Babies for Sale

Here we go again. Copy the Royals time. Zara Phillips is selling pics of her new baby. “Hello” magazine is paying her a “six figure” sum. Maybe they are desperate for the money. Which reminds me of recent news reports of how desperate Philipino families film their own kids being sexually used and abused in order to sell the pics for money.

Money is more important than kids. Kids and babies are becoming increasingly like objects. And it is only one gruesome step to be a sex object. Sex object females are called “babes” or “baby” which should warn us that the sex object theme extends to babies. You know the pop songs, like “Come on Baby light my fire”, loads of them.

There is a bit of a Philip fil Phil theme to this post, which links up with the kids and the cameras. Philips baby, Philipino, film, and paedophilia is a phil word too. We also have philanthropists, rich people who help poor people. Phil means LOVE. How much do you love your baby? Enough to get some nice glamour pics made up and sell them?

Your baby is a commodity that can be sold to the world, the Royals do it, it must be OK. Pics like this appear in OK magazine as well as Hello, and it sets the very high standard of living for other people to envy and aspire to, and want more money so that they can afford it. Of course the Royals are saying they trade their own baby because they are very PROUD of their achievement, unlike the Philipinos who we are told have low moral standards. We don’t do that sort of thing in the UK do we?

People do not notice that selling baby pics, or even taking baby pics, is the very same mind set that encourages paedophilia to thrive. It creates a paedo friendly culture, just like a bacterial culture encourages bacteria to thrive and multiply.

Think what the baby is going through as it is prepared for the photos. Maybe it needs to be drugged, the baby is not the most important thing, the good photo is. The image. The baby needs to look good, be dressed up in the right costume, surrounded by bright blinding flashing lights shooting at it. Scary stuff having a camera pointing at you when you are not used to it. Maybe the baby or child needs altering in some way to look good, like teeth straightened. I am sure the baby or child needs to smile! Be happy while you are being shot. The important thing is the end product, the commodity, the pic.

One of the main characteristics surrounding the paedophilia industry is photography, film, pics, images. By coincidence, this is also one of the main characteristics of the internet industry.

My home town of Bath is a hot spot for making films. The power of the film crew is such that streets are closed off and redesigned at huge expense, everyone must get out of their way. The false reality, the pic, is the most important thing that we must all serve. We are participating in creating the new false reality by supporting and worshipping the God of Film and Camera. The elites cannot do this without our cooperation.

Everywhere I go, I see more and more kids and babies used in commercial photography, used to advertise clothes, nappies, ipads (yes babies on ipads) etc. Used in films that make millions. Selling your kids is not just OK, it is something to be proud of and admired by others. Your baby or child makes a good picture, your baby or child was selected, CHOSEN. Fantastic! Be proud!

CHOSEN is the name of a 2008 film about child abuse I stumbled across today. (See link below). It is about boys chosen to be abused at the old school of Nick Clegg, Caldicott School in Farnham Royal, Buckinghamshire (no surprise there), where it seems that abuse was endemic in the fabric of school life. The abuse involving the headmaster, and several others, has only recently made the news, and it seems that it is yet another case of Cover It Up, something else is far more important than the kids.

People see what the elite are doing, selling baby pics for example, and envy it, and think if only I had money I could afford that! Look how happy and wealthy and rich their lives are. So when the government or a philanthropist like Bill Gates or Jimmy Saville or Apple, gives out these sort of things for free, they jump at the chance. They think they have made it to a happy decent life if they can live like the Royals.

So now the plan is to turn all the State schools, the new corporate owned academies, into something more like Old School Tie private schools. The very schools that are riddled with paedophilia are the ones being emulated, the culture rolled out to all schools across the land. They are building flashier school buildings, introducing a House system, a uniform of suits and ties, and boarding places are already being offered. Most of this is for FREE ! Available to all! There are plans to extend the school day and the length of terms too, and there are already expensive school run holidays offered abroad. We can’t have kids spending time with their own families and communities can we? I know, let’s fine parents for taking their own kids out of school! The parents can buy their own kids back off the state.

And people eagerly hand over their kids. Just like I have done. Surely some people protested when compulsory schooling came in? But commonly known history has been rewritten to show that we are very lucky to have free schooling, and we should also extend this good luck to Africa and other uncivilised countries if we can.

They did this Copy The Royals trick with sport. First, Phys Ed (Physical Education or PE) was something the elite did, then if you look it up, some philanthropist decided that poor people should be able to do it too, compete in the Olympics, play all the elite sports like rugby and cricket. And look at how much paedophilia there is in high level sport.

Phys Ed is a bit like Sex Ed, and Sex Ed is now being slowly moved to be under the Phys Ed umbrella. Sex is simultaneously being promoted as a Sport, a way to keep fit, a leisure or recreational (re create) activity. It is THE activity to recreate, you can see where it is all heading. One day it will be an Olympic Spectator sport with marks out of 10. Just like the Gymnasts.

