“That’s Astronomical !” is what we might say when we are shocked by a price that is sky high, when the price goes through the roof. “Economical”, on the other hand, is when something is good value for money, it runs well and efficiently.

Astro and Eco are another A & E pair, like Adam and Eve, and Accident and Emergency. Astro is the male Adam sky. Eco is the female Eve Earth. Astro Adam and Eco Eve.

Economy means MANAGEMENT of the Earth, which is done by means of the monetary system, and that is why we think Economy is all about money. Economists and Bankers are practically the same thing in our modern day world.

Ecology means KNOWLEDGE of the Earth. The Economists seem to have enough knowledge of the Earth to know how to control and destroy it with our support.

It therefore seems to me that Astrology must be KNOWLEDGE of the sky, and Astronomy is MANAGEMENT of the sky.

That’s odd, because I always thought Astronomers were just OBSERVING. They have observatories, and it’s a sort of fun hobby where they just look at the sky and study it and draw up charts and diagrams, don’t they? How can anyone MANAGE the sky? Surely not…..

Man Age…
We are in a MAN Age. The Age of Man, where Man rules over everything. If Man rules over our Earth, our Mother Earth, then maybe Man is also ruling over the sky. He certainly seems to have got into the Moon, and occupy its Dark Side.

The Royals…
I can’t help but notice that the British Royals have Astronomers as part of the Royal Household. I don’t have one in my house, why is that ? Oh yes it is not me managing the sky is it, the sky is managed by our rulers, the people at the top that we give our energy to.

The Vatican…
…has its very own “Observatory” supported by the Holy See. That is because the whole God thing is about the SKY. God is Astronomical. The Vatican Observatory claims to be a bridge between “Church and Science”, or is it the bridge between Church and Sci, the Sky ? Are you getting the general picture now? They are ruling the Sky too, otherwise known as Heaven, or The Universe, or the Galaxy, or Outer Space.

Marlborough College is a top notch very old exclusive English private school. The fees are Astronomical to keep out the riffraff. It has an astronomical observatory, which probably cost a lot, and they teach Astronomy as a subject. They also have a Merlin’s Mound in the grounds, which is a mini Silbury Hill. Witchy Kate went to Marlborough, and all the girls wear witchy full length black skirts as uniform to this day, rather like Harry Potter. Marlborough is in Wiltshire, coincidentally not far from the two ancient sites of Avebury and Stonehenge.

Stone Engine…
I think Stone Henge is (or was) a Stone Engine. It powers up the sky, just like an engine powers up a machine. I think these ancient sites are managing and creating the heavens. Stonehenge is incredibly elaborate for just a mere observatory. There is confusion amongst historians about the exact purpose of these sort of sites, but the astronomical alignments are too exact to dispute, the purpose is clearly ASTRONOMICAL.

If you think that is far fetched, then take a look at modern day satellites. More and more of them circling the skies. We know that these are man made, so why not planets too? Maybe a planet is just a more advanced satellite? According to wikipedia, a satellite is “an artificial object that has been intentionally placed into orbit”. Is this how a planet starts its life?

SKY TV Programs Us..
Television uses satellites to transmit these days. And one such Satellite TV company is called SKY, just to emphasise what is going on. People worship SKY TV just like they worship Churches and Astrology and everything else, and any sort of TV programs us big time. It seems that there is some relationship between TV and Astronomy.

Tele Skypes…
TeleVision is something we watch or observe, that is why it is labelled VISION. An Astronomical Telescope is for watching or observing things in the Sky. Both are supposedly one way devices that are for observing, which means that you only receive data. Then along comes SKYPE, which is a two way interaction, you can now send and receive, watch and be watched, program and be programmed. Telescope sounds a bit like Teleskype. So I think there maybe some telescopes with a bigger scope, that can transmit as well as receive, send as well as observe, telescopes that can manage the sky.

The Sky Programs Us…
Modern satellites in the sky can get a single TV transmission from one source on Earth, say the BBC Headquarters, and resend the transmission out again across the entire globe to program the world. So it seems to me that the same thing is going on with the planets. The planets are older versions of TV satellites. Something (maybe an “observatory”) beams up a single transmission to the planets, and it gets broadcast across the globe to program us. The Planets program us. Constantly. Methinks we swallowed the microchip before, we have receivers built into our bodies already. They are now working on the upgrade version, the next generation of planets, currently called “satellites”, and the next generation of the edible microchip to go with it.

StoneHenge Telescope…
Stonehenge looks like a telescope shape to me. It is circular, focused, and emits energy via its stones, as all standing stones do. I think the scope of Stonehenge includes management of the Sky.

The modern day stone engines are Churches and gladiatorial type stadiums, like the Olympics or football stadiums. Any carefully chosen site where people gather in large numbers and worship something with all their heart and soul and energy, powering up the sky. The energy is directed like a film is directed. Heaven is in the sky, and devoting yourself to heaven is part of the astronomical program. God is in the sky, running things, like a sort of global dictator. God can’t do it without our support though ! But you don’t have to devote yourself to God to support him, he will take Universe or Sport or Sky TV as currency too.

