Jesus and the Taxes

Did Jesus pay tax? NO ! Of course he did not ! Jesus did not use money at all, did he? He did not buy or sell anything. So it is curious that followers of Jesus, good Christians, pay their taxes obediently as all good hard working Christians should.

There is a Biblical story about Jesus and the taxes that I like. It goes something like this…

A man went up to Jesus and asked him “Should we pay taxes?”
Jesus asked the man “Whose head do you see on the money?”
The man replied “It is the head of Caesar”.
Jesus said “Then the money belongs to Caesar, go give him back his money”.

If you live in a world where tax is normal, then maybe it looks like Jesus is telling us to PAY TAX. Oh well if Jesus says so, that is what we must do! This is very convenient for the tax collectors and the Church.

Do you think Jesus would have suggested that we pay tax? Is this a very Jesus like thing to suggest? Is Jesus himself paying taxes? Are we so accustomed to money that we cannot see any other possible meaning in the words? I see that Jesus is saying STOP USING MONEY. Give it ALL back to Caesar, the whole lot, not just the taxes. Abandon the money way of life. And that fits much better with how Jesus lived his life.

Jesus tends to talk in riddles for a very good reason. Because to be enlightened you have to work it out for yourself. You have to gain your own inner strength. It is no good having idols that you blindly follow, no matter how good that idol might be. This is how the Church has mianipulated its followers. STEP 1. Jesus is great, idolise him. STEP 2. Do as Jesus says. STEP 3. Jesus says Pay Tax.

So many people are looking for someone or something to be certified as “GOOD”, so they can blindly follow without having to think or feel for themselves. I would say that this is a very big trap to fall into, and it is what we have been trained to do because it suits those in power.

The Church clearly believes in taxes and money. Look at all their wealth. Many Churches charge their customers/members taxes or tithes, usually 10% of income, but probably pay no tax themselves, being tax exempt charities.

Fast forward to current day, and now we have the Queen’s Head on the money, not Caesar’s. A modern day Jesus would say go and give all the money back to the Queen!

So why don’t I? Why don’t I dump all my money at the Queen’s feet and exit the money system?

I have money in bank accounts, income and outgoings. I use money nearly every day. I am pretty sure nearly everyone in the UK now has a bank account recording the ins and outs of their life, and making sure the banks control the flow. If you want a government handout like a pension, you now have to have a bank account. And my guess is that over half the population are on handouts of sorts, life is so unaffordable in a world ruled by money.

These are my excuses for not giving back the money…
1. I need it to buy things. Things that I think I need or can’t get without money.
2. Everyone else is in the money world, I would be excluded without money.
3. I am addicted to it, I was born into it.
4. It is so much easier to just go along with the PAY TAX interpretation. It avoids pitting yourself against the system and risking imprisonment.
5. Jesus was good, follow Jesus. If I pay taxes I am good.

Imagine a Jesus around us nowadays, not paying taxes, not working hard for a living, NO FIXED ABODE very dodgy, no shoes, poncing around claiming to be a healer without any government certified qualification, tipping over tables in the country’s most respected institutions. I expect Jesus was ridiculed and despised by the Roman controlled newspapers and propaganda of the time, called a sponger of society, a scruffy lout, a layabout, not working hard to pay his way, not contributing to the public purse that funds the hospitals that treat sick people, and make them sicker. He probably wasn’t vaccinated either ! Vermin, scum, spreader of disease.

So I would say Jesus was very brave to stand up for what he saw was right, and act out his life accordingly. I don’t feel quite that brave as yet, so I have adopted another method, which means I reduce my involvement with money, step by step. Like a gentle weaning process. I can’t help noticing how much better I feel myself from a reduced involvement. Being part of the money system is not good for the spirit and soul.

There are times when I am so overwhelmed by the cruelty in the world that I feel I want to instantly abandon the money system and my part in it. Just walk out of it all. And take whatever the consequences are. I think that one of the dangers of doing this so rapidly would be how easily I could be lured back in, people would want to help me rejoin the system, and offer me money and material comforts. A step by step process allows me to consolidate my position at every stage, and be able to resist the temptation to be “helped”. Or maybe that is just another excuse.

Some Pubs are called The Queens Head, which sounds rather like something to do with the money. The pubs rake in lots of taxes on the alcohol they serve and feed it all back to the Queen as her CUT. All part of the money merry go round. I am sure the addiction to alcohol helps fuel the money go round too. Work hard to pay taxes, then go out drinking to blot out the reality of your hard work life, paying yet more taxes via the drinking.

A TAX attacks us. A tax is a little CUT. A cut makes us bleed. And as the cut gets bigger and bigger, we bleed more and more. The government likes to make CUTS, and it likes to increase A TAX. Sometimes it generously CUTS A TAX. To make us feel like they are being nice, cutting us more but attacking us less. They are always taking their nasty little cuts, little nicks, like Santa, St Nick, nicking and cutting and attacking us.

As long as we carry on with our money and our taxes, the way of the world will be about nicks and cuts and attacks and making us bleed until we are bled dry.