The gymnasts are always opening their legs for the spectators and the cameras, dressed to please in skimpy outfits, trained to smile for extra points. One image of the Olympics 2012 that haunts me is a Zion Olympic van with a spinning gymnast icon on its roof, it was an upside down girl doing the splits, making her most protected area extremely vulnerable. Romanian gymnasts are a good example of paedophilia in sport, routinely raped by Caucescau, a Good British Knight. But every good little girl wants to be a gymnast.

Gym is like Jim, and Jimmy Savile, famous through TV pics, is now synonymous with paedophilia. School gyms are somehow often the place for nasty gymnasty things to go on. Savile is like servile, dressed to serve and please, serve the Camera God. And we live in the Surveillance state of endless cameras. Savile, servile, surveil. Serve the camera. Perform and smile for the camera. From birth.

At the Sochi Olympic Closing Ceremony, an underage (15) girl was filmed opening her legs onto ice. Doing the splits so that her South pole hole must have touched the frozen ice. The ice is a glass, ice can be seen through. A symbol of a peephole, a peephole for the people. Billions watch and cheer her on, she gets much praise, the good adults around her peddle her wares as good parents and carers are trained to do. And next time the girl will be a 13 year old one and so on down as we get more and more used to it, step by step.

David Cameron means Dvd Camera On. Got it? What is he presiding over? An increase in filming kids I would say.

Cameron’s Right Hand Man is Nick Clegg, as we now know he was schooled in paedophilia culture from a young age. Whether he was a victim or perpetrator or both or neither does not matter. The culture, the climate, is what counts. It seems this is a requirement for the top jobs, to understand that paedophilia is to be continued as acceptable and normal, to be trained from young to oversee it. And in our modern day world, we now need everyone trained to see imagery and pics of babies and children as normal. Ready for the next step in the Agenda.

Climate Change is maybe about changing our culture to one where we have a climate in which paedophilia can openly thrive and multiply, just like the bacteria. And that climate includes kids on film, kids and babes in pics and images everywhere.

A recent Bath Chronicle headline read “Abuse Me!” alongside a pic of an attractive blonde smiling woman. The subtext was something like “And you will be caught on camera.” The woman was a traffic warden. The story was about her wearing a miniature camera permanently on her to film everything that happens to her. I am sure this will soon be extended to abused children, and then ALL children, so that the paedos can get guaranteed footage of all their exploits. Think of the money it will make being sold on the internet! Concerned parents will demand it to catch the paedophiles, unwittingly setting up their kids as a honey trap “Abuse Me!”. Savvy (savile) but poor parents will profit from it like the Philipinos. The idea will be sold to us as something to safeguard your child, just like the vaccines.

A recent example of this already happening, was in the female changing rooms at Bath Swimming Pool. A sign that has now been taken down said that CCTV operated in this area for our safety. Many schools use the facilities there. Where is that CCTV footage now?

Film your child. To be proud and to protect and safeguard. This is what parents who LOVE their children do, how much do you LOVE your child?


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4 Responses to Babies for Sale

  1. dognamedblue says:

    this is an outstanding piece of work

  2. Noonoo says:

    Brilliant and fascinating, as usual.

    “Compulsory school age” was a masterful sleight of hand designed to con parents into thinking school is compulsory, when in fact it’s education that’s compulsory, not school.

    The trick is revealed in the last line: “either by regular attendance at school or otherwise”.

    Notice how it’s the duty of parents to secure education of children? How many parents think it’s the state’s duty to educate their kids? A lot, I think, because I’ve had this discussion numerous times with parents who don’t believe it until you show them what the Education Act says. It says this because if it didn’t, parents could sue their local authorities if their children’s school wasn’t providing a suitable education. Whereas, in theory at least, parents could be sued by the local authority for sending their children to a failing school that wasn’t providing a suitable education.

    • suliwebster says:

      Good spot Compulsory School Age ! Very misleading.
      I find the same Noonoo, most parents have abdicated responsibility to the State. I now see that the State has neatly not even taken responsibility whilst simultaneously capturing all the kids !

      The Court system works the same, I have been through it, and questioned over and over who was taking responsibility for these Acts of god in the Courts. You track it down, and noone does, everyone passes the buck.

      Meanwhile home schooling is mocked and despised. Though I understand from a commenter on this blog that it is a fast growing thing, multiplying six fold in recent years.

      My kids both went/go to school, but I always see their education as my responsibility. School is an annoying burden on my family! But it is what everyone else does, and my kids want to go. The reason they “do well” at school is because I have done a good job at home in the few hours I am allowed to have with them inbetween school and school and more school. Though any notable achievements are advertised as successes and achievements of the school! Both my kids are frequently on the school website, along with underage photos too. They are good advertising material. Ironic really, that I am one of the few parents that is anti school and puts huge effort into out of school upbringing and education (I dont mean expensive clubs, I mean passing on my own knowledge and skills using my own time and effort), yet my kids are scooped up eagerly and used as adverts for the school ! It is the same as people with nice hair being used to advertise expensive but crap hair products I guess…

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