Sent Down

Jesus was “sent down” to Earth from Heaven for life.

Criminals are “sent down” to prison by a Judge, a Judge that sent.ences them. If you are sent down, then it is a descent, a de.sent. Jesus descended from heaven to Earth. And we are told that to escape to heaven at the end, you are ascended, sent up. But only if you are good !

“Life” is the length of the sentence here on Earth, an indeterminate time, the length of your life sentence is only known when you die. Just as criminals are sometimes sent down for a “life” sentence. Criminals are sent down to serve Time. And it seems to me that Jesus was sent here for a life sentence to serve Time, the Time Lord, which means that is probably what we are all doing. We are sent here for life to serve Time.

Whether you are being sent up or down, you seem to be at the mercy of some sort of Judge somewhere making all the decisions based on your behaviour.

Entering prison…
… is maybe like being born. You enter prison naked, empty handed. You have to strip off all your outside world clothes, empty your pockets, hand everything over, so at one short point in time, you are naked. You sign a form and get assigned a number and a cell. You are now allocated the uniform of prison, maybe an orange jumpsuit or pink or blue babygrow suit, or maybe the human body itself is the uniform of Earth prison.

The prison gates…
You enter through the gates, the only gates. The same gates that you will go out of at the end of your sentence, an important point to remember ! When you are born you go through the first set of Cervical gates, down a passageway called the vagina, and through the Vulva gates, and there you are in your new world, Planet Earth. Planet Earth is a very secure prison. It may be very large, but as soon as you are born, you are already too big to get back through the one and only set of gates.

Or is it incarnation? Reincarceration perhaps if you are returning, a repeat offender, someone who has been sent up and is now being sent down again. When you enter your incarceration, you are given the opportunity to see a doctor, same as when you are born. And you can have a shower if you want one, which is the optional baptism, I think.

Tabula Rasa…
Taking away anything that reminds you of the outside world is a good way of erasing your memory. If you have no tangible reminder of life before prison, it is harder to hang onto fading memories. When a new baby is born, it is said to be Tabula Rasa, an erased tablet, a blank slate, a bit like restoring a computer to factory settings. The baby, the new inmate, is ready for a fresh start, to be newly programmed and to receive new data.

Life on the inside…
Prison is “inside”. When your sentence is finished, presumably by a full stop, you are released to the “outside”. I think this means that we are on the INSIDE of Planet Earth, an idea that I have played around with before (see Through the Wombhole). And when we die, we need to go back the way we came, back through the Vulva gates, back to the “outside”. This is where it gets a bit confusing, because the “outside” is actually inside, inside the womb. Everything is a bit inside out. You go back through the Wombhole, and you leave your prison clothes behind, your skin and your body stay here in the prison, on the inside, on planet Earth. You travel out of the planet prison in spirit form.

Provide and protect…
Every sort of prison provides and protects. Just as a mother provides for and protects a new baby. Then the baby is weaned off onto Big Brother as rapidly as Big Bro can get his hands on it. In prison, it is the prison wardens and officers that are the agents of provide and protect. Prisons have hospitals, education, libraries, tv, lockable cells, food and bedding provided, entertainment, exercise yards, structure, timetables, rules, even paid employment and slave labour, just like the land of Big Brother on the outside. We are provided for and protected, nice and comfortable isn’t it, having someone else sort out all our needs.

Lockable cells…
Hoho, says Santa, did you think lockable cells were just for prisoners? Prisoners are locked into their cells at night as we lock ourselves into our housing at night. The difference is that we do it voluntarily, locking the doors from the inside, and we pay for the locks. That is because we are led to believe that life on the outside is full of criminals too. No matter how many we lock up, society still breeds more and more replacements.

There is an ex prisoner who hangs around where I live, he is on probation, it is a difficult life, almost impossible, to get a house and a job, to do as you are supposed to on the “outside”. You can’t get a job without a house, and vice versa, it is Catch 22. So he is planning on not turning up for his probation meeting so he will be “sent down” again. Of course his freedom will then be more limited, his space much smaller, but everything will be provided for him, and he will be protected from the big “outside” world, though not from the “inside” world of prison life. It will be more comfortable and more familiar and his needs will be met.

