Pleading Guilty

We seem to be in some sort of prison, so maybe we are guilty of some sort of crime? I find it hard to believe we are all innocent. And no matter how comfortable my own life might be, I am finding I cannot relax and enjoy it, knowing it is remotely connected, inextricably linked, to the suffering of others. I will call this the Burden of Guilt. Not very fashionable to feel guilty is it? And it sort of gets in the way of the Pursuit of Happiness, Success and Money.

Paedophiles have a tendency to persuade themselves that the child victim has consented. They go to great lengths to make this appear so. It helps them out with any nasty feelings of GUILT that are bubbling up inside. The deeper inner spirit is saying GUILTY, but guilt can be overruled by elaborate reasoning. The paedophile wants to be HAPPY. As long as the paedophile is made HAPPY, that is what counts. Any unpleasant feelings of Guilt can be neatly reasoned out of the way. I am sure all readers can see that a paedophile is guilty of crime and cruelty. But paedophiles usually think themselves innocent.

I would like to suggest that this scenario is playing out with all of us. We kid ourselves that we are not really inflicting cruelty in our everyday lives and that making ourselves happy or rich or successful is the most important thing. Anything that helps us believe that the sufferers of cruelty are consenting is lapped up eagerly so we can carry on. Carry on shopping or whatever else it is that we like to do in pursuit of our own ends.

A little trick that helps us along with our delusion is called REMOTE CONTROL. Remote controlled cruelty. We can’t see it. We do something that doesn’t look cruel like buying a T Shirt. And somewhere else on the planet, probably in China, someone has suffered. This is to do with the supply chain, and the marketing and advertising, the media, and the money markets, to name a few. Screens and barriers are put up between us all so we can’t see the truth. Fairtrade coffee comes with photos of happy farmers, people we have apparently helped to be MORE happy by buying their labour. We can be happy and the people we exploit to make ourselves happy are happy too. Fantastic ! So we are definitely Not Guilty. Quite the opposite, we are good people who help others.

Another little trick to help the delusion is that we exist in groups that all behave in the same sort of way, just as paedophiles hang out in networks and rings. I hang out with other people that drink coffee in places that are far away from the true source of the coffee, and the destruction caused by the industry. These sort of coffee places where I hang out usually have a very pleasant facade. Everyone else does it, there is no social horror at drinking coffee or buying t shirts. It is ok. Endorsed by everyone around you, as you endorse it for them.

But it’s only one t shirt, or one cup of coffee, that won’t make a difference will it? Yes it will. It all adds up. Not only does it all add up, the sum totals of world cruelty seem to be getting progressively larger, step by evil step.

I do not consider myself to be evil, but I am part of the very same system that inflicts the cruelties of the world. The cruelty is summed up for me in the trinity of slavery, paedophilia and war (invasion).

So it follows that if I am part of the cruelty inflicting system, then I am aiding and abetting the crimes. I am doing this in many ways on a daily basis. I have worked out some of the ways I contribute to cruelty, but I suspect there is more to come as I unravel it further. So I plead GUILTY to my part in it all. I am not taking on the guilt of the whole world, just my part.

The good news is that if you acknowledge your own participation in the whole system, you can start to make amendments to your own ways. Mend your ways. That is what we expect criminals to do.

If you persist in believing that you are nothing to do with the evil cruelties inflicted by the system, then you are helpless and powerless, and resort to pleading (pleading innocence) and whining. Please oh powers that be can you change the rules and make the world better. Please oh evil ones, I beg you, stop being cruel, here is a petition that lots of people have signed. The burden of guilt is being placed outside of yourself, and you are then stuck with a situation whereby only the powers that be are guilty, so only they can change. They won’t change unless we do, because they are in it thicker than we are.

My local Church is preaching to people to let go of guilt, just absolve yourself, just like that. Guilt is a dodgy negative emotion and it gets in the way. Gets in the way of what? Gets in the way of the plan to keep us all in comfortable prisons perhaps? Is the Church trying to divert us from something? Could GUILT be an inner driving force that helps us out of the trap we are in?

Guilt is considered negative. Well I say that Negative is useful, negative is like navigate. It’s a guide to help you find the true direction. All “negative” things seem to kick in at major junctions in your life, and I think they automatically do that to help you find your way. Illness and depression are other examples of “negative” things that can be used wisely to illuminate the path, to guide us.

