Scan Gate

I have just been to Bristol Airport, and I have noticed that SCANNING is rife. It seems that paper tickets are going out of fashion, and scanning is the new way to do things. I am sure most people will be encouraged to join in with the Scanning Scam, and when most people are doing it voluntarily, it will become the only choice. Eventually you will have to join in the scanning scam, or drop out of travelling completely. And when I say “travelling”, I am not just talking about planes, I am talking about moving around your local town, or even street.

Scanning is good for us…
At Bristol Airport (which is a small but growing airport, they are all growing in size and number), you are scanned in the car park, scanned to check in, scanned at security, and your luggage is scanned too. There seem to be two reasons for all this scanning. One is to make sure you pay, that’s only FAIR isn’t it, that everyone pays, (apart from Royal family etc), we can’t have freeloaders can we? The other reason is SECURITY, to keep us safe. It is unfortunate, isnt it, that there are a few people in the world called terrorists that are determined to bomb planes or even fly them into our beautiful skyscrapers, the pinnacle of our wonderful civilised Western way. And due to these nasty people potentially spoiling things for the rest of us, we need a lot of SECURITY to keep us safe. Of course the SECURITY issue neatly deflects attention from the huge gains made in financial profit and human control generated by fear of terrorism.

Car Scan Gate…
The airport car park was the first scan scam. No ticket needed any more. My number plates got scanned in and out at the scan gates, and I paid to be released from the car park pound. I have to pay to escape, to get out. Luckily my number plates were clean, dirty plates won’t be scanned well will they? I must remember to keep my plates clean otherwise I will not get through the Scan Gates. And that helps the other cameras around the country to track my whereabouts too, those cameras are for road SAFETY, to keep us safe.

Program Me…
The car scanning is changing how my mind works. It is programming me, and this is of course the intention. I am getting accustomed to being scanned. The Scan Gate is programming me in how Scan Gates work, like training rats in rat runs. Wd don’t have paper tickets, but we do have electronic scanning devices going TICK. They tick off all the requirements, and let you through if you PASS. Tick It ! They also measure time, which is measured in TICKS too. So the way to PASS is that I need to have a unique number plate, tick, it must be kept CLEAN, tick, I must voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions, tick. All that lets me in. And I pay a pound to get out of the pound, it costs a certain number of pounds for a certain number of minutes, the time keeps ticking like a bomb, because it costs a bomb if you don’t watch the clock. When I entered the pound, I agreed to the conditions displayed which tell me the charge, the fine to get out. Am I a criminal, with these fines and charges against me? Did I enter a prison? If I stay too long in the pound, the charges go up, and I suppose I may not be able to afford to get out. I will be stuck in the world of the pound.

Boarding Scan Gate…
The second scan is the plane ticket. EasyJet is the modern internet young way to travel about. The young treat it like buses! Isn’t it great, so cheap and easy to jet about these days ! You need a boarding pass to pass through the GATE onto the plane at whatever your gate number is. It seems the paper boarding pass ticket is being phased out and replaced by electronic scanning, just like the car park. You currently have two choices, you can print off the boarding pass yourself at home, or you can present it directly on your smartphone, and your paper copy or your smartphone gets scanned at the Boarding Pass Scan Gate. This means that you have to have either a printer or a smartphone to join in, the flight maybe cheap, but the cost to sign up for the game is not. You can no longer get EasyJet boarding passes at the airport when you check in, and before long methinks the home-printed boarding pass will be phased out for security or cheap reasons, and you will have to have a SMARTPHONE to pass through the Boarding Scan Gate to board the plane.

Be Smart…
Oh dear, what happens if your smartphone runs out of battery, because you weren’t smart enough to recharge it? Panic ! You can’t board the plane can you ? We need a smarter phone don’t we? One that doesn’t run out of battery. Are the youth of today ready for the next step, will they buy it? We need a smarter phone that runs off our body energy, strapped to your wrist maybe, like a wrist watch just where your pulse is best, and it is always on, and never needs recharging ! A watch is always watching us and we watch it too. Smart phones are just an upgrade really, Scan and be scanned, watch and be watched. Fantastic, isn’t modern life great?

Pay on Exit…
The boarding pass is paid for like the car park, you pay on exit, slightly in advance of your exit, you can’t leave until you have paid your charge, the gates won’t let you through. You are leaving the world of the pound, Pound land, England, exiting through the boarding gate. You will be flown to another pound, via another airport, and enter through another Scan Gate. You pay a charge to get out, not to get in. But all you are doing is going to another pound, another country which charges in Euros or dollars instead of pounds. And then you will have to pay to get out of that one too.

Phone Charging…
Our phone is like our vehicle with a unique number plate to be scanned, called a phone number. A phone is tracked like a car. You charge your phone with electricity, but you also charge up your phone with money. Your phone is a sort of bank, always in credit, because you always pay in advance either by contract or by PayAsYouGo. Cars are going electric as part of the Green Agenda, and they need recharging too, and you also have to pay for cars when you clock up minutes in car parks, a bit like clocking up minutes on phones. Tick tock goes the time bomb, costing a bomb, time is money! Road tolls are becoming fashionable, and soon there will be monthly direct debit contracts for cars, just like phones. And you will be able to use your phone to set up and pay for your car charge contract.

Saving us…
Isn’t scanning great? The scanner speeds things up, saving queues, saving you the worry of losing your plane or car park tickets, saving us money, and it saves us from terrorism too ! Cheaper and faster, so that we can do twice as much in the same time for the same cost ! We can just keep going faster and faster, and above all else we will be saved !

