The Time Machine

Dr Who’s Tardis is a Time Machine and it is SQUARE. It resembles a cell. The Maltese Cross on the door shows who really owns it, the Knights of Malta and St John. It looks fun, and tempting, doesn’t it? Suppose someone offered you your very own Time Machine? You too could be a Time Lord ! Fantastic !

So free…
Of course you might be a bit isolated from others inside your time machine, but it doesn’t matter, because you can go anywhere anytime you like! So free! Free in a SQUARE cell. And if you are male, you will have an attractive female assistant to serve you, constantly replaced when they wear out due to their time limitations.

We are always put in this position where we are lorded over by lords such as The Time Lord. We look up to them and are led to envy their Lordy life. So when the masses are offered opportunities to be powerful and Lordy at affordable prices, it is very tempting.

Man and his machines…
A whole new generation of kids are being doctored and indoctrinated by the male Doctor Who The Time Lord, and his exciting adventures in his Time Machine. When you go inside, it is much much bigger than the outside. You have lots of controls and the MAN made machine will take you to another time. Only a machine can do this, we are told, it is man power, the power of man. And if a machine can traverse linear time, then there must be a linear time to traverse. The concept of Time is reinforced.

Your very own Time Machine…
It reminds me of the SQUARE internet screen. It is only a little screen, smaller than the Tardis, you can’t even get inside it can you? But when I get absorbed in the internet, I feel like I have been pulled into it through the SQUARE screen. Time flies when I am in it. And it feels much much bigger on the inside, just like the Tardis does. I can talk to the whole world, anywhere, anytime, always ON. All you need is eyes, fingers and possibly ears in order to partake. And of course some sort of key to unlock the computer, your very own Time Machine.

Roll up roll up, come and get your very own Time Machine, special cheap deal today! All aboard for the Brave New World !

Bill Gates…
Where do you want to go today? This is what Microsoft Windows used to ask people. So exciting to get inside that square computer and go anywhere and anytime you like ! Films online can play you a version of the past or a version of the future. Cameras all over the world beam you pictures of other parts of the world in great detail. You can join in and beam yourself out to the world too! So free! So powerful!

Police Gates…
The Bill is another word for The Police. The Tardis is a police box. You enter through the police box gates, the Gates of The Bill, stamped with the Maltese Cross. Billingsgate is the location of a Dr Who episode called The Invasion of The Dinosaurs. It seems that the dinosaurs are returning disguised as Telescreens.

Could it be that the Maltese Cross is stamped on the outside of the policed and gated internet box, just like the Tardis?

Does “policed and gated” make you think of prison cells?

Get out of your box…
When Dr Who arrives in another time he gets out of his box. We don’t do that on the internet, we have cameras and microphones, film and speakers doing that “getting out” bit for us. We stay in the box, nice and comfy and safe !

A Place Machine…
A car is a bit like a Place Machine. Your very own Place Machine! Where do you want to go today? This is in some ways more like the Tardis, because you get INSIDE it. You shut the doors, and off you go. So free ! You can go anywhere! As long is it is on a black tarmac road heading the way that the signs or the Santa SatNav tells you.

Touch free…
People who are sitting engaged with their screens, or shut in and strapped into cars do not look free to me. They look like they are imprisoned. Cut off from everything else around them, cut off from mother earth, cut off from TOUCH. Communicating is via man made machine “touch sensitive” controls. Facing the front like blinkered racehorses. Communicating through the touch sensitive glass. Prisoners and their visitors communicate through glass, it is considered a punishment and a safety device, and it is depicted in FILMs over and over again, the two people TOUCHing the glass and it is always very very sad.

I think we are being sold an illusion of freedom. Everything we do through our car or our computer is directed and controlled by Big Brother. The SantaNav of place and the SantaTic of time.

A SatNav is a a sort of in-car cinema that tells you what to do, gives you instructions. Just like the Big Brother screens in Orwell’s 1984. People buy in-car Dvd players for their kids to keep them amused while they are strapped in going to somewhere exciting. Film is rife on the internet, a big part of internet life is the visual imagery. Filmed reality and stage directed film are getting increasingly blurred everywhere. Docs and news and fiction all interleaved as one. Cinemas show 3D films, with special surround sound and special glasses. You could say that film and false images are now all around us. We are wrapped up in film, like a coat, a filmy oily coat.

