The Book of The Hole

“The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth”. The Bible is used for swearing about the Truth and the WHOLE. The Whole is the WombHole, and it seems that the Bible is the Book of the Hole, the Holey Book. The Holy Bible is all about the vaginal passage. How very vulgar these good Christians are! And of course those SWEAR words are usually vulgar too.

It is quite curious that a hole could be of such importance. A hole is actually er.. nothing. NOTHING but the truth, as mentioned in the swearing ceremony. A hole is defined by what is around it. But anyway, this particular hole, the vaginal passage, is a very important hole, because it is how we got here. How we were delivered into this world. It is our clue to where we came from. And I think it is where we need to head back to find out where home is.

So you can see why the Christian Church, operated by the Vatican HQ, want to stand guard over the Hole. Creation, birth, death and recycling are all managed via the Hole. Oh yes, I nearly forgot, sex too. They like to encourage copulating and populating.

The Swiss Guards guard the Vatican, or maybe they guard the Holes on behalf of the Vatican, a sort of Swiss SS layer. The Swiss cheese EMMENtal is full of holes, very holy, and it is savioury. Who makes this stuff up? EMMENagogue is a way of making women menstruate, curing the “problem” of not bleeding. Frankincense is an emmenagogue, Pope Franky Francis, his EMINence, is obviously presiding over the bleeding of the holes. They want more blood.

Holes are for sale. It is the world’s oldest profession. The very first trade, set off by wanting to own the hole, either on contract basis by marriage, or pay as you go by prostitution. Or let’s be really greedy and own the whole lot, lots of holes. The wombhole, the whole. How can the whole be actually NOTHING? An empty space? We all want to be whole again. To be nothing, and we have been tricked that we need to have lots of things to become whole. Nowadays wholesale trade rules the world, and ensures that slavery, wars and paedophilia prosper.

So let’s get back to anatomy. The vaginal passage leads from the womb, which is the sacred chamber, just as Holy People like to have sacred passages and chambers. Holy people, predominantly male, are there to guard and control access to the Hole, and the inner chamber, to rule over it, all appointed by a male God. The Hole is the connecting passage for our cycles of life. By guarding the entrances and exits and controlling who comes in and out, and in what state, they can police the borders to this world and others, just like customs and borders officials.

As long as we all support this Holy police force, we will continue to be recycled, birthed and killed off according to their agenda.

Cats are feline, female, and women fight in “catfights”. A Cathole is a feline hole, a female hole, and sounds like it might be what the Roman Catholics are named after. I think that is exactly what the word Catholic refers to.

Just to confirm I am on the right track, I find that there is a Vulgate Bible. A little bit vulgar, and a little bit Vulva Gates. You can see how the word vulgar came about to mean something a bit sexual that shouldn’t be talked about? If we talk about it, we might work it out, heaven forbid! The Vulva Gates are positioned guarding the Hole, the double gates of the labia majora and labia minora. The Vulgate Bible was a 4th century Latin (that’s the Romans) translation. By the 13th century, it had become the “versio vulgata”, the commonly translated version. And again, the word “common” is used almost interchangeably with “vulgar” in the UK. By the 16th century, The Vulgate Bible was the official version of the Roman Cathole Church.

The labium majus is the singular, just one vaginal outer lip, very magus, magical, magestical. And also a bit like bum, another vulgar word. The Jew Lip is an enlarged lip, that identifies a Jew, and which I suspect is identifiable on all the majesties in waiting… Diana, Kate, etc, who have to be inspected prior to marriage to ensure their virginity. An inspection of the Hole and the Gates to ensure they are in the correct state.

Back into the Wombhole, and at the far end of the passage is another set of gates, the Cervical gates, when you finally arrive into the large open space that is the inner sanctuary. And this is NOTHING too, an empty sphere. Do gates make you think of anything Holy, something the Holy ones are always banging on about, tempting us with? Heaven perhaps? The gates of Heaven. Heavenly. Or is it heavy?

