Mother Moon Time

The Sun is like a clock in the sky, ruling our Earthly time. Our 24 hour day is based on Sun Time, and our year works out at 365 and a bit days because of our relationship to The Sun. Our man made diaries, clocks and calendars are all built on the foundations of Sun Time. No wonder we worship the Sun. It is the biggest ruler of all, we are all tuned into the Sun, big time.

The Sun is a sort of two handed clock, dictating the length of day, and the length of year.

The Moon is a two handed clock too. There is a moon rise and a moon set, creating Moon Days which are slightly longer than the 24 hour Sun Days we live by. The Moon has an annual cycle which is the same length as the Sun’s, but opposite. The Moon is currently in the Northern hemisphere whilst the Sun is in the South, and they are now heading towards each other to cross over and swap places at the Spring equinox.

It is hard to see what the Moon is up to, because the Sun gets in the way. It dominates. It dominates because it is so much BRIGHTER. When the Sun is around in day time, you can barely see the Moon. Many people have no idea that The Moon is even there during daylight, assuming it to be something that only exists in the Night sky. The night time is the only time The Moon is clearly seen, when the Sun is elsewhere, out of the way. The Moon is considered to be some sort of pale reflection, or shadow. All our understanding of the Moon is about how it relates to The Sun, which makes the Moon look very complicated and moody, always going through strange phases and irregular cycles, just like women!

I would like to play with the possibility that The Moon is actually very neat, and The Sun is the irregular one, and The Sun is therefore messing with our natural time cycles, creating confusion and muddle….

Nasty Numbers…
The Moon appears to have irregular cycles, and numbers that are not very neat, like 27 and a bit days, and then the adjustment because of the Earth going round the Sun. You need a new brain to get your head around it all. These are all calculated in relationship to The Sun. On the other hand, it is curious that the Sun annual cycle of 365 and a bit days is not a very nice number, and sometimes we have a leap year or leap century to adjust for errors.

No Sun…
The only way to really look at the Moon is to take the Sun out of the picture. Let’s just look at the Moon on its own. Pretend there is NO SUN. Pretend we are living by Moon Time, and we get up at Moonrise, and go to bed at Moonset, and the middle of our daily cycle is High Moon.

The Moon Year…
The Sun “laps” the Moon 13 times a year. Therefore the Moon goes round the Earth 13 times less than the Sun in a year, 352 times instead of 365 times. So we have a Moon Year of 352 Moon days, slightly longer days than The Sun gives us. I do not know if this is exactly 352 days or not, because it is hard to work out exact numbers for the Moon from the information published. But the number 352 is very neat, so I will go with it and see what happens.

Quarters of The Moon…
The current quartering of the Moon is due to the relationship of the Moon to the Sun. So I will forget that one because I have forgotten the Sun. Instead I will quarter the Moon over a year. 352 Moon days per year gives a very neat 88 Moon days per quarter. The year is naturally quartered by equinoxes and solstices, which can be predicted and measured by dowsing Earth Energy lines (no need for clever expert astronomers to tell us what is going on). There are also 88 constellations in the sky, and 88 keys on a piano.

Moon Weeks…
88 days is a lot to keep track of, so I thought I would split the Moon quarters into weeks. We don’t need months any more because months are all about the Moon’s relationship with The Sun. The Beatles sang Eight Days a Week, so there you have it. 11 weeks of 8 days apiece in each Moon Quarter. Very neat. Maybe the Beatles were singing their love to The Moon. The Beatles are not the only musicians to tune into the eight day theme. If you check out Hazel O’ Connor’s “Eighth Day” lyrics, they fit very well with this post, and show you the way things will go if we continue with excessive Sun worship… we will bring about our own demise.