Too easy…
It is far too easy and luxurious for prisoners isn’t it? All paid for by us on the outside, don’t you resent it? Hoho says Santa, we are in a prison too, a planet prison. We have more freedom, more space, but less provision and protection. We have to do a bit more for ourselves than those in prison, aren’t we grown up? I am wondering if life on the “outside” of planet earth prison is just another layer of prison, a more open freer prison, where you have even more space but have to fend more for yourself. Layers and layers of prisons within prisons.

Freedom and Responsibility…
….come hand in hand, as I see it. People often want freedom, but not responsibility. They don’t want to lose the comforts and the security of being provided for and protected. I think you need to drop the comforts and security to get the freedom. Security is the opposite of freedom. Security means being locked in. Is there an ultimate freedom, or just more and more layers like Russian Dolls? Can we ever get out completely? Do we want to? How did we manage to keep getting further and further “inside”?

Born into captivity…
Babies are born to mothers in prisons, and they do not know the outside world. Just as we are born into planet Earth, and we seem to know of nothing else. The UK government website says that babies go to prison with their mother if they are under 18 months, or can stay with their mothers if they are born there. What a lovely world we live in. I am in total agreement that babies should be with their mothers, but how did the government manage to equate that to babies being born in captivity as the solution? Animals are born in captivity too, how cute, and whatever we do unto animals we do unto ourselves. We are all playing along with the captivity game as an acceptable and normal part of our everyday life, zoos are acceptable, prisons are acceptable. How can we expect to be free if we believe in captivity?

Safe Prisons…
Why are the mothers being sent down at all? Maybe the mothers are actually safer and better cared for in the prison than outside? Maybe the baby has a better start there? Maybe women will want to be sent to prison as the only way to be provided for that allows them to take care of their baby? And maybe the only way to be protected from the outside world is to be locked in, like being locked in a safe. You feel safe if you are locked in.

Safe Houses…
I visited Longleat Safari Park many years ago and saw the gorillas on the island. The tour guide told us that the Daddy Gorilla was a bit violent, and the Mummy and Baby gorilla were locked up for their own protection, to keep them safe. Er isn’t that the wrong way round? Surely the bad Daddy Gorilla should be the one to be locked up, if anyone should be. It reminds me of women’s refuges, “safe houses”, houses that are like lockable safes, where women go to be locked inside for their own safety, to be provided for and protected from the “outside” world.

Sent to Refuge…
…or is it centrifuge? If we are on the INSIDE of the planet, as I think we are, and the planet is spinning, then we have a centrifugal force acting upon us pushing us towards the edge of the spinning circle, which is the ground. A centrifugal force means “centre fleeing force”. Its equal and opposite force is the centripetal force which acts towards the centre and is the “centre seeking force”. The centre is the sky and the planets, the Sun and The Moon and the stars. It is where GOD hangs out with his heavenly Courts of Justice. We flee to the outer edges, sent down by force, by centrifuge, sent to our refuge on the Earth.

Governors run the prison, just as we have a government running our country. But it is not the government that has the real power. Same as in prisons. Some criminals have been in prison so long they have given up in any other life, they know they are there forever. They don’t bother trying to be GOOD to get out early, to be released, to be sent up. Instead they make their prison life better for themselves. They build up a power base within the prison, they even run the governors and the warders. They have a layer of right hand men doing their dirty work for them, and they rule the roost. They have special deals, extra comforts and run trading rackets. They threaten and murder other prisoners who don’t comply. The wardens and governors are all newbies on the block by comparison, and noone knows the underlying power structure like the old lags. Does that remind you of the Monarchy and the Bankers? The establishment, the established power. Far more stable than any government, and a long long line of ancient families seemingly going back further than the rest of us, the reins of power continuously handed on. The longest serving superpowerful ones will never actually get out, and maybe they don’t even want to. They just want to suck in everyone else to the inside to serve them.

Her Majesty’s pleasure…
Prisoners who have no fixed time sentence, are detained at her Majesty’s pleasure. She is pleased that her Courts are sending people down, though she is of course herself sent down by the layer above her. There must be another “Majesty” on the “outside” of Planet Earth, another layer of judgement, probably another layer of corruption, and I think that is what is labelled GOD.

God was the one that sent down Jesus. Nice judge eh, sending down your one and only son. Still it looks good if Judges do not show any favouritism to family members. God is up in the sky, and the sky is the one thing that prisoners can see of the outside world from prison. God the Judge, up in the sky. We are encouraged to go to the sky, when we die, to be good all our lives, so we get sent up to heaven, to meet our maker called GOD, to wait for GOD to tell us what to do next. I suspect you will just hang around in the recycling queue waiting to be sent down again.

