The Papal Bank

The Pope seems to have his very own bank. It is called Paypal. Paypal, the Papal Bank.

Lots of people have a deposit and an interest in Paypal. Lots of people think it is a better way than the High Street banks. It is a new way, a modern bank, on the INTERNET, and it is INTERNAT, international, too ! All over the world ! Fantastically modern and cool. And by clever manipulation of where it is based, it can escape national laws, because it is inter.national. This is the way of all things internet, a whole new internat legal system has to spring up to police them.

Pope Francis is being stylised as The Pope of the Poor, he lives in a simple boarding house, noone will suspect him of raking in all the international internet cash and pouring the money into the Vatican.

Get online…
The job of the Pope is about the Holes, and maybe this is another hole he is presiding over, an economic hole. When the Papal Paypal Bank is ready to take over the world, the banks as we know it will be allowed to collapse. It is currently very difficult to partake in the Western World without a bank account. Before long, things will step up another gear, and you will be expected to have an ONLINE INTERNET INTERNAT bank account to join in the gruesome game that we are all in. The international Paypal Bank is perfectly positioned for the new role. It is new and fresh, the saviour to our money problems, the modern way, and young people will love it, in fact they already do. We will all be pouring payments into our pal the Pope, to help him with his Poor, Pouring program. Donating energy and money towards the Vatican, whether or not you are signed up as a Roman Catholic.

Spider web…
The world wide web is a web, that means spiders. A web is built to catch flies and other insects who are too busy and buzzy buying and selling to notice that it is a trap. (What am I doing here? I have noticed the trap and I am still here, 5 billion busy flies can’t be wrong can they?). Maybe the Vatican is the spiders nest at the web centre, reaping all the spoils of the trap.

When the money system becomes fully online and paperless, the Pope will probably become a Papaless to match. He is already a Holiness, “ess” denoting a female. When money is paperless, the dollar BILLS in your pocket will disappear, and we will have online BILLS instead. Oh are we doing that already? It is good isn’t it, this new way, it saves trees.

Paypal Galactic …
Paypal has a “galactic” program in partnership with SETI, which is a charity looking into space programs, living in space, space tourism, that kind of thing. Exciting isn’t it? Much more exciting than life on boring old mother earth, with her messy soil and mud, and dangerous water and floods. You can DONATE to this galactic program to help them out. It is all a bit Star Trek sounding, and we have been brought up to worship that via the Big Brother telescreens. Paypal Galactic is about setting up outer space “commerce”. A Galactic Bank. Does that sound familiar? Invade first, then set up a bank? This is just like the way in which countries such as Iraq and Libya are invaded by the US/UK/UN, and a new Rothschild Bank immediately installed. The important thing with any invasion is to set up the Bank. The outer space bank will be Paypal. Or is it Papal? Surely the Pope is not into all that modern space stuff ?

Papal Galactic…
I notice that “outer space” is the same place as where heaven is. In space. In the sky. Where God hangs out and rules over us. Where billions of religious people donate their energy to. And billions of non-religious people too, via events like the Olympics, and by participating in the Money game. The Papal Pope has a galactic program just like Paypal, it is called Heaven.

Inner Space…
I think there is no “outer” space, and we are all on the INSIDE of the globe (See Through the Wombhole). Outer Space is all a big indoctrination thrown our way to make us believe we are small and alone and need protecting by Big Brother, and to make GOD seem much bigger than he really is. GOD is actually in inner space, he is small but very good at illusions, like the Wizard of Oz. It is good business sense for the Vatican to create the outer space delusion, and it seems to be good business sense for Paypal too. Paypal and Papal both depend on “outer” space for drumming up business, attracting energy and money towards them.

Rob Peter to Pay Pal…
There is an expression to Rob Peter to Pay Paul. Peter is the saint of the Vatican. It seems that the money and power is being sucked into the Vatican, banked up, then TRANSMITTED to space via Paying Paul, or the Paying the Poor Papal Pope. Robbing Mother Earth to pay God, with an obedient set of servants called the Human Race helping things along. Peter means rock or stone, and The Earth is the solid rock, unlike the fluid gases of the sky. The Earth is robbed to pay the sky. All through the Papal Vatican and the Paypal Money systems.

Money Transmitter…
Paypal is officially NOT a Bank. It is a “money transmitter”. This is a new legal term, and allows a whole new set of internat laws to be brought in with it. Where is the Paypal system transmitting to ? And where is the Papal system transmitting to ?

Moon Transmitter…
The stuff in the sky seems to be controlled by the Man in the Moon that lives on its dark unseen side. (See Moon Eye Money). Our energy and our money are being diverted skywards, towards the Moon, towards GOD. So that he can order us about and control us, and occasionally give us back a few crumbs of luxury and some Sun if we are good. We are the people of the Papal Paypal system who enable our own slavery.

Can of VAT…
VAT is a tax in the UK, Value Added Tax. VAT is applied to all goods that are deemed “value added”, non essential. That means almost everything nowadays. Things that are VAT rated are all Big Brother style business. None of these VAT products are essential, but it makes good business sense. It makes money and keeps everyone busy. People are encouraged to spot ways of becoming another layer of middleman to cream off another layer of tax for the VATman. The more elaborate our products and supply chain become, the bigger the can of VAT. And I would say that the VATican gets progressively richer in parallel with the increase in “value added” services and products. VAT was increased recently to plug the HOLE caused by the recession. You can see how they want more and more VAT to stuff into the HOLE, the inner space in the sky. Very HOLY.

The Vatican Bank…
The Vatican has a Bank called the “Institute for the Works of Religion”. How can we follow Jesus without vast sums of money eh? You can see that Works of Religion require money to thrive, and are nothing to do with the simplicity of the Jesus way of life. This is all about Christ Almighty in the Sky, and feeding the big machine up there. The Vatican Bank is run by a German banker, sounds rather Rothschild like to me, and apparently part of the remit of the Rothschilds is to oversee the Vatican Bank. Lots of the Cardinals partake on its board. In fact it all looks identical to any other large bank installed on invaded space, apart from the costumes. I guess they have all conveniently forgotten about Jesus tipping over the tables of the moneylenders. Is money not the very thing that Jesus was against ?

Paypal Religion…
Money is another religion. Paypal money and Paper money are religions just like the Papal Catholic religion. Money is an authority with a set of rules and laws to abide by, and most people on the planet live by the religious rule of money, including me. You do not have to go to Church or believe in GOD to behave in a religious way.

Change the Money…
I don’t quite know what is coming our way, but everytime one system falls, another one will spring up to replace it because everyone seems to need some sort of “religion” to attach to. A religion is a system of regulations and rules set by a higher authority. We are all born into it. Before too long, money as we know it will change its form, maybe have a new name. There will be something else called Points, or Credits, or Positive Money, Paypal, or Papal of the Poor, or another word, for us to sign up to instead. Fantastic, for a while we will smugly believe we have got out of the Money system !

End of Money…
To really get out of it, you have to work out how to stop using any form of money, whatever poor papal paypal disguise it comes in, and that is not going to be a new system to sign up to. It is going to be bloody hard work detaching from a religious way of living, ruled and regulated by an external higher authority. To me the path is very obvious in theory, but I do not seem to have the skills to follow it, noone taught them to me, and I have been practising money religion my whole life. It is hard to leave.

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