The banks won’t collapse, will they? Many people seem to be waiting for some big event whereby the banks suddenly collapse, we all cheer, and a Brave New World begins. Without any effort on our part. But the very same people carry on using money, as I do. Too many people, even poor people, have an investment in money and the banks, a relationship to the banks. Even those in debt have a relationship with the banks. And it is this attachment that will keep it all going. If the banks collapse while we are still attached to them, like an unmbilical cord, we will need a replacement system straight away, another version of the same thing will spring up, or the banks will be bailed out. The only way we truly get rid of money and any other system of keeping count, is by exiting the system of our own free will. So that we no longer NEED the system. So that we can’t be lured back in. Then the banks will just disappear, fade away.

Wouldn’t it be nice if things were easy, and everyone suddenly went to the Queen and dumped their money, all of us TOGETHER. A great spirit of togetherness, lovely! Maybe we could start a movement on Facebook, and get angry because not everyone signs up. Maybe it will happen when the planets all line up eh? I think not, there is no way that everyone is going to synchronise and do this all at the same time. So it comes back down to your own soul solo sole barefoot journey. Working out your own way through. A bit lonely maybe. Patient and plodding, in your own time, your own way.

Or you can just CARRY ON as before, pay taxes, worship money, wait hopefully for an external saviour or external event that you expect to dramatically solve the world’s cruelty. The CARRY ON method is the one that plays into the hands of Big Brother and his banks.

(I have referred to Jesus as male in this post, but I am still of the opinion that Jesus was female, see Jesus the Jewess)

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6 Responses to Jesus and the Taxes

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I’m right with you on this one,Suli. I know that one day we’re going to wake up with a letter on the mat saying – “You’re evicted,we’ve bought the lot,and we want vacant possession.” By believing in money we have turned a concept into a reality.This opens the door for any old idea to be real and real things to be considered like concepts.It’s all a dream man,nothing is real,just some crazy hologram. It’s very ironic,isn’t it,that money only works through trust and it’s only through a lack of trust that we have to use it! I live as far away from money as I can, always have done, just instinctively. Now I’m getting to know why in the world of words.With the Jesus thing you’re right, all you’ve got to do is think for yourself about it, it’s all there. The trouble is, people learn clumps of words and just repeat them without noticing the meaning they express, and because most people do the same, think they’ve got it right. It’s just the same as hypnotism. I’m getting the feeling that the internet has become so compromised as to be almost useless. It happens to everything, the only thing to do is move on with all the understanding you’ve gained and a merry wave.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, I am the same, always been wary of money, and now getting to understand why. I have some more posts to come on money before I completely wrap up Suli. The trust conundrum is one that few people seem to get, which shows how well the training programs have worked.
      I have got rid of my home landline now and so limited my internet usage. Much better! And less money transactions too!

  2. pret1102 says:

    I m with you brothers..

    I want to share an article here..


    take a closer look at that dollar bill in your wallet. Take it out, take a nice long look at it, and then stop for a moment and think. Not about how we can’t seem to buy anything for a dollar (even at the dollar store), or how it’s only worth a tinkle of gas, but think about where it came from. Directly ask yourself:

                “Where did this dollar come from?”

    Where oh where did this green colored cotton paper rectangle with some funky dude’s face on it actually come from?
                Take for example an acorn. Imagine you are walking along a nice nature path with your adored loved one…or just alone…and then suddenly this acorn appears. Being a curious person, you pick it up, look at it and think “Where in the world did this acorn come from?” So, your eyes begin to wander and before long, a nearby oak tree comes into view. “Ahh yes, that is where this acorn came from!” you exclaim, and then proceed to throw it back into the woods as quickly as it was found, continuing along the path of nature with one mystery solved and many more to explore.
                Though unlike acorns, money does not grow on trees! It is as much fact as it is an old adage, though haven’t you ever wondered where that money really does come from? It seems too many people stop thinking at the idea of money coming from hard work and perseverance, which happens to be much further from the truth than it is close to it. Let me tell you, though – money does not come from the blood, sweat and tears we put towards a mindless economy of consumerism. It does not come from working – simple as that!
                So, where does this money come from? In order to find out, let us hop off that nature trail and follow the money trail for a while.
                Imagine we are employees at a restaurant and we just got paid, so we rush to cash our checks at the local bank. The bank gives us our money and we are on our way, thinking that our employer just paid us for what we earned (completely overlooking the idea that the money actually came from the bank).
                Now, we ask ourselves, where did our employer’s money come from? It came from the customers, right? Well, where did the customer’s money come from? The money they were paid from their employer. Shoot, that is a vicious circle, now isn’t it? But this is when we suddenly recall who gave us the money and realize our money actually did not come from our employer; it really came from the bank where we cashed our check!
                And so, where did the bank get the money? The Federal Reserve? Well, how did the Federal Reserve get their money?

