earth. No need to buy people, no need to date, no need to grab another person and own them, no need to sign contracts. Beaches are sexy because you have few clothes on, you are barefoot, you are touching Earth Mother nearly all over your almost naked body through sand and sea and air, connected to her intimacy and her love. Beaches are now being traded by Big Brother as tourist packages to visit disconnected concreted coastal cities, he gets in everywhere, wherever he sees a hole, a gap in the market.

I would say Mother Earth, fellow humanity, animals, rocks, plants, give us all the things in the Sex Pack, without the need for invasion, without the need for chemicals, without the need for destruction, without the need for ownership.

We know that sex is six because 6 “twins” are called sextuplets. Sex is sold as sixes, so are eggs, and beer and condoms. 6X beer is for real men, sporty men, grown up men who have sex. I also notice there is a fertiliser called 6X, the purpose of sex being to spray fertiliser on the eggs in the womb. Eggs are part of the hidden deal of sex, the deal that destroys or alters the woman’s eggs. Six means sex, success, sick sex. Sex makes the human race sick. Sex is Big Brother’s biggest success. This is why the world is so fucked up, screwed up. Coincidentally, sixes, 666, are associated with Satan, Santa.

Mascu.line is “line” straight lines and squares, Roman and Masonic. Femi.nine is “nine”. Maybe we need a Nine Pack, not a Sex Pack. Nine sounds like the German “nein”, meaning no. No Thanks, No Entry, None or Nun. A None Pack. A Nun Pack. Say No to Sex Pack.

Nine, 9, none, symbolises closure of the Queen, as 6 sex symbolises her opening. The Queen will soon be gone, but they have plenty more couples queued up in waiting to start a new game. The King throws a double six to start, I think William and Kate are already under way.

The NO ENTRY sign is a solid red disc with a white stripe across the middle, and maybe the reason that everyone is ignoring it is because someone very important has set a precedent. Someone God like up in the sky, someone who we let in to our inner space once a year. Santa is dressed remarkably like a fat round NO ENTRY sign, a red costume with white trim across his middle. HoHo he seems to have diplomatic immunity, breaking the rules, coming the wrong way DOWN the chimney which was built for smoke to go UP. The sex passage, like the chimney, is an exit, a one way street for the Baby. Not a Way In for Santa, nor for anyone else.

For most women, maybe all women, sex is crap the first time, painful, invasive, causing bleeding. I can’t speak for men. Personally, I remember needing alcohol to do it, and a feeling of achievement afterwards, like a rite of passage because I had DONE IT. I was grown up. My parents did it didn’t they? Everyone DOES IT. After a while, the other things in the bundle start to kick in, and all those things you crave seem to be answered by the sex marketing campaign, sex will solve it all, sex will make your life right, you will get what you are missing to fill that hole in your life, to make you complete. Sex is the answer. DO IT.

Our everyday language is underwritten with sexual language, which is why I find it so easy to play with words when writing about sex. It is not so much about sex, more about the vaginal hole, and how we use it. Our hole language. Big Brother wants us using the hole his way, the WRONG way. But we can choose to use it more sacredly, the Baby way, reserved for the baby’s passage. Penetrative sex is invasion, war, conquering the womb and the hole, that is the point of it. War against womb and hole, war against the whole. To be whole again, we need to get the womb and the hole back to sacredness. It is very simple really. Simple solution, but not so easy to put into practice after generations of indoctrination, and not knowing about alternatives.

DOIT is “must” in French. You Must Do It, we are told, but we don’t have to. We have each other, our shared spirit of human kindness, and we have Mother Earth to fulfil all our needs and make us complete, but we were never told about her, we were left needy and wanting, with a gap in our lives, a big hole, a hole for Big Brother to step in and fill. Just good business practice.

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Link: (scientific research about the benefits of connecting to Earth)

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7 Responses to Sex Pack

  1. Elena says:

    I don’t know how much you know about American football, I was never much into it. But, several years ago I was at a relative’s home where the game was on TV, and it dawned on me that it was all about sex! Listening to the announcer saying things like, “going deep”, “pounding it in”, and when he said, “wow, he got great penetration”, I burst out laughing. Here’s a link to some football terms.

    I really loved what you said about sensuality and freedom and the natural world. Maybe that’s why women refer to orgasm as “feeling the earth move”.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes Elena! I know little about American football, but the British sports are the same. I think maybe all sport is sexual, which is why they will so easily be able to make sex a sport. A live spectator sport, it already is in films and on TV.
      You score in sports. He scored!
      I am quite fond of cricket, I have a post queued up on that, and that is about death too. Both rugby and cricket have a lot of ovals, ova. Cricket has a lot of ins and outs.
      Rugby has a conversion, which I think is a conversion of the egg (the oval ball) to male XY.
      Basketball has two baskets of eggs, the ovaries.
      I sometimes get almost uncontrollable laughter too, when you see the truth of it, you see how contrived and ham acted the whole thing is.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thats funny, access to that page is blocked! It is adult porn apparently. Maybe because I am in the library. I bet I could get through to sports pages ok.

  2. Elena says:

    Weird about the site being blocked, definitely not porn just alternative.
    I enjoy baseball, competitive but not so violent as US football. Your comments about Cricket made me think of the tagline Life is a Game, Baseball is Life. There is a lot about the life and death struggle, especially for us in the modern world where everything is so accessible. I love the following quote from a former baseball commissioner, Bart Giamatti.

    “Baseball is about going home, and how hard it is to get there and how driven is our need. It tells us how good home is. Its wisdom says you can go home again but you cannot stay. The journey must always start once more, the bat an oar over the shoulder, until there is an end to all journeying. Nostos; the going home; the game of nostalgia, so apt an image for our hunger that it hurts.”

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes good quote. I think Rounders, which I like playing, is the English equivalent of Baseball. And you are right, it does represent that repeat loop very well, with the players queuing up on the sidelines to go round again.
      I think death is another form of sex, a valid use of the sex passage, you can go up it in spirit form only, and return home to the womb. See my post Sheela Negative. I have more to write about death and the way home! Nostalgia makes sense, it is North, No, Noah, Knower. The land of No, Nose, the land of Nod, eterrnal sleep. I think the way home is North, via all the NO words, but first stage is via the vagina and the womb. If you don’t get any further North than the womb, you come back out the womb going South as a new baby. I am not sure everyone even gets that far, just to be reborn, to get another chance to work it, you have to get back to the womb. And the womb is only the orange chakra, fair few more to go !

  3. Veritopian says:

    Brilliant stuff Suli.
    Sensuousness with the environment is like / better than sex…
    I often don’t get some of your stuff first time around, and i know why now. It’s because you have a proper functioning female intelligence, and I don’t come across that often. My male intelligence has a tendency to ignore things like sex & sensuousness… Thanks. 🙂

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