Puppies for Sale

A friend of mine’s dog died recently. It was a labrador female, a rescue home dog. Rescue dogs are ones that are no longer wanted, they have fulfilled their use with their owner and get dumped.

The dog was only 5 years old and had been “bred to death”. She had been exploited from young, used to breed puppies constantly, a sort of breeding machine, or factory. When my friend took her on, she found she was pregnant with yet another litter. She took the puppies back to the Rescue Home, the RSPCA, and asked to keep one. The RSPCA wanted to SELL the puppy to her.

It seems to me that the crisis of this dog’s life is entirely due to BUYING and SELLING of puppies. The profit to be made from selling puppies is the driving force to exploiting the female dog as a money making factory. The factory is the female womb, and the factory product is real live puppies for sale. And the Royal RSPCA are joining in with the gruesome trade, without noticing that they are part of the cause of the very cruelty they cry out against. The RSPCA are trading puppies too.

I am sure that this is not an isolated case, and the cute puppies that people buy for toys or handbag substitutes, will often have a story behind it. Even if the puppies come from a seemingly ok home, the sale of them helps to fuel the industry. The main drive of the puppy industry, of any industry, is to make profit. If there is a demand, then there is profit to be made, and a supply springs up to meet that demand. This is how the use of money turns our spiritual values upside down, with demand forcing excessive supply, rather than us just taking what is freely available and willingly given. The trade in dogs inevitably leads to cruelty, and any participation in the trade is in some way perpetuating the industry.

It is not just dogs. All sorts of animals are traded and mistreated to supply the demands of the trade, and to make profit. Horses are another good example. And there are rescue homes for them too.

It is not just animals. It happens with humans too. Whatever we do unto animals we do unto ourselves.

Angelina and Madonna are setting the style for us to follow. Copy the celebs! Go shopping abroad for cute babies. These cute babies have families, but MONEY is the trump card. Maybe you don’t need to actually BUY the baby as such, so you are not actually trading babies, that wouldn’t be morally right would it? But because you have more MONEY, loads of money like Madonna and Angelina, you can offer them a “better” life, can’t you? What can be a better life for a baby than MONEY? MONEY trumps mothers and families and everything else it seems.

You can see how only a couple more steps and the poor and desperate Romanians or Bolivians, their country and land stolen by Western corporations, will be realising they can charge money for their babies, instead of just giving them away to save the cost of another mouth to feed. Or maybe someone will suggest to them that they can SELL the baby, someone who can take a little cut of the profit from brokering the deal. The cuter ones, the ones that meet the consumer preferences, will get a higher price, just like the puppies.

And then the women of Romania and Bolivia and many other countries, will become human factories, their wombs constantly used to make products for sale, products that are human babies. Hey I have a good business idea, why not manufacture more babies at Christmas time, increase productivity, to fetch a higher price and meet demand. A little baby born for Xmas, just like cute little Jesus, and just like the puppies. And maybe the women doing the producing will be “bred to death”, dumped at age 30 or so after a life of constant baby production, replaced by newer more profitable models.

Maybe we don’t all go shopping abroad for babies as yet, but there are other steps along the way….

Infertile couples are already offered consumer choices. You can choose your sperm donor, or egg donor, so that you can get the right coloured hair, or the best IQ, or boy or girl, or what ever other consumer preference you have to match with your curtains or other parts of your existing life, or to “complete” your family in the right sort of way that families are supposed to be completed. This is already normal and acceptable. Eggs and sperm are traded, bought and sold.

Babies and kids needing adoption are already being advertised online with their photos and “profiles” to make it more convenient for people wishing to adopt. You can search through available choices and pick one you like, and Click, Add to Shopping Cart, Add to Wishlist. Maybe there is search criteria for you to fill in, same as buying anything else. And the kids will be primed to SELL themselves, to give themselves the best chance of being selected, to look good for the camera, so they become desirable and saleable and meet consumer demand. They are hyped up into believing their lives will be made complete, if only they have a good family who actually WANTs them, selects them. Online adoption profiles already happen in the US. In the UK, the new online method was announced on Xmas Eve, just in time for Xmas, how cute.

Does this sound a bit like the way paedophiles pick their victims? I think this is all merging and blending into the paedophile world, whereby we accept and see it as normal to buy and sell babies and children according to their desirability, how cute they are, and how good they are, how keen to please. Missing children’s charities already have their websites set up this way, and I think they are a cover for paedophiles. Paedophiles will be able to trade using the same websites and software that Adoption agencies use. And lots of well meaning people will be working hard to make and support these systems thinking they are working for a “good cause”, but actually they will be earning their living from the trade in babies and children.

