Bank Robber Bees

I have always struggled with the idea of certain plants being sexy, although I am very much a plant sort of person. My ears just shut down when anyone starts talking about it. Now I know why! I do not think that plants have always been sexed.

Bees are essential for sexy plants, and sexy plants are essential for bees. Sex is good business for bees. It keeps them busy and it makes them a good profit with their honey.

There is a most peculiar things about the history of Bees in that it follows the history of humans, all the patterns of migration from the Middle East to Europe. And methinks, the sexed up human society corresponds to the sexed up plant world.

I am going off bees.

Here is another amazing Bee match. The banks started to collapse at about the same time as the Bee colony collapse ! We bailed out the banks because we bailed out the bees. We fell for it. Save the bees or you will die in 4 years from no sexy food. Save the banks or you will die in 4 years from no money, because money is essential for life of course.

Honey is made from sexy plant products, and Royal Jelly is a bee product that is supposed to make humans sexy. The Honey trap is a sex trap, and you can start to see that bees are very much linked to SEX, though they don’t actually have sex themselves, too busy probably. They are also linked to manufacturing, business, hard work, and profit. It sounds almost like the stereotype Jew!

Bees rely on sexy plants to collect their pollen to manufacture their honey to feed their Queen and keep their colony going. I m pretty sure that is what is going on with humans. Sexy plants are good for bees. If plants stop being so sexy, then the bees are out of business. The world’s media keeps telling us that we need sexy plants to survive, and the bees are absolutely vital. Could they actually be telling us that we humans need SEX in order to survive, and that the Jewish bankers are absolutely vital? The bees haven’t collapsed, the bankers haven’t collapsed. We keep saving them, so that we can carry on being SEXY.

As I have shown in previous posts, the world of humans has not always been two sexed. Once we were a self sexing one sex, no sex species. The same applies to plants.

Someone introduced the new Adam Apple male sex which forced the Original Orange into an equal and opposite sexual partner. This is symbolised by the OO and AA pure blood groups. Someone did the same sexing up with the plants, probably around the same sort of time. It is a neat coincidence that oranges and apples are both sexy plants, though there are some self fertile varieties still going.

The human OOs and the AAs interbred. It seems that the BBs were the brokers, the agents for the transaction. Hence the glory of the ABO Blood system. The BBs rely on the good business of sex, and selling holes, the world’s oldest profession. Sex sells. Selling creates taxes, the brokers can take their cut from setting up the sex and selling it, if they work hard they can make a good profit.

Sexy plants put a huge amount of their energy into attracting the bees so that they can get sexed. I would say that humans do the same. The traditional male is supposed to earn money to buy his own womb hole, the more he earns the better the hole he can buy. The traditional female is supposed to dress herself up like a flower to attract the man that will pay for her to live in a world that requires money for everything. The better her flower, the richer the man she will attact. The more you look at it the more you see how much people are motivated by trying to impress and attract the opposite sex. This is Bee culture, the world as the Bees like it. Bee plant, Bee planet.

The Bees correspond to the BB blood group, the Bankers and Big Brother who are so keen to sex up the world. I think the BBs are the Rothschilds that come from Georgia. I think the BBs are the Romans and the rulers and the counters. I think the BBs are opportunists and brokers, the moneylenders, the middle men who like to profit from taking a cut of everyone else’s energy, by directing everything through themselves and their agencies.

Here is a little nursery rhyme…

The King was in his Counting House, counting out his money. The Queen was in her Parlour eating bread and honey.

Money, bread, honey. All forms of currency, energy flow, for the bankers to control. We have banks kept by the millers that make the grain, (see Dark Satanic Mills). We have banks of money kept by Big Business. And the bees keep their banks of honey. Maybe the Queen’s parlour is her Parliament. The parliament that fattens her up with honey to keep the whole colony thing going.

The Bees keep a Queen, so do the BBs. Behind the scenes there are the BBs, controlling their puppets, the face of the Queen is their tool to get everyone working hard like the bees, and united in their worship. The King BB has the money, The Queen Bee has the honey.

Bankers even wear pin stripe suits, like stripey bees. The pin is the prick of Adam, and the sting of the bee. Maybe the beest is the beesting too. Surely not! Surely a beast needs to be a bit bigger, a bit more obvious. The bee is of course tuned to the hexagon, the number 6, just like the Beast of Satan.

The bees like the Sun, Son worship, just like the bankers and the other rulers that are all on the same team. The bees make deposits in the hive, just as deposits are made in banks.

