The Two Nelsons

There are two Nelsons. Nelson Mandela and Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson, two centuries apart. The WAR Nelson, and the PEACE Nelson. WHITE and BLACK. How neat. They are connected in many ways, in particular through Trafalgar Square, and the Royals seem to be sneaking in again too.

I started looking into this when I realised my earlier prediction of the Queen’s death in the embers of 2013 (see Cull The Queen) had not occurred, and we just had a sort of lesser status person dying instead, Nelson Mandela. It has since become increasingly obvious that Nelson is not a lesser status at all. The way things are going I would expect his head to be the new logo for a new world international currency. Just like the Queen is the logo for the UK money. Boris Johnston says that Nelson Mandela “united the whole world”. Well that’s handy isn’t it?

Mandela’s death was very staged. To start the show, we have Kate and Wills walking the Long Walk down the red carpet at the UK premiere of the Mandela film “Long Walk To Freedom”. As if they are Hollywood stars, which of course they are, they act according to their scripts and they have dressers sorting their costumes, and directors telling them what to do.

Kate was in a full length bridal white dress. Wills was in black, and the carpet was red. The Santa Satanic tricolour of black white and red. White is the dress of the bridal sacrifice, a death of sorts, and Kate always seems to wear white or cream for death. She is being scripted as a witch of death, just like those film stars who are beautiful and glamorous and bewitching and evil.

Here are three other Kate-in-white shows. The engagement photos where she prominently displays the sapphire ring salvaged from dead Diana. The wedding, another black white and red affair, which was in Westminster Abbey following the footsteps of Diana’s funeral. And George’s christening in the chapel where Diana’s dead body dressed in black was laid out to rest. Diana, Diana, Diana, and now Nelson. Nelson Mandela’s death is on the same uniting world scale as Diana, but this time the elites have made sure they are on the right team, the same team as the dead person that UNITES the world.

Kate and Wills were having a night out on a date. I bet they were, a very important date, the date of Nelson Mandela’s death. As usual, they are pictured without the baby, Copy the Royals, the couple thing is far more important, as is being glamorous, dump the baby with childminders and nurseries 24/7 if you can.

Mandela died with impeccable timing, a few minutes before the film started, at about 6.50 pm. Shortly before the end of the film, they were told that Mandela died while they were watching it. I don’t usually do big quotes, but this one from the Queen is a good one.

“It was extraordinary because William and Catherine were at a film last night, which was the film about his life”‘ and then she added….

“It is amazing isn’t it, during the first night of his film”.

Yes very amazing. An extraordinary coincidence. As if someone has scripted the whole thing like a very amateur stage play. The Queen made this speech the day after when she was at the Houses of Parliament looking at, what a surprise, a plaque of Nelson Mandela’s visit in 1996. The images of her visit are black and white and red.

So you can already see how staged the death is. But there is much more….

Six days later, on 11/12/13, a good bit of numerology there, Kate and Wills our Hollywood stars, are on stage again, this time Kate is dressed in black, but still witchy and glamorous, her vast wealth propped up by fortunes made from African slaves. They are signing the Nelson Mandela Book of Condolences at South Africa House. South Africa House is an imposing building in Trafalgar Square, the very next square South from Leicester Square where the film took place.

Trafalgar Square is famous for the enormous phallic monument in the middle, NELSON’s Column. The other Nelson. Nelson’s column and Nelson’s book. Trafalgar Square is central to the Two Nelsons story.

If you were brought up with the game of Monopoly like I was (just a game, it’s not real is it? ), you will notice the Monopoly Board colours of red for Traflagar Square and yellow for Leicester Square, which are also chakra colours in the right place. Halfway inbetween is Orange Street. Red Orange Yellow, going from South to North, how strange. That is what I call the ROYal chakras. Let’s see what is happening at Orange shall we?

