Bloody Clock

The ABO blood system can be laid out very neatly on a clock face, forming a Star of David.

To me, it seems that AB is some sort of opposite polarity to the O. There is no AB in O blood, and no O blood in AB. They are mutually exclusive. In the same way that Rh- and Rh+ are polar opposites.

In stories of WW2, it often appears to me that underneath the layers of propaganda, there are TWO sets of Jews fighting each other, and it is possibly the ABs vs the Os. I have mostly written about O negs so far, I find it easier to track because that is me.

AB reminds me of Ants and Bees, soldiers and workers, the two types of armies that are needed to defend and build. To protect and serve the crown, build the towers and fatten the Queen. I think the O bloods are about the universe, the gods, the crown. I am O- and suffer from migraines when stressed, a crown chakra illness. My guess is that ABs suffer from root chakra illnesses.

So onto the Clock of Blood.. OO is at the top, High NOON, North. AB is at the bottom at 6 o clock. It could also be written BA, the spirit, and this is the South Pole. 6 is the number of the bees hexagon honeycomb and the ant has 6 legs. So As and Bs come together neatly at 6.

Blood types are described by two alleles. There are three types of pure blood… OO, AA and BB. The hybrid bloods are AO, BO and AB. AO and BO are categorised as A and B blood respectively, even though they are actually carrying an O allele.

AO is Alpha and Omega! Jesus Christ is the Alpha and the Omega. By my reckoning, Jesus and Christ are two very different things. Jesus is the Jewess, the original OO blood wombly female, so she is the Omega shape of the opened womb, probably forced open by the Alpha male, who is the Roman invention of Christ Almighty, AlphaMighty, the mighty Alpha Allele. Looks like this is the origin of the A bloods. The Romans created Christ by genetically modifying the OO blood. They could then breed the AAs with the Jewesses to give AO blood, and so on. An O allele is very closely related to the A allele, and it would not take much to genetically modify it. GM is nothing new.

The A is the Alpha Apple of Adam. Adam Ant, adamant. Amo, amas, amant in the Roman language of Latin. Amant is “we love”. Love is the LOw Five, LO V, the Root chakra entrance to the vagina. The High Five, HI V, HIVE, is the cervix at the top of the vagina, the entry to the womb. This is the hive where the Bees are working to feed the Queen in the Hive. So we have Ants and Bees at opposite ends of the vaginal passage, taking care of the Queen. Ants in your pants anyone?

The grand King Key alignment of Great Pulteney Street in Bath starts at the Victoria Art Gallery VAG and leads up to the hexagon hive of the Holborne Museum at 2 o clock. This hexagon is where the portrait of the new Queen, Witchy Kate, hung last year.

I can put the pure bloods in a triangle on the clock, an upward pointing triangle with the OO at the top. The upward triangle is itself an Alpha, and signifies the Air and Fire elements. AA is at 4 o clock, a 4 looks like an A. BB is at 8 o clock, an 8 looks like a B.

It all fits rather too well doesn’t it? As if it has been very carefully designed this way.

AA is the Queen’s postcode, and seems to be stamped on all her Royal owned buildings that her Ants have built, including Parliament. A4 is the standard paper size that is used for all her documents written by her ADAMinistrators to sort us out. The A4 road leads to Bath.

BB is 88, the keys of Solomon, 88 keys on a black and white piano keyboard, or is it black and yellow? Princess Bea has a lot of 8’s in her numerology, check her birth date. B is also where I live in Bath, and double BB’s abound. The B of Bath is falling apart to look like 13, showing me that the current decline of the bees is leading to a new King which is the number 13 in a pack of cards, and the number of the Sun and the Son. William. My last post is about the hexagons in Bath.

The B allele is genetically quite different from the A and the O. The bees must have been separately created to look after the Queen, and bee history follows human history very closely. The bees are currently declining as is the Queen. Though I am sure the bees will revive when the new Queen Catherine enters the stage. The bees create the golden honey and the Royal jelly, and the Queen will need her bees and her colony.

The upward pointing triangle shows the hierarchy in its most simple form. The Os at the top, propped up by the As on the right and the Bs on the left. The Ants and Bees working for the Royalty. It almost spells OBAma.

