Concrete Bob

Lord Alistair McAlpine, Baronet of West Green, the “alleged” paedophile died earlier this year. Even the left wing Guardian newspaper is gushing in its praise for him, and how “hurt” he was by the “false” allegations. Maybe he died to escape the truth of his family inheritance.

The BBC…
The BBC are involved in the McAlpine paedophile (alleged) story, and it followed on in the wake of the BBC Jimmy Savile scandal (not so “alleged”). It is extraordinary how the accused all seem to die at timely moments. McAlpine was paid compensation by the BBC who “hurt” him with false allegations. It seems to me that the money paid in licence fees by the good people of Britain is being used to launder and cleanse and REWARD the guilt of “alleged” paedophiles. Because they have done nothing wrong, have they? It was the BBC journalist and the “victim” that did the wrong thing, wasn’t it? The whole setup smacks of the BBC’s usual policy of nurturing paedophilia. The whole setup will put off any other journalists or programme makers ever accusing any paedophile ever again. It will increase the cover up. The BBC has carefully cleansed itself of any journalism that will unearth elite paedophilia, by using this test case.

Robert McAlpine…
…is Lord Alistair McAlpine’s great grandfather and the very first McAlpine baronet. He was known as Concrete Bob because of his building empire that he constructed himself. The building empire is still named after him. There are other Bobs in Building, and one of them is blasted out to young children via the BBC.

Bob The Builder…
…is a BBC TV program about a builder called Bob. The song and catch phrase go like this: “Bob The Builder, Can We Fix It, Yes We Can ! ” Bob seems to be wearing a Masonic belt, the Masons being another sort of builder.

Fixing It…
Jim’ll Fix It too ! What is it about fixing things? Jimmy Savile, the paedophile, fixed it for lots of little kids who looked up to him, all endorsed by their parents. He fixed them up, nasty Jim, gymnasty. Now I see that Bob is fixing it too. And modern day parents who would never let their kid watch Jim, will now happily sit their kid in front of the new Mr Fix It, good ol’ Bob. JIM or GYM seems to be a code word for paedophilia. Maybe BOB and FIX are code words too. Here are some other Bobs…

Plum Bob…
A plumb bob is a line that hangs vertically, to get a true vertical line. It is a bit of string with a weight on the end. A plum bob is the complement to a spirit level or water level which gives a true horizontal. It is used by masons and builders, like Bob. I would say the vertical plum bob is the male, and the horizontal water level is the female. There is also a Plum Jack, who is a good boy when he pulls out a plum from his pie, or pi, a circular dish. “Little Jack Horner sat in a corner, eating his plum pudding and pie. he put in his thumb and pulled out a plum, and said What a good boy am I”.

Pendulum Bob…
Another type of plum bob is a p(endu)lum bob found in Grandfather clocks, or maybe Great Grandfather Bob Clocks, rulers of time. Pendulous is a word meaning droopy, or hanging down loosely, and this is why a penis is medically described as “pendulous”. I am guessing that things become plum when the penis or pendulum comes into a vertical line.

Bobby on the Beat…
British Policemen, the ones that walk around the streets, are called Bobbies on the beat. Lord McAlpine collected all sorts of strange things, including police truncheons, the symbol of the Bobby on the Beat, which I would say are somewhat phallic. Their main purpose is for beating people.

Bob a Job…
An old British shilling in pre-decimal currency, (pre 1971 in fact, and McAlpine was 71 when he died on 17/1), is called a bob. There used to be a phrase in England called Bob-a-Job, in other words, I will do a job for a Bob. What sort of job would that be? A fix it sort of job perhaps? The Bob a Job scheme was run by the Scouts, who are boys, boys for rent, a job for a Bob. Apparently it was recently revived in May 2012, a few months before Lord McAlpine was falsely accused.

Boob is the slang for breast, and is not so very different from Bob. Boob is a double O, there are two of them. Bob is just one O. There is only one Bob. The main function of a boob is to feed, to squirt out a milky substance into a mouth. And I am wondering if Bob is another case of the male wanting to be female in the only way he is biologically able, by squirting his milky substance into a mouth whether the receiver wants it or not. We have Boob Jobs like we have Bob a Job. The Boob Job is an operation to make boobs bigger or less droopy perhaps, firm them up a bit, and maybe the Bob a Job is a way to make the Bob grow from its pendulous state to a bigger plummier, more firm state.