A woman in her first pregnancy is called a Prima Gravida. Grave, heavy, gravity. The baby is birthed heading down through the Hole with the aid of gravity (unless you get stuck as I did in some stupid hospital contraption called “stirrups” that forces a gravity defying birth). Birth brings the light spirit into the heavy world of gravity.

So if the womb is Heaven, what the hell is Hell? What on Earth is Hell? Is Hell a hole? Holed up in Hell, or held up in the Hole. The Hole is Hell. You descend your heavy descent from heaven head first down through the Hole of Hell to get to Earth.

Have you noticed something very interesting, something that the Church leaders omit to tell their flock? To get back to heaven, you have to go through Hell ! Hoho, says Santa SatNav, will they all go the wrong way?

You don’t go back in physical form of course, you are too big once you are out. Spirit form only is the way back.

The Vulva entrance to me is like the eye of the needle. And the materially rich cannot make it through and are no doubt seriously looking for a short cut, something like the opposite to a caesarian. You can only go back in spirit form, and I have no idea how many spirit forms actually make it through. I would say most of us hang around for recycling of some sort, including those that are carefully programmed to believe they will ascend to heaven as soon as they die.

To go back through Hell means to descend, and I think that means heels first, the opposite of the way we arrive. Jesus was a heeler, the Holey Book tells us so. The clue is to descend, which means heels first, in order to ascend to Heaven. This is all symbolic, and all about how your mind is programmed, and how we can reprogram it to bypass or the evil system. To heel is to heal. To go back the correct way will heal us by reprogramming us, breaking the continuous cycles of destruction that we have got used to. The Holey Book holds the Truth if we know how to read it.

Sometimes you see Vulva written as Volva or Valve or Value even. Obviously the vulva is of high value, that is why the Vatican own it. VA is the US state of Virginia, and the first two letters of VAtican. Tic is the Roman Tic of time and love. Lovely romantic vatican cathole. Anything of VALUE has a charge. And the Vulva Vagina seems to have a charge too, an electric charge. A Volva voltage.

The vaginal passage, the Hole, looks like an electric AA battery in anatomy diagrams. The cervix is the narrow bit, the positive charge at the top, and the vulva is the lower negative charge. Volts are coded as V. So we have HIV and LOV. Hive and Love. Or High Five and Low Five. Love is the low voltage end of the battery, the red chakra. Hive or High Five is the high end (hive end, heavend) of the battery. Sex is like an electric charge, an electrical connection which also matches a plug being put into a socket. If the electric flow in sex matches that with plugs, then the female hole is powering the male via his plug. The way for the vagina to operate is to discharge outwards from High to Low, producing babies or other discharge products like menstrual blood, and also it seems charging up men’s power via sex. All presided over by the Pope. Don’t you just LOVE it?

Churches and other Holy places usually have a public archway to enter. Just like you enter the Hole via the Pubic Arch. This is the red root chakra, the commoners entrance, smutty and common. The Church is laid out in chakra colours matching the body, walk down the nave(l) towards the purple crown at the far end, which is out of bounds to all but the holy elite. The Higher Arch in the cross bit seems to be at about Green, the Green heart chakra. The higher arch of the church matches the higher arch of the womb, and the higher.archy, hierarchy, that run the world, that rule our hearts with their ruled straight lines, right angles and squares.

The Romans are known for their straight lines, grids and SQUARES. And here we find the Roman Catholics guarding the ROUND Cathole. Square pegs and round holes. No wonder nothing works properly.


Now I am going to take a look at some of the jobs in the Church, the Holey Bible clutching clergy, who are mostly male. They seem to be a bit like cartoon characters.