                That is the question that is the answer: The Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve gets their money from the Federal Reserve. Since this is the case, we have the Federal Reserve pointing at the Federal Reserve. Essentially, our money comes from the Federal Reserve, where a fancy printing press prints all the money we use. A printing press, eh? Yes, a printing press.
                Okay, so let us get this straight. Our money can be considered to have come directly from a printer, a fundamentally simple machine that transfers designs made of ink onto a substrate while it passes through various rollers. And while I am not advocating ‘counterfeiting,’ though to get this point across, this simple process can also be accomplished by the personal laser jet printers of today. Even that inkjet printer next to your computer right now is fully capable of printing money. (at least basic appearance wise, without those cute little watermarks and UV stripes laced into a proprietary substrate)
                If this does not tell you something, then let me tell you some more. Some machine printed money for us, in some factory somewhere, and then someone drove it to our local bank in an armored truck. Granted, this money is printed on a super special paper that the average person does not have, though I myself could also make some special paper that no one else has, and start up my own currency business. But my money would not count for anything, now would it? And so what is the difference?

     That is precisely it; there is no difference, other than people pretending there is. The only difference between the money I would potentially create and the money someone else creates is solely in its appearance. With that in mind, it is easy to see that our money is fundamentally the same as Monopoly Money, only the government is the Monopoly Man in control of it all, and our society is one big Monopoly game that has gotten so far out of control that it is almost not even funny anymore.
                And regardless of how we wish to look at it, our money will never be the product of our lucky dice rolls or the laborious steps we take to acquire it; it will always merely be a product of someone else’s board game design.
                Basically, people are attempting to take a product handed out from someone else and declaring it to be their own, and then using it, along with everyone else, in a universally accepted fashion. But just because everyone is doing it, does not mean it is true!

                Another thing to consider is how the majority of our money is transferred now – it is all electronic. Now tell me, when we log onto and look at the balance in our checking/savings account, what do we see (other than a balance quickly converging to zero)? In case you are a little farsighted, let’s just cut to it. All we are looking at is a number, for example: $9,753.10. Got it? Just like the number on a calculator screen, that number DOES NOT have any physical relevancy to our body or world, whatsoever. It does not restrain us, it does not hold us back, it does not tell us what we can and cannot do. And yet everyone lets it control them and the life they live; everyone is mutually accepting a hollow hearted illusion and defending it with banks, guns and violence.

    These same deductions can be applied to an economy based around anything else our minds can conceive, whether it be pebbles/metal nuggets/acornss/etc., these principles do not change. What always remains is the fact that our ownership of these things is only what we pretend it to be. And with that little piece of poignant information, we can move mountains – faux as they may be.
               You see, we are working for an illusion, and that is precisely why the acquisition of money does not make one happy, nor do the things it can buy, for our ‘ownership’ of these things is also an illusion, as we found out in the Property section. None of these things belong to us – they are only here now for us to use. And let us now restate that for good measure:

    We do not own anything here; everything is only here for us to use.

    A seemingly small distinction, I know, though it is also one of the grandest of all.

    When we understand that nothing belongs to us, including this thing we call money, we see that material items are not our primary concern here; the progressive enjoyment of our life is, which is done by furthering our relations with each other and improving upon our creative abilities. And yes, while these activities usually do involve material items, they are of negligible secondary importance and are more so just an intermediary between our actions and the people we call ourselves.
               So, instead of pretending to produce goods for monetary compensation and societal ‘status,’ these goods should be solely produced for the combined satisfaction of their producers and users. And this is indeed how it can be – is satisfied people helping other people be satisfied through improving their lives.
                When we help other people live better lives, there is a satisfaction there that is so much more fulfilling than any ‘acquisition’ money can provide. And keep in mind, behind all the facades, this is how it truly is right now, and this is also why so many people find themselves unhappy – because MONEY DOES NOT PROVIDE HAPPINESS, and it does not provide the means for achieving it.

                But what else is there to do? Have we no choice but to operate under an illusion, rather than allowing our economy to evaporate and leave our society stranded without direction? Is not money the only way to ‘compensate’ a man for his labor, to organize ourselves by what we do? What other options are there? While at first, a solution to this problem may seem potentially unthinkable, there is an answer

    • suliwebster says:

      Thankyou pret1102. I totally agree with this article, and good to know there are more and more people seeing that a world without money is a possibility, though I think it may take us a while to get there! Just opening up the possibility helps things along I find (See my post Possibility Theory).

  3. Tim says:

    Hi Suli,
    I fully agree with your interpretation of Jesus’s comment on money. It’s clear that he advocated a gift economy. I think money is probably an invention of the Elohim / Annunaki types. They gave us their mind and culture, because our natural mode of caring and sharing makes them look bad…

    It makes me laugh when people say money doesn’t grow on trees, considering it’s no secret it’s printed on paper. Well, the top-quality stuff is anyway, obviously a lot of it is just made of electricity.

    Far from being ‘necessary’, money corrupts everything. I agree that we should minimise our contact with it as much as poss…

    • suliwebster says:

      Brilliant ! I hadnt noticed the money growing on trees thing before ! Obvious once you see it, as always !
      I know very little about Annunaki Elohim, perhaps because plenty of others are researching that very well, I leave it up to them. They sound pretty dodgy types from everything I hear, and I am guessing they are still controlling us from the planets that they live on. They just keep changing the control dials to beam subliminal orders down to their servants on Earth.
      There is an ELIM Church in Bath which sounds ominously Elohim.

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