It’s the National Portrait Gallery. Witchy Kate, the baby producer and death witch, cause of born and burn, hangs here at Orange. Orange is the womb. At Yellow, she was with her rising yellow Son God, William, to finalise the cull of the Black Peace Nelson, and she was dressed in white. At Red Trafalgar Square, she was dressed in black to sign the book. In her witchy portrait, she is dressed in Green and her eyes are altered green to match. The oranges and the greens symbolise Adam (green apple seed) and Eve (round orange womb) and original sin. Witchy Kate has only been to one place outside the National Portrait Gallery, and that is Bath. This formed part of my earlier predictions about impending Royal death (See Royal Georgian Bath). There is some sort of exchange going on here, I think, a birth death swap. George is born, Black Mandela dies and White William rises.

The day of world mourning was timed to be the 6th December 2013. The news broke to the world on 6/12. Lots of sixes thrown here, and that gets you out of jail free. It was a rare day in media world when all the newspapers had the same headline, the newspapers synchronised, the world synchronised, and energy synchronised towards a focus called Nelson Mandela. Who is cashing in on all that energy? Who is intercepting it and stealing it? Well you can see how much Kate and Wills are in on the picture, plus the Queen and all those heads of state, and pop stars too. They all made sure they were pictured with Mandela while he was alive, so they can align themselves with PEACE, with EQUALITY, with KINDNESS, with FREEDOM, with all the things that most people in the world desperately crave. The energy given to the icon of Mandela is like giving aid money to charities, it gets diverted to the rich and the profiteerers to build their New World Order. We are being led to align ourselves to them, to transfer all our Mandela hopes to the new crew, they are stealing the attributes of Mandela and creating their own image with his attriibutes. The energy goes to Kate above all else, and through her, the energy is transferred to the males William and George, in the same way that we feed the Moon which then feeds the male Sun God. (see Moon Eye Money and Mother Moon Time).

Now I shall move on to Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson…

He is a Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Bath, amongst many other awards. Mandela too has a ridiculously large collection of awards. Lord Nelson is The WAR Nelson. And the HOR Nelson. And the WHITE Nelson. You can see he is Noble for his war, as Mandela is Nobel PEACE prize winner. Mandela has British Knighthoods related to The Bath, as have the two ANC presidents since, and from that alone, we know that all South African “anti-apartheid” presidents have been somehow hijacked to serve the Queen. Horatio Nelson lived in the City of Bath where I live, and it is the symbology laid out in the Georgian streets of Bath that led me to predict the Royal death.

There are three “Nelson” dates in Bath, the first one is the 1805 Rooms, a Masonic looking doorway if ever there was one, tacked onto the side of the Theatre Royal. 1805 is Nelson’s death year, celebrated by Traflagar Day on 21st October, the day he died.

From there it takes me about 7 minutes to walk (Mandela style) to the 1812 date, (1805 plus 7), The Circus, Bath’s Georgian Freemasonic equivalent of Stonehenge. The Circus is multi layered symbology, and one way to read it is as a clock. The clock says 12 minutes past 6, or 18:12 perhaps. This reminds me of the 1812 overture, the canons of war, and of death. 6:12 slides to 6/12, the day the world united in mourning for Nelson Mandela.

From there it takes me about 34 minutes to walk to the 1846 date, the Royal Hotel by the station, with postcode QQ, very Queenie. At the other end of the street is 2 Pierrepont St where Lord Nelson lived. He recuperated in the healing waters of Bath, and I think this is further evidence that Bath is linked to the Order of the Bath, especially as Prince Charles lives nearby, and Camilla is patron of the Knights of St John in Bath. It was Charles that was selected to go to Nelson’s funeral. And that maybe because he is Great Master of the Order of the Bath. William is not yet in this order, he only has the Thistle and the Garter so far….

Lord Nelson’s death and funeral was timed to be either side of New Year. The funeral was 5 days long starting on 5th January 1806. Mandela’s was 10 days long ending on the 15th December. They like their fives. William will be William Vth. Trafalgar Square was of course named after Nelson and his glorious death.