Air Time…
Soon there will be monthly direct debit contracts available for plane users, and you will have a monthly allowance of miles around the globe, Air Miles maybe, or maybe Air Minutes, either your time in the air, or maybe Minutes of longitude. Distance around the globe is measured in minutes, there are 60 minutes in a degree. We will all think we are getting such good value by paying more and more for more and more, faster and faster. All so that we can spend more time sealed in a plane, same as we like to spend more and more time glued to our smartphones. Great ! This is all voluntary and we pay for it.

Ipad Air…
A version of the Apple ipad is called ipad AIR. Apple are a big part of this Scan Scam, and the eyepad or smartphone will eventually pad our eyes, replacing them. We will all swallow it or be left out. We already are swallowing it. The ipad is called a tablet, and most people are on daily tablets of either the Pharmaceutical kind or the internet kind. An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Sure it does, repeat prescriptions save you going to see the doctor each time. You get regular doses of inDOCTORination automatically, just keep up with the daily tablets and the daily Apples.

Our car is our vehicle and our vessel. Our body is our vessel too. Our phones or tablets are two way scanning devices that scan and be scanned. So it is no surprise to find that phones, cars and human bodies are all blurring into one. Our human bodies are being subsumed into another layer of robot, with the screens becoming our new eyes and ears. The Apple is eating us.

Body Scan Gate…
The third airport scan is when you go through the new improved airport security. Everyone is guilty until proved innocent, and of course it is in the common good that we are ALL treated as criminals just in case one of us is actually a criminal. There is always one, it only takes one criminal in the whole world to have an excuse for extensive security checks. It is worth it to keep everyone safe, the media tells us we are all agreed on that. These days you have to take off some of your clothes to get through. Some especially suspicious people are selected (like my friend’s 17 year old daughter) to be taken aside and intimately searched by a human, as if they are a convict entering a prison. Everyone is subjected to a full body SCAN by walking through a scanning gateway, the Body Scan Gate, this may trigger an alarm if you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing, like wearing metal. You may also get a security guard with a scanning wand type thing that they radiate rather cancerously over your body

Body Scan…
We are all used to body scans in our everyday life, because MRI scans are now routinely offered by doctors and hospitals. For our own good. If you haven’t had one yourself, you will know plenty of people that have. Sometimes they use the word SCREENING instead, like breast cancer screening program, which involves a scan of your breasts by squashing them rather cancerously into a device, then zapping them with cancerous Xrays.

Passport Scan Gate….
The new modern passport contains a microchip so that it can be scanned. We all know that you can’t leave the country without a passport, which you have to pay for in advance. The passport lets you PASS through the PORT. A port is a door or a gate. A passport has a unique number, and it must be clean, no criminal convictions ! A friend of mine has an old one, nearly 10 years old, almost out of date, and it has no chip. He was taken aside at passport control and questioned by a policeman, almost as if he was a criminal. If you are lucky enough to have a new Euro microchipped passport, a quick way through the arrival gates, you get your passport scanned, and you get scanned too ! An up-to-date face scan so that they get a nice timeline series of photos of you everytime you travel. Sounds a bit like Facebook to me. Soon all passports will be microchipped because the old ones will expire.

The Google Apple Chip…
Soon all people will be microchipped, because the old ones will expire. Dogs are microchipped, why not people? Google have recently introduced a chip that you can swallow like a tablet (See Poison Apple), and it changes your DNA code to include all your passwords, really handy if you can’t remember them all. Only one more step, and it can include your passport chip as well, Password, Passport, this is how you get to PASS ! Your DNA code is a unique identifier to you, it is how they catch criminals, and so it seems the Google chip will be handy for keeping us safe too, if everyone swallows it, all those criminals can always be identified and their movements tagged and controlled. It doesn’t matter if we all have to get tagged and controlled too, does it?

Internet Scan Gate…
You need passwords to get into the internet pound, the intern world where everyone is interned like voluntary criminals, imprisoned on their screens, screened off by the scanning activities, being scanned by their screen, constantly scanning their screen with their eyes. We are all on air, always on, our time is always air time. But especially the young….

Pass the test…
All kids are trained in the Rat Race from very young, trying to meet targets, to get ticks from their teachers, to charge up their points and credits in exams and endless assessments, and above all they must PASS. Not FAIL. They have to do whatever it takes to PASS. To please all the adults. They are pushed, and they push themselves to do this. Their minds are set and formed early. And when the message comes through to them that in order To PASS, you will need to swallow the microchip, then they are ready to do it.

School Scan Gates…
Schools are nearly all security gated, with number code entry systems. A school near me has fingerprinted all its pupils to help control entry and exit to the school and individual classrooms (another sort of pound that imprisons them), which reminds me that eye “pupils” are next up for security scanning. Kids are being programmed to the Scan Gate concept from young.

Home scanning…
It is not just airports. I find myself with scanners in my home. I have a printer which is also a scanning device, essential requirement for school these days. Wessex Water have installed a “scanpad” device on the outside of my home, so that they can use a scanner to read a device on the inside of my home. A bit like a body scan of my home, I would say. It is getting us used to scanning as a family friendly activity. Normal everyday scanning that everyone does everywhere. Nothing wrong with it is there? It helps people, it speeds things up, greater efficiency, cheaper !

The City Gates…
There are already gated communities of rich people in holiday resorts abroad or in parts of London for example. The gates are policed with scanning cameras and they keep most people out, and allow recognised