Fixing it for Thatcher…
Lord McAlpine was a huge part of the rise to victory for Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher was friends with Jimmy Saville too, all part of the Fix It crowd. McAlpine poured funds into the campaign to fix it for her, like you would pour concrete to fix a building. He used Machiavelli techniques to manipulate people, which he has written a book about. He is admired by the elite and the media for his clever and successful deviousness.

Bill and Bob…
There seems to be a Bill sneaking in here again, a Billder. Bill is paper money, like Bob is a coin, and Building is certainly big money making business. Things are set up that way. The Bilderberg 300 is another sort of Bilder, a group of international ruling elite that are reconstructing the whole world. They always meet at big grand buildings to show their power and wealth, created by Bob the Builder, and Bob the Coin.

Concrete, like tarmac, another man made Mac, (the Scottish sons are good at this) is taking over our Mother Nature world. It is the world’s most used man made substance. It is being poured and pumped out everywhere to create more and more towers, dams and stadiums and housing estates. One of the Robert McAlpine corporation achievements is the London Olympic Stadium for 2012. Worth a few bob no doubt.

The only substance that is more greatly used than concrete is Mother Nature’s water. Is there a competition going on? What happens when concrete triumphs over water? Man made vs Mother made? Concrete needs water to fix it, but water does not need concrete. Concrete contaminates water. I should know, I live above the biggest underground concrete infill in the world, this is an area full of hillside springs, and it is right next to the Hot Springs of Bath. But never mind, WesSex Water will fix it for us! And if Concrete contaminates water, what is Bob contaminating? I would say he is contaminating children.

Roman Concrete…
The Romans used concrete too, for example the Roman Colosseum, and Concrete Bob is one of the pioneers of its modern revival. The Romans seem to be making a comeback. Roman Concrete is called “opus ceamenticium”, which sounds a bit like cement.

Cement is also like semen. Cement is a smoother mix than concrete without the sand or gravel added. The visible rise in concrete towering buildings dominating everywhere is symbolic of man’s greatest achievement, the male seed, carried in the semen, which comes through the erections, pumped in and poured out into the recptacle to cement man’s place on Mother Earth. Many buildings even say “erected” on their commemorative plaque, just a little clue…

From wikipedia: “The word concrete comes from the Latin word “concretus” (meaning compact or condensed), the perfect passive participle of “concrescere“, from “con-” (together) and “crescere” (to grow).” You can see how we are all participating perfectly passively in allowing the Concrete and the Bob to grow and flourish.

Muck shifter…
McAlpine left school at 16 to become… … yes you guessed it, a builder. His father sent him copies of the magazine The Muck Shifter to help prepare him for his Job. What sort of Muck does Bob shift in his job of Erecting buildings, I wonder? A job is also a word for pooh, which is a bit mucky. And hey Ho there is a character called “Muck” in Bob the Builder. Muck is a red dumper truck with a face. Dump is another slang word for excreting, to “have a dump”. It does seem that the Concrete Bob dynasty is the real life characters playing out some underlying foundation stone of our nasty culture, and Bob The Builder is the cartoon equivalent, educating the children of the masses, those unfortunates that can’t afford the real life education at top British schools.

Schooled in Sex Ed…
McAlpine was sent to boarding school at the age of only six years old, at Stowe, Buckinghamshire, a top British public (private) school for the elite. You can almost see from this how sad his life was and why he feels “hurt”. And also why he cannot see how sexual abuse is wrong. At Stowe, “sexual favours” were common, according to the link below, and as with all these top boarding schools, you can see how normalised it becomes. The link below shows various experiences at various different top schools, and what is striking is the belief that there is nothing wrong with what goes on, and it is all consensual. If it really is all consensual, I would say that the boarding school culture does not permit anyone to opt out or to say NO.

Schooled in beating…
Beating is normal in top British public schools. It is acceptable, part of life, character building, and maybe that explains Lord McAlpine’s obsession with police truncheons.

Forbidden Boobs…
McAlpine was born in The Dorchester Hotel, and you can see how strange his early life was. His first bottle of milk was delivered by room service, not from his mother’s breast, when a man made bottle would not be required anyway. It seems that McAlpine did not experience much of Mother or Nature, and he experienced a lot of Man made substitutes, and man ruled boys only beating boarding schools, all funded by large amounts of bills and bobs of money. Too much male, too much machine, too much grand building, too much money.