Trafalgar Square is the place in London to go for New Year celebrations. Everyone gathers here and gives their energy to the Two Nelsons on the Do As You Are Told Day of 31st January. The celebration is about the Sun rising from the Southern hemisphere, now fully turned towards the North, and climbing for the next 6 months, courtesy of our energy, and the help of the Moon which is now counterbalancing the Sun with its descent. From January 1st the days are getting longer, and now the mornings as well as the evenings will no longer get shorter, and the prodigal Sun returns. Let there be light ! Celebrate ! The important thing about the celebrations is the countdown, watching the clock, the clock watching and ruling over us. Helpfully, Big Ben is only one square away at Parliament Square. And Parliament Square is where there is a statue of Nelson Mandela.

There was some argument about where to put PEACE Nelson’s statue, now in place a few years ahead of his death. It was proposed that it should go on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square. The fourth plinth is mysteriously empty. The fourth plinth is the North West plinth, by my reckoning representing the Sunset, the badgers, and not the way for Royals to die, they go North East. The fourth plinth has a whole committee dedicated to what goes on it. It was supposedly meant for a statue of William IVth but that never happened. Ken Livingstone says it is clearly now reserved for the Queen, (or maybe for the next William?) and that is why it is now used for temporary displays of Art, nothing permanent…

…Which brings me onto the Giant Blue Cock…

The blue cock currently sits on the Fourth Plinth. It appeared just 3 days after Baby George’s birth, and I think it is safe to say that it is a celebration of the Royal blue jeans, I mean genes, implanted by the Royal Blue Cock. The cock crows and crowns, as babies crown when they are born, and as Kings are crowned at coronations. The cock crows to celebrate the Rising Sun and the Rising Son, of which we have two, William and George, both rising sons, both infused with Mandela energy, the new era of unitedness, of PEACE. The cock is often found on church spires above a giant clock. The cock and the clock go hand in hand, a team.

The church cock is golden and the clock is white, the Sun and the Moon. The Moon supports the Sun, as usual, as Moony Kate supports Sun God William and Son George. Clocks and cocks are locks, we are locked into time. The giant blue cock looks at Nelson on his column, and there seems to be something going on with our time prison, is it a countdown, like the countdown to New Year?

The giant blue cock is a rooster, a rooling rooster ruling over us with its time. The rooster is a symbol of France, and many people have pointed out the oddness of a national symbol of France glaring at the British symbol of victory over France, WAR Nelson on his column. So I guess it is handy that we now have the death of PEACE Nelson to unite us, and to encourage us to forgive and forget and all be one under the new PEACE leaders of the ROYALs, Obama, and anyone else that was photographed with Mr World PEACE.

Which leads me onto the French Connection. The French and the Franks form an underlying theme in this story, which crops up far too much.

WAR Nelson’s first wife was called Frances, who lived with him in Bath, while he was fighting… France. They split up, maybe they were fighting too. The current Pope chose to be named Francis. Nelson Mandela stands for FREEDOM. He leads the ANC. Can you see that is a bit FR.ANC ? Even Africa is a little bit Franc in its name. The deaths of Nelson and Nelson were both muddled up with Xmas, the birth of the baby Sun. The three wise kings brought frankincense, to incense the Franks maybe, it is used at funerals, a death symbol, which makes me wonder of there was a death when Jesus was born. And then there is the symbol of Nelson as meaning victory over Napoleon, victory over France. There are also the Frankish Knights, who have various other guises such as Knights Templar, and have been active in Bath since 1174 as St Johns Hospital. Fenchurch Street station is a bit French sounding, and is on the Monopoly Board square between Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square, three squares in a row, and the real version of the station is in The City of London, the heart of the real Monopoly world.

The Queen lives at Buckingham Palace, and The Mall is the main route in and out. It is at an angle of about 2 o clock, the North East gate, which matches the one at The Circus in Bath, and Stonehenge. The North East gate is the way to go for the Royals. At the other end of The Mall is Trafalgar Square. Buckingham Palace exit leads straight to Nelson’s Column. I would say that NELSON is somehow symbolic for death and birth of Royalty.