Giving money to charities is a convenient way to falsely absolve yourself of guilt, especially if you are too busy to take a long hard look at the way the world works and how you fit into it. Pay someone else to sort it out. This is abdicating your own responsibility. It reminds me of the way that rich people can buy their way out of jail, and pay fines for crime. Charities are successful because they fulfil a need, the need of the West to absolve their guilt. Their guilt of having too much material man made comfort at the expense of others suffering.

Voting is another handy way of saying you are being responsible. You spend 4 or 5 years studying your 3 voting options, then you put a cross on a bit of paper. Done your bit eh? The cross on the paper gives your consent for the government of the day to perform more cruelty.

On the other hand, I often see people loaded up with guilt for no crime, like a false conviction, a false imprisonment. This is when you are judged “guilty” of NOT supporting the system. When you opt out of joining in, you are labelled guilty, made to feel guilty, and increasingly these days, charged with fines and imprisoned by courts. You are “Guilty” if you don’t work hard enough. Guilty if you don’t pay taxes to feed the system. Guilty if you don’t send your child to school, or take your child out of school. This is all guilt which is externally judged and laid upon people by the system.

I have had pangs of inner guilt rising up in me my whole life, which I have managed to squash back down, helped along by the Western world around me. I don’t see myself as having evil intent, therefore I reason that I am not partaking in any evil. People around me like to tell me that I am good, things are not my fault. Now I see that much of the way I live fuels and perpetuates the evil. The evil and cruelty can only continue if it is fuelled and propped up by us. We don’t inflict evil directly perhaps, but we sure cooperate with the system that does.

I would say that if you use money and are on a computer, you are contributing. If you go to supermarkets, if you worship the sun. If you wear clothes from shops or drink coffee. If you send your child to school. If you follow clocks and calendars. If you use petrol and gas. The list is seemingly endless. All these things are part of the system and perpetuate it. But the important thing is to work out your own involvement and understand it. You have to see how you are knotted up in it, how the knot works, before you can even begin to untie the knot. And I think each of us maybe knotted in a slightly different knot.

Ok this looks impossible doesn’t it? The knot is huge, we are very very emeshed in it all. How do we mend our ways? We have been born into this, trained from birth. It seems impossible, but I think it is just a very long journey. Every journey starts with one small step. And no matter how far we have come the wrong path, it is never too late to change direction. Or to go back and mend things, mend your way. Amend your way.

It is much easier, tempting maybe, to find an easier explanation that does not involve a burden. A popular one seems to be that the world is cruel, just accept it. There is good and bad anyway, whatever I do won’t make any difference. I might as well carry on doing all my fun things til I die, some people who get exploited in the process are just unlucky. I will be sad for a moment about the unlucky ones, and then I will CARRY ON, and thank God that he has blessed me, not them.

I notice that Buddhism and the counselling industry are very keen on promoting making YOURSELF HAPPY as some sort of goal, and ACCEPTANCE as the means to get there. Other people’s unhappiness is irrelevant or conveniently hidden or displaced. And any cruelty you yourself receive is also something to ACCEPT as the way the world works.

You can see how acceptance is handy for paedophiles too. A climate of ACCEPT what is being done to you, little child victims. The answer is no longer fight or flight, but ACCEPT. Don’t be a “coward” and run away. Don’t be angry and fight it. Just calmly kalmly accept. The way of the world is here to stay, we just have to get on and deal with all the problems by talking about it or following a religion of some sort. KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON. Don’t change anything.

I am judging myself GUILTY of my part in the system. I am pleading guilty by my own judgement. Judgement Day seems to me to be the day you judge yourself. Who else knows the ins and outs of your life as you do? To be your own judge, to convict yourself, you have to understand your own crime. In order to mend your ways, you have to understand your own crime. So it seems that the only judgement system worth having is your own inner one. If noone mends their ways, nothing changes, we all just CARRY ON the same path heading for destruction and more global cruelty.

Conviction is a word that also means truth. Conviction of your truth. You are convinced of your own truth. When criminals are sent down, they are committed. Committed and convicted of truth. Isn’t it strange that such words are attached to a criminal sentence, when someone is judged GUILTY.

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