The Queen and The Pope

The Queen is to visit the Pope for tea on Thursday the Third of April, and I can’t seem to resist being diverted to write about it. Two major chess pieces in one place! The poor pawns (that’s us) will watch in awe as we are willingly sacrifced to save the King from Checkmate. God Save The King !

Pope Francis has been labelled as the Pope of the Poor. Like a Poor Person or Poor.per pauper. Or a poorn. The Pope of the poor pawns, or is it porn? The Pope certainly presides over the porn. And now it seems to be the pawns too. The idea is to get us all to like the Pope and his “genuine” concern for the plight of the pawns. It won’t stop him from continuing to sacrifice pawns in the name of some higher good, but it will make the pawns more willing to be pawned and porned. I suspect that the Pope is himself a pawn of sorts too. He is just a chess piece, the same as us.

Maybe the Poor Pope will be the one to POUR the tea at the tea ceremony, with the bone china cups. Whose bones make the china, I wonder? It is usually Mother that pours. Who will be mother? The Pope has this thing about really wanting to be female. There is an extreme envy going on. Because it is not the male God that created everything. It is the female womb, womban, mother. And the Pope in his appointed role as the closest Earthly thing to God, really wants to be a creator, but he can’t be because he is a man, dammit. Never mind they are doing a very good job of convincing the populace that the male God does the creating, even if it is bullshit, papal bullshit.

In the game of Chess, the Queen starts out on her own colour square, the neighbouring Bishop (or Pope) is therefore on his opposite colour. The powerful Queen can move any distance anywhere, and her diagonal moving Bishop is placed next to her. I am not sure if the Queen and the Pope are on the same chess team, but they are for sure on the same New World team. The Pope is nearly always dressed in WHITE robes and I think he is definitely on the white team. The Queen was strangely dressed in black taffeta for her first Papal visit in 1980, and this is apparently Vatican protocol, White Pope, Black Queen. Very odd.

The Pope wears a white skull cap on his head which looks like a bra cup to me. Maybe this is more evidence of the wish to be female, this time to be the feeder, which he sort of will be if he pours the tea ! It is a funny coincidence, because I find that the Queen and the Pope’s forthcoming Tea Party is laid out in front of me in Queen Square Bath, and the Queen’s Square is part of the Game of Chess.

The most prominent building on Queen Square is the “Hotel on The Square”, called The Francis Hotel, and labelled ONE, even though it is not actually number 1 at all. It has black and white chessboard style checks leading to the Front door. The Francis Hotel symbolises Pope Francis, whose welcoming entrance faces North directly lined with the only entrance to Queen Square and the biggest Bath Obelisk. There are plaques on the twin gateposts either side of the Square entrance with QUEEN ELIZABETH written on them. So the Queen seems to be facing South towards Francis. Lovely !

“I am on the Square” is the phrase that Freemasons use to identify themselves to each other, a bit like the Francis Hotel announces itself. Is the Pope a Freemason, surely not! Freemasons have Grandmasters and so do chess players. It is all very black and white and SQUARE.

Queen Square is also the key part of the Queen Key of Bath street layout. The part that does the locking or unlocking of things, whatever those things might be. The bit where the Queen and the Pope meet is the very tip of the key.

But back to the Pope and his costume. On the right side of Francis is the Brasserie Blanc, blanc being French for white. It offers food and drink, including afternoon tea. It has white blinds in the window to match the white pope. Brassiere is French for bra, to match with the Pope’s mad hat, his one cup bra. Cup of tea anyone? Will they be white cups?

On Francis’s left, the blinds are all black, and it is not clear what is going on. Things are a bit more hidden perhaps.

PAPER sums up the tea party. PAP + ER. Papal Pope and Elizabeth Regina II. There must be some serious power in paper. I wonder what that could be?

The Papal Bulls are on paper, and they tell us what to do. Each new Papal Bull declares a new thing that they are taking over and that we apparently agree to. All our instructions and literacy is about paper. Paper and printing and pressing and mass high speed propaganda. I am reminded that Jesus was ILLITERATE, are the good Christians following Jesus by noticing what her lifestyle was, or are they feeling sorry for Jesus because she was illiterate and she could have been saved and educated by being taught about Paper and literacy? I am sure the Pope would be keen to help out Poor Jesus, maybe with some money handouts or schooling or man made medicine.

Will things ever be paperless? Or Papal ess? Here we go again, his Holin.ess the Pope wants to be female like Jesus the Jewess. “ess” on the end means female.