Moon Days…
A Moon Day is slightly longer than a Sun Day, nearer 25 hours. Haha what a coincidence, this seems to be in tune with our natural time, our Circadian rhythm. Experiments have been done where humans have been isolated underground from the daily regulation of The Sun, and after a while, their body clock starts to operate closer to 25 hour cycles. This is not surprising really, we live on Mother Earth, and we are all born from our Birth Berth Mother where we lived for 9 months, we are in tune with Mother Time naturally. Humans seem to be able to adapt to almost anything, no matter how horrific, but it doesn’t mean it is good. We have somehow adapted to Sun Time, but it seems to me that things might be more harmonious if we were tuned to Mother Moon.

An incubation for pregnancy is a rather neat 33 Moon Weeks. Three quarters of a Moon Year. Forget the Sun Time confusion over 9 months or is it actually 40 weeks measured from date of last period which is not when conception actually happens anyway, more confusing and muddling measurements. You will see that Prince William, the new Sun God Ra, was most likely incubated for 33 Moon Weeks from the September equinox to the Summer Solstice.

Key of Solomon…
Sol o mon is Sol of Moon, Sun of Moon, and I think I might have found the Key. The key to how the Sun locks the Moon, and therefore how the Moon can be unlocked. The key is the relationship between the two, but we need to see it from the Moon point of view in order to unlock her secrets and her mysteries. Solomon could also be Son of Mother….

….and that brings me onto the Mother Son relationship. If you look closely, you can see humans playing out The Moon and The Sun story everywhere on Earth….

Mother and Son…
The Son is created by his Mother, and I think The Sun was created by The Moon. (See “Moon Eye Money”). Sons grow up to be Men, part of the patriarchy who control and imprison women. I am not talking about individuals, but the collective symbology and psyche that prevails and pervades our whole planet. Sons always grow to be taller than their Mother. The Sun was birthed from the Moon, and is maintained by her. The Moon is always looking at The Sun that she created and maintains, and she follows him around the sky. And don’t you see Mothers doing the same with their Sons on Earth ?

Battle of The Sexes…
The Moon and The Sun represent the splitting of the whole into two, the male and the female. The Mother/Son relationship is surely a double edged sword. The Mother creates her son, and she loves that which she creates. The son is the opposite polarity, her other half in some ways, the two opposite polarities making a whole. The son loves his mother, but is raised to be a Man, to be part of the patriarchy that enslaves and diminishes the female, overfeeding off the female power, thereby weakening his own provider. The mother has created and empowered her own enslaver. And so it goes on…

The first and last Son…
Once upon a time, the first Son was born to Eve, and once upon a time, the Sun first appeared, creating the split polarity, the separate genders. I think the energy of the Mother is given more to sons than daughters by the attraction of opposite polarities. And more energy is given to The Sun, than to the Moon or the Earth. The female eventually gets weaker and weaker with successive generations, as the Sun male energy gets stronger. And eventually the Mother will be too weak to create new life, and eventually no longer able to sustain existing life.

The Man In The Moon…
What is a MAN doing in the Moon? The Moon is female. This is the same as Adam penetrating Eve, it is another version of the same story, this time being played out in the Sky. Apollo is a male god, and the Apollo missions were to the Moon, male missions. It doesn’t matter if the missions were fake or not, the point is that everyone revered and worshipped the achievement of Man to invade the female Moon. The first MAN on the moon was Neil Armstrong making history, marking HIS territory, hystery, with “One small step for MAN, one giant leap for MANkind”. Yeah sure Neil, invading women. No great leap forward for humanity or womankind methinks. It is psychically furthering the invasion and conquering of woman by man, with an end goal of completely replacing women with man made things.

The Veiled Moon…
We never see the WHOLE of The Moon, do we? She is always mysterious, we only see one face, and even that is only fully seen at Full Moon. We see her full face, not because the Moon is looking at us on Earth, but because the Moon is looking across us at the Sun, we just happen to be in the middle. When it is New Moon, she has her back to us facing her Sun. It seems to me the Moon is veiled with a black cloth, rather like a Muslim woman who is only allowed to look at her husband. And the black cloth is slightly see-through, you can just about make out the perfect spherical shape behind the veil.

