A Dam and A Dyke

There is a traditional story told to children about a little Dutch Boy who sticks his finger in the hole of a dyke. Dyke is the Dutch word for a dam. Dyke is a slang word for a lesbian. The female dyke has a hole, and the little boy sticks his finger in. The poor little boy is only doing as he is told, trying to be good, but look where it has got us all. In a right mess, I would say.

I will call the little boy Adam, a dam, because he dammed up the dyke, didn’t he?

The idea is that Adam is a hero who plugs up the leaky dyke, thus saving Holland by stopping a Great Flood. Heroes are boys that sacrifice themselves in war. This war, the Holey Holy War, is the war of domestic violence, the Battle of the Sexes. The dyke, the lesbian, is Eve. Adam the Apple and Eve the Orange first met in Holland, Hole.land, in my earlier post “Consume Ate”.

This is yet another story about The Hole. There seems to be a second Holy Land, a European one, Holeland, Holland, The Netherlands. And there are lots of dykes in Holland. If you search the internet for tellings of this story, the language used is eerily obvious.

The Great Flood…
The waters break when Eve is about to give birth. The water starts as a trickle, then pours out from the hole, the hole enlarges quite substantially for the birth. And the baby comes out with the bath water. Every good Dutch schoolboy knows that a hole in a dyke gets larger if it is left unattended as the pressure of water builds up, and a little trickle turns into a flood. See how well the Dutch Adams are trained? The flood must be stopped. Little Adam plugs up the hole with his finger, a handy tool attached to his body. Phew, now the hole does not get larger, and the water does not come out, and neither does the baby. This is not good for Eve and her baby, though poor little Adam is only a schoolboy following instructions, and he hasn’t been told about what is at the other end of the hole, hidden behind the dyke. I expect Eve’s baby girl died from this blockage, and maybe Eve did too. But never mind, at least the Hole Land was saved, and all the good heroic schoolboys too, and all the new style heterosexual population, the copulating copules.

Flood of Blood…
Modern woman menstruates, mens true art. True to mens tune. Dance to your Daddy’s tune. HoHo says Santa, now we have blocked up the hole, you will lose your baby girl, and we will collect your blood instead of your water. That is why Santa is dressed in the colours of a blood saturated bandage, the symbol of war, the symbol of menstruation, the symbol of taking a woman’s virginity. A woman menstruates or miscarries and there is a flood of blood. The flood of blood is blocked by sanitary wear, some white bandage sort of device, like a wound dressing. We live in a sane sanitised sanitary santary blood soaked world.

The water carrier…
Aquarius is the water carrier, and we are led to see that carrying water is a burden for women that must be stopped, especially for those poor African Women, we are so lucky in Europe we have taps and corporate owned water supplies. The most important Water Carrier of all is the womb carrying the water for the baby to lie in. The Baby Bath. And I think Big Brother would like to put a stop to that. In our best interests of course. Soon we will be tempted with offers of babies on tap, as well as water, so much less of a burden to carry. Big Brother would prefer blood. A miscarriage of justice is when Eve bleeds, and she loses blood, the flood of blood, the blood miscarrier instead of the water carrier.

A Mister Dam…
Amsterdam is the capital city of Holland. It is a watery city, full of man made canals. Adult Adam is Mr Adam, Mister Adam, and when he enters Eve, he sprays his apple mist within. An appley application of fertiliser into her womb. Apples inside her, in cider, I think, and there seems to be a cider revival going on. Mister Adam Apple. Mister Adam from Amisterdam.

Jewlips from Amsterdam…
The boy Adam kept his finger in the dyke until help was found, and other men arrived to make repairs and seal up the leak. A stitch in time saves nine, as every good Dutch schoolboy knows, which means you stitch up the small hole before it gets bigger. And the finger in the dam was a sort of stitch in time to stop the hole getting bigger and turning into a flood. How did the men repair the dyke? I think they stitched her up. Eve got stitched up. And that is maybe how the Jew Lip Tulip from Amsterdam came to be…

The Jew Lip…
Some women have a “deformity” of one vaginal labia much larger than the other. I think that this is the body holding the history of what happened to the original Jewesses. Jews often have a larger lower lip on their face too, an externally visible version of the same thing. I suspect that the vaginal Jew Lip occurs on Type O negative blood women, but noone will be funded to research that one, will they? I think the lip got enlarged by being stretched and stitched like a chastity belt, to cover up the expanding vaginal hole, a stitch in time to hold back the waters, hold back the flood, hold back the baby.