Good little boys…
The Jack Horner rhyme, and the story of the Dutch boy and the dam (see A Dam and a Dyke) as well as the Bob story here, all show me how boys are trained to do certain things to be good. They are desperate to get praise from their male masters, not beatings, and they eventually see these ugly nasty deeds as normal, acceptable and endorsed. It is passed on down the line through the elite hierarchy system and their schools and old boy network.

Worshipping the elite…
Our culture still worships the elite. People want to Copy The Royals and other elites as soon as they can get themselves enough money to afford it. More money, more building, more machines will make things right for us ! Those that don’t like the elite say they shouldn’t have all that luxury, it is not fair, it should be more equal. But what is there to envy about their life? They maybe the biggest criminals, but they are also the most imprisoned and deprived of human spirit. They are leading the way by being our rulers and our example of what to aspire to, the reason why we should have more money, more buildings and more machines. As long as we still buy into this culture, cult, we will continue to support the inevitable consequent paedophilia.

Carry on Bobbing…
We continue to buy nice things from the elite and the corporates with our Bob money, and we continue to work for them with our Bob jobs. And these things and these jobs that are attached to the elite continue to carry great status. They don’t build the buildings, they get us to. They don’t work in their own schools as cleaners and kitchen staff and gardeners, they pay us to do it. They don’t make the TV programmes, they pay us to do it. They don’t make our children watch BBC TV, we pay them to be allowed to watch.

Apple Bob…
I am reminded of an old English fair game called Apple Bobbing, whereby you dunk your face in a barrelful of water with apples floating in it, and attempt to BITE the apple to get it out and WIN the game. Apple is symbolic of Adam Apple, the first man. The choice is ours, you don’t have to bite the apple, you don’t even have to play the game.

Disclaimer: I am not aware of any proof that links anyone from the McAlpine family to any paedophila whatsoever.

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7 Responses to Concrete Bob

  1. Maurice says:


    I was reading your article on bloods types and blood eugenics. How do you feel about AB negative? Where do you think it comes from and why is it so rare?

    Every one talks about O but not the rarest

    • suliwebster says:

      Hi Maurice. Curiously I was thinking about this only a couple of days ago! My gran was AB-, as is my longest running friend. To me, it seems that AB- is some sort of opposite polarity to the O-. In the same way that Rh- and Rh+ are polar opposites.
      WW2 often appears to me that underneath the layers of propaganda, there are TWO sets of Jews fighting each other, and it is possibly the AB- vs the O-. I find it easier to track the O- because that is me.
      AB may symbolise Ants and Bees, soldiers and workers, the armies that are needed to protect and serve the crown, build the towers and fatten the queen. I think the O bloods are about the universe, the gods, the crown. I am O- and suffer from migraines, a crown illness. My guess is that ABs suffer from root chakra illnesses.
      As I write, a picture of a clock comes to mind, with OO at the top High NOON, North. AB at the bottom at 6 o clock, and AO and BO at 3 and 9 o clock. Six is the number of the bees hexagon honeycomb and the ant has six legs. Oh look AO is Alpha and Omega! Jesus Christ is Alpha and Omega, which means that Jesus the female Jewess is O, and Christ the new Roman male is Alpha, the Alpha male. Looks like that is the origin of A bloods then! The Alpha Apple of Adam.
      OK I will adjust that! AA is probably at 4 o clock. with BB at 8 o clock, and the AO and BO inbetween at 2 o clock and 10 o clock. That means the 2 o clock exit from major sites such as Buckingham Palace, Bath, Stonehenge represents AO, Alpha and Omega, the triumphant genetic mutation of O to A. O and A are apparently genetically very similar, but B is quite different.

      This is getting very interesting, thanks for the prompt.