Mother of Pearl…
The Moon seems like it could be a beautiful perfect pearl in the sky. And this goes rather neatly with the Oyster or oestrogen of the womb of the Mother. Mother Earth holds us, feeds us, nurtures us, and her pearl gives us light and beauty and perfection.

Winter Moonstice…
The Moon is at its height in the Northern sky when the Sun is at its lowest, at the Winter Solstice, or Moonstice. The Artic circle has several months of No Sun, which is labelled “darkness”. Dark is a word used to mean No Sun. The Arctic may not have Sun, but instead they have continual Moon, though they only see the unveiled part. If she was unveiled, they would have constant Moonlight in their times of “darkness”.

Moon Ice…
The thought of No Sun sounds cold, but if The Moon was not giving so much to The Sun, maybe the Moon would be a lot warmer. And if we humans on Earth were not feeding The Moon to feed the Sun, maybe the Earth would become warmer too, like underfloor heating.

Moon Eyes…
Our eyes are accustomed to the Sun, but we have a very small range of vision. I wonder if our eyes were adjusted to The Moon, we would see things differently, maybe more clearly. The Moon in its full glory may well be a very good light.

The Moon is mono. The thought of No Sun sounds a bit monotonous, doesn’t it. Only one clock, not two, no confusion, no muddle, no wierd adjustments, no leap years. Maybe life would be calmer, more harmonious. How dull and boring and monotone. But maybe it would help bring an end to the wars, slavery and paedophilia? The Moon has one interesting feature not available on The Sun, the Apogee and Perigee, because the Moon moves in an ellipse around us, not a circle, maybe that would spice things up a bit.

The Sun is Solo. No Moon, just the Solo Son, Sun. Solo sounds exciting somehow. One solo Sun, do we need the silly old Moon that does nothing but keep us up at night when we are trying to sleep. Are we being encouraged to Go Solo? To drop the Moon completely, doing away with Mothers into the bargain. And eventually The Sun will go too, without its power source, being replaced with Big Brother style constant LED lights and other devices, for which we will pay.

Solomon the Pianist…
Here we go… a real person to play out the story. Solomon is a famous English pianist, initially a child prodigy, well you would be with a name like that. He died in 1988. 88 again. 88 days of a Moon quarter, 88 piano keys. Most of his works were recorded in MONO, though some were in stereo. He was known for his poetic style and lack of ego, both Moonly qualities. He was particularly known for playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, The Moonlight Son 8 ! His career ended when he suffered a stroke that paralysed his right hand side, the male side, and I would suggest that he was a Son doing his very best to return to the Moon, unlocking the Moon with his 88 piano keys. Piano notes are grouped in Octaves, eights, even though there are only seven notes in a music cycle. This seems like the Sun to Moon weekly ratio again.

Temple of Solomon…
The Dome of The Rock in Jerusalem is on the site of King Solomon’s Temple. It is an octagonal (8 sided) structure supporting a crowning golden glory of a sun like dome. The Moon Rock supporting The Sun Dome. Sol on Moon. And the number 8 again, a very Moonly number it seems.

The Moon is silvery. The chemical symbol for silver is Ag. Ag.nostic means you are of no religion. All our current major religions are Sun Worship based, so maybe the Agnostics are nostalgic for the silvery Moon. Maybe the wolves are too, and that is why they howl.

Solar System…
My very own Son reliably informs me that we revolve around the Sun. Everyone KNOWS this, it is accepted fact. Our lives certainly revolve around the Sun Time and the grown up Sons, but I am not so sure that the planet does. If you imagine the solar system as described by our experts, then you miss what is in front of your very eyes, when you can look up at the sky and see the Two Clocks, the veiled Moon following The Sun around the sky, always facing him and worshipping him.