The Astrologers have knowledge of the sky. They are able to read the planets and tell us what is coming our way, in other words, how we are being controlled. And all as if it is some wonderful part of Mother Nature. I do not think it is. I am coming to think that everything in the sky (with the possible exception of the hijacked female moon) is MAN MADE. The Astrologers tell us stuff like we will fall in love, or communications will be bad for the next two weeks, or things will look up for us, or go wrong. Don’t do such and such until the 26th because Mercury is being tricky at the moment etc etc. The Astrologers do not have telescopes, they do not study the sky, they study the plans. The plans of the Astronomers who planned and planted the planets, and they interpret the plans for us in everyday language.

The weather controls our lives too, and that comes from the “natural” Sky program too ! Don’t go out tomorrow because it will rain, head for the beach on Saturday because it is sunny etc etc. Weather is forecast, just like the planets. Forecast is to cast in advance, to set the scene, cast magic and spells like Witchy Kate and Merlin from Marlborough. How can all these “natural” things be so accurately forecast, isn’t it amazing? How do they KNOW what is coming? Do they plan it ? Do they plan it with their planit planets?

New planets…
….appear from time to time. We are told it is because the Astronomers have better telescopes to OBSERVE them. But I think they keep building new ones, using their better two way Teleskypes. The sky is being developed and destroyed by construction, just the same as they are doing to Mother Earth. As above, so below, As below, so above.

It’s Astronomical isn’t it? It costs too much to keep the heavens and the sky going, the price goes through the roof, we pedal and peddle faster and faster to make sure the ECONOMY and ASTRONOMY grow and inflate. The Economy powers the Astronomy. And the Astronomy controls us.

Power Up…
It seems to me they are trying to constantly grow the power of the sky. Power Up your TV or your SKYPE. Power goes upwards. They are sucking all the energy from the Earth to the sky, through us, so that it can be sent back to us in the form that they have created and chosen. We enable our own enslavement. Mother Earth gets colder as The Sun gets hotter and we are driven to crave the sky even more. If they can persuade people to go into Outer Space, or Heaven, either before or after death, then people are captured in the sky, severed from a direct touch with Mother Earth.

Chrystal Incarnation…
The Vatican Observatory website tries to explain why they have an observatory. It says “the Incarnation of Christ applies to all human activity”. Christ Almighty is a christal crystal installed in the Sky. Christ and Jesus are two opposing things, do not be fooled ! Christ is a Crystal Ball in the middle, whereby the powers that be can forecast everything because they plan it and manage it and direct it. Just like a film director knows what is coming next in his own film. And if you can forecast everything, you can easily tell fortunes in your Christal Ball, you can even make fortunes. You can profit from your prophet ! The Christal Ball in the Sky is Christ and it “applies to all human activity”.

Back to Mother…
Economy should not be about managing money, it should be about managing our relationship directly with Mother Earth, bypassing all Big Brother’s control systems, then we will really get to know her. We don’t need to go to Big Brother’s schools to learn Ecology, we can let Mother Earth teach us herself directly.

Mother Earth is cheap and economical to run, it is a no brainer really. But we seem to prefer to fuel the astronomical sky with her spoils, and race around at faster and faster speeds generating more Sky High Power. Mother Earth provides plenty and asks for very little in return. It could all be so easy, but we are a long way off course.

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3 Responses to Astronomical

  1. Elena says:

    My human mother had a rule, always take your shoes off when you walk on the grass. Children seem to instinctively get it. They hate wearing shoes.

    There have been studies done on the health benefits of walking barefooted on the earth, our bodies respond positively to direct contact with the earth’s electrical charge. Similarly Mother Earth needs to feel the electrical charge of the human body. Like a kind of massage, she needs to feel the bare foot walking on her skin.

  2. suliwebster says:

    Totally agree Elena. It is sole food, soul food. It also improves your posture as you walk very differently when barefoot. It is why people love the beach too, that feeling of being almost naked with Mother Earth. As a Mother, I remember the feeling of being almost naked with my baby too. The effect is two way, and we are all the children of Mother Earth.
    The other day I was walking along a very muddy path, gave up trying to skirt round the edges of the swamp, took off my shoes and joyfully wallowed in the mud ! Cheaper than a ticket to Glastonbury ! It was encouraging to see how many people responded positively, saying “How liberating” or “That’s the way to do it”. Deep down I think we all yearn for this.

  3. suliwebster says:

    I just got a Tory Party leaflet invading through my letterbox (which I have returned to sender). The headline for their manifesto (MAN FEST) reads…
    Because ECONOMY was carefully lined up under ASTRO with the O’s lined up, I saw ASTRONOMY and ECONOMY !!! They are saying Astronomy is strong, and Economy is home. They want to strengthen the money manmade Economy to fuel the Astronomy. Vote Tory to power the planetary control ! Maybe TORY is from OBSERVATORY, Observe a Tory.

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