If you have been paying attention, you will notice that the way out, when you are released, on your release date, your death date, the end of your sentence, is to go back through the Vulva Gates. To go back the same way you came in. That is the way to the “outside”. This is the goddess way, not the God way. Our creator was the womb.

Suicide Watch…
For some reason, it is very important to the authorities that prisoners do not take their own lives before their time is up. This is something to do with “getting away with it”. They are escaping! What are they getting away with in their suicide getaway car? I think they are getting away with a half finished sentence, incomplete, time not fully served. A suicide watch sounds like a type of clock you wear on your wrist, a 24 hour watch, and clearly it is part of the service to Time. The Suicide Watch serves time. Suicide escapes from Serving Time. Unfortunately, I don’t think suicide is the escape it seems to be. You will probably get caught and returned for an even longer sentence.

Born again…
A prominent pyramid church roof in Bath reads in big capital letters “YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN”. You can probably read it easily from heaven, just to remind you what God wants you to do next… Follow the instructions, reoffend and be sent back down again. Jesus was born again, though methinks (s)he was doing her best to get the hell out.

Capital Punishment…
Sentences begin with a capital letter. Capital punishment is when your sentence gets cut off at the beginning, chop chop, maybe just after the capital letter. For some reason, getting out early is allowed if it is premeditated murder inflicted by the authorities, and is not suicide. It seems quite a good escape, you get out of prison, and out of Planet Earth prison in one fell swoop. But I notice that great care is taken with the method used in this legalised murder, and I suspect that the method ensures that you get born again pretty quick. Just like Jesus was.

Serving Time….
Prisoners serve time, The Time Lord. The sentence is measured by how much time it takes. A fully complete sentence of life on Earth seems to be 100 years, a century centence which results in a telegram being sent to you from Her Majesty. Maybe it gives Her Majesty pleasure that you have completed your sentence. Very few people do. The telegram marks the end of the sentence, the full STOP. You have become a centenarian or a sentenarian maybe. A characteristic of a telegram is the use of the word “STOP” to mean full stop, the end of the sentence. STOP says the Queen. It is like a road junction at the end of the road. Which way do you go now? Right or left? Up to the sky and into GOD’s heaven, or back out the gates, the way you came in?

Killing Time…
A life is like a bed. Birth Earth Death. BED. You make your bed and you lie in it. It is a lie and it is life. To get out of jail, you need the truth. First you wake up to the truth, and eventually you get out of BED. The truth takes Time to find, and when we find the Truth, we will find that Time is a lie. Of course we want to kill Time, we think that is the way to get out of serving Time, to destroy our Master, our Time Lord. But the way out is to stop your own servility which comes from within. Time will die all by itself when there is noone left serving Time. Just as the prisons will close down when there are no more prisoners.

Counting Time…
I imagine that prisoners might count off the time, count the days, tick them off as their sentence progresses from capital letter to full stop. Hoho, I do the same, do you? I cross days off my calendar on the wall, so I know which day I am on, so that I can be at the right place at the right time, and I just keep on plodding through my time.

Prison has several purposes, to deter, to protect, to punish and to rehabilitate. Punish is punis in French, which is very penis like, as is penile, penitentary, the penal system, the penalty for crime is prison. Can you see that it is Original Sin that is being punished somehow?

Punishment doesn’t seem to change anything, and criminals just get better trained in criminal behaviour while they are in prison. So now we have rehabilitation methods. The idea is that we want prisoners to be reformed by prison, moulded to the ways of the world on the “outside”. So they fit in, cause no trouble, and don’t get sent down again. Could it be that what we really want is to not be sent back down to Planet Earth? Maybe if we study how prisons on Earth work, we can work out how Planet Earth prison works, and we can avoid reoffending when we get out.

The Planet Earth population is growing we are told, which means more and more people are being sent down by God. Just like the prisons are overcrowded. The hierarchy on Planet Earth, the elite, sucks in more power as the population grows, and it feeds the growth of the pyramid of power. Why are people coming back, why are they failing to stay on the “outside”? Could it be that the rehabilitation isn’t working? Could it be that the rehab program on Earth is designed to make sure we return? To indoctrinate us so that we fail in the “outside” world, and so that we desire to be sent back in. That would be in the interests of the criminal hierarchy that run the prison wouldn’t it? They want lots of inmates. They need lots of slaves. It is a form of Recycling, and that is why Recycling gets promoted. We keep coming back as fresh flesh and blood. Noone must be allowed to get too old and get to know the system. Cull them young and recycle, wipe the slate clean, and rewrite the program. And they need us in.mates to mate, to keep more and more coming in through the Vulva gates.

