The Bathwick Bomber

As I was driving along in heavy traffic on the A303 the other day, I saw a curious sign on the back of the lorry in front of me. It said THE BATHWICK BOMBER. It was professionally and artistically painted on, a bit like old steam engines have names on their side. I could hardly believe what I was reading, there are so many bombers around, the BOSTON BOMBER included, that equate to blowing people up. The lorry was a Pickford’s removal van.

Only a few weeks ago, I was writing about the BATH MAGAZINE, which had a February front cover picture almost identical to the Boston Bombing logo, (all major massacres are now branded with logos). The logo is a heart shape formed by pairs of running shoes. They said that they realised this, but published it anyway as it neatly joined up Valentine’s Day with the Bath Half Marathon.

Valentine’s Day is about bleeding red hearts of death and destruction, and Roman Tics, like ticking time bombs, and spending lots of the Queen’s headed notepaper money to feed the murderous system that we live in. The heart chakra is GREEN, not red, we are being misled. The red chakra is the root chakra of lust and sex. So the red of Valentine’s goes quite well with bombing people to bits, maybe the Bath Magazine have got it right.

The Bath Half Marathon is tomorrow, Sunday 2/3/14. The streets everywhere will be shut because it is a government approved event. The city will be packed.

There are bee coloured black and yellow signs buzzing everywhere announcing “Marathon Diversion”. Which makes me think I will be sent on a very big diversion if I try and do anything other than join in with the day’s fun. Or is this a diversion for me already, writing yet another Royally diverted post, when I have queues of better ones to write instead? Or can we expect a Boston Bombing style diversion?

I guess that the lovely Boston Tea Party cafe on KINGsmead SQUARE will be super busy for the occasion. While the Marathon itself is carefully organised to go around QUEEN SQUARE.

Bathwick is an area (wick equals witchy) of Bath just off centre, where Witchy Kate’s portrait hung in the Holburn Museum, previously known as the Holborn, Born to Burn, that’s our Kate ! The Half Marathon starts and ends in the same street. The one that Kate was looking down. Right along the axis of the King Key street layout, which travels through Bath. It crosses the Queen Key alignment at approximately the position of the old WestGate. It then immediately goes right past the Boston Tea Party.

All focus on Great Pulteney Street tomorrow then! The crowds will cheer, the Roman clocks will start ticking the time for the Marathon. I mean the Half Marathon. That’s THIRTEEN miles. The number of the King, and the Sun and the Son. Will it be a sunny Sunday for the King Key of Bath?

To be precise, the end of the Marathon is usually just off Great Pulteney Street. It is in William Street, which you get to at Number 66 Great Pulteney Street. 66, a double 6, a double 33, William the number 13 King to be. 66 announces the King’s Speech, like the double open quote marks. William Street leads to the Rec. The Wreck or the Re-creation Ground. It is starting to sound like the Phoenix rising from the Ashes. The Ashes left after the Holy Burn.

Except it is not cricket Ashes played at the Rec, it is Rugby. Bath is very rare in that world class Rugby is played right in the middle of the city, just by what I think is the old EastGate Bridge. The Rec is one of the few places in Bath that seems to be at its natural original height, as most of Bath is layered up so that the current street level is way above the original ground level. In that sense, The Rec is in a sort of bowl shape, like an amphitheatre, and lo and behold it is right next to water, as amphitheatres always are.

On my Bathwick Bomber driving trip, I visited the SQUARE Roman Town of Silchester, splatted on top of what must have been a lovely ROUND Iron Age Hill Fort. I noticed that the amphitheatre is just outside the EastGate. Just like the Rugby Rec in New Roman Bath! On Match Days in Bath, you can hear the crowd roaring for miles around, gladiator style. According to English Heritage, the Silchester amphitheatre was used for public entertainment, including gladiator fights, beasts in combat, and public executions. I see our modern day public entertainment heading this way.

I visited Silchester because it is on the VIA JULIA, though English Heritage don’t seem to know this, and it seems to me that the name is deliberately kept almost secret. It is the main WEST EAST route through Silchester, and it also goes through Bath disguised as Julian Road. My real name is JULIA, which is why I have developed a peculiar interest in it, a road that goes through ME ! How weird.

But back to the Rugby… Rugby has two large H posts for goals. The double HH. H is 8, so this is also a double 88. The Moon Numbers and keys of Solomon. The 88 was depicted at the recent Sochi Closing Ceremony, because one Olympic Ring was deliberately missing leaving a clear icy 88.

BatH Half is also a double HH. It is advertised as BATHALF, with the H split in half, which draws our attention to the double H. So it is fitting that it should end at the Rec where the Double HH Rugby is played. It also leaves BAT and ALF which are Bath related subjects I have mentioned before.

On my day of driving, I was deliberately trying to follow the Kennet and Avon Canal, the KA. I. my car, (which is not a Ford KA). After a while it started to get a bit odd, because I found I was on the trail of Witchy Kate, who is a sort of KA, KAte. The first reminder was at Marlborough where I saw a schoolgirl dressed in witchy Harry Potter robes from Kate’s old school, Marlborough College. This is the school uniform! Then I went past Buckleberry her Masonic Buckle home. The KA eventually empties into the River Kennet, then the Thames and goes past her London home. And the KA starts in Bath where it cuts through the gardens of the Holburn Museum, where Witchy Kate was hung.

Half way along the A4 to London was a place called Halfway! The original A4 is the ancient Bath to London Road, called the Bath Road in London, and the London Road in Bath. So I am guessing that Halfway is halfway between Bath and London. In the same way that the Bath Half is half a marathon, only half way there.

The street map of Bath for the Marathon shows the running streets in Blood Red. Many maps of Bath (less so this one) show Bath as an anatomical heart shape, bounded on three sides by the river, and the major blood vessels coming out of the North. More bleeding red hearts for the Marathon.

The Bath Chronicle link was written on 27/2/14, the same day as my drive (I do very little driving, so it was a major event for me). What is very strange is the name of the link, which comes up as Poised Eve Run. That sounds like poisoned Eve to me. So maybe we will see some apples to go with the bombs and red hearts.

And hey ho, the main charity is a breast cancer one. Surely that is poisoning Eve? More funds raised to cause cancer, the good cause.

I am not going to make any predictions because I am usually too inaccurate, but it doesn’t bode that well really, and there is obviously something odd going on that is not for our own good.

The Bath Half has a race “director”, just like a film has a director. The director is Running HigH. Another Double HH. As far as I can make out, the Boston bombing was largely a directed film designed to confuse and muddle the global psyche, by mixing fake with reality. Bath is a top spot for filming, we are good at doing fake stuff here. Even if people are not actually maimed and injured, the programming of our minds to accept it as normal continues to hurtle forwards, until killing is a normal everyday bleeding red heart spectator sport.

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