The Vicar…
…gives services. Or is it cervices? Yes the plural of cervix is indeed cervices. Cer vical, cer vicar. Sir vicar. Cir vical a bit circle like. Another word a bit like cer vix is vixen. A Foxy lady is a sexually attractive one, advertising her sexuality. A vixen is chased by the hunt and the hounds blowing their HORNS, riding their horses across the fields in the cuntryside. But back to the vicar, his job seems to be about servicing the cervix, or serving it maybe. To tell us about the gates to heaven. How we ascend to heaven, forgetting the bit about descending through hell which we must avoid! And you can see the vice in the vicar too. Vice is a more serious criminal version of vulgar, one that requires a vice squad. A vice is a gripping instrument, and if you look at the anatomy, the cervix is going to be a tight gripping squeeze to get through. The vicar lives in the Vicar Age. Cervical is also a bit like survival, cervival. And this is how we carry on surviving, we keep returning, recycled endlessly through the wombhole.

The Rector…
…who lives in the Rectory. Is he something to do with the rectum, the rectal passage? There is no Holy Hole in boys, only a rectum, the Man Hole. Or is the rector responsible for e.rection? Or maybe even the re erection, resurrection, of Jesus.

The Parson…
… is all about passing on. Passing onto the next world, but does the parson help you through the wombhole, or through to Big Brother’s recycling operation? To come back to this world, to be born again as soon as a suitable new body is ready? The Parson lives at the Pass On Age. Parse means to translate a grammatical language, and is extensively used in computing, the method by which we are controlled and programmed and spelled.

The Curate…
His job is to cure souls. A bit like curing ham or bacon. You fix it, preserve it, to be eaten, consumed, at a later date. I am not sure where the curate lives, but his name seems to include “ate”. Something to do with consumption of humans. Think of the Curator of a museum, looking after all those old religious relics, or maybe relishes, so nicely preserved for future generations.

The Priest…
…administers the last rites of passage, just before your journey into the passageway. Bloody hell, these religious people come in thick and fast when it is time for death! The priest pries, or is it prize, a surprise or cer prize. In old English houses, the chimney sometimes has a priestHOLE, supposedly for priests to hide, but I can’t help noticing that Santa uses the chimney too. Very sooty and smutty, which is another word like vulgar. So it seems that the priest actually goes into the hole to hide in some way. Shall we play Hide and Seek, children? The Holy See would be a good Hole Seeker methinks.

The Verger…
Is he in charge of Virgin vaginas? Unused ones like the Majestic Royals. The verger is on the edge of the hole, the verge, and maybe he is a Holy Inspector of some sort, inspecting vaginal virginal quality. It is maybe a bit like the way that people sit on road verges counting traffic, collecting data about usage of the road, how much passes through.

John The Baptist…
This is too much like Join the Bap Tits. Sorry I am being vulgar again. When a baby is born, it should be put to the ROUND breast, vulgar terms for breasts are baps and tits. This is how the baby gets joined up to its mother on the outside, and how it then becomes ready to sever the unbiblical, umbilical cord connection of the inside. Male biblical baptist ministers prefer to dunk the baby in water in an OCTAGONAL stone basin, cleansed by Octagon water, which sounds a bit Octave like, tuned to the music of the male perhaps. The Baptism serves the Biblical after severing the umbilical. And severing the umbilical is a ribbon cutting ceremony.


And now on to the BOOK itself.

A Bible is from bibliography, a word to describe a collection of books, a library. Which is what the Bible is, a set of books or Gospels, spells of words, spells and tricks of spelling.

But the really interesting thing is the Bib. A bib covers up something to protect it. The Holey Bib is therefore covering the Hole, and I suggest that this might refer to the Jew Lip, formed I believe by repeatedly deforming women, by stitching them up, so that eventually the DNA program changes, and women eventually get automatically born with the sign of the Jewess. Makes it easier for the Verger to inspect.

