Regenerate Generation

Generate seems to be a very big buzz word these days. Regenerate, new generation, renew, rebuild, replace. Concentrate on the new young generation, get the new generation to generate the new stuff. They are more easily conned and controlled.

A couple of years ago I came across a man, a young man of the new generation, who was being paid to work for a charity I had never heard of, called “RE:generate”. (See link below).

He was going around Foxhill in Bath, with a remit to find out all the inside details of how people meet up and talk to each other and generally how they freely and naturally interact within their community. He believed in the good of his work, and had been on training courses which explained how it was good, and what he would be doing to help with this good work. You see, if RE:generate finds out what makes close knit communities tick, then it is in a position to step in and do good, to “help”.

Who pays for all this, I wondered? It must cost a bit to run these training courses and offices and pay staff, surely ? The young man told me it is the government that funds these good deeds, well we all want our taxes spent on good things don’t we? Non profit charities are a great cause, aren’t they? Can’t argue with that, can you.

Foxhill is a “Council” Estate with a mix of rented and private owned homes, though the Council no longer have much to do with it, there is another corporation in charge, one of the new generation of corporations. Foxhill has its problems, but it is quite a close community and has families of more than one generation living there. That’s not allowed, is it, more than one generation in one place ? It strengthens communities to have multiple generations especially of the same family, and they become much harder to control.

Hence the need to RE GENERATE. Just one new generation would be much better.

All young caring people want to work for charities because they are fed up with the cruelty in the world, and they want the world to be a better place, but they also want money, and they have been trained at school to become good employees. Luckily there are lots of charities that “do good” that will recruit young people to their cause and pay them to do their good for them. The good new generation will regenerate the world, by being good for good charities. “Be Good” we are told at school.

The new generation are caring. They see PROFIT as a dirty word, and prefer something labelled “NON PROFIT”, even though they themselves profit by their wages from the non profit organisation. Their caring concern will be scooped up and carefully redirected towards more cruelty. But we are all in this money game somehow, young and old. If you are laundering money, having it pass through your hands in any way, then you are contributing to the game.

Two years down the line in 2014, I find that the Foxhill community is being taken over. Could there possibly be a connection to the RE:generate research that was part of a deal with the council in 2012? Foxhill is now being taken over by a CARING organisation that is NON PROFIT and definitely NOT A DEVELOPER, just building 700 new homes that’s all.

The caring organisation is called CURO, which means “I CARE”. They are the biggest landlords in the West, but landlords are ok aren’t they? …as long as they CARE about us. CURO don’t make profits we are told, but they have vast sums of money for marketing purposes to tell us how nice they are.

They care so much about us that they set up all sorts of CURO branded community events and interactions, they employ local people in CURO uniforms, they have lots of brand new shiny vehicles (all good charities seem to have a fleet of shiny vehicles to show how much they care). CURO are taking charge of the whole community and they are pouring funds into it. Finally, an underfunded council estate is being taken care of, aren’t we all lucky?

They LISTEN to us too ! Isn’t that nice? They have special events at which local people can have their say, and they have nice CURO people on hand to listen. This way CURO get to learn what matters to us, and they can then adjust their marketing strategy accordingly by telling us what we want to hear, and putting the rest of it in very small print.

CURO have BIG PLANS for developing, I mean re-generating, Foxhill. They are going to double it! Doubling the size of a community is going to very quickly affect the fabric of social life. It will send the community into a sort of weak vulnerable state, ripe for regeneration and renewal, a bit like a bush fire. New shops, new school, new doctors, new buildings, new facilities, WOW ! And there will be new generation “affordable” homes that will be affordable for people that can afford them. Best of all, a new CURO controlled centre of the community.

It will be almost as if CURO is our new parent ! Just one parent will do, a neutral gender new generation new gender parent. A caring parent to look after us and provide everything, including our social interaction and support. We won’t need more than one generation of family any more will we? We will have CURO to care for us.

CURO’s careful plans are so important that it is worth sacrificing some people that get in the way. A bit like the Olympics obliterated half of the London East End communities. It is all for a bigger better cause. CURO will get rid of people that happen to be in the way, by using Compulsory Purchase Orders to buy homes, and it will give notice to tenants. CURO already own the existing “council” houses. If you want to do good, if you care, if you want a better world for Foxhill, then you will comply and cooperate.

It seems to me that most people are all thinking exactly how CURO has told them to think, not noticing that the close knit community is being infiltrated and taken over like a Trojan Horse. They are making Foxhill into a CURO owned and run controlled community, CURO will run every aspect of everyone’s lives. This is social engineering in action.

I am sure that this is happening all over the country and the world, and countries are being rebranded and regenerated too. My child is even learning about the good deeds of rebranding and regenerating countries in Geography lessons at school. There must be thousands of these good social engineering charities. They “attract” grants. If the government are funding these things then that explains the need to raise taxes and cut essential services. (VAT is still running at the emergency rate of 20%). This is a form of money laundering, is it not? The government income is being syphoned off to various “do good” organisations. It doesn’t make any difference which party is in power, that is just the Orwellian theme that there must always be a war to control the people, a war between opposite political parties will do nicely.

It is not just our buildings and communities that are being regenerated. Generate is about genes too. Neu genes. Keep on regenerating, keep on buying new jeans, at a faster and faster gene rate. New genes for the new regeneration, all with our consent and cooperation. The Neugenics program. I am sure there are just as many charities working on genetic enegineering as there are in social engineering, all for good causes, and I will write about this in another post.

Charities are politically correct. They are always deemed good. This makes it very difficult to criticise them, and it makes it very easy for them to do what they like unchallenged. They are all doing GOOD and they have the moral high ground. Today I was harrassed in the street yet again by a young (always young) new generation charity worker who wanted to sign me up for some bank transfers to pay her wages and other good causes. I think it was in the name of Unicef this time. I sidestepped her as she blocked my path, and she seemed to feel justified in being rude to me because she is someone who is GOOD and CARES, it says so on her tabbard, but I am not. See what I mean ?

You may not like the regeneration, but you are part of it. If you buy things, then you are paying taxes that are syphoned off for good regeneration purposes, to renew things that need help. If you support education, you are fuelling the indoctrination of good causes into the minds of the new generation. If you use the internet, you are fuelling the internet development that enables the regeneration to speed up and multiply at ever faster rates.

Isn’t the internet just another form of social engineering? Don”t they use the word generation too? 3G phones, 4G, 5G, new generations coming at us thick and fast. Maybe they are 4G si.phones, siphoning our money and energy very smartly off to good causes. I think you can even use your (si)phone to donate to good causes nowadays. The internet controls so many of our connections to each other, how we interact as a world community, and the plan is to control them all. This post that I write is intercepted and read by the internet before it even reaches you.

The internet is the new controlled community centre of the world, and the younger generation love it most of all. The young are being si.phoned off into the internet world Pied Piper style, and I think that they will be used to generate good new things via the internet. Just as CURO has lured everyone into their Brave New Foxhill world to participate in and to love the new regeneration.

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