I Don’t Like Mondays

Peaches Geldof died on Monday 7/4/14.

PESACH is a word a bit like PEACHES. Pesach is the Jewish word for Passover. Peaches just passed over. This year Pesach runs from Monday 14/4/14 for 8 days until… yes you guessed it, another Monday 21/4/14. Easter Monday. Three funday Mondays in a row. Do you like Mondays?

I came across the word PESACH on the website of Magen David Adom (MDA) UK, whilst researching something else. MDA is the Rothschild stamped Israeli version of the Red Cross, and you have to wonder why they need a UK branch. Magen David Adom means “red shield”, so does Rothschild. MDA collect blood. Blood banks. The Rothschild bloodline collects banks. The MDA website is blood coloured. They advertise their stocks of O blood. They tell you to DONATE. A funday trip to Waddesden Manor is advertised, this is Rothschild’s English home.

Pesach (or is it Peaches?) is a festival to celebrate the “delivery of Jewish people from slavery in Egypt”. It is celebrated by worshipping effigies of Jesus the Jewess nailed to the cross, murdered. Is Peaches a Jewess, and was she murdered? Was she sacrificed as part of the Pesach celebrations? And how long has this been planned for?

Peaches was “bonkers” according to a very scripted statement of mourning from her father Sir Bob. What a strange word to describe your recently deceased daughter. A word that has been carefully planted to attract attention. Bonking means having sex, and my guess is that Peaches was a child sex abuse victim, and maybe an adult victim too.

Being severed from your mother is a good way to prepare a child for abuse.

Peaches was age 9 when she was forcibly taken away from her mother, Paula Yates.

Peaches was age 11 when her mother died. Peaches was ripe for abuse. A ripe peach.

Peaches was a journalist exposing paedophilia in high places, in particular rape of babies with their mother’s consent. She had inside knowledge of what goes on in elite circles, in particular the Pop (or is it Pope?) Music industry. She had the misfortune to be born into it all, perhaps bred for purpose. Maybe she was determined to get the truth out, and had to be silenced, like many others before her. Or maybe she knew her time was nearly up, and she wanted to use her last days wisely.

“Tell me why I Don’t Like Mondays”, sings Bob foretelling his own daughter’s death. This song was a number one hit ten years before Peaches was born.

“The silicon chip inside her head was switched to overload”. No cause for suspicion, no suicide note. Just the implanted silicon chip in her head being remotely controlled. Cool stuff eh?

Google’s boss, whose name is Regina meaning Queen, has recently announced a silicon chip that you can swallow which alters your DNA throughout your body. Permanently. It is another version of the poison apple. I guess the Google chip has already been trialled on humans, and maybe Peaches is the first public successful execution of this cool new product that youngsters will love. Maybe the ultimate test of the chip is to see if it can perform remotely controlled execution. Just click on Peaches Geldof and select “Kill”.
“Nobody’s going to go to school today, she’s going to make them stay at home”, sings Bob.

Did you know that Peaches and her sisters were forced to go to school the day after their mother died, Bob said they should CARRY ON. Surely Peaches would want a day off when her mother had just died, she might be a little bit upset. Silly Peaches, she is bonkers isn’t she? Did she not know that school is far more important than mothers ? Anyway I am sure Sir Bob put her right on that one, he is a Knight and he knows best, not like Mother. Go to work Peaches, Mothers do not matter.

Can you see that this is the way that things are heading? Can you see how Peaches has highlighted something very wrong in our world? How the vital protection function of the mother is being slowly disappeared. Mothers are now consenting for their own babies to be raped. If Mothers are deemed unimportant, then this is what inevitably happens. Until it eventually becomes normal. And maybe Peaches got a taste of this in her own childhood. Maybe in the Pop and the Pope world, this is already normal.

“Sweet 16 ain’t so peachy keen” sings Bob. Even her name is in the song.