An internment is a type of prison sentence that has no trial, maybe in a prisoner of war camp, or maybe a women’s refuge or a school is a sort of internment too. In wartime, authorities are allowed to force other people to be interned in prison camps for any reason they fancy. Students sign up to be “interns”, to work for no pay, voluntarily. A sort of voluntary work camp. And you can see how there is no longer any need to capture people to intern them. They intern themselves, of their own free will. Soon no prisons will be needed, noone will be sent down, we will all be voluntarily entering prison for other reasons, tempted by the cheese of the humane (human) mousetrap, or seeking refuge by fleeing the dangers of life on the “outside”

… is another type of prison. Here I am in a voluntary prison of the mind, as an intern caught in the intern net. Lots of free education here ! Lots of friends to be made ! Lots of other prisoners to communicate and plan the joint escape with ! I can even buy cheap cheese here and have it delivered to my mousetrap or my lockable cell. The internet is controlled and owned by the usual establishment hierarchy which should be enough to warn us off it. It is quite clever how we have been led to believe the intern net means freedom… You can go anywhere in the world, all from the comfort of your own lockable cell.

Open prisons…
You are moved to a more open prison when you have proved that you can behave and take more responsibilty, when you can cope, when you are not going to harm any fellow prisoners or try to escape. You get more freedom, and also more responsibility. This never happens to the FatCats that run the jail, does it? They are the most imprisoned of all, imprisoned by their own love of power, love of luxury, and their dependence on control, they will never get out unless they change themselves.

I wonder why we have all been sent down? And whether we are all guilty of something? There is a current fashion, promoted by my local Christian Church, that we should none of us feel any guilt whatsoever. The message is that we are all functioning perfectly, especially Churchgoers who are 100% good. Of course those sent to prisons are guilty, the Judge says so, but that is other people who are bad, not us. The evidence I see is that the Western world is a very messed up place, and I am part of the system that is responsible for the mess. Therefore I plead guilty for playing my part in it. I think guilt is quite useful. It is a reminder from your personal judge within of the truth. It is a reminder of a responsibility for yourself and your actions. It is like a navigation instrument for a ship at sea to help guide you. The guilt guide. If we follow the external judgements decreed by the Courts, then nearly all paedophiles should feel no guilt as they are hardly ever sent down. Well done paedophiles, that is what Christianity says you should do, feel no guilt.

Original Sin…
I think we are probably in some way all guilty of original sin. That has been our undoing, the source of the messed up world, and that is the knowledge that will free us one day, when we get to the full STOP. That is why we are serving Time, and until we reform, we will continue to reoffend and be sent down again and again. Can you see that the control structures of the world are encouraging more and more of Original Sin behaviour? Penile, penal behvaiour. They want us to be born again, they want a constant supply of new fresh blank slate slaves.

Top Security…
The most secure prison is Planet Earth. We arrived as a baby via the Vulva Gate. And here is a very clever bit of prison design, you have to admire the cleverness really. You grow bigger from Day One of your sentence. Meanwhile the gates shrink shut behind you. You are severed from the world you came from. Perfect top security isn’t it? You can’t get back out until you die, unless you go in spirit form. It doesn’t even need policing does it? And if you do eventually choose to go back through to the “outside” I think it maybe a bit like the Tardis of Dr Who, The Time Lord, it is probably much bigger than it looks.

Eternal life…
Jesus didn’t serve a full sentence. S(he) got out early, by being murdered. I think if you don’t complete your sentence, you may have to come back. Again and again. Eternal life! Eternal life sentences. Can you see that the hierarchy want us to crave eternal life, to always want to be young? This is like coppicing trees in a copse. They are chopped down every 8 years or so, to stay forever young, and to prolong the total life sentence of the tree.

Maybe what we really need to do is to serve our sentience. Not the sentences of law courts, and the words of God that chain us. Sentience is our ability to feel. The urban dictionary describes it as an ability to question your own existence. Exactly! How did we get to be here? Why do we exist? Who sent us down? Have we been here before? I would say sentience is to do with finding your inner spirit, and honouring your soul. And if we can reclaim that, maybe we will find our way to the truth.