Poll a nation! say the bankers, create opposites that always fight each other or seek each other. We can intercept all that energy and capture it to make our pot of gold and money! Pollination! say the bees, we must have pollination in order to capture the pollen and make our pot of honey. The first thing the Bankers do after their invasion of a country is to set up a Bank, the second thing is to set up a Poll A Nation, an election. Then they can start to rake in their profits, and their deposits.

It all makes good business sense. The bees are known for being busy and buzzy. The bees mean buziness. Keep buzi everyone, work hard and you will get your pot of money which is essential for sexy life. And survival. We must all work hard to survive.

The Bankers make the sounds of Zion. The bees go ZZZZZ. What is hidden in that letter Z, I wonder ? Z is one of the shapes of a Hex Allen Key.

Now let’s have a little look at the Robbers…

The real robbers are the bankers of course! The bees. A bank robber is a banker. They rob us. That is why bank robbers in cartoons are dressed as bees. The bees take their cut, they collect pollen in their sacks, just like the bank robber. And then they getaway and deposit it in their hexagon hive bank. We are taught that it is our fellow man on the street that is the robber, and we must hand over our money to the bankers to protect it from the man on the street. Hoho.

It is daylight robbery ! Bees like the sun, they work in daylight hours on sunny days.

It is armed robbery ! Bees are equipped with a poisonous sting weapon. It is armoured robbery too, based on the Roman Catholic word for love “amour”. Keep on being sexy, it is good for business.

Much of the honey made from the stolen pollen trickery goes to feed and fatten the Queen. The Queen is ESSENTIAL to keep the show on the road. But you will notice that there is another character who gets most of the honey. The Bee Keeper. Or Keyper. He has the keys and he is dressed in head to toe white costume with a hat. Who else is always dressed in white robes?

Not the Pope again… He is a bank ROBER. He robs the hive in his robes. He banks up the honey through his Queen that attracts the worker bees deposits. Look how much golden wealth is depositied in the Vatican! I think The Pope is another face, another obedient puppet like the Queen. The Pope is aligned to St Peter the keeper of the keys. Are they the keys to the hive?

Bees are known for their electronic sense. They are known for their organisation. They are known for their straight lines. They make beelines, direct roads straight to their hive. They wear straight stripes. Who else likes straight lines?

Not the Romans again… the Romans, who are the Catholics too. The Pope is a Roman. That is probably why he rules from Rome.

Rober and Robber are a bit like Robert and Robot. The more I look at the Romans, the more I see ROBOTS. And can you see how the WOman has been replaced by the ROman as the governing force? WOMB to WOMBAN to WOMAN to ROMAN, and then to ROBOT, coming soon. The bees are robotic. And the plan seems to be to make us more robotic. The computers are helping that along of course, don’t be fooled, the internet does not make us free.

The bees swarm to a new hive, when there is a new Queen. The BBs will do the same. They might transmute to ZZs so that we don’t recognise them, and so that we fall for the same old trick all over again.

The bees belong to an animal group known as HYMENoptera. Who makes this up? Oh yes the Roman Catholic Latin ones, the BBs. Hymenoptera includes wasps and sawflies and ants. They all sting and it looks like they are symbolic of the hymen too, penetrating it perrhaps. The Hymen is also something sung in the Pope’s Churches around the world, as HYMNs of Praise. Stung sung, sting sing. Sting the hymen, sing the hymn, raise the P into the Hymen. Sexy stuff going on in the Pope’s world of beekeeping.

The Bees are everywhere, and I see the Corporative Cooperative Loyalty card still has a honeycomb stamped all over it to represent their bee campaign. Other loyalty cards for corporates allow you to collect NECTAR points. Be loyal to the bees, keep buzi, keep spending your money at the Coop. Cooperate, be loyal to the corporates, keep the colonies going !

A banker is a Bee Anchor. B.anker. It fixes us in place. All nice and safe and secure. And locked in. The ank is RA’s key, so maybe RA is a B.ank BeeKeyper too? That would fit very well with his key being hexagon shape, would it not? (See Hex Allen Key).

The Paedophile nest of the BBC is affectionately known as The Beeb. The Beeb is broadcasting the sexy bee culture to the world via its World Service. A sexy culture is essential for paedophilia to thrive. And we are all too buzi to notice or do anything about it.

Isn’t it curious that the Centre for Exploiting Missing Children is run by bankers and vaccination gurus like Bill Gates ? A vaccination is like a bee sting, a little prick. Just a little prick, it won’t hurt. Children get lots of these stings, it is good training for Bee culture.