“Sweet 16” means that a girl is now legal. Legal tender, like Rothschild banknotes. Peaches’ middle name is Honeyblossom. Honey means bees, and the Queen Bee, blossom is the nectar. A nectarine is a fuzzless peach. (The word “fuzz” comes from wikipedia). Peaches are fuzzy nectarines. Underage girls are fuzzless. Nectar is the raw material for honey. Bees like the nectar to make the gold honey to feed their Queen. And the Queen Bee likes Sir Bob, that is why she made him a Knight, for services to the Queen’s Agenda. Nectar is the food of the Queen, and a nectarine is the underage peach. Can you see what the Queen’s Agenda is? The underage girl is required to feed the Agenda.

Nectar is from the Greek “nek” and “tar”, meaning death and overcoming. Overcoming death. Funny that “tar” is a time sort of word eh? It is linear time that makes sure our time is up and we die. Apparently nectar is the “favoured drink of the Gods”. It sounds to me like the Gods are a bit Bee like, and so they must have a Queen to survive. Nectar is responsible for the evolution of the honeybee, and I would say that the Gods have evolved by another sort of nectar, the nectar they get from the Honeyblossom of human peaches, young girls. Nectar is symbolic of child sexual abuse, and they feed off it. Wearing a necktie may be the dresscode for this Agenda.

The traditional English female has peachy skin. A peach is synonomous with a pretty girl. In French, peach is peche, peche also means “to fish” and “to sin”. A fisherman and a sinner are the same word. And Italian is the same too. St Peter was a fisherman, this is the Pope’s right hand man saint at the Vatican, and now it seems that St Peter is a peachy sinner. Bill Clinton was “impeached” for his sins. And after a while you can see that peach is a sort of code word for sex with girls, or girls for sex. Peaches was branded at birth with her name label, her life laid out before her.

Of course the reason we all hate Mondays is because it is Back To Work day, the 5-6 days of slavery start up again after you have been allowed one day off. The Rothschild Jews may have been “delivered from slavery” by their PESACH dirty nectar deals with the Gods, but I think that their deal includes enslaving and abusing everyone else.

SUNday is symbolic of your day of rest, the few crumbs of enjoyment that make the rest of life worth bothering with. Sunday is your reward day for all your hard work. The day of rest is synchronised and symbolised with the SUN, the one and only male SON. Our minds are led to associate the two. SON is important, this is the best bit, got it?

Monday is synchronised with the MOON, hate the bloody moon day, hate the female Mother, hate the Jewess. MOTHER is unimportant, the bad bit we don’t want and we only do it because we have to.

There is one exception to Back to Work Monday, and that is the Bank Holiday Monday, we have three of them coming up in the UK, starting with Easter Monday. Why are Bank Holidays mostly on a Monday? And now you can see how the Rothschild Banks are the Gods that grant us an extra day off on our horrible Monday. You never go to school on a BANK branded Monday, do you?

The Moon has been tampered with, the Moon is being used to create and power the Sun. (See Moon Eye Money). The Son worshippers are the same team that are running the paedophile rings. I think we need to stop worshipping the Son and the Big Brother way, and pay more attention to our Mother Earth and all Mothers instead if we want these horrors in the world to end. Maybe what we need to do, or rather not do, is to NOT GO TO SCHOOL on MONDAY, like the song says. Bunk off some of the slavery. Don’t wait for the banks to give you permission. Take a day off if your Mother dies. Even better, take a day off BEFORE your Mother dies. Mother Earth is alive, she is Mother to us all.

I have a suspicion that Princess Bea is connected to this, being so Bee named, and so Moon numbered, and she sort of looks a bit like Peaches and is about the same age. I have not yet found the link.

The Geldof family seem to have the mark of death, pivoting around Paula Yates I would say. She is the Mother, and her four daughters have all been captured by the Knights in the name of Sir Bob. The youngest, Tiger Lily, is a flower that is symbolic of death. Hutchence, Yates, and now Peaches, have all had somewhat unexplained and dramatic deaths. But maybe all these deaths are to do with the same thing, the severance of Mother and daughter, and our severance from Mother Earth.