Molar System…
Suppose we had a Molar System, one that revolved around the Moon Time? Molars are teeth at the back of your mouth, slighty hidden by the shiny bright SMILE teeth at the front, used for biting and cutting. The Molars chew it. Chew the cud, or chew on it, take time to think it over. Chew it, Tuit, Intuit. A Molar system might give us a little bit more female intuition, perhaps, and a little bit more time, and life might go a little bit slower.

Moon Calendar…
You can buy Moon Calendars in the shops, but even a calendar that claims to be about the Moon is actually about how The Moon fits around the Sun, with monthly Moon phases marked out and how they happen on Sun Days! I am constructing my own Moon Calendar based on No Sun, with a 352 day Moon Year. At Full Moon, I often think someone has left the lights on, I can’t sleep. Now I see it is because we have a sort of double day at Full Moon, a Sun Day followed by a Moon Day, with no time of complete darkness at all.

Great Ball of Fire…
Man’s greatest invention is fire. And the biggest fire of all is the Sun. The Son and The Sun IS the invention of Man. The Son came before the Man. Sons are created by women in the womb, and then grow up to be Men, hogging and hoarding an excess of energy. If the world’s energy was not so concentrated in one body called The Sun, there would surely be plenty to go around, available whenever it was needed.

Quarterise Cauterise…
The Moon has been quarterised by The Sun into its phases of half Moon and crescent Moon, New Moon and Full Moon, waxing and waning. Cauterise means to burn off a part of the body, maybe after an amputation to seal the cut off part. Or to burn the nose vessels to prevent nose bleeds. Cauterise is also a branding process, to brand slaves, as the Moon is a branded slave to The Sun. And curiously, cauterising is also used to circumcise Sons. The theme here is to BURN. The Sun BURNS things. The Sun burns our skin because he has too much power. And maybe The Moon has been half amputated by the quarterisation performed by The Sun. The New Moon is the time of the biggest Moon burn, when the Sun is closest to The Moon, and when we cannot see the Moon at all, she faces away from us and we see only her veil. Coincidentally, Muslim women are sometimes BURNED as punishment for not wearing their veil or other similar misdemeanours when they forget they slavery conditions.

Unveil The Moon…
The Moon is weak and veiled. The Moon needs to be unveiled and awakened, made strong and WHOLE again. I think this is essential for humanity’s survival. What will we see when the Moon is unveiled? Will there be scars? Can we cope with seeing the truth of what we have collectively done? The truth maybe unpleasant, but it will help us work out where we are, where we have come from, and where we are going. It will help us tune into our natural way, our natural time and rhythms.

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12 Responses to Mother Moon Time

  1. I do love your thinking and writing and this is one of the most intriguing and fascinating articles I’ve read for a long time!!!

    THANK YOU!!!

    With best wishes for a New 2014 – no matter how you count days and other dark and light time periods…


  2. paul says:

    the sun cult feeds off the energy to rebirth the sun – ho ho oh


  3. suliwebster says:

    I have found an interesting article about a NASA scientist looking into the relationship between the Moon and the planet Mercury. He is called Solomon ! Mercury is a metal known as QuickSilver. Mercury is the smallest planet and nearer the size of The Moon than anything else. THis article says that the hidden side of the Moon is full of craters which sounds a bit like the veiled woman’s scars. And that the seen face of the Moon gives out heat. Maybe Solomon has been reading my blog…

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Paul, will check it out.