The name Nelson originates from Scandinavia, as all son, sun names do. More specifically, Denmark, as Nielson. Or Nickelson. This is where Santa comes from, originally St Nicholas. Coincidentally, Nelson’s most difficult battle was the Battle of Copenhagen. Maybe he was killing off his own ancestors? This would indeed be something for our ruiers to celebrate, they love most of all to separate us from ourselves, to split us off from our own spiritual connection to each other. So somehow, Nelson is about Santa, Satan, Santa Nic, taking over the original Nielson, or Niel, which may represent our original spirit. I notice that Niel is like “kneel”, and I think there is something about kneeling on the earth, revering Mother Earth that we have lost, and sold out and exchanged for revering Big Brother, and Big Ben, ruler of our time.

Nelson Mandela mentions battles too. According to him, they were fought at Trafalgar Square, how curious. Here is a quote from one of Mandela’s many visits where he stands as Royalty on the balcony overlooking the Monopoly Red Square, Traflagar Square, in 2005 with Bob Geldof, a fellow Knight of the Empire. “I am happy to be in Trafalgar Square where the most important battles of liberating South Africa were fought”. You can see how he has adopted the Western style of “liberating” countries, which in code means to free them up for Western Corporates to takeover and bleed dry. Just like he adopted wearing a British business suit.

Mandela is ANC and Horatio is HOR. Together they make the ANCHOR that ties us down. An anchor weighs down a ship with a ball and chain, like African slaves are weighed down by a ball and chain around their ANKLE. Almost the same word. The ball or anchor drags along and prevents any major movement from the spot. The ANKH is the Egyptian symbol of the Sun God Ra, William is the new version of RA. Egyptian Ra struts about with his Ankh key, which looks to me like the same symbol as the international female symbol, but with the sword part shoved up into the circle, her womb, symbolising his ownership of womban and the womb and the world. In French, (France again) ankh means anchor, and “ank” is in Frank, this maybe the meaning of the French Connection. It may be why the company French Connection UK is abbreviated to FCUK.

Coincidentally, Nelson’s two lesser known battles are at Copenhagen and the Nile. Copenhagen is known for The Little Mermaid, the mermaid who was lured to swap her sea freedom for a handsome prince and a human soul, or sole of foot maybe, how tempting. She got anchored, probably by an ankh, and much easier to anchor an ankle than a slippery tail. The Nile is home to the Egyptians and the Ankh.

The film of Mandela is released in the UK on 3rd Jan, 2 days before WAR Nelson’s funeral began. It is already the biggest grossing film ever in South Africa. The death will do wonders for worldwide profits. Hollywood triumphs. The long walk to freedom has been trumped by the long walk down the red carpet, the oppulence of the Western world triumphing over everything that Mandela might once have stood for. Western corporates make profits from selling the idea of freedom and peace to its own world slaves, via the means of the Royals and Hollywood. This is surely a big world joke? We just go along with it. BLACK Obama saw the film on 29th November at the WHITE House. BLACK Mandela never saw the film, and if he is dead, he can’t argue with any of it, can he?

The South African Nelson Mandela Golf championship delayed its start due to Mandela’s death. Golf is an elitist game, ruled by the elites of St Andrews in Scotland, where Kate and Wills met. Can you see how all the elitist activities, and all the elites are now using the symbol of Mandela as the uniting way forward. Behind the scenes, it is business as usual, it is WAR as usual. The image is PEACE, the reality is WAR, so we give our energy unwittingly to WAR by supporting PEACE. The elites have hijacked PEACE, and that is their way forward.

Mandela’s birth name is not Nelson. He was called that at a Christian school in S. Africa that his mother was persuaded to send him to. Children had to have a Westernised Christian name in order to be unblacked, converted to white, in true missionary style. From an early age, Mandela was branded with this symbol of White Western power, and he never changed back his name. You have to become white to rise to power in a white system, even if your skin is still black. Nelson Mandela symbolises the whitening and christianising of the black Africans, and they looked to him to be saved.

