The Job of Survival

In the book (and film) Touching the Void, the author falls off a mountain in sub zero conditions, breaks his leg, is given up for dead by his fellow climbers, yet somehow survives it all, and lives to tell the incredible tale. The Will to Survive is incredibly powerful, isn’t it? Some people seem to have less will to survive and die more easily, almost as if they have a Will to Die. And eventually we all get to this point and let go of our survival job.

I seem to have a strong dose of this Survival Will, though it decreases when my surrounding conditions seem hopeless, pointless or depressing. It was most challenged when I came very close to having my very young children permanently removed from me by the State, but in the end it was my bond with my children that kept me going. Why are we so motivated to survive when surviving is hard work in a cruel world? Wouldn’t it be easier just to somehow leave, to opt out, to quit ? Surely all we are doing by being here is serving Big Brother?

Even people in WW2 Concentration camps kept on serving and surviving, surviving to serve, though many did not. I do not know what motivated them to carry on, but this is what I think motivates me…

Firstly, my family are still here. My children need me. And I feel some sense of duty to my parents, to honour all they have done for me. The more I write my blog, the more I feel a sense of the importance of my human family connection. Secondly, I have a belief that Mother Earth needs me, and all of us to restore her to health. The more I write, the more I feel a sense of a global family with our shared Mother, Mother Earth who supports all life on the planet. I have this HOPE and FAITH that it is possible to heal the world and return to a Garden of Eden, however long this takes.

I often hear older people saying they are glad their time is nearly up, the way the world is going, but suppose they just get recycled back again and start all over as a baby? Methinks we are our ancestors, and our desire to make the world better for our children is also a desire to improve it for our returning selves.

Why do we have children? Another strange and forceful will is the Will to Breed. Can we get out of being reborn if we stop breeding more and more slaves? Suppose everyone stopped breeding, and there were no more children, what would happen? But if we stop breeding, who is left to care for Mother Earth? Do we abandon her if we stop breeding?

It is a job to survive, isn’t it? We have all been given the Job of Survival. We were all born with this job. Born to Survive. And I think this is our main job.

We were born through the CERVICAL hole which widened in LABOUR.The baby turns like a key in the womb to open up the Cervix, to widen the door to go through. Labour is triggered by Contractions, it seems we are furiously signing CONTRACTS before, during and after our passageway to Earth. We are born to labour, to work, we signed up for it. If you were not born through a contract of labour with your Mother, then you probably made a contract directly in the name of Caesar, the Caesarian way.

The word SURVIVE is like SERVICE and CERVIX, just a little spell on the spelling tricks us into seeing them differently. Cervival, survix, services, cervices, survices, see? The entry through the cervix is for survival and service in our Mother’s name. I think we probably return there at death too, but that is another story (See Sheela Negative).

Survival is a job for life. A life of service. What exactly are we serving by being here? What are we born for? It seems to me that we have a contract with our Mother to honour. To serve our Mother. Unfortunately, our Mother has usually already signed a contract with our Father at marriage, and in any case, either Mother or Father will sign you over to the State with a Birth Certificate shortly after you are born. Caesar gets you either way.

Can you see that our contract to honour our Mother has been hijacked ? So we end up serving the State from birth, instead of our Mother? This is all unfolding as I write, and it is very interesting. We are born to serve our Birth Mother, and also Mother Earth who needs us as much as we need her. A true relationship with Mother Earth is symbiotic.

Big Brother has set up his own version of the Job System to trump Mother Earth, as usual. So we now have to go out and get a paid job to survive because we think we need Money to survive in a Big Brother ruled world. We think that survival is money and material possessions, and competing against everyone else.

The Nazis were just doing a job, trying to survive. Government officials are just doing their job, chasing up your tax. Chemtrail pilots are just doing their job, sparying the skies. Prince Harry is just doing a job, killing Afghanistanis. What they all have in common is they are trying to survive, they are trying to keep in with Big Brother to avoid being killed or made destitute or imprisoned. I go out to work to survive too, for exactly the same reasons.

Wars have us all pitted against each other, loads of mindless slaughter in the name of survival. Eating meat is much the same, we are supposed to need meat to survive, and therefore we must slaughter lots of animals. It doesn’t matter how cruel we are to others, as long as we, as individuals, survive. This is the Big Brother way.