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Room by Emma Donoghue, about a boy born into a locked room.


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25 Responses to Sent Down

  1. Anonymous says:

    I feel the same about the intrernet, hoots mon! Personality clash, we always said ~ I suppose so. We are conditioned to believe there are “sides” and that you and I might be on different sides, and so neither of us feels totally able to trust the other. Yes, I see that. But “sides” are illusory, in the same way that “gates” can be illusory, as you said before, just like the supposed “Bathgate” near Glasgow. Then there’s the Maltese Cross on the the Tardis door… oh, Lordy, who could miss that? Presumably the same near-sghted oafs who wander around Bath (Somerset) without noticing all the Masonic-Illuminati architecture! For what it’s worth, a personality clash doesn’t necessary mean I’m one to hold grudges ad nauseum…! If you don’t, then you really should know me better than that by now!!!

    • suliwebster says:

      Actually I missed the cross on the Tardis door ! I haven”t watched Dr Who since I was a kid though.
      I was looking up the Bath Press recently, and noticed they had only one other branch. Near Glasgow! Wonder if that is to do with the Bath Gate, which you have just reminded me of… especially as it is all in connection to the Order of the Bath… Are you the same Anon that pointed that out to me?

      • Anonymous says:

        Sir Isaac Pitman was a Swedenborgian Freemason ~ a follower of the synarchist and Christian Mystic Emanuel Swedenborg. Although Swedenborg never tried to found his own church, years later the New Church was created by his followers. Bath’s “New Church” is in Henry Street, virtually opposite the Masonic Hall in Old Orchard Street. The main English branch of the New Church is Swedenborg House in London, just down the road from the site of the original 1129 Templar Preceptory in Holborn. He decided on the site in East Twerton for his fifth phonetic institute because this was the site of Bath’s original 1120 Templar-Hospitaller depot ~ right opposite the Belvoir Castle pub! The pub itself was created in 1850, mainly for the Freemasons who worked for the GWR and Stothert & Pitt.

      • suliwebster says:

        I came across the New Church a while back as there is an old one in Combe Down, possibly that was the first one. It was a telephone exchange and is now a nursery. The New Church seems to be big on promoting conjugal pairing as the main purpose of our existence to serve the Lord. Create more slaves by breeding, then hand them over to Big Brother at birth. Are they promoting Original Sin? Another name for the New Church is the Church of New Jerusalem, and one famous missionary is called Johnny Appleseed, who makes this stuff up? Appleseed is a very Original sin sounding name, and Johnny is a device to commit original sin without breeding.
        Swedenborg makes me think of tennis. Bjorn (Born) Borg from Sweden. Wimbledon. Wombles ! Wombless wombles. The next step in the big plan is Wombless Women, see my earlier post.
        Oh look I have just noticed something! Holborn is something we have in Bath too ! The Holborne/Holbourne/Holburne (Holy Burn) Museum that keeps changing its name. Sainsbury’s have their finger in that pie too. Just like they sit on Temple Gate.

      • Anonymous says:

        They had only one other branch UNDER THAT NAME. But names change, just as the face dances ~ how well do you know New Amsterdam ~ oops, sorry, New York? Pardon my Dutch!

      • Anonymous says:

        Most people call me the Train Man!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Probably. In a masonic household like this, isn’t it unnerving that “coincidence” often appears to be a Hidden Hand deliberately bringing certain people into contact with each other like we’re all just chesspieces in a huge monstrous game?!

    • suliwebster says:

      I often think I am part of a big board game, when I am not thinking I am part of a big staged play, or in a prison, or in a laboratory.

      • Anonymous says:

        Holborn of Menstrie? Menstruation, anyone?

      • suliwebster says:

        Didnt know that, just looked him up. James Holborne of Menstrie seems to still be a BORN. wikipedia are rewriting facts, in Orwellian speakwrite style, and claiming the museum was once known as HolBURNe of Menstrie, in Sydney PLEASURE Gardens. When did they become pleasurable? The Menstrie menstruation fits very well with witchy Kate’s portrait sitting there, the only visit outside London. The portrait was just her upper half, you could not see what was going on down below. It also fits with the VAG (Victoria Art Gallery) at the other end of Great Pulteney St, where Emsley had another painting on display. (See Pavlovs Women and Blood Sacrifice and Lewis Key posts).