To Bee or Not to Bee. That is the question. Do we need the bees? Do we need the 2B’s? The BBs are the Romans with their rulers and straight lines, their counting, accounting, and their clocks. It seems that the Robots entered our world as the BB pure bloods. They genetically modified the OO allele to give us Adam the wombless one. They saw a profit margin. A margin is a straight left hand column down the side of the page. A page of paper is ruled with lines and columns, Roman style.

I was stopped in the street today by a bee campaigner. He said “You look like someone that loves bees”. I walked on. The bees are everywhere, making a comeback. They won’t die out if we keep saving them. They match the fortunes of the bankers and the BBs, the Romans and the rulers and the robots.

I think we are at some sort of HIGH HOON on the grand clock of Anno Domini time, peak SUN and SON, the year of Our Lord. And there is some sort of choice. We can go round again, with us as the newly formed Roman Robots, we become the new BBs, seduced by the money and the honey and the sexiness and the material world, and especially the ELECTRONICS, or is it the ELECTIONICS, the pollinations? Or we SAY NO, and let the colony collapse. Will you go or will you stay, will you swarm with the beautiful new puppet controlled Queen to the land of milk and honey, or will you stay behind in the debris?

Obama took carrot seed as a gift to The Pope recently. I think it would be fitting for the Queen to take a pot of honey on her visit this week, a handover of all the bank deposits from her City of London Hive.

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9 Responses to Bank Robber Bees

  1. paul says:

    what colour is honey

    • suliwebster says:

      That is avery good question, because there are lots of different colours of honey ! I would say it is yellowy or orange, amber perhaps, but always a RICH and WARM colour. Bath Stone is a rich warm colour, but actually BEIGE or CREAM would be a better description. Which makes me think the description of HONEY COLOURED is chosen to draw attention to the bees symbology. To symbolise the honey comb and the hexagon and the Queen.

  2. suliwebster says:

    Some postscripts to this post…
    I see that the Queen did indeed take a pot of honey to the Pope as part of a hamper of food.

    Today I spotted a new food product, made near Bath of course, since it contains honey. It is called “Honeygar”. It is apple cider and honey 50/50. Apples and Bees, As and Bs. Another newish Bath food product is Honey’s Midford Cider, which is apple cider made by the company of Honey and Daughter, a father and daughter team. Apples and Bees seem to be pairing up. And it is quite interesting to see that the Mother/Son relationship is being replaced by Father/Daughter in the process. This is not exactly a return to the female line ! I would say it is leading us further away from it. Maybe the future Queens will all be male gay queens who buy their babies from agencies.

  3. paul says:

    you know i think many of those queens are child abusers – i dont mind if you choose to remove the link – some are offended by his choice of words – whereas i think it is the actions that matter more

    • suliwebster says:

      thanks for link Paul, you are very good at matching up pieces from different blogs. Looks like the male Queens buying babies thing is already here. I notice that another current news story about Peaches Geldof highlights that Peaches was removed from the care of her biological mother by force, because her mother had a drug history. Different rules are applied for different people and different occasions, whichever rule is the most convenient to roll out the agenda.
      Only this morning I was in Court, on behalf of a friend, watching a sex abuser squirm out of being sentenced, despite earlier entering a guilty plea. A convenient rule was played like the Ace of Spades. Now the perpetrator has become the victim and the victim has become a liar. The same stuff plays out all around us, not just with the rich and famous. The rules are there for the convenience of the psychopaths.

      • paul says:

        yes the psychopaths run and set up the system – although the battle seems to be against the people who cant see it – maybe if more pieces of the jigsaw can be seen – is bob geldof still above those laws

      • suliwebster says:

        Yes, it does sometimes feel as if the battle is against the “blind”, though we all have blind spots, I keep finding new ones in myself. Maybe the battle is against the blindness in general, rather than the “blind” (unseeing) people.
        New post on Peaches! It seems Bob G still is above the law. I think it is a Knights privilege. They can travel freely too. It seems some of these big names can go either way. When they become stars they have limited choices. Either retreat and shut up, or carry on and get silenced, or accept the deal with the devil. The deal includes luxury, status etc etc, but you sell your soul to the Agenda. I love the Rats music, I think Bob G is a great musician, but I will struggle to hear that greatness now, knowing what he has signed up to.

    • suliwebster says:

      I keep meaning to get back to writing about money, but so much other stuff to write too! We really need to use less and less money. We are always slaves if we use money. There is no banking system that works in my view. The banks and the law are run by the same team, of course the banks always win. Jews (Rothschild type) are known for money lending, and all the Jewdicial system is Jew labelled. The only way to stop them winning is to step out of their game.

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