(See also: The Old Welsh Road, Centre for Exploiting Missing Children, Paedophile Agenda, Homosexual Agenda, Moon Eye Money, Poison Apple, Concrete Bob, The Queens Alms, Queen Bee, Hex Allen Key, Bank Robber Bees, Decoding the Murder of Jesus, Jesus the Jewess, Normalising Paedophilia, A Very Private Crime, Move The Spotlight, Human Procurement Centres, Mother Moon Time, Microchipped Dogs, Just a Game, Lewis Key, Do As You’re Told Days, Babies For Sale).


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11 Responses to I Don’t Like Mondays

  1. Veronica maher says:

    There’s a lot of thing’s I don’t like.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes I know what you mean. It is giving me a reputation of being cynical, negative, anti everything, not joining in. You are supposed to Be Positive and like everything.

  2. Elena says:

    I’ve long suspected that these people are trying to create a new savior myth, building on the rituals of the old. We participate in the salvation of Jesus by swallowing the wafer, and this is called transubstantiation. We participate in the salvation of the new savior (?) by swallowing the chip, and this will be called transcendence.

    What you say about the absence of mother, is spot on. My mother died when I was 8, and I agonized deeply over the why of it. Now that I’m in my 60’s I’m understanding the lesson. We are all motherless children and we are “lost”.

    • suliwebster says:

      The new saviour seems to come in many different disguises. It is really easy for them, because we are all programmed to look for an external saviour. I still find myself doing it. Someone reassured me recently that everything will be fine, when the oil runs out we will all just find another way, lovely ! Then I saw that The Oil Runs Out is another new saviour.
      People are waiting for the Oil To Run Out so that the world and themselves will be saved.
      Saved from having to make any changes to themselves. Waiting for an external event to tell them what to do. Same old stuff in different clothes.
      By my reckoning, if the oil runs out, that is Mother Earth’s blood all gone, and she dies. But let’s just keep taking her blood til she dies shall we?
      And as you say, it is our “lost” motherlessness that makes us so vulnerable to seek the external saviour. Swallowing a chip wont stop the wars slavery and paedophilia, but it saves us having to remember a password. Great priorities.
      I think there is one true external saviour, and that is our Mother Earth, available to all of us. She might be able to save us a a lot better if we treated her right instead of abusing her. But first we have to tune into her.

      • Elena says:

        Keep taking her blood till she dies. Exactly… they’ve just sent out this “Heart bleed” coded message over their grid.

        Here’s what I find so pernicious about the patriarchy, they force us to choose! You can’t have both mother and father. You must choose father god and all the “heart bleed” that comes with it. If you choose to elevate mother in any way, prepare to have your “heart bleed” out and spend eternity in hell. I say this Eostre or Ostara (Easter), we call her back, it is after all her holiday.

      • suliwebster says:

        I think the heart bleed virus is only effective if you are tied into Big Brother high tech. Maybe they will drain the online (blood) bank accounts or something? If your investment is in Mother Earth, the internet virus cant touch you. Or maybe they will kill off Microsoft, so that everyone is driven to eat the Apple.
        They certainly make the Mother Earth choice a very difficult one Elena. I think she will come back to life if we take care of her and connect to her. I don’t think calling her back is good enough, we have to change our ways. Every day we make millions of tiny decisions, and each one favours either Big Brother or Mother Earth. I think we can change slowly by just slowly increasing our tendency towards favouring Mother Earth. Nothing dramatic is needed. In fact I would say it is Big Brother that likes drama, not Mother Earth !

  3. paul says:

    its all connected – know how do we take back control – and did the gnostics know how to defeat them

    The Black Church

    Hand in hand with the Black Nobility is the Black Church

    The doctrines of the Catholic Church and their brutal enforcers the Jesuits have been responsible for the burning, torturing, drowning, and rape of millions, plus all the other souls who perished in their holy wars. Women in the Black Church are second class citizens and being barred from contraceptives are chattels of their husbands and doomed to be permanently pregnant.

    The Eucharist, the taking of Communion, is nothing more than a symbol of blood drinking and cannibalism dressed up in a faerie story.

    Rape and sodomy are the order of the day in the Black Church, the brutality and molestation of children is epidemic amongst priests, nuns, bishops, cardinals, ad nauseum… and every day, there’s another shocking revelation, as shit gets missed by the carpet brush and scum rises to the surface.