A downward pointing triangle is formed by the hybrid bloods, that come inbetween the purebloods. AB is at 6 o clock. AO is at 2 o clock and BO is at 10 o clock. That means the 2 o clock exit from major sites such as Buckingham Palace, Bath, Stonehenge represents AO, Alpha and Omega, the triumphant genetic modification of O to A. This is a downward V shape representing Earth and Water. So perhaps AB blood is the closest to Mother Earth, and her water. Despite the curious origins of the A and B source, things have maybe come full circle to the ABs.

You can see why the hybrid bloods in Harry Potter were called “mudbloods”. Mud is a mix of earth and water. And you can see why the mudbloods get persecuted too. Mother Earth must be controlled. We are in a patriarchial society.

The two triangles of the whole ABO blood group forms a six pointed Star of David, which can be turned by a Hex Allen Key, and I see that ALLEN is almost ALLELE. The Star of David is about Alleles. Maybe Allah is in here too somewhere.

The distribution of blood types is not equal. There are not many AB bloods and AB- is the rarest blood type of all, one that is not much talked about. It is also the most recent. On the Blood Clock, the 6 o clock South Pole for ABs is not well populated. The Poles are a race that have a high Jewish population that was persecuted in WW2, almost wiped out. The Polish Race are something to do with the North South axis of this Blood Clock methinks. Since the Blood Clock forms a Jewish Star of David, then it seems logical that the ABO Blood Group is something to do with the Jews. Maybe it represents SIX different types of Jews, all of whom are Rh negative I would say.

The Bees are to do with the Poles too. The bees pollinate plants, or is it planets? And when the nation goes to the polls, the poles, to choose between the Red Team or the Blue Team, the North Team or the South team, we get pollination, poll.nation. The bees are required to pollinate sexual plants, opposites. Non-gender plants self-pollinate and do not need bees. It seems that the As and the Bs are needed for sex, for pairing up opposites. The Alpha males copulate with the Omega female Os to populate the planet, helped by the Bs, who are a sort of a sort of dating agency that creates and maintains pairs. It makes good busy bee business sense, they would be out of a job if they stopped pollinating! The plants might revert to no-sex or self sexing plants, or a no-sex self sexing planet.

Is the bee the original businessman? Busy buzzy bees making honey money. B is for banking, Jews in banking, who am I thinking of? Surely not the Rothschild that gave his name to the Red Shield Star of David, the Magen David Adom, is that an Adam in there? MDA is all about blood services and emergencies, and is known as Mada, which is Adam backwards !

O is zero. A and B are the alpha beta, alphabet. The Alphabet is our daily symbols of life in Big Brother’s BB world. A is 1, the first letter, and B is 2. So we have OAB as 0 1 2. The 0 is the hole, the 1 is the stick, representing the female and male sexual parts. The 2 represents the couple, the pair. A 2 looks like a swan, and swans are known for pairing for life. There are Royal Swans, known for being mute, no voice, and perhaps mute ants too, the Ants voice lowered, mutated, by the Adam Apple modification.

Could it be that the Romans, the Roman Catholics, are the Bees? The original moneylenders and bankers? Could it be that the Romans orchestrated all this, by seeing that they could be the brokers in the pairing deal, taking a profit and controlling the show. Was it the Romans that created Adam the A Alpha Male. Did they start off the world’s oldest profession, that of selling open Omega holes to desparate A males. Did they have a Bee Shop for Holes, a Holy Bishop? All they had to do was stabilise the females in their stables, lock up the Queen Bee in the hexagon Star of David, and the rest is history.

And history keeps repeating again and again, until we stop playing the game.

(My thanks to a comment from Maurice that prompted this post.)

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2 Responses to Bloody Clock

  1. Noonoo says:

    And now it seems they want to eliminate different blood groups and have a universal one!

    • suliwebster says:

      Sounds like GM blood, Noonoo. I wonder if the current “universal” blood of Type O- is just a previous iteration of this same step. I keep getting this feeling that the world is repeating itself over and over again.
      On one of my earlier blood posts, I reference a geneticist that says why bother making the O allele, when the A allele is perfectly good, as if the O allele is a genetic modification of the A. O bloods can revert to A through vegetarianism, and this reminds me of modified plants that revert to original type if not in some way artificially maintained.

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