Stitch me Up…
We are told that mothers and babies dying in childbirth is something that only happens in the harsh reality of nature, when we leave things up to cruel Mother Earth. It seems to me it is the Adam meddling that has caused the cruelties. We are told that modern clever hospital births ensure most mothers and babies live. Whoopee. Good old Big Brother has found the solution to Mother Earth’s inadequacies yet again. Big Brother loves us more than any cruel Mother ever will. Many modern mothers get stitched up after birth, because they tear, or they are cut. Have you ever thought it strange that mothers can’t give birth to their own babies? Is it a very bad original design or has something gone wrong somewhere in our history? Women are stitched up because the hole isn’t big enough. The hole was too small for the baby. The hole did not enlarge properly as it should have done. Our hidden memories of holes that got plugged up, and stitched up, seem to be controlling how we birth. And until we get back to the root cause of it, we will never solve it for good. We will just keep repeating things, re-enacting the story.

Laughter slaughter…
“You had me in stitches” means I laughed. A real belly laugh. HoHo, sounds like a Santa laugh to me, Santa has a big belly too, just like stitched up mothers. I nearly died laughing, well you would nearly die if you were in stitches, stitched up BEFORE your baby was born. Stitched up as a sacrifice to save everyone from the flood. Laughter turns to slaughter. The baby is indirectly slaughtered by the stitching up. Maybe still births are something to do with that memory, they are far more common than most people realise.

The Red Sea…
…borders the other Holy Land, Israel. It is shaped like a vagina, and there is a canal at the top, a major trading route, especially for oil, called the Suez canal. I see the oil as Mother Earth’s precious blood, harvested from her veins, just as we have our blood taken from us in various ways. The Suez leads to the Mediterranean Sea, which is largely enclosed by land, like a giant bath. The Red Sea is the sea that Moses walked on, the blood red sea, the sea of vaginal blood, the Menses. Maybe Moses made the Menses, he is the War King on Water. The war is against water, the baby water. Stop the flood, get the blood.

Hell and Dam Nation…
Hell is the vaginal hole, the hell hole. The Nation of dykes, of original Eves, had their hellhole damned. Damming the Old Original Oringey Orange Nation stopped the flood, and saved the new Nation, the hybrid heterosexual poulating copulating nation. The new Nation began in The Dutchy outpost of Britain, Holland, The Netherlands. The Neanderthals became the Netherlands, by a little Annagram.

Anne Frank…
…was a Jewish girl who lived in Amsterdam and wrote frankly honest diaries. She lived in hiding, hiding from the Nazis. The Jews were targeted in WW2. So were gays and disabled. Maybe it was gay disabled Jews that they really wanted. The Jewess, the lesbian dyke, the Eve, disabled by her Jew Lip stitches.

Anne and her family were sent to concentration camps to be concentrated. Orange juice is made from concentrate. Concentrated Jews. And the Eves, the Jewesses, are symbolised by the Orange fruit. The Orange sacral chakra is the round womb from which we all come. One brand of Jewess, brand of juice is called Juiceburst, it has some very odd pictures on the bottle showing exploding oranges, which seems to symbolise the exploding plugged up womb of the Jewess.

Dames and Knights…
A Dame is a female who has been Knighted. A female that has been made A dame, Adam. You can be sodomised, and you can be Adamised. All males have come about through the Adamisation of Eve. If that looks a bit like administration, then that fits quite well too, the apple or application of apple spray being administered to Eve. Just like doctors and preachers and politicians administer us today ! So comfortably familiar. I think all males will carry this Adamisation deep down in their bodily history and it could be why some men are homosexual, a way of avoiding repeating and perpetuating the Adamisation cycle, and thereby helping to free up Eve.

The Order of The Bath…
Knights and Dames belong to Orders, and one of the most senior is the Order of The Bath. Water is a big thing to battle over, isn’t it? The biggest Bath of all is the Baby Bath, you stay in it for 9 hole months. A modern day basin or sink, is a type of bath, a bath for the baby made with Sin, original Sin of Adam and Eve. The BaSin. Coincidentally a basin or bath has a man made plug, usually attached securely to a chain, and two taps which remind me of the fallopian tubes. The plug blocks the exit of the water, just like Adam’s finger. The plug hole usually has some sort of device across it, like a metal cross, which stops anything big getting out, something big like a baby. And Maybe the Order of The Bath is to do with The Baby Bath, and the ethnic cleansing that is going on by controlling the plughole. We will let the water out carefully via our man made plumbing system, carefully engineered to avoid the evil FLOOD, but the baby cannot get out too, the holes are too small. Unless of course, you juice the baby girl, orange juice.

