Poison Apple

“Dip the Apple in the Brew, Let the sleeping death seep through”

So says the wicked witch in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Wakey wakey!

The poisoned apple comes in many forms. One is the wicked witch that posions Snow White. You can see she used a brew, a herb brew of some sort, maybe a HE brew.

Apple Music from Apple Corps, apple core, infected us in the sexy 60s with mania, Beatlemania. The John Paul George ring that matches the Pope names. (See Vinyl Revolution). Mania is MAN.ia, and means MAD. A Mad Man. Adam is a bit mad backwards. Adam plays a big part in mad poisoned apple stories. The posion makes us mad.

Apple Mac is the Scottish version of the poisoned apple. There are huge attempts to get us all ipadded up, to stop our third eye, our pineal, working. The sleeping death does not mean we are in bed with our two eyes shut. It means we are are being robotic with our third eye switched off. Mac means “Son of”. Son of Ma, I would say, we all come from our Ma. MaSon. The ipad is the Masonic Apple, and it exists to get under our skin, enter and invade our body, and cause a new genetically engineered species, a new type of Adam. The ipad enters through our eyes and our fingers, a new very subtle invasion for the 21st century. It takes over your brain and your body and before long we will all want one installed permanently and conveniently. Maybe the middle of the forehead would be a good spot for it! Direct access to the pineal gland ! A bit like the Indian bindi, a bind, and a binary spot. Maybe a blind spot. Except it will be a SQUARE spot.

Wakey wakey is the wa.key, watery key or is it Quay? And it seems that the new style poisoning may also be in the water. The water is the solution for good or bad brews. Water can heal or poison depending on what is in it. The witch dipped the apple in a brew, a solution of water and something else. We are in the age of Aquarius, things are carried in the water. WW3 is Wicked Witch 3, a water fight, a domestic fight, and a fight over our sleepiness or awakeness.

I am reading a biography about Alan Turing, the great WW2 code cracker. His life is pure symbology. He died from eating a poisoned apple. The apple contained CYANIDE.

Cyan is a blue green colour. That is interesting because the council logo of Bath, the Roman’s favourite watering hole in the world it seems, is a Blue and Green Star of David. Is Bath symbolising the cyanide in the water? The poison water? As the keys are turning in Bath (see Hex Allen key), it seems that the water might get affected and infected.

A recent news report (or is it an instruction?) from the BBC tells us that flouride must be put into water supplies. We need dumbing down I guess. All these IDE words, cyanide, suicide, flooride. The IDES of Roman March, marching upon us, marching as to war. You do not need to fight, you just need to say NO and choose the other path, the way of Jesus the Jewess and the way of Mother Nature. The spring of life is from Mother Nature, not a pipe feed into our homes.

Dwarf is D.wharf. There are three D Wharfs around Bath I can count. Maybe there are another four dwarfs somewhere, we have seven hills, why not seven dwarfs? Darlington Wharf, Dundas Wharf, Dolemeads Wharf (now unused). All on the Georgian Canal. Why are they all D? Maybe the poison in the apple makes you Grumpy or Sleepy or Dopey… Maybe the posion in the apple makes you go out to work and leave your Snow White vulnerable to the Wicked Witch. maybe Snow White is the goddess of Bath put to sleep. Maybe we need to save her by taking the poison apple out of her throat where it is stuck.

POISON is almost poisson, a French Frankish fish. St Peter fishes for men, he is a fisherman, an angler with his rod. Why fish? Wifi, wifey. To turn the fish to Y, the male. You fish into the womb to hook the egg and poison it. To fish is to poison. You can make the egg more male and more square with your angle and your rod and your bait. Fishing is Britains biggest sport, and it is a mostly male sport. The women are the hookers that are hooked. What are you hooked on? Apples? ipads? Water?

POISON is also P.OI.SON. Penis, on/off switch, son. I think the poison apple is to create a son. Adam. By poisoning the female egg, by disabling the X chromosome that creates the womb. Then a son is born. Victory, you scored, your invasion was successful. (See I Want One).

POISON reminds me of PrioryOfSION. P.O.SION. This is suppressing and locking up the female energy, guarding and controlling it. It is laid out symbolically in Bath where the water and the fire come together at the Hot Springs (see Hex Allen Key).

The poison is the Anti Mullerian hormone, AMH. Isn’t it curious where AM crops up? WILLY.AM who has indeed scored victory and got a son, his AM hormone poison from his willy was a success. AD.AM… Add AM to the apple, of course she will eat an apple, who can resist a lovely juicy apple? You can see that the snake is in here too, the only poisonous snake in Britain is the ADDER, just add AM to the brew, shall we call the new HE brew ADAM? AM is morning or mourning, which is the time of day when the son rises, and the woman is in mourning, the morning after the night before, because her baby was poisoned by the AMH. Your mother should know, say the Beatles. The morning is the time for the rising son, the evidence that the AM poisoned brew succeeded.

If Eve or Snow White had picked the apple off the tree directly, they would be much more sure that it was unpoisoned, but if you receive the apple through a third party, such as a witch, or a supermarket, or a water supplier, or the internet, then you don’t really know do you? Though I am sure that the witch and the supermarket and the water supplier and the internet will make the Apple look very sexy and appealing.

Don’t eat the apple. It only takes a bite. Or is it a byte?

The Apple logo is an apple with a bite taken. Bitten apples were laid out in Bath when Apple’s founder Steve Jobs conveniently died. You can see that his job was to sanitise (St) Eve. There are 8 bits in a byte, which gives you 256 combinations! Quite a lot really. Now we are so hungry for high speed data, we want millions of bytes, mega and giga bytes. We are consuming a lot of poison apples, and the best way to consume lorry loads of apples is cyder, cyanider.