Fake windows…
We have flight simulators for pilots learning to fly that gives them a false reality of flying by replacing the screens of the plane windows with a film. We have computer screens in our home that take us anywhere anytime, a false window on the world. We happily wear sunglasses and cinema glasses to keep us safe or to enhance our experiences, or “improve” our vision. People are consenting to operations to replace their retina, the eye lens they were born with replaced by a MAN made machine one. The High Street is full of spectacle shops to supply us with fake lenses, just as the High Street is full of shops selling screens, fake windows.

Fake sounds…
The High Street hearing shops are increasing rapidly too. As are ops to build in permanent hearing aids. We are hearing the wrong sounds and it must be corrected. The new improved man-made implanted device will screen out the wrong sounds and only filter through the right ones.

Don’t eat the Apple…
If Microsoft was the one that first offered us freedom of travel through the fake windows, then it was Apple that brought us the visuals, the pics, the pixels. Don’t eat the Apple! Don’t even pic the Apple! You are the Apple of My Eye. My eye is the apple. The ipad or the Eyepad, the fake window on the world. So tempting !

The Carputer…
Imagine a car with all the windows replaced with Eyepad. Ipads have cameras on the back and front, so you can switch them to see through. The eyepads replace the Windows which are already a distortion of what we could see, and of course the eyepad is MANmade so it is much better. So your car is now a bit like a flight simulator. Or a bit like the Tardis. You don’t need to drive it, SantaNav will do that for you, save you the work. And you can play on the ipads to pass the time, the Time which you have mysteriously not been able to kill even though you are now a Time Lord with a Time and Place Machine. When you arrive at your target destination (Tar.des for short, a bit late and tardy because time is still a problem), you can get out of your carputer. But you don’t have to, so much easier to just look out through the screens, and stay safe and comfy inside your box.

Is that what the men who went to the Moon did? They actually would have no idea where they were apart from what all their controls and screens told them. The controls of course were linked directly to Ground Control.

The Mobiles….
The mobile agenda kids us we are free and on the move, almost nomadic really. The automobile is the original name of the motorcar, and we all fell for that one didn’t we? The mobile phone was the original name of the Smartphone, now with screens that go anywhere. Disabled people are not mobile, they have devices that help them with ACCESS and MOBILITY. If you are not disabled, you are led to feel grateful that you have ACCESS and MOBILITY. And the agenda for more ACCESS and MOBILITY is rolled out to help us all, but especially the unfortunate disabled.

The Macs…
The poisoned apple is an AppleMac, our Time Machine. The roads for our cars, our Place Machine, are made of TarMac. A Mac is a Mackintosh, a thin filmy rubberised coat that protects us from the evils of water. Get your Mac on, it’s raining! Rubber is a great insulator, and the Mac and the TarMac between them insulate us from Mother Earth and her water, which are both healing. Mac is Scottish, the prefix for many surnames or clan names, and it means “Son of”. SON of GOD perhaps. And AppleMac is maybe a MacApple, the Son of Adam Apple, the Son of God, created with seed, man made machine seed, from the MonSanta Male.

The Machs…
Mac is also MAChine. Watch out for the Macs! Mach One is the O version of the Mach Ine. O or I, off or on, out or in. If you travel at a higher speed than Mach 1 you are supersonic, Super Son. This is starting to sound like the second coming of Christ the Super Son, disguised as the Time and Place Machine, and we will all want one. Do you think you can spot it coming and recognise it, and say NO?

Max and Min…
If Machs Max is the Man Made Machines, the maximum, the tower, the positive, then perhaps Min is the female, the miniMUM. This fits rather neatly with the Goddess Minerva of water, healthy minerals and Minerva, my nerves. My nerves are the things that detect what is going on using my senses that I was born with, created by my mother. These nerves are going to be (already are) controlled by another layer of Big Brother man made senses, like a new oily filmy skin. A new coat. And it is getting on my nerves. I see Max and Min written on the oil container in my car. If things drop to Min, I must panic and fill it up to Max.

TARdy is to be late, time controlling you again? TARmac roads are plastered all over Mother Earth in the name of freedom to travel, mobility, access for the Place Machine. The TARdis is the Time Machine. And reTARded people are ones that are behind Time, and now have their own Olympics called the Special Olympics, just like the Paralympics.