Online dating is another version of internet matchmaking. There are “costs” involved, a fee to join the website to select or be selected from. This is normal and acceptable too. The way to meet the perfect person, you have to smile and look good for the camera, put your “profile” online, SELL yourself, and hope that someone WANTS you, selects you, buys you, clicks on you, adds you to wishlist or shopping cart. Your life will be complete if someone nice and loving wants you. But that is adults, not kids, it is ok for consenting adults isn’t it?

Our minds are being normalised to certain ways of doing things, step by step. Angelina leads the way, yet again, maybe the elite are paying her well in their marketing campaigns. Angelina takes her kids on “playdates”. Kids are dating. And soon they will be play dating online, with photos and profiles. Maybe they already are. And there will be “costs” for whoever brokers the deal. Consumerism extends to animals, to humans, to babies, step by step we are being consumed.

It is already normal and acceptable for babies to be bred through surrogate mothers, the surrogate mother womb effectively rented out for production. Of course this is not actually trade in babies, that would be morally and ethically wrong, wouldn’t it? But there is an agency to broker the deal, contracts are signed, and “costs” are paid, the cost of what? How much does a baby cost? How much does the agency cream off? How much incentive is there for the agency to get more business, to increase profit? Does the surrogate mother know who she is producing for, does she know how much her baby product is sold for? What is the financial mark up? I bet there is a difference between the “costs” paid to the surrogate womb factory mother, and the “cost” paid by the parent who is buying the baby. I think that pretty much defines a trade and industry in human babies, just like the puppies.

The film and book “Never Let Me Go” is coming to mind. Children are bred for body parts in England with the support of the government and the knowledge of people who live nearby, or are otherwise linked to the trade. Apart from the body part trade, everything seems almost quaint and idyllic on the surface. The children grow up to be young adults and then they are harvested to death in continuous operations. Death is never mentioned, the word “complete” is used instead. You complete. Your life is complete when you are completely sold, when someone WANTS you, wants your products, when there is a match. It is not explained how the children are bred, whether they are bred in a lab, stolen or bought from their mother, or somehow lured and tricked away from her. But nice to know they are WANTED eh?

You can see where this is heading, can’t you? There will be some countries or groups reserved for breeding, for production of babies. And there will be other places where no babies are produced, they are just bought. That is so the consumers can’t see the horror of the production process, they just see the glossy magazine style images and marketing, and think that everything is really cute. And if it is cute, then it is a Must Have item, essential. I Want One! This matches the way things are with any other goods, for example shoes are made in Chinese factories, and bought by Westerners. Maybe we will be persuaded we are doing them a favour, generously providing these foreign women with jobs, and offering their babies a better life. We will be helping them, that will stop any guilt or investigation into the truth, and we can carry on baby shopping to complete our lives at the expense of others.

Anything not wanted is dumped, whether it be shoes, puppies or babies. And then charities will spring up saying “A baby is for Life not just for Xmas”, or “Donate your unwanted shoes for poor factory workers in China”. But like the puppies, the baby charity will not try and stop the industry that causes the problem, they will become part of the trade. They will rescue the unwanted babies, and rescue the babies that get too big and stop being cute, and they will sell them on for “costs”, which isn’t really trading is it?

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Book: “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro


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2 Responses to Puppies for Sale

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    These breeding programs have been going on forever.The luxury cuties for the Hellfire Club were supplied by Mme Bouvier,familiar name,presidential models,I suppose.Plato talked about breeding the “its” or plebs for different functions.On the sunny side of the street,I got a cat for christmas,my best present ever! The hairiest cat I’ve ever seen,he has a huge ruff around his neck like an elizabethan grandee.He was a very disreputable looking stray who snarled when I gave him pilchards but over a few months learned to trust me.At the moment Mr Ruffles is asleep in the hall.He turned up of his own free will,no money changed hands,that’s the way I like it.Best wishes, Scraypes

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, no money changing hands is a much better way! And no middleman either, not even the RSPCA, just you and the cat making its own decision.
      I think the breeding programs may be spilling over from more hidden Hellfire club environments into everyone’s everyday life. But maybe its always been around as you say, and I just notice it more now. The internet shopping environment seems to provide opportunity to rapidly expand the market. And the internet is a sort of middleman, a broker.

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