A “mandala” is the symbol of the universe. NELSON now symbolises PEACE, not really WAR any more, like the old Nelson, is it? We have moved on, there is no Empire any more is there, we are all one, we want PEACE in the 21st century, not like those stupid people in the 19th century who wanted WAR. We are all united together now, united by PEACE. Lovely.

We worship peace, we want peace, but peace has now got owned and hijacked. Whatever we put our energy to, they own it and direct it. The only way is to stop giving our power away, stop looking for a saviour, stop looking for someone else to sort it out. Everything that attracts any popular support gets hijacked, no matter what it appears to be on the surface.

For anyone that is interested I have noticed that there maybe a third hidden Nelson. A quiet but very powerful one behind the scenes. Peter Mandelson is a name very like Nelson Mandela. Just missing the Nel, the Niel, the kneel. His autobiography is called The Third Man. He has a flat just off Traflagar Square. The Red Square of the New Labour party perhaps? I thought I would see if Mandelson was doing anything significant on Trafalgar Day, and lo and behold, it was his 60th birthday in 2013 on Nelson’s death day. Quite a coincidence. He still has power, he sits in the House of Lords, another black white and red spectacle, and a lifelong unelected fixture of the UK parliament.

My thanks to comments from readers, and the posts of other bloggers, helping me to make new links, as always, but particularly for this post.

(See earlier related posts: Royal Georgian Bath, Cull The Queen, Black and White and Red, Mother Moon Time, Moon Eye Money, Consume Ate, Death Worship, Do As You’re Told Day, The Lewis Key, Wombless Women, Popule Copule, Just A Game, Decoding Monopoly, Knights Templar of Bath, The Saviour Within, The Time Lord, The Vikings and Alf )

Tap Blog for exposure of Nelson Mandela as not what he seems to be.

Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, including chapter on the ANC in power, and how it was controlled by Washington based economists and bankers.

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20 Responses to The Two Nelsons

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I keep seeing US after the HOR. That one eyed man again.Oh,so was Nelson,what a surprise.Son of Osiris and Isis,he was the god of war and protection,that fits nicely too.I must investigate this further,a pregnant posting madam,I lift my hat!

    • suliwebster says:

      Hi Nixon, I hadnt noticed that, but wondered about the missing eye and arm of Nelson and their significance. You are good at noticing Horus everywhere he is hidden. Horatio is also Hor Ratio, which is something to do with time I suspect. Let me know if you find anything else interesting….

      • Nixon Scraypes says:

        It is very linked to time, the HORizon is in there somewhere.I think most of these gods are names for the sun. I’d forgotten that old Nellie was missing an arm.I wonder if that’s something masonic like the way they have their portraits with a hand tucked in their jacket.Was Nelson mutilated to fit in with sun god mythology or is he fictitious? I’m starting to think that “believe half you see and nothing you hear” is literally true,what with all the stuff on line about Woolwich,Boston etc. In Dave McGowan’s dissection of Boston he says the point is to make reality indistinguishable from fiction which I found very perceptive.At the same time I was thinking that his vocabulary had changed and become much coarser,was it really him!!! I know,believe nothing….

      • suliwebster says:

        One armed bandits the lot of them eh? I agree Boston and Woolwich are deisgned to blur reality and fiction, Facebook does the same whereby real people turn themselves into screen acts. But maybe we are all acting to various degrees? I went past a sundial in Bath today, which had the word “HORAS” as part of the inscription. By the way, I think Nixon is from the name Nickson, Nickelson and Nielson, same as Nelson is. My maiden name is Nicholson, so I am in it too, it is like it is written in my destiny to decide and follow certain trails.