Money is on PAPER. The printing press was one of man’s greatest inventions. Paper bills of money, or Papal Bills perhaps. Though there is a big push for paperless Papal.ess billing at present. The money has the Queen’s Head stamped onto it, the Queen’s Paper Bills, and they are bills for her indeed, she owes us big time. We also have Bills in the UK Parliament, Bills that tell us what to do, how to ACT. When they are approved they become Acts, take action, do as I say! The Bill needs the Queen’s Royal Assent to become an Act, and maybe this is helping the Royal Ascent. Maybe the Bills and Acts help pay the Queen’s bills? The cost of running 6% of the world’s property must be huge.

The Pope’s Bull and the Queen’s Bill. Bullshit, Billshot. Bill and Bull is B & B, and this is how one newspaper curiously describes the tea visit.

The A4 is a major and very old road that joins London and Bath. It starts in the City of London, goes past Buckingham Palace and through Queen Square in Bath, so effectively links up the The City and the Queen to Bath. A4 is the standard size of the PAPER that frames our thinking and our instructions. I think this may change towards the half size A5 as William Vth, a 5, comes into being.

I went past Queen Square today and noticed something I hadn’t noticed before. The LAWN. There is actually a plaque about the lawn, can you believe it ? The lawn was presented to the city in 1948. This is very significant, as I have spotted something very peculiar about a lawn. A lawn is a very English thing, and all British Stately Homes will have a neatly tended lawn or two. The lawn is mown, cut, on a dry day, you need a dry lawn to mow. It is symbolic of laundry, lawn.dry (more on that in future posts). Money is laundered too, mown money, lawned and laundered.

So it seems that Bath is being used for laundering via the A4 paper and the A4 road, and the Queen’s Key and Pope Francis who is about to welcome the Queen for tea. They will be on the Square. The Queen Key is really a watery Quay, and Bath is a good place for laundering, washing and cleansing things with its magic waters. The real wealth, which is the WombHoles of Creation, is being locked and hoarded at the Vatican. Money is the means to control us and alter our energy flows by getting us to believe that we need money and therefore nearly everything we do pivots around buying and selling. The money draws and drives our energy, and it is our energy that props up the system because we keep on playing the game. You don’t have to be Catholic or even religious to be swept along with the game, the current and flow of the system.

The Queen is visiting just before her 88th birthday. 88 is the keys of Solomon, the Moon, and the number of piano keys. I am reminded that a key is also a tune. And I think we are dancing to the tune of 4’s and 8’s, Daddy’s tune, Dance to your Daddy, dance to your Papa Papal Pope. This is SQUARE time, 4/4 time in 440Hz, and the infinity of 8, looping round and round forever. Repeating ad nauseum.

A chess board is 8 x 8 squares. Each team has 2 rows of 8 pieces each. It is a chequered board, and the Prime Minister’s country home is Chequers, the black and white chequered squares of freemasonary. Cheques are also a form of money on square paper.

I was going to miss out the HH link to avoid lengthening the post. But I have just found that the postcode of the Francis Hotel is BA1 2HH. This is too much ! HH is 88. HH is also the Rugby posts, and Bath is unique in that world class Rugby is played IN THE CITY, on the Re-Creation ground, very near a source of the cleansing Hot Springs. HH is also the symbolism of the Bat H alf, the Bath Half marathon (See The Bathwick Bomber post) and if the A4 Paper is cut in Half it will be A5. (More on that in future posts).

There is a pattern everywhere of the Catholics and C of E publicly merging. I am sure they have all been privately on the same team forever. In Bath, the Abbey is supposedly C of E but uses Catholic symbology. The C of E school and the Catholic School are now a combined “federation”. People are going to welcome this merging as some lovely end to the endless religious fighting. Our energy will be drawn druidly towards the merger, the brave new world of one single happy caring ruling body. The Queen’s reign seems to be about this merging process. She was the first C of E monarch to meet the Pope, and she changed the rules to allow Catholics to ascend, perhaps by the Royal Assent that turns Paper Bills into Acts. Very clever.

The new Archbishop of Canterbury, the religious head of the Church of England, was installed last year just two days after the current Pope. See how they are moving in tandem? The Neu Agenda is underway. The Queen and the Pope, according to one news article (see below) are both struggling to “SQUARE” teachings on “sexuality”. Does that give us a clue to the real agenda? The neu agenda is SQUARE and sexual. The Pope, as usual, is all about Sex and the Hole. That is his job.

I notice that C of E is C ov E, which is Cove. And I wonder if the Queen might be taking a sort of Cove or Covenant to the Pope as a gift? A new deal, a new trade, a new contract. On our behalf, and in our name, we all play with the money don’t we?