A bib is worn by babies, to protect their cute clothes from food spillages. Adults, elite ones especially, have something similar in posh restaurants, called a NAPKIN. A white cotton square sometimes folded in fancy ways, into triangles maybe, which is TUCKed in. Maybe it mops up the blood from all the red meat they eat. A napkin is a word for female “sanitary” wear, something to mop up the menstrual blood brought about by eminent Francis of the Roman Cathole. Romans like their squares and their blood and they like to sanitise everything too. There are numerous examples of blood soaked white cloth, including St George’s cross of England, The Red Cross of Switzerland, and the trophy of red blood on white sheet to prove a newly married man has claimed his virgin bride, consume ate. Modern day symbols for kids are Santa and Coca Cola and Richard Branson’s Virgin Brand.

A nap kin sounds like nape (of the neck) and kin. The womb has a nape of the neck at the cervix. And the kin is created in the Womb and born through the Hole. So it would seem that a Bib is a lot to do with the Hole.

A napkin is like the Egyptian aprons, also worn by modern day Freemasons, worn fig leaf style over their lovely tool of the Hole, giving them physical access to heaven. No need to do it spiritually, you can keep all your stuff and things, stay rich and still get to heaven, providing you have a tool for the job, and own plenty of Holes. The Masonic Egyptian napkins had complicated folds too, just like the modern day restaurant ones. The Masonic apron is decsribed as the earliest form of clothing, and was once made from the fleece of a sacrificed lamb. Maybe the same lamb they eat at the table.

The chest part of a modern cooks apron is called the Bib. For some reason, males have sexual fantasies about women in uniforms which often include aprons, servant women like a waitress, cook, or nurse. Nurses are the best, they will have blood on their white aprons, very sexy.

Golf has red triangle cotton flags, like blood soaked Egyptian aprons, at the top of poles which guard the Hole. Well eighteen holes to be precise. Golf is a game of the elite, and is head quartered in St. Andrews, Scotland, where the New Royals met at Uni. I think we can assume that Kate has been inspected and has a Jew Lip. We know she is a common commoner, (vulgar), they keep telling us.

But back to the TUCKing in of the bib. Apron is a word for a saggy tummy that can be fixed and flattened by a tummy TUCK operation. Then you can look just like Kate! This is a tucking in of the bib ceremony, surely? A symbolism of the Freemasons who wear their Bib as a fig leaf over their favourite tool. Apron tummies often arise from pregnancy, or more likely multiple pregnancies from females that are bred or bled to death, just like the eminent Pope would like.

And last but not least, there is a fiction book called Holes. It is about some juvenile prisoners in the US who go out digging apparently pointless holes in the ground every day. The main character Stanley was sent there by a MISCARRIAGE of Justice. A miscarriage occurs through the wombhole too. The holes measure five by five. V by V. Sounds very Holey familiar. According to the Amazon book review, “Stanley must dig up the Truth”. Must be the Hole Truth.

Holes are NOTHING remember. NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. The WHOLE Truth. There are invisible holes in the ground everywhere, which arise at nodes, energy line crossover points. Every church I know has one inside, usually at the cross point. This is where the energy lines that skim and snake over the Earth surface change their behaviour and the energy appears to head up skywards or down into the Earth. I think these earth holes map to female holes, and the Vatican is guarding many of the best of these holes too. Whatever is done to one hole will resonate across all holes, be they Earth holes or Cat holes.

It seems to me that we need to pay more attention to the Nothing and the Whole. For that is the way to the Truth we seek.

(See also: Sheela Negative, Bridle and Groom, Through The Wombhole, Holy See Over Bath, Wombless Women, Pavlovs Women, Ab Use of Sex, I Want One, Jesus The Jewess, Jesus da Vinci and Chakra, Decoding the Murder of Jesus, Sent Down, Jesus and the Taxes, Consume Ate, A Dam and a Dyke, Santa or Jesus, Copule Popule, Go Back, The Lewis Key, Program Me, Human Procurement Centres, The The, I am The Truth, Royal Georgian Bath, Puppies for Sale, Power Points, Earth Energy, The Eyes and The Nose, Be Positive)


Holes by Louis Sachar

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8 Responses to The Book of The Hole

  1. Elena says:

    Talking about the ‘hole truth’ made me think of the rash of sinkholes opening around the earth. Truth can’t be contained.
    Comparisons of the female reproductive system to the church made me think of the layout of Solomon’s temple. The vestibule (entrance) leading to the Most Holy (vagina) leading to the Holy of Holies (womb), protected by double doors and the purple/crimson veil (blood).