    • suliwebster says:

      Interesting read. I can see that the Earth could be flat, but I still see it as in a CONTAINER of some sort, maybe like being on the floor of a planetarium or dome (like the Eden Project !).
      -I too see the horizon as a trick… Whore Eyes. The book explains that vanishing point causes the horizon ! I hopefully have some posts coming up on eyesight. Our eyes are very limited.
      -I agree with the book that the Moonlight is NOT created by the Sun. The idea of a self-illuminating moon is a good one I think. The moon often seems like a searchlight, or maybe a stage light to illuminate the stage we are on. Maybe it is an LED light compared to the candle fire flame nature of the sun ?
      -Moonlight cold, sunlight hot is something I noticed… the Full moon makes the weather colder.
      -The evidence to refute lunar eclipses seems quite clear.
      -I am wondering if the Moon is literally “New” every month. Like a replacement part. They could swap it over when it is unseen.
      -The Moon waxes and wanes, like a dimmer switch control. And geoengineering is now “dimming the Sun” with chemtrails. The male stuff always copies and tries to outdo the female.
      -One thing I notice about the Islamic crescent and star logo is that it must be an eclipse of the sun, not a crescent moon. You can tell by the shape. They are worshipping the solar eclipse.
      -I wonder if the Sun is actually behaving strangely (blood red sun during the day) nowadays, but they just blank it with some chemtrails while they fix the problem, just like the curtains come across the stage while they prepare for scene 2. I think most of the activity in the sky we are told about is a cover story, like comets and shooting stars (what are they really ?, satellites ?).
      -If there was once no moon, then maybe the moon was launched from earth? Maybe that was the Ark that Noah built? The modern Noah is Richard Branson selling tickets for his one way space ship. The rich and the gullible will leave the Earth they have messed up on their spaceship, but they will still require feeding from the carbon emissions on Earth, and we will still be required to worship them…
      -I too have been thinking mountain tops must be colder due to being away from the Earth, (same as less Earth energy higher up buildings) and it is being nearer the Sun is not the siurce of more heat. To me the warmth is sourced from Earth, and the Earth itself is alive.
      -I sometimes see the Sun shrouded in chemtrails and it looks just like the moon.
      -I see the Moon as an extractor of our Earth energy which feeds the Sun, which then gives us back a little bit. The Sun gets the credit and the worship, not the Earth. It is like the Queen’s Alms. (This is consistent with the theory that the Moon is bad for the Earth, but disagrees with the idea that the Sun is essential for us! ).
      -The Moon being older than the Sun I agree with, but I am not sure about the Moon being an old Sun. For me that means the Son grew up to be a Mother. Unless the old Sun (the first born) was actually a Daughter ? Or the Moon is actually an old Man? (It is certainly man controlled).
      – The Moon is above the Monarchy in the hierarchy of control. The Monarchy is the arch to the Moon, or the Moon arch to us. The Monarchy is the link between the two. Whether the Moon be illusion or “real”, we are ruled by our relationship to it.
      -A cataclysm sounds like something to do with cats (death and witches symbolism) or Catholicism, or is it Cathoclism ? Surely not the Pope ?

      This book is also throwing up some new questions for me, and one of them is “Does it matter if the Earth is flat or round ?” The only reason it may matter is that any accepted fact can be used to manipulate us by becoming the guiding principle for the masses. It maybe better to accept that whatever theory you hold about the way things work is valid providing it is YOUR OWN theory, and providing you use it as a tool for good purposes. Otherwise all we do is end up squabbling over who is right and who is wrong. As soon as one theory, any theory, becomes dominant and accepted as fact, it gets used by whoever wants to control us to manipulate us. Hence, Flat Earth fact was once used to control. Then Round Earth fact was used to control. If Flat Earth theory, or any other theory, becomes accepted as the next fact, then someone will hijack it to control us. As soon as people start flocking in their masses towards something, it will act like a magnet, and the evil powers will move their base camp over to match, and twist it all to suit their agenda ! (Glastonbury Festival is a good example, Occupy movement another). So the message is to have your very own guiding principles using whatever “facts” work for you to make sense of your own world.

      Also, maybe the Earth is not always the same shape. Maybe, like the human abdomen, it breathes in and out, rising and falling. Or maybe like the womb, it expands and contracts. If so, then this is a good reminder to not have fixed views. The number of core truths that always hold true, is very small, I think.