The Coat of Film…
We are being tempted by the Apple, the Mac, Film, the Time Machine, the Place Machine, right NOW. The coat does not look evil, the Time Machine does not look like a Tardis. The coat is another layer of packaging, and reflects the increased plastic oily filmy packaging in our Western lifestyles. Choosing to follow the temptation is under our own control, and methinks that choosing the New Coat will mean you are policed and billed forever more. Joseph and his Technicolour DreamCoat comes to mind. A technicolour coat sounds like a coat of cinematic film.

The French word “travail” means to work. Is travel freedom? Or is it a trap called mobility and access? “Work” is a funny word that should be spelled werk, or should sound like “walk”. I would say that the only true Mother Nature way to travel freely is to walk, to walk barefoot without any rubber protective layers, with your sole soul on Mother Earth. This obviously takes a lot longer, more TIME, than other means, and you will be late, tardy. But if you are not a slave to time, then surely this does not matter?

Threw the Looking Glass…
A window or screen or spectacles is a sort of looking glass. Maybe Alice got fed up of going down the rabbit hole, and she threw the looking glass away. I recently threw away my home internet, which seems like a good step, but I still have a computer, a phone and a car. I keep wondering how I got to have so many bloody machines and screens, and why it is seemingly so difficult to wean myself off them. Maybe I will be like Alice one day.

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Link to recent Merovee blog post which appeared after I started writing this one!

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24 Responses to The Time Machine

  1. Elena says:

    Discussions about how the world wide web has affected us, always remind me of the Hopi prophecy that the world would one day be surrounded by a giant spider web. Spider webs are fascinating even beautiful feats of engineering and essentially a near perfect trap to catch unsuspecting prey. Once again nature left us a warning.
    Windows and time made me think of windows of opportunity…’a period of time in which suitable action can achieve success’. I personally am overwhelmed by the sense that we are at a major crossroads and confronted by a choice of great magnitude. The choice for me is obvious, but as you have said, never easy.

    • suliwebster says:

      I keep thinking of the ampersand symbol vs the figure of eight ( a spider is tuned to the number 8). An 8 is infinity, though it also contains a crossroads. The ampersand has a way out and a way in. I sometimes think it is the missing 27th letter of the alphabet. It has current “amp” and sand. The sandy foreshore is a halfway space that is sometimes and and sometimes sea, a place of ebb and flow and a joining space of positive (land, male) and negative (sea, female).
      I also think of spiders webs forming in the corners of SQUARE rooms. And I wonder if you get spiders in spheres? The corners are dead energy where things have no flow, and stagnancy kicks in and things can hide and not be moved on. I think SQUARES have been deliberately built into modern life for this reason, to create the corners. The Masons love their CornerStone.

  2. paul says:

    hmm the web was also mentioned by Rudolf Steiner a few times

    some of us are trying to find a way to dismantle it

    i feel the nest is under the vatican

    That is what a true Spiritual Science tells us today. The human will is threatened with being deprived of spiritual impulses and with becoming involved in the spidery web that will creep over the earth. There are men in existence who imagine that they will gain their ends by promoting their own spiritual development and leaving the rest of their fellow-beings in a state of ignorance. But the vast majority live in complete unawareness of the terrible destiny that awaits them if they lend themselves to what an ancient form of spiritual knowledge called the “sixteen paths to corruption.” For just as there are many ways in which the shadowy intellect may be directed to the impulses and knowledge coming from the spiritual world, so naturally there are many ways in which varieties of the shadowy intellect will be able to unite with the spider-beings who will spin their web over the earth in times to come. Intellect will then be objectivised in the very limbs and tentacles of these spidery creatures, who in all their wonderful inter-weavings and caduceus-like convolutions will present an amazing network of intricate forms.