Darwin theory has taught us “The Survival of the Fittest”. We are all in a Big Brother arena, Hunger Games style, whereby we believe that not everyone will survive. We have been put in competition. The Nazi SS thought they could survive by carrying out orders to kill, obeying Big Brother, keeping in with him. The more extreme your belief in Survival of the Fittest, the more extreme the lengths you will go to to survive at another being’s expense, or indeed the expense of Mother Earth.

If you want to carry on surviving at other’s expense, there are plenty of systems in place to enable you to turn a blind eye. The governement, charities etc etc will all make you feel good about this and that it is the right thing to do, natural and normal and acceptable.

The new slogan is “Fit for 21st century”, an upgrade on Darwin. And all sorts of things and people are being rebranded and rebuilt for this new type of survival. Big Brother is fighting to survive and we are all signed up to support him and his murderous ways. Keep up with Big Brother, and you too will be one of the ones chosen for his survival program, you will be spared death and you will be made comfortable for life ! Tempting isn’t it?

There is another new slogan “Population Control” which means slaughtering people in aid of the Big Brother program, or creating government controlled breeding rules. How could Mother Earth want this ? (See Population Problem).

I think that the Mother Earth way of survival is far more symbiotic. We are 7 billion parts of a whole, and the survival of our shared spirit and our Earth Mother depends on us believing that we are all equal, and not fighting each other to win. We are all part of the same body of spirit, if one is slaughtered, we all feel it, it is maybe something like cutting off your own left toe.

Martyrs are people that have put something else above their job of survival. They put spirit and soul as a higher value. They choose to say NO to any Big Brother Deal with the Devil. In doing so, they risk death (I have already written about the martyrs Agnes and Alphege). I think that this is honouring our collective spirit, the service to Mother, as the highest value. Unfortunately The Church then gets hold of these people, using the legacy of their power for Church purposes, sanitising and Satanising them into Saints after their death.

There is a Big Brother type of martyr that dies for a good cause, like the heroes of war. This is sacrifice on Big Brother’s orders, honouring your King and Country, not sacrifice by honour to your soul and spirit. At some level, everyone has a desire to “do good”, to help the world, but it is nearly always misdirected by charities and other corporate causes like war.

If you are in a paid job, and you are asked to do something you don’t think is right, what do you do? Do you go ahead and do it to keep your job, or do you risk losing your job, and possibly your home and your food supply into the bargain? Most people choose the job most of the time. I do.

Would you do a dodgy deal to stay alive, to save your own life, knowing that others are suffering, that there is a huge cost to others elsewhere? Or even to make your own life more comfy and rewarding at the expense of others. I do. And if I do, then the Nazis are just a more extreme version of me.

We are kept in the system because we fear that we will die without the Big Brother system to feed our needs. And by staying in the system, we feed Big Brother ! We support the system as a means to our own individual survival.

I increasingly find moments, little glimmers, where I say to myself “I don’t care what happens. I don’t want to stay in this system any more.” And the more I do that, the more risks I take, the more I step away from Big Brother. I think we can survive without him. The Garden of Eden is the paradise that Mother Earth offers us if we help her get well.

Big Brother’s survival program depends on more and more breeding, the Willy to Survive, the Willy to the Cervix, Survix, Servix, servicing the female. I don’t think we need to breed as much as the Pope would like us to, and I don’t think we need Big Brother’s invasive sex methods to breed.

Big Brother needs our support to survive himself. He also needs Mother Earth who creates and sustains all life. Big Brother pits us directly against Mother Earth who also needs our support too. But Mother Earth does not need Big Brother ! The more I go on with my explorations, the more I find it is a direct choice between the two at every twist and turn of life. Who do you serve in your job of Life ?

(See also: through The Wombhole, Popule Copule, Ab Use of Sex, Bridle and Groom, Population Problem, Agnes Day, Vikings and Alf, Place Your Bets, Puppies for Sale, Cow Machine, Book of the Hole, Sheela Negative, It’s What We Do, Is It Worth It, Comfortable Prisons, Sent Down, Big Brother of 2012)

Book ref:
Touching The Void by Joe Simpson

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