  4. paul says:

    The Moon

    “Everything living on Earth, people, animals, plants, is food for the moon…. All movements, actions, and manifestations of people, animals, and plants depend upon the moon and are controlled by the moon…. The mechanical part of our life depends upon the moon, is subject to the moon. If we develop in ourselves consciousness and will, and subject our mechanical life and all our mechanical manifestations to them, we shall escape the power of the moon.”

    – G.I. Gurdjieff

    So to go beyond the societal conditioning, the frequency fence, if you will, of Saturn, broadcast into the emotional body through the Moon, we need to do the work of de-conditioning our emotional body, which is the water in which we swim (our body is mostly water), and which is pulled around by the moon every month. Notice also that the ocean tides are pulled by the moon every month, and that the ocean water is salty. Salt is crystal, and ruled in astrology by Saturn.

    Cause and Effect

    Saturn also rules time, which is directly related to cause and effect, since time is required for an effect to follow a cause. Saturn is also karma, which has been promoted by the religions as an inevitable kind of universal law, where those who do evil get their just rewards. But is this “law” actually borne out in the world? What we see, more often than not, is the exact opposite. Those who commit horrendous crimes, ruining the lives of millions, get away scot free, and good honest souls living simple lives get screwed time and time again. I think we need to question this idea of karma, just like we need to question literally everything in our world. Could the “law of karma” be created in order to keep us separated from our true power? The religions tell us: in their next life they will be punished for their evil deeds done in this one. Oh, ok, well guess i’ll never know for sure, but i’ll take your word for it….


    Could Saturn actually be the home of the “creator God” that the major religions worship? The Gnostics refer to the Demiurge, who is a kind of synthetic substitute for Divinity, whose purpose is more to enslave humans than to free them. Although exactly how the demiurge works is a bit mysterious, it is apparently a synthetic thought form which depends very much on what is fed into it by the collective thought form of the world.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks paul. I have just read that article and it is very good.

      Maybe Saturn is salt.urn.
      Maybe salt is the white crystal Christ in the sky.
      The word SATURN contains the word SUN.

      I like the idea of all of the planets being a form of clock, that sort of fits with the time control, linear time, Time Lord theme. We have three hands on an Earthly clock, I see there is a second hand but no first hand, and maybe the first hand is the hidden hand of the planetary time control.

      That is a good point about karma and cause/effect only being possible with a linear time theme. I am increasingly thinking that all reincarnations exist now at once. And instead of the theory that a paedophile of this life is karmically reborn as a victim in a future life, karma just means that the paedophile and victim coexist as two separate concurrent manifestations of the one and only spirit, that has been split into seven billion physical bodies. And because we are all the same spirit, we hurt ourself by hurting another. (A form of self harm really).

      Saturn is saturn dei, satur day, the day designated for shopping, partying, drinking, watching BBC family viewing paedophiles, and car crash style sex. I agree it is satanic, and that the “husband” of the Moon could well be Saturn, a forced marriage of rape and control, exploitation and violence (what does the dark side of the moon look like ? And why is the moon usually part veiled ?). If Saturn is a typical typecast patriarchal husband, then he will have demanded that Moon provide him with a Son, or Sun.

      The true sun and centre is surely our solar (soular) plexus. It is our memory of who we are and where we came from… the womb of our mother. That was before we got signed over to the ownership of the State, or is it State.Urn.


  5. paul says:

    also worth a look

    You may need to go through this video more than once, but if you are at all interested in phases of the moon, how the sun and moon circle in our sky, and what the moon is made of, this is the first NEW conversation that brings these things to light. The theories are presented by Cami and Bob Knodal; Cami has been developing her working model of magnetic “planetary” lines for over a year.

    Moonlight and sunlight are distinctly different, as many of us have observed. The moon is not in fact a reflector of the sun’s light; rather, it gives off its own phosphorescent glow as a result of the sun’s light. Watch and listen and stretch your brain!

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