Reclaimed land…
Holland is full of reclaimed land, land saved from the evil of WATER. The little boy plugged the hole, the sea, the bath, he saved the land from flood. The story is repeated with adult Adams reclaiming Dutch land from water by meddling with Mother Nature. Land is easier to control, and land is male. The land is the equivalent of a tower, the sea is female, Mother Mary, mer, the equivalent of a well. We must not have baths and their floods, we have a war on water. We must shower instead, a shower is an Adam style misty spray, We must SAVE the water, block it up and control it in a man made dam or a reservoir.

Say Cheese…
Smile for the camera, open your mouth wide and say cheese. Oh you can’t, someone stitched you up. Cheese is made from milk from cows. Cows symbolise the female breeding program. Holland has a famous cheese called Edam. Eve was dammed, so that the new Eve Adam hybrid, Edam, could replace Eve. Edam was the world’s most popular cheese between the 14th and 18th century. It is semi hard and keeps well, like Adam’s finger. It is round with a red (blood like) covering, and I suspect that the cheese, though made from milk, symbolises a vaginal plug. When a baby is about to be born, you get a “show” which is yellow with a bit of blood red, the plug coming out. A cheese show, perhaps. Nowadays, the most popular cheese is Cheddar, well what a surprise. Cheddar is in Somerset, England, Apple County, which seems to be where Adam and his Apple came from. The Apple County cheese, Adam’s cheddar, has taken over the lead from Edam. Cheddar is a hard cheese, which reflects the improved engineering of Adam. Cheddar is on the edge of the area once known as Severn Seas, that I like to call the Garden of Eden. This is also reclaimed land, once a 4 mile long lake, but now Big Brother gridlined irrigation waterways. Glastonbury is on the other edge, and Glastonbury Tor is probably the most Earthly centre of Copulation control (See my post on the Olympic Fertilty Ritual).

Pantomime Dame…
Pantomimes are for kids, HoHo, at Xmas time, that shoud be enough to warn us off. The Panto Dame is a man dressed as a woman, and I am thinking How did Adam get into Eve? Did he dress as a woman like the Panto Dame? Is it like the Trojan Horse? Is it like the wolf (male) dressed in sheep’s (female) clothing? Or is it the story of Red Riding Hood, where the little girl is dressed up as Santa, and the wolf dresses as Grandma. Cross dressing training starts from a young age. Panto reminds me of pantyhose, HoHo, Santa has the Ho’s, the hose. Pantyhose is the American word for stockings, empty stockings for Santa to fill up with his Xmas Panto Ho’s, or hose, the hose that sprays the fertilising mist in the womb.

I live in Bath, which is in Somerset, Apple County. Bath has the Hot Springs. The bowl of Bath was exceptionally misty today, and I just ate a very nice apple after my watery swim. Bath is a very watery place, and it is twinned with Alkmaar in Holland, a very special relationship we are told. This is marked by the “round” obelisk near Bath Abbey, dedicated to William of Orange from Holland. The obelisk is in Orange Grove, a round space and the symbology of the erect finger sticking up into the Orange O hole is quite clear. Even the flowerbeds are arranged so that there are three entry points to the circle, the hole, and the two fallopian tubes.

Orangey Species…
By my reckoning, this Orange obelisk maps to the town of Bradford on Avon, BOA, the snake of the Garden of Eden, Garden of Eve’s Den, GOE, or is it now GOA? Garden of Adam’s Den. By curious coincidence, the film Creation, about Darwin and the Oringey Origin of Species, was filmed in Bradford on Avon. Darwin’s thesis about the Descent of “Man”, was published just 3 years after the first Neanderthal “Man” was discovered, a sneaky way to block all possibility of wombly thoughts of evolution, Eve.lution. Women don’t come into the creation process, do they? Orangey spices seem to having a bit of a revival at present, especially at Xmas.