      • suliwebster says:

        PLEASURE just reminded me of the Palace of Placentia at greenwich. Placentia means pleasure apparently. Well that fits with BORN and menstruation and VAG quite well. It is all around the same theme of female anatomy.
        The area is also laid out like a skull (See The Bath Skull).

  3. Anonymous says:

    Although, before I sign off for the evening, I should no doubt add that (as far as I can personally tell) John Webster’s involvement in the Swan, East Twerton, because he was a wee bit younger, probably started in about 1610. That Webster was a Rosicrucian/Freemason I personally have little doubt. Guten Nacht!

    • suliwebster says:

      I am not familiar with John Webster or the Swan, will check them out. Webster is my pen/stage name, didnt realise I had inadvertently chosen a Masonic name, I liked it because it is for the web.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s not that I have anything particularly personal against the Pounds family ~ far from it ~ but nothing’s really inadvertent, is it? Cowper said, “hindsight is God’s gift to the historian”, and that would certainly true for Iford. We all know the medieval Templar stuff is an absolute minefield, even for the Freemasons themselves, but I do confess (Hail, Mary!) I have some serious problems with some of the conclusions Nigel Pounds reached about Culverhay Castle. But when Transitioneers want to call their groups “chapters” and “lodges”, my fear at the time was that such blatant masonic terminology would put people off turning up to their meetings ~ and it did! Nobody at all, apparently, turned up to Sally Stevens’ gig, but the sheer obviousness of holding their meetings at the Quaker House (former Masonic Hall in York Street), the Royal Society’s BRLSI, The Dolphin pub and later at the Salvation Army citadel, is hardly an accidental choice of venues, is it? Maybe my beard goes grey too, but if I am supposed to be a “mine of information” did they seriously expect me not to notice Transition is a Masonic organisation? The same elite controls the so-called “environmentalist” faction too, so who exactly can we trust, good neighbour?

      • suliwebster says:

        I seem to have somehow steered clear of all this! I have been suspicious of the Transition thing for a while, noticing it springing up in certain towns as if it is labelling them with something. It seemed to me to have a corporate feel about it. Maybe it is the new Round Table, Rotary, for the younger more left wing ones to sign up to good causes.
        Having said that, it was the publicity of Occupy that tipped me into this research in the first place, we all have to start somewhere.
        I don’t like any organisational structures myself. Even if they start out well, sooner or later they get hijacked if they grow to any decent sort of size or following.
        That is very obvious, yes, that use of chapters and lodges ! It sounds like something rolled out from central office. Maybe part of the members pack instructions for regional groups. I think people are misled to believe they can be more powerful in a big organisation, but I think we need to look to the power within ourselves.
        You are right, nothing is really inadvertent. I was wondering what my chosen pen name would one day turn out to mean !

  4. Welcome to the ThunderDome, opps mean prison planet, great insight as ever!

    • suliwebster says:

      thanks andy. By coincidence, I have been looking into the very interesting properties of Domes, ancient and modern, the last few days, and how they focus energy.

  5. Elena says:

    Great stuff! I’m glad you mentioned ‘original sin’, because original sin was not really a crime like theft or assault. It was a deliberate act of disobedience and I think that’s important. If they/we are guilty of anything, it’s of a refusal to comply. Time and again in scripture there is a call to obey, to surrender. Think of Jesus in Gethsemane who’s final words were, “not as I will, but as you will”.

    I wonder is this an issue of control? And whose issue is it? Is this our ‘time out’, until we are ready to do as we’re told? For me there is a real possibility that the being who is in charge here simply cannot tolerate any measure of freedom, and continues to punish souls who demand their autonomy.

    • suliwebster says:

      I hadnt thought of original sin that way before Elena, as a deliberate disobedience. I will mull it over and see what happens with it. My concern with original sin so far is that it inevitably gets extrapolated to become this very messy world with invasion and paedophilia and slavery as the norm. I am not sure if there is a way of containing original sin once it is released. And maybe those that released it could not foresee the consequences.

      Refusal to comply with a cruel system seems like a general good thing to me.

      I find with Jesus words, there is nearly always at least two possible interpretations.

      I found I had more questions than answers by the end of writing this post. I am not sure if it is that we must serve time until we become 100% obedient, until we learn to love Big Brother, or whether there is another thread going on too. One that says we can get out by not playing the game, or one that says if we serve enough time we will be able to work out what the game is.