    • suliwebster says:

      The gnostics are very interesting. A gnostic is agnostic. Not believing in the Bible stuff is the same name that wrote the original destroyed bit of the Bible ! Gnostic is also like gnow, to know. And Nostalgia is the desire to return, to return to No, I would say.

      I would go one step further than the piece above, and query why women have to be married as trade for sex. I do not see contraception as liberating for women, any more than the Iraq War liberated Iraqis. Women need to be free to say NO to sex, and we are a long way off that happening.
      I agree the way we treat animals is connected with our own degradation, and I hear Church of England talk about animals “Its only an animal” sort of mentality. The catholic doctrine rules all Christianity.
      Yes I think the energy grid is very key in controlling the world, essential.
      I think Glasto Tor is an important part of the grid, though no official rituals actually occur on it. The energy lines are entwined in sex. I think this needs dismantling. It is interesting that the two men that researched the lines initially only picked up the male Michael line. Most dowsers seem to be male too. The entire planet is tuned to the sound of the male voice, not the female, and the male voice is a GM one, modified by the Adam Apple. I think this male tuning may originate in Scotland, and then get beamed out through the network. (ref David Cowan). It reminds me of His Masters Voice, stamped onto old gramophone records. The male voice is the authority.

  4. paul says:

    For it is true: whoever rules the energetic grid—rules the world.

    • paul says:

      Sanderson thought that although the planetary grid was made of elemental geometric shapes, it was predominantly icosahedral.

      I found this very interesting because the icosahedron is the geometric for the second chakra, the water field of sex and emotion. Our reality is a feeling and emotional dimension, that’s why we cry water. Our bodies are made up of 80% + water, and it has just been discovered or rather re-discovered, that the planets in our solar system contain a lot of ‘starwater.’

      The deliberate placement of structures on the Grid

      Temples, pyramids, ziggurats, Blue blood castles, presidential palaces, government installations, underground laboratories, the Vatican and other religious sites, have all been deliberately built upon the grid lines. By pumping negative energies into the leys, the Black Twins have expanded their empires and enslaved the peoples of the world.

      The pentagon in Washington is a good example of an esoteric facility that utilizes the frequency of a dodecahedron situated on a ley. The dodecahedron is found in the centre of a five pointed star and is the geometric of the space field.

      Recently I became aware that major football stadiums in America are built on ley lines, no doubt this is to harness the energy of the unsuspecting fans. Football supporters have a reputation for violence and it is this rah!..rah! base energy that is channeled directly into the grid affecting everyone within a radius of forty miles.

      The Line of death 188th ley.

      The ley 188 runs from Astana, Kazakhstan across the globe. Situated on this line of death are the following sites. Teotihuacan the sacrificial blood temple in Mexico, the BP. Oil disaster, the sites of Hurricane Katrina and Frederick[ Mobile, Louisiana 1979] New York[9/11] Washington D.C. Boston bombings, Sandy Hook, Stonehenge and Damascus in Syria.

      • suliwebster says:

        That is very interesting. I find Stonehenge a very black deathly feeling place. I am quite involved in dowsing and earth energies, and I have a growing concern that all the revival of interest in it is being directed to rewire the grid to THEIR agenda.
        When I first looked into it a few years back, I felt that the churches and monuments were being used to fix energy, rather than than the churches being built on existing nodes. This fits with George and Michael, the dragon slayers with their swords, who (s)lay the lines. They pin down the energy, like nailing a plank. But Mother Earth’s energy should be free to move. We get attracted to these fixed places because there is so much of Mother Earth’s energy fixed there ! We are drawn to our Mother, because she has been stolen from us and we are starved of her.
        I guess that the energy created by stadiums is of a violent frequency, and means we get tuned to violence. As usual, they get us all participating in our own destruction.
        It has just occurred to me that Bob’s fundraising Live Aid was one such event, the worship of the idea that we can Feed The World with MONEY. Big Brother’s money will save the world. It is like the global supermarket mission: Feed The World. Food comes from money, not Mother Earth.

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