Adam diction
Adam speaks. Adam dictates. Adam has a dick. His apple is stuck in his throat symbolising his dick stuck in the wombly throat, just like little boy Adam has his finger stuck in the dyke. Adam speaks differently to differently. The arrival of Adam has created a new diction, lots of addictions, and in particular an addiction to sex. Not just doing sex, but the addiction to want two different sexes. I don’t know anyone that wants or can imagine a world of a single sex, no sex, no gender. Addition is to have more and more, just like addiction, copulate and populate, add to the population. Be an Adam, dam the water, follow the ads, be an adder who adds UP, a serpent, a snake in the green grass. Adam diction has killed Eden.

Dykes and Dikes…
I am noticing that dyke is sometimes “dike”, a sort of half/half name, showing that we currently have dicks and dykes cohabiting in a hybrid world. I think we are well on our way to dicks replacing dykes, then the dykes will be forgotten, wiped out. Dick van Dyke, of Dutch descent, springs to mind. He was in Mary Poppins, which sounds like he was popping into Mary, or maybe it is about Virgin Mary and the Pope, the world’s best celibate (best selling) couple. Curiously Dick is currently in the News. He is reunited with Julie Andrews once again in the film SAVING MR BANKS. Maybe that is saving the banks by “bailing” them out (the evil water strikes again as the banks collapse), or savings banks (trust your money to us). Funny thing, but an English dyke is a sort of bank, a bank of earth. Maybe the Dutch version of the film could be called SAVING MRS DYKES, the story of a little boy who sticks his finger in the hole of the dyke, to save the dyke and the country, just like in England, we saved the country by saving the banks…. And in the process we kill the baby and the Garden of Eden. We keep saving the place from flooding, we are frightened of the flood ruining our nice buildings and houses and lands and things we own, and most of all, the floods will ruin the banks.

Earth Dykes…
English Dykes are huge ancient earthworks, banks of earth, that divide the land in two for many many miles. They split Mother Earth. There are four main dykes in England, that seem to represent the deal of marriage. Offas Dyke divides Wales and England. The OFFER of marriage made by Adam to Eve the dyke. Next there is Wodens Dyke, also known as Wansdyke, going West to East, Woden is God of Wednesdays, wedding days. He is also Odin, Odd, the opposite to Eve, methinks. So Wodens Dyke is the WEDDING, the exchange. If you have read my “Consume Ate” post, you will guess what is coming next…. The third dyke to complete the trio is Car Dyke, the carrying of the dyke over the threshold into the man made house to complete the marriage deal by consummating it. The three stages of the deal with the dyke. OFFA, WED, CAR. The fourth and last dyke seems to be The Devil’s Dyke, perhaps representing the done deal between the Devil and the Dyke, resulting in original sin, which we continue perpetuating to this day.

The Banks…
Banks store things. English dykes are banks of Earth, storing earth, Mother Earth’s ancient stories, the dykes are storing information, like a library. Those three dykes seem to form a neat sort of crucible, a basin or bath perhaps, around middle England. Where is the plug? I will have to save that for another post because it is a story in itself.

Pull your finger out…
…is an expression to get up and do something, don’t just sit there like a stuffed lemon, or maybe a stuffed orange. I would say Do Less. Do It Less. Sex less, Be less. Less is More, Minus, not Add. By undoing the genders, unstitching the stitches, we will not be left with just woman, because woman has been split in two, and half her attributes given over to man. I think we will be left with something else we have never experienced, something more whole, more hole, than either woman or man. Big Brother will be busy introducing his own new neu Agenda, his Neuter Genda, his solution, his version of one gender fits all, fit for purpose, so watch out and work it out for yourself.

Flood the Banks…
I would say that pulling your finger out is quite a simple thing to do, you just say No to all the instructions that say put it in and keep it in. Stop joining in with Big Brother’s dam games. You will be much more free without your finger stuck in. It will be much easier than sitting there stuck, waiting for the men to come along and save everything. Don’t be a hero, don’t be a good boy or girl. Do you want to save the Banks, or can we take the risk of the unknown, and cope with a flood of water and see where that takes us? We might lose our houses, our money and our cars, but we get back the things we traded, the things we pawned. We get back Eve, we get back the baby and we get back the water. Which way do you want things to go, we all have a choice, an individual choice. It only takes one finger pulled out to start the flood. You don’t need to wait for others to do likewise. I say bring on the flood, bring on Noah, the Knower, the one who says No.