Cider is made from apples, fer ment ed. Flouride furs up the pineal gland and edits the mind, which is “ment” in Latin. Fur ment ed. The Flouride does this to our third eye. Have you noticed how cider is on the rise, suddenly popular again? The Apple is coming round again to tempt us. What will you choose? A juicy appealing sexy poisoned apple provided for you by a wicked witch in disguise. Or an apple off the tree that you have to pick yourself and make your own cider with.

The Apple Music was infected and infectious, Everyone bit it or bought it. Will you buy into it, byte into it? Early Beatles played at 432Hz, our natural frequency. Later Beatles played at 440 Hz, the new international decree, which we are now used to, a permanent poison of the wrong sound.

Alan Turing from a young age, insisted that it was not the apple that was the forbidden fruit, but the PLUM. Is he stupid? I think not, he is a master code cracker. A plum is plumbing. Plumbing is water. Plumb comes from plumbum, the old word for lead. Can you remember when we suffered lead poisoning in our water? Because they made all the pipes with poisonous lead ! They have tried the poison water theme before. The lead piping is a murder weapon in the game of Cluedo. Now our pipes are copper or plastic. Not much better really, is it? We are still not picking the apple off the tree, we are taking it from the Wicked Witch, the third party. The Wicked Witch water supplier is sexing up our water with a new type of poison, and we buy it and byte it. We need to take our water directly from our Mother Earth, to be sure it is the healing water of life, not posioned water of death.

My domestic water supplier is WesSex Water, WW, what are they sexing and hexing us with? It is owned by YTL, a transglobal company based in Malaysia. Malaise is disease. Are they bringing malaise to England via the water? YTL symbolises the Y male gene that contains the AM hormone poison, which we have all allowed into our wombs. Plus TL, which are the common domestic hex keys we have all allowed into our homes. WW3 is domestic. It is a different form to the wars we are used to. It is in our homes. There will be no swords. The PEN IS mightier. The penis to make sons, the pen is on paper to tell us what to do, and the pen is to pen us in to walled cities to stop our freedom.

The poison pen is the WORDS, not the SWORD. Can you see how many ways the new style poison will get to us? WORDS, WATER, WALLS, WILLIES. WWWW. Watch out. This is WAR.

The poison apple seems to be about two things. The first is to pull the wool over our eye so we are sleepy, or dopey, or too busy HeyHoing off to work dwarf style, and we cannot work anything out. This then leads to the acceptance of the AM poison of death that kills the womb and the woman. The water is the female, which should be guarded by the goddess Sul in Bath, but YTL WeSex Water seems to have taken over that job. Sexing the water is sexing the female, the female goddess Sul, and I think the Cyanide and the Flouride may have something to do with it. Just say NO.

Sulcide looks like it could be a new word to kill Sul, and therefore our spirit, via the poison water and the poison apple. We have already accepted the AM into our lives as normal, the next Apple poison will create the next level of genetic change, to a neu neutral gender. We can go forward with the flow of poison and temptation, or we can stay where we are, or we can reverse out of it. We can choose to say NO to the new Apple, and we can also try and get the old Adam Apple out of Snow White’s throat. There are two throats on a woman, and I think this means NoSex as we know it. (See Ab Use of Sex).

So if Suli dies, watch out for the poisoned apple lying nearby with a byte taken out of it ! It’s ok, Suli is my stage name, I am only playing a part. If Suli dies, it will be because I have chosen another way of life, one that is free of my Apple ipad poison pen, and no more bytes.

(See also: Bloody Clock, Cull The Queen, Hex Allen Key, Ab Use of Sex, I Want One, A Dam and a Dyke, Consume Ate, Shelf Life, Drinking Water, Vinyl Revolution, In the Comfort of Your Own Home)

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2 Responses to Poison Apple

  1. paul says:

    hmm poison apple indeed http://wifidangers.com/apple-666-project-inkwell-and-agenda-21-an-expose-with-an-all-star-cast/#more-2450
    Artemis is known as the goddess of Fertility when you Google it… This is nothing more than a mass sterilization,depopulation project. Follow this article to the end and you will agree.


    unnamed (1)

    What do wireless emissions do to human reproduction? Scientists tell us that it causes infertility. I would like for us to instead consult the designers and artists of apple’s 5billion dollar corporate headquarters.

    APPLE HEADQUARTERS IN CUPERTINO-http://www.weather.com/video/the-building-that-saves-our-future-53961
    – See more at: http://wifidangers.com/apple-666-project-inkwell-and-agenda-21-an-expose-with-an-all-star-cast/#more-2450

    • suliwebster says:

      I notice the education program for wifi in schools is called AORTA, which is the main artery of the body. It is also like ABORTA.

      Has that Apple HQ layout got a slight difference in the NE section, as if that is the main entrance ? Like Bath, Buck Palace, and Stonehenge. Wonder how the dimensions compare with Stonehenge… and if Stonehenge and Bath are used for similar purposes.

      I think the global plan is to take all human reproduction into state control in labs and factories and sell the babies. To sever the mother baby bond is to attack the human to human relationships which is our kindred spirit. All the signs say this is the way they are herding us. And here I am cooperating by being on the internet on my Apple ipad.

      If we don’t want our kids and our world to be taken over by wifi, then we need to play our own part in leading things another way. Everything you do in your life influences the whole.
      I keep thinking they will come up with an Apple ipip. It is the pips that contain the cyanide. The pips are the male seed.

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