    • suliwebster says:

      wikipedia says Horatio’s parents are Edmund Nelson and Catherine Suckling. Suckling makes me think of the infant Horus at the breast. Horatio was named after his godfather Horace ! Very Horus sounding I think. So Catherine is Isis and Edmund is Osiris I guess. That fits with Witchy Kate being Isis. Edmund was married in Bath, and died in Bath too ! I wonder where his grave is…
      The wikipedia page mentions Bath a lot. I am wondering of all my time sliding of years to hours or minutes (1812 to 18:12 pm etc) is the Hor Ratio encoded in the streets. It is a way of sort of time travelling away from our usual linear regular idea of time, you just scale it up or down, zoom in, zoom out.
      I am also noticing the BOX line, with the Nelsons being in Bath, Cambridge and Norfolk. (but not Oxford). The BOX line goes through Bath Oxford Cambridge and Churchill’s WW2 HQ in the tunnel at Box, so maybe associated with War too, and protection, protection of the elites.

    • suliwebster says:

      Lady Emma hamilton was Horatio’s mistress (whore or hor maybe?). She lived at no 6 Edward St, just off the right Royal Great Pulteney St which leads to the Holborn, Holburn, where witchy Kate hung (see Royal Georgian Bath). Guess who just bought no 5? None other than Prince Charles. It is a newly refurbished holiday let. It seems to be waiting for someone? Jane Austen and William Pitt also lived in Edward Street, very exclusive and a lot posher than Nelson’s house.
      I think we can assume that Great Pulteney Street represents the CURRENT Royal Family, with William St next up from Edward St. The street is perfectly aligned with Box, Oxford and Cambridge.
      I was expecting William to come to Bath, but Edward came instead a few weeks back, installed in Bath Abbey as chancellor of the ever rising Bath University. (See Royal Installed in Bath). Maybe Edward is more powerful than he seems, his wife certainly has a lot of titles to her name.
      So it seems this is still all linked up with the eventual monarch death and new monarch, it is just taking more steps than I originally thought.

    • suliwebster says:

      This is getting more curious by the minute. I searched for Horatia, Nelson’s daughter, and it turns out that Horatia Lawson is the sister of Nigella Lawson, who is in the headlines every day for weeks and weeks. Nigella is also a type of BLACK sesame seed, which is very powerful for healing. A SEED. The usual sesame seed is WHITE. The two Nelsons, the two Horatias, the two sesame seeds.

    • suliwebster says:

      Nigella Lawson looks a bit like Nelson and her sister is Horatia. A hidden Nelson I think, maybe a hidden black Nelson. Nigella is also a bit like nigga nigger. Nigel Lawson her father was chancellor of the exchequer.

  2. Christine b says:

    Hello! I like this article very much! I have never felt right about Mandela’s “death”. The timing was totally too coincidental. I felt ghat he died sometime during his “illness” while Obama was visiting Africa. Perhaps some type of transference ritual took place then that will allow Obama to take his place. The death and movie release sealed it for me. It will become how the young learn history and will be truth mixed with falsehoods. It was actually Nixon who pointed out on Matt Delooze’s site that his casket will sit on the altar at the Voirtrekker monument on December 15. The sun will shine directly onto it through the hole in the roof. December 16 is a national holiday in S Africa. Nothing fishy at all…..

    • suliwebster says:

      Obama and Mandela look eerily similar at times. I seem to have missed Delooze’s take on it, thought I was signed up to his emails. Quite a lot of coincidences at the Africa end too then it seems, the South end of the world. Maybe there is a SOUTH and a NORTH Nelson? I too have noticed a massive rollout in schools on Nelson, and hospitals to be named after him. My son’s school (called RA) wants to name a building after him, a conveniently as yet unnamed new building.
      Reading your comment is making me wonder of 18/12 is a date of significance. To go with the overture or ova.ture.

    • suliwebster says:

      18/12 is Qatar National Day, declared on 21/6/07, William’s 25th birthday. Qatar is an absolute monarchy and the richest country in the world per capita GDP, and has the biggest Carbon emissions per capita, in other words the most intensely destructive country. It has oil. Qatar seem to have shares in many British and US countries, including Barclays and Sainsburys. I would say this place is a Holy Grail of elite corporatism. Triumph of Big Brother over Mother Earth. There are very few absolute monarchies, the Vatican is another one. I think the British still have an economic foothold, it is an ex colony. They seem to own Al Jazeera TV which rules over the Arab and Muslim world.