(See also earlier posts: Consume Ate, I Want One, Jesus The Jewess, Ab Use of Sex, Sex Pack, Through The Wombhole, Wombless Women, Sheila Negative, Popule Copule, The Lewis Key, Pavlovs Women, Sheela Negative, Blood Sacrifice, Go Back, Godfrey of Jerusalem and Bath, Comfort of Your Own Home, Mary Line, Nuclear Family, Blood Eugenics, Blood Sacrifice, Hot Springs Go Cold, Blue Genes, Garden of Eden, Royal Olympic Fertility Ritual, Bath Obelisks, Adam and Eve, Be Positive, The Eyes and The Nose, Stonehenge Alignments, The Cow Machine, Stories of the Borehole, Hot Springs Go Cold, The Saviour Within)

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5 Responses to A Dam and A Dyke

  1. suliwebster says:

    Addendum to this post… I have just learned that a “dam” (adam) is a racehorse word, meaning the female parent. A curious expression, why not a mother or a mare? It sounds like the breeding regime is all about the eggs, not the mothering. And if the eggs are harvested from the “dam”, maybe the mare is in some sense dammed, because she is not growing her own babies in her womb.

  2. Velvet says:

    Hi Julia/Suli

    Have you ever noticed how even if you never watch a TV programme there are certain phrases which everyone seems to know, eg that Vicky Pollard swapped her baby for a westlife cd.

    VI key (6 key or the key to 666) stunted the tree of life when she gave up her child for a westernised life – how seedy and apple seedy. Also Vicky Pollard comes from Somerset.

    A-dam and Eve – a mother and daughter both called Eve (film ‘All about Eve’) – similar to the male lines denoted by family surnames today. Lived in Eden – a den of Es or Eves. Presumably the younger Eve – 9 – was used to help produce the male line (mal e – bad eve). When her legs – 11 – were forcibly opened (see Hathor’s opened legs on top of her head and orange womb with the serpent marking the left fallopian (fall – operate – simian?) tube)(and the straight and true tube on the right),

    Then due to lots of ‘evolution’, incest and horrific goings on later – ritually re-enacted from then to now by certain people – we all carry the dna markers of the beast and are the mark of the beast – ie someone targeted for deception. Also ‘a mark’ is karma – we are all fated, this is our destiny – or is it?

    • suliwebster says:

      Fascinating Velvet. Legs 11, very good. I see 11 as the open vulva gates, and V as closed. There is loads of advertising at the moment showing young kids upside down with their legs apart, supposedly having fun doing a cartwheel, but the sexual implication is obvious.
      I have long thought that the left fall.open tube is the double crossed one, and why do we have two egg baskets ? It seems that the original tube is the right one, and the entrances and exits to all major sites like Stonehenge, Buckingham Palace seem to point roughly North East. I would say Rh neg eggs come from the right tube, and Rh pos from the left. I think this also maps to the three different Norths we have, one being True North, which was the original single egg source. North is the way out, and represents NO. We have too much YES in our world.

      Yes, it is interesting how you notice everyone adopting the same stories and buzzwords, and it is obvious they have been subjected to identical programming via the TV or the papers. I get criticised for not knowing what is going on ! Most people live predominately in a world created by media programmes. (As I do, but I now realise that it is a programme installed in my mind, and I avoid following it whenever I can).

      I agree we all have the mark of the beast. Maybe A MARK is Adam’s Mark ? There is also a St Mark, which I have always thought of as a MARK. Then there is the MARKet, which means trade. The original sin was probably some sort of trade, like VI key and her baby.

      I do not think it is our destiny necessarily. Because time itself is a trick. Therefore everything can be unravelled by returning, retracing through time. Once you see how things have got to be as they are from their source, their root cause, you start to change how you behave and live your life, and that affects everything. I am also noticing how frequently reading a word backwards, from right towards the LEFT, produces an interesting new meaning ! (like karma). Da Vinci used to write back to front in mirror writing. Why ? Going the opposite way is very revealing !

    • suliwebster says:

      To Pollard a tree is to cut off all its limbs. Legless ? I guess that would make the access easier with no legs in the way. Pollarding is a form of controlling nature and is often seen on avenues of trees. Avenue leads to a venue. Av is to have. (avoir in French). To have and to hold (holed) is the marriage contract. Venue is Venus, the female lover.

  3. Velvet says:


    Thank you so much for your invaluable information – you are a wealth of knowledge

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