  3. suliwebster says:

    I think the Vatican is a prime suspect too, Paul. Though first time I have thought of it in spidery terms! Octagon and Aragon are quite similar spidery words. Spied spider.
    The Queen is to visit the Pope for tea on 3/4. Two major chess pieces in one place! The powerful Queen who can move anywhere, and her diagonal (“agon” again) moving right hand man, placed next to her.
    PAPER sums up the visit. PAP + ER. Then I wondered why paper was so powerful. The Papal Bulls are on paper, so is money, Papal Bills maybe. All our instructions and literacy is about paper. Will it ever be paperless? Or Papal ess? You see there is something about the Pope that wants to be female like Jesus, Jess, the Jewess, and “ess” means female.
    So I concluded that all the monetary wealth, and therefore control of our energy, was being raked into the Pope.
    I also sometimes think that if time is a trick, which I think it is, then the time of major crossroads is always here, always available to us. To me and my readers and many others, we are here at the crossroads of sorts, but others are not. And because we are facing the same sort of things, we have clubbed together to share the journey in some sense. The majority do not see any crossroads at all, and will probably carry on whizzing around the infinite 8, as instructed, until something tips them over into another view. Which is what I used to do, and still do to some extent.

  4. suliwebster says:

    And if we are caught in a spider web, then we must be flies! Time flies.

  5. paul says:

    hmm flies – reminds me of the chemtrails are they like fly spray

  6. paul says:

    and am reminded of a message someone sent me a while ago

    In the Koran, we have a story and image (or parable) to Illustrate this kind of situation: if you get in front of a spider web you’ll find it extremely elaborate and complex and if you take the spider fabric, you’ll find it extremely powerful…however, what you find complex in itself and solid in its constitution you could remove it with your fingertips. Then, you see all those systems are extremely fragile and the objective, IMO is not to destroy them but to find an alternative cultural, economic, social, spiritual, artistic etc, to those systems… we have to evaluate and create our own freedom…we must learn to take the time for everything (to eat, to read, to breath…)…’we’ll become our own time master by avoiding this fast culture then we will rebirth again and we will find an alternative which could rebuilt what we are and bypass those system.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes I agree with this. Destruction is no good, we just find an alternative path, and then the system eventually crumbles without the support. It is an individual journey I find, but we all influence each other with what we do.

  7. paul says:

    are the ley lines part of the web i wonder

    • suliwebster says:

      I am beginning to think that too Paul. Not just the straight lines, but the flowing ones that are pinned down at nodes in Churches and the one that screams out to me the most is Glastonbury Tor. I have been reading a book by David Cowan on Ley Lines and Earth Energies, and combined with my own experience dowsing, I can see how the entire planet has easily been laid out to manipulate our very being, including tuning us to the sound of the male voice to separate us from Mother Earth. It is a web of dowsable telluric (human spirit like) energy, similar to the National Grid.
      Energy lines are frequently run through graveyards that can pick up black unhealthy energy on their path and deliver it elsewhere. And Churches are positioned to hog major sites. I am not sure whether the energy lines were here first and then got hogged, or whether the hoggers created them to hoard power. I am starting to think it is the latter, hence the symbology of George and the Dragon, who laid, slaid, the energy into fixed positions with metal and stone. We are drawn to these places and people because they have stolen the stuff that is rightfully ours, we are left short of it, and they have loads.

      • paul says:

        hmm ley lines at the spiders/vipers nest

        Here’s the deal… I’ve got several “indications” during the past few days that something might be “calling to be addressed”. So here’s my list, in chronological order.

        3-16-14: The Montague Keen message comes out. It mentions, “…the major ley lines in ROME… I ask that you concentrate on this on the Vernal Equinox (Lady Day, 25 March [3-25-14]) or as near to that date as possible for you… this is The Big One!… to bring about the release of the spiritual lines of energy that will reconnect you with All That Is.”

      • suliwebster says:

        No wonder I am feeling weird at the moment! Apparently there is a major grand cross alignment coming up in april too, my astro friends tell me. Lady Day (sounds like Lady Di) is a nice amount of time before the Queen visits the Pope, a sort of pre amble. I expect they will be doing lots to distract us from our inner feelings and our ability to tune into ourselves at what seems to be an important point of coincidences.