The two most powerful living religious icons in the world meet. They are not “of the poor”, either of them, but this is a big part of the current marketing program. Even William rolls up his shirtsleeves to look like a labourer. The Vatican and the Queen between them must have most of the world’s financial wealth underneath their iconic images. Just click on the icon, what is hidden behind it?

The King usually sits around in Chess, not doing much, he is weak, he can only move one square at a time, and must be protected at all costs. This is symbolic of the man made male species, who is not able to create life, only huge machines and towering buildings. The King must be saved, because the male must be saved. The world of man made male machines. It is the concepts of Chess that rule over us, and it doesn’t really matter which team wins or loses.

If you are brilliant at Chess, you become a Grandmaster. The Orders of Knights, such as the cleansing laundering Order of the Bath, are also ruled by Grandmasters. The Grandmaster is the replacement patriarchal version of the Grandma, the original matriarch. Bobby Fischer was the youngest chess Grandmaster ever. I looked him up because he refused to play a chess tournament on the 3rd April, same date as the forthcoming Tea Party. Just to remind us this is all about Chess. Bobby’s mother’s CHRISTIAN name is REGINA, same as the good Christian Queen’s “surname”, Elizabeth Regina, which actually means Queen.

British coins have a LATIN inscription, Latin being the rigid language of the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholics, of which the Pope is the figurehead. The Queen’s head is on the coin too, so British coins are a little dance between the Pope and The Queen, just like the tea party. The inscription includes the word REGINA, and translates to tell us the role of the Queen… “by Gods Grace Queen Defender of the Faith”. The Faith of the good pawns and their willingness to play the game, perhaps? The game is via the money, stamped and labelled with the Queen and her role. And of course the laundering that goes with it.

The game is a very nasty game and it is about owning the Hole, the Wombhole. The VAtican Pope and the Queen ReGINA combine to give us VA.GINA. An agenda or subject is referred to as “Re:”. Re:Gina, Regina, the Latin owned Queen.

(See also: Creme and Cement, Temptation, Popule Copule, Stop Watching, Jesus the Jewess, Godfrey of Jerusalem and Bath, The Golden Circus, The Bath Keys, The Three Obelisks, Royal Georgian Bath, Cull The Queen, Dark Satanic Mills, Vinyl Revolution, Mother Moon Time, The Bathwick Bomber, The Lewis Key, Book of the Hole, Vikings and Alf, Royal Olympic Fertility Ritual, Wombless Women, Ab Use of Sex, Holy See Over Bath, Romans Remain, Just A Game, The Queen’s Debt, Why I Need Money, The Money Less Society, Black and White and Red, The Reds and The Blues, Queen Bee)

Links: (Pope of The Poor) (Square talk)

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5 Responses to The Queen and The Pope

  1. Elena says:

    A Mad Tea Party, where time stands still?

    • suliwebster says:

      Complete with hats made by the Mad Hatter, each with a price attached!
      Tea time stands still? Tea time is 4 o clock, the SQUARE number.
      I also thought of loose leaf tea and loose leaf folders of paper. Tea and paper both assiciated with China originally.
      I think there is a grand cross in the sky approaching too around that time. Maybe that is the crossroads?
      The system is mad and we are made mad by it. Man made mad.

  2. Background

    A Papal Bull is a formal document issued by a Roman Cult Pontiff upon a major act of law, curse or claim to extend the power of the Cult over its claimed domination of the world, all nations, all people, all law and all religions. All legitimate Papal Bulls were issued on human skin, usually the skin of a sacrificed child, or some famous heretic. Forgeries are on calf skin or some other lesser medium.

    The first legitimate Papal Bull is probably around 1136 called Ex commisso nobis by Pope Innocent II in the claimed excommunication of the Saxon (German) Pope at Magdeburg.

    Unfortunately, many of the key Papal Bulls are missing (such as 1249) and most have been deliberately forged over the centuries onto calf or sheep skin, to re-write history and hide their original form on human skin. However, it is unlikely the originals on the skin of those murdered by the Cult – especially children – have been destroyed as they remain the foundation of the Roman Cult and a core source of their supernatural power.

    Any claimed Papal Bulls prior 1136 must be viewed as suspect and any alleged Papal Bulls prior to 1079 are complete frauds as the Roman Cult did not claim Rome as quasi-christians until Gregory VII against the founders of the Catholic Church, the Franks.

    Original source and concept of Papal Bulls

    The claim that Papal Bulls are named after the bulla of ancient Roman documents is a complete absurdity – they are dedications to the Dark Lord or Ba’al Satan to whom the Roman Cult dedicate their works in secret.