    • suliwebster says:

      Notice how they have made Solomon’s Temple SQUARE. This reminds me of the World Heritage Organisation symbol which is a SQUARE inside a circle. It appears as a circle from the outside, but you go in through the entrance and inside it is a SQUARE. It is a version of squaring the circle, but from the INSIDE. This is the HERitage of the WORLD. HER WORLD, which is being squared.

    • All the great cathedrals are created with vaginas and penis’…the entrance is the vagina (the doors are often painted red) and the tour (tower) is the great penis…this follows even in Islam and temples in India with the yoni/lingham…

      • suliwebster says:

        So all religions are actually worshipping heterosexual SEX, the great copuling coupling, as decreed by the dictator in the sky, whatever his name might be. The doors are always Double doors too I think. Our local Church (the richest in the country apparently), has just shut off access to the front double door, since I wrote this post! It is fenced off with red and white Santa coloured tape with a sign warning “Falling Masonry”. Is the Masonry about to collapse? I live in a place that is the Cornerstone of Freemasonry.

        There is an earlier post on towers, Tower Tour.

  2. suliwebster says:

    Yes! That is a good reminder that Truth always bubbles up, or leaks out eventually. That is easy to forget when you constantly witness the tight control.
    I wonder if the veil is the hymen (hymn)? The trophy of breaking (the hymen) and entering is blood on the white sheet. So the breaking of the hymen by the male, or man made, way is very much associated with blood. I guess the other way, broken by a baby birthing, would be water, the flood.

    Aha, crimson is the right word Elena! Crime of the Son! The crimson veil.

    • Elena says:

      Some gospels say that at the exact moment of Jesus’ death, there was an earthquake (the earth moved, orgasm), and the veil in the temple was torn in half from top to bottom. Access to the womb no longer denied. Access to god no longer denied.
      Even traditional Christianity understands this is a creation myth. The creation of a new covenant between god and man, but there is much more symbolism here on many levels. And if you consider that Jesus itself may have been the feminine principle it really gets interesting.

      • suliwebster says:

        Thanks Elena, I am not very well studied in gospel stuff and I don’t know a lot of these interesting details. That sounds almost like the first rape of woman, or the first eating of Adam Apple. The old womban only line dies. The pubic arch becomes the public arch, and Joe Public can enter. A new paired system takes its place, and instead of a line of life inheritance we now have a complicated Tree of life with the family tree and branches everywhere. I think this is the Part Ridge in a Pair Tree. Sung at Christmas Time, the time when the male Christ was born, and maybe around the time that Jesus the Jewess died.

        The new covenant makes sense too. Somehow there is a new deal, with wombs contracted to male ownership. A new deal that has been agreed somehow. And one I think we need to stop agreeing to somehow.

        I am reminded of how mothers have contractions before and during birth. And this seems like symbolism for a contract too. A contract to bring a new life and soul into the human body.

        I started reading a book called The Function of the Orgasm which I have now abandoned, too Freudian, too clinical, too academic, and too paving of the way for paedophiles. But there was one interesting bit about a man who was unable to have erections (considered a failure that must be fixed of course!), it was traced back to age 2 when he witnessed his mother giving birth and saw her enlarged hole. The author said this was all about the man seeing the woman with her sad lack of male organ, her negative missing space. She is considered inadequate (though she has just created a whole baby!). But I think it was the man seeing the truth of the Hole. The truth that he has no Hole and he cannot create. And also the truth that he does not want to enter that hole in physical form. The author was unable to “cure” the man.

  3. suliwebster says:

    A few days after writing this post, someone told me of a Catholic family she knew who used to live in old English houses that often had priestholes. The kids apparently used the priest holes for games of Hide and Seek.

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