        Personally I think Glastonbury needs releasing too. The energy lines on the Tor are in a sexual knot symbolising invasion. St Michael crowns the Tor in his SQUARE Stone tower. Mick Jagger hits the headlines with his WREN, the bird of the High Priest of the Druids. Mick of the Rolling Rollright Stones, Mick of Rock n Roll. Stones, Rock, Druids. Mick is mic, a microphone, a phallic symbol if ever there was one. Mick is symbolising St Michael and a High Priest of the Druids.
        I envisage pulling gently at the two Tor energy threads (Michael and Mary) so that they straighten out and separate. It has to be done gently so that the knot does not tighten. Or you can just move one line. If Mary straightens out a bit, stops providing, says NO to Michael, then Michael has nowhere to invade. If Michael withdraws, then there is no invasion, Mary is freed up.
        Try it, I have moved lines remotely before, it can be done.

  8. paul says:

    now if we could tune in to mother earth and ask her what to do

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, I read that book a couple of years back, it is very interesting, and I am a big fan of walking barefoot. (did about 5 miles last sunday!). I have an Earthing sheet which I think is very helpful in the winter, but I am generally wary of using too many “products” to solve the problem, whilst continuing to lead indoors machine orientated lives. Better to go direct to mother earth without the intercept layer. (See my post Power of the Earth)

  9. paul says:

    yes i think the problem with the earthing sheet is if you plug into the mains earth you get even more of a dose of the harmful electro magnetic fields

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes I do wonder about that. The theory of earthing is good, but the point at which the sheet is earhed is through the electricity supply box, probably not a very good energy point at all! Not one you would seek out to stand upon. Though I would say my skin in winter is much better.

  10. paul says:

    back to those energy lines
    Neolithic man knew how to locate and map places of power on the Earth. It’s a long lost art called geomancy. But guess who else knows how to do this? Those who ultimately decide the location where most of the cell phone towers are to be constructed also practice geomancy. The towers are built in areas where the Earth’s natural energies are welling up, which some call vortices. But the energy in a natural Earth vortex does not spin like a tornado so this is a misnomer. It’s more like an energy spring emerging from the ground. Think of acupuncture and human meridians where the body’s vital energy, or chi, circulates through the body along specific interconnected channels. These meridians, or acupuncture points are where the needles are inserted to manipulate the body’s energy. In the hands of a healer many maladies are healed. In the hands of a madman your meridians can be tuned to your detriment. When I studied Chi Gung in Taipei, Taiwan my instructor would only teach me certain new techniques once I demonstrated the discipline and wisdom not to share this knowledge with those who could use it to harm others.

    Unfortunately, there are others in this world who are using the meridians of our lovely planet Earth to her detriment and to all those bio life-forms who live upon her. They use geomancy to locate her “places of power”. These are the Earth’s meridians where multiple ley lines cross (Earth’s chi channels). Instead of acupuncture needles they are using steel towers with tunable frequencies to manipulate these power spots for their own nefarious agendas.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, all my experience and research tells me the same. Though they might have more trouble putting up the phone masts and electricity power stations, if we weren’t all demanding good phone coverage and man made power supplies. We are all endorsing and cooperating in the destruction, and it is hard to reprogram yourself to back out of the mousetrap, or escape from the sticky web, once you are in it.

  11. paul says:

    some of us arent endorsing the mobile, wifi etc. but its getting harder to avoid it

    one of my children (dont like that phrase as I dont own them) is electrosensitive (really bad headaches when exposed to wifi in school) so after i fight with the school and government who refused to hardwire even though i would have paid, she was removed from state indoctrination

    some more stories here – and the problem will effect more and more

    • suliwebster says:

      Maybe this has been a good thing for your child in a roundabout way, the state indoctrination is getting more indoctrinating by the day it seems to me. I feel much betterr not having wifi in my home, not just the emf, but the lure to go on it all the time too. I agree it is getting harder to avoid as EVERYTHING is moving onto the internet, All aboard the internet for the brave new world ! The only way to avoid it is to drop out of EVERYTHING, a stark choice I would say.
      I expect the state will come up with a solution to wifi headaches. I read about a woman who has some electrodes fitted to her head so she can still go to work without getting the headaches! Stopping the stupid job might have been a better solution, but then she would not be “fit for purpose”.

  12. paul says:

    not fit for purpose – yep the slaves need to be productive for their masters

    i wonder if there is a correlation – electrosensitive people and defiance

    • suliwebster says:

      I think you might be right. I wonder if electrosensitives are better dowsers too, being able to pick up the subtle underlying energies more easily. It maybe a blood group, either O or Rh neg I would say.

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