    The use of human skin is a fundamental prerequisite for a Papal Bull to have power as this is a concept of necromancy inherited through the Rabbi of Venice, the successors of the Sarmatians, themselves the successors of the Scythians and Tarsus, the successors of Mari and the amurru, the city founded itself from exiles of Ur.

    The Latin word vellum from vellus means not only a fleece or hide but also “human” skin, indicating that at the Roman times the meaning of this form of writing material was still known.

    In fact it was the Roman Cult itself through the formation of the College of Abbreviators that create the word “Parchment” to describe the fundamental form for legitimate Papal Bulls- “parchment” meaning parca = one of the three fates – the fate of death, h = letter of binding and ment/mentis = mind, thought, intention, intellect or in other words “mind/soul bound to the fate of death”.

    Official Papal Method for creating Vellum/Parchment for Bulls

    The awful ritual of murdering children for using their skin for Papal Bulls and other Spells was first outlined in the Grimoire of Pope Honorius III at the beginning of the 13th Century. But instead of explicitly using the word “human child”, the word “kid” is used. Today, the word kids is accepted as a word for children.

    The same ritual appears as standard procedure in subsequent Grimoires of black magic published by the Popes and the introduction to the specifics of the ritual may be viewed in Arthur Edward Waite’s Book of Ceremonial Magic Pg 171:

    Concerning the Victim of the Art

    Take your kid (child); place it on a block with the throat turned upward, so that it may be easier for you to cut it; be ready with your knife, and cut the throat with a single stroke, pronouncing the name o the Spirit whom you wish to invoke. For example, say: “I slay thee, N. (name of child) in the name and to the honor of N. (name of spirit)”. Have a care that two blows not be needed, but let it die at the first; then skin with the knife and while skinning it make the following Invocation…

    The highest form- succession of form

    Under all western law, the highest form of law and literally the highest form upon which any writing exists is a Papal Bull- based on parchment, being the skin of sacrificed children. In the system devised by the Roman Cult, no other document can claim higher standing.

    This is a key reason why all legitimate Bulls were written on the skin of sacrificed innocent children, cursed, sodomised and then brutally butchered- because the Roman Cult did not publicly permit any documents to be written on parchment from human skin, no other documents could claim “human personality” and therefore real spiritual life.

    Under the perverse and corrupt system of law that dominates the world today, the Roman Cult has convinced all jurisdictions to consider documents as devoid of life, except for those granted limited powers to resurrect the “dead paper” of a document to limited life, through the form of certain seals. Yet under this wholly evil and wicked system, no document has higher “life” that a Papal Bull being a satanic curse and binding usng the flesh of innocents to “trap their soul” to the form.

    Regardless of this perversity, under Western law, legally Papal Bulls technically stand as the highest form of original law – therefore what they say (always written in Latin) is technically the law.

    Forgeries and fraudulent Bulls on display

    Unfortunately, the published and “official” version of most Papal Bulls prior to the 19th Century are deliberate fakes, with the words hardly representing anything like the original content.

    This is especially significant for Papal Bulls representing historic Deeds and Wills in that such frauds when clearly noted constitutes fundamental and fatal breach in the very trust laws first created by the Papacy.

    Therefore, such deliberate and conscious fraud of alterting key Papal Bulls has resulted in the collapse of all the major Trusts and Testamentary Trusts of the Papacy. The continuation of obeyance to such claimed authority itself is a fraud against the rules of Trusts and Property by which the whole world allegedly adheres and such organizations as the United Nations, the Bank for International Settlements are guilty of fundamental and gross fraud in recognizing the Vatican has any effective authority.

    • suliwebster says:

      Maddy Mccann is coming to mind, as there is so much media attention and world energy invested in her. Also her name is MADdy like Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.
      I think this shows a very strong link between Paper and Skin. Some paper is made from bark, which is the skin of a tree. The skin is our largest organ, and our “coat”. It is our leather.
      I think we probably contract into agreeing to this by continuing to support similar fates with animals, for example wearing leather shoes from animals that are farmed for their products, as these kids are farmed. We somehow agree to the method by partaking in it, and therefore remove our right to object when the method is used somewhere we don’t like. What we do unto animals we do to ourselves. We are all consenting by our actions in our daily life.
      I have a post, currently in draft form, about pigs and their skin. Pigs are the most similar to humans in DNA terms.

  3. suliwebster says:

    The Queen took a hamper of food to The Pope. It included honey, presumably because she is a bee.

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