      The Ants are the male Adams who build the towers, Adam Ant, the termite mounds to terminate us.
      It is not surprising that AB is rare, as it seems to be quite a long way off the starting point of O. And most people are double crossed with Rh+, so for an AB to arise that still has an Rg neg gene, that is quite unlikely.
      The Bees must have been created to look after the queen, and bee history follows human history very closely. The bees are declining as the queen is. They create the golden honey and the Royal jelly.
      The BB is at 8 o clock, and that makes me think of 88 which looks like BB. 88 keys of Solomon, 88 keys on a black and white piano keyboard, Bee Music maybe. Princess Bea has a lot of 8’s in her numerology. B is also where I live in Bath, where the B is split to look like 13, so maybe the decline of the bees is leading to a new King which is the number 13 (pack of cards). We have hexagons here big time, I am just writing about that, coming soon.
      I think the O is not superior, just older. That is why they are in charge. But only because they have the Ants and Bees working for them.
      I you look at the OOAABB on the clock, at 4 and 8 and 12 (OO), you get an upward pointing triangle, Alpha. It represents Fire and Air, the male. It is also a hierarchy with A and B propping up O. The hybrid blood groups AO, BO, and AB are at 2, 6 and 10 on the clock. THis is a downward V shape representing Earth and Water. The whole thing forms a star of david. So perhaps AB blood is the closest to Mother Earth, and the hexgaons that are formed by water.
      So it would seem that by eliminating O bloods, we could return to Mother Earth (not that I am suggesting any elimination! ), or by returning to just O bloods, without the servants of As and Bs, we could return to the origin of the Os. It is the combination in one culture (cult) that has created the master slave relationships that cause the horrors of this world.

      That might explain why one set of Jews was trying to eliminate another set.

      The question is, can the ABs exist without masters? Can the Os exist without slaves? And why do we need to exist anyway?

  2. Maurice says:

    What makes you think the Os are masters and ABs are slaves? That doesn’t make any sense.

    O negative blood has antibodies that will attack both the A and B antigens. That to me sounds like a hostile blood yet it’s being given to everyone. Even in blood type personality descriptions they all say that ABs have a delicate sensitivity and are the humanitarians of the blood groups while O are the warriors. If this is the realm the “devil” and “demons” rule and O blood, whether negative or positive, is the most common blood then I think that speaks volumes in itself.

    • suliwebster says:

      That makes sense about the warriors and the sensitivity ones. I have always had a fear of my own power, and suppressed it for fear of using it unwisely. That maybe why the As and Bs are the slaves, because they are quiet and sensitive and will not knowingly harm. To clarify, I think I was following on from the idea that As and Bs are ants and bees who are known for their very organised hard work.
      See my new post Bloody Clock, which follows on from these comments, and has produced a very interesting arrangement of blood groups. I am writing another sequel one about the Bees linked to the bankers.
      None of this is any personal judgement on anyone who has any particular blood group, people do not necessarily live out the charcateristics attached to their blood. I have to risk offending people, and put aside the politeness, (See Political Politeness) in order to get at the core of the symbology. I think we are all characters on a stage, we have scripts, but we can ad lib if we choose to.

      • Maurice says:


        I think your idea of anyone being slaves shows that O blood is more than likely of the lineage of Nephilim, not the Elohim.

        Not saying all, but mostly everyone I have ever met that was a bully or emotionally aggressive was O negative or positive. When the time is right those As and Bs you claim are slaves will reject any type of oppression whether it be from an AB- such as myself or an O- like you.

        Just know that no one is a slave even if they are one.

      • Maurice says:

        You should watch his videos on blood type. Im not a christian but he uses scripture to show which blood line cones from who and where. Quite a few vids.

      • suliwebster says:

        I think the Os are probably slaves too, but maybe more inclined to be slavemasters. If you are a slave master you are also a slave because you are not exactly serving your spirit and soul by being a master of others.
        I know I have some sort of freedom to choose to not be a slave, but most of my life I am being a “slave” or using slave products via money. Occasionally I sidestep the whole thing. When I think of imprisoned abused children , I struggle to see how they are free, and my feeling if that if one of us (out of the 7 billion) is a slave, then in some way we all are. I will not feel completely free until everyone is free, because we are all parts of the whole greater spirit.
        Thanks for the vid link, but I find it really difficult to watch any kind of video these days, however it is sourced. By chance I have just picked up a book about the seven daughters of Eve which is about tracing ancient bloodlines back to seven females. That may be related to the vids you have posted. The bloodlines thing always seems incredibly complex, but I bet the true answer is dead simple. The true answer is always simple !

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