    • suliwebster says:

      Bingo !
      The largest shareholder of Sainsbury’s is Qatar with over 25% and rising.
      This seems to be about remotely controlling Britain via corporates. There is not much tax in Qatar and it maybe a money laundering place.
      I often mutter angrily that Sainsburys own Bath, they are taking over everywhere.
      Sainsburys is orange. William of Orange, coming soon.
      Lord Sainsbury has an unelected permanent position in the UK parliament.
      Sainsbury’s HQ is at the head of the A4 in the City of London. The A4 goes past Traf Square to Bath.

    • suliwebster says:

      Qatar profited from the bank bailouts in Britain somehow, by getting cheap shares in Barclays, then selling them to get some windfall later on. This is a method that governments use to launder money. Our taxes get diverted out of the government to private corporations and private countries too, which the people in government have a stake in. The government then claims they are broke and we must all work harder for less and pay more taxes to top them up again. This method is explained in the book Shock Doctrine.
      I suspect that the City of London somehow owns Qatar.

  3. Christine b says:

    PS I laughed out loud at the Royal Blue Cock bit!! They are sick F*#ks.

  4. suliwebster says:

    Port Elizabeth is in Nelson Mandela Bay, S.Africa. That seems to say that Elizabeth will be ported out via Nelson Mandela somehow, or vice versa.
    They already have Nelson Mandela on some banknotes in S.Africa ! Introduced in 2012, just in time. This is brilliant isnt it, they have made him like the Queen, and we are expected to associate him and therefore the Queen with freedom, when he is printed on the very thing that chains us. Mandela bank notes are now selling at inflated prices, cashing in on his death. Profiteering is true freedom eh?

  5. suliwebster says:

    Delooze wrote a few years ago about Mandela as the Black pied piper and his inevitable cull…

    • Christine b says:

      Hi! Yes that is the article I was remembering. He has shown me an alternative way of perceiving world events. As you have shown me an alternative way of interpreting our very language. It is like decoding an encryption, but first you must find the key. There is a purpose to everything, much like in a novel where the author has a purpose to every scene that will eventually be revealed. It is upsetting to realise that the purpose is sinister. I had a random thought recently that those websites that help you research your ancestry are really designed to track your bloodline for some future purpose.
      I feel that Africa as a whole is not better off after Mandela’s life, he is hyped as a world hero and a focus of respect, much like Diana was. I was also remembering her stint shining the light on Land mines, which I haven’t heard a thing about since. I guess they are all cleaned up now, eh?! These causes are illusions and nothing changes, but we are lead to believe that these people are a force of great change in order to implant the belief that things are changing, can change, and that we may possibly be part of that change if we jump on the bandwagon. A sad realisation for sure.

      • suliwebster says:

        Yes exactly, well put. We are supposed to jump on their bandwagon, and whatever it is we desire, be it peace, or war, or cleaning up landmines, they brand it on the outside of the bandwagon. Jump on here to have all your problems solved and all your desires fulfilled. Like the mousetrap branded with adverts for yummy cheese….


  6. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Tyr,the norse god of war and judgement,had one hand! He was Tiw in old english and gave us tuesday,cor just think,without him we would have a six day week! The proverbial experts think he was the father of the gods before Odin,another one eye, took the mantle.I think some DNA paternity tests are in order to straighten things out,don’t you? So,Nelson was a living god,good thing he was on our side,eh!

    • suliwebster says:

      That fits, because Tuesday is Mardi in French, Mars day, planet of war. Also sounds like Jewsday to me ! Odin had one eye too? It is very common isnt it this one eye thing? Odin is Woden, Wednesday, and planet Mercury. Then there are the one eye Olympic mascots. Maybe Mandela has one too many eyes to be a proper god? Though I guess 27 years in prison is a suitable equivalent sacrifice.


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