      I see that I am guilty of participation in a world that inflicts cruelty. I do not wish to be cruel, I think my intentions are good, but I think I am contributing to the problem remotely by what I do. I don’t directly assault people, but I am sure that slavery occurred in the making of my ipad, for example, it just got hidden from me.

      And of course my ipad is an Apple. Don’t eat the Apple ! The intern net seems like it maybe the modern equivalent of Original Sin. It looks tasty, but it’s a trap.

      • Nixon Scraypes says:

        Traps! The very concept of original sin is probably just another trap,it sounds like a load of rubbish to me.We try to understand things that are created to be un-understandable.The great philosophical puzzles are like a crossword,something to divert our minds on the train to the concentration camp. Homo psychopathicus has studied us for millennia and knows what he sees of us completely.They only lie – never reveal anything,it’s called perception management.There’s a video of Edwin Black talking about his book The Transfer Agreement on it’s 25th anniversary.It’s an absolute gem if you want to see a a first class con man in operation.Basically,between the lines,he’s showing his audience the new spin on a story and along the way drops in all sorts of little lies like – the Germans massacred the Armenians! If you watch it with 100% concentration you can see so much of the technique of deception.I found the bloke utterly repulsive but very educational in a nasty way.

      • suliwebster says:

        I often wonder the same myself Nixon. Sometimes blogging and researching looks like it is just an amusement to kill Time. Why don’t I stop trying to decode it, and just get on with my life sentence? Then I answer myself by observing the cruelty in the world. And how I don’t want to prop it up any more. But I need to know how I am propping up the cruelty in order to withdraw from it. I cant take someone else’s word for it. I always thought Original Sin was rubbish until I stumbled upon it and saw the truth in it. It depends how you interpret it I guess. I dont interpret it the same way as the Church. And there are many ways to see the same truth. I would very much like to find something that says Original Sin (and its perpetual repetition down the ages) has nothing to do with the world’s crisis, but unfortunately I have not as yet.
        You have written the word “concentration” twice in that comment, which makes me wonder if a concentration camp is somewhere you 100% concentrate. Though that is starting to sound like orange and apple juice cartons, which is my version of Original Sin !

      • Elena says:

        Perhaps, we’re prisoners of war!

      • suliwebster says:

        Yes Elena, That is quite possible! It is also very surreal to me. We are all in a concentration camp of sorts. My earlier post Comfortable Prisons has some stuff about that, not all war camps are cruel, some are comfortable, and they are shielded from the war raging on the outside.
        I thought of another type of prison too, a Big Brother one. Like the TV show. People volunteer to go INSIDE the Big Brother House as inmates, knowing full well that every detail will be filmed and broadcast. Because they want fame and fortune maybe. Maybe that’s what we did, it is just that we have been here so long that we have forgotten how we got here. Only a matter of time before people start breeding within the Big Brother house, and the baby that is born knows nothing else. Ben Elton wrote a book about a Big Brother style house, where an unseen murder occurred despite the cameras everywhere. The murder occurred to feed the insatiable desire of the viewers, because a murder improves the viewing figures. The more we watch, the more we vote for it to continue. (See Stop Watching).

  6. Anonymous says:

    Indeed, nobody seems to know what happened to John Webster the playwright, since he suddenly disappears from the history books in 1634, missing presumed dead, but with no record of when, how and where he died, or where he is supposedly buried. During the plague years in London, the King’s Men certainly spent a lot of time here in Twerton, and he was himself a trained lawyer for the Inner Temple. However, there is a rather mysterious tombstone or memorial stone in Bath Abbey simply marked J.W. not far from Isaac Pitman’s 1958 memorial stone. Is Bath Abbey the final resting place of John Webster? Who knows?!

    • suliwebster says:

      It always seems that Bath is the getaway place from London for the elite, the Little London outside of London. If you feel that JW is JohnWebster I suspect you are right. Our intuition is usually very accurate if we allow it priority. Is that near the Alphege chapel? In the North East? There seem to be a lot clustered in that corner. (See Vikings and Alf for Alphege stuff).
      I had a strange moment in Walcot Chapel graveyard “seeing” the grave of Jesus. It still stands out in my mind. I was with a very intuitive friend, and we both independently “saw” the same thing. It is a “paupers” grave. And Jesus was a pauper, I would say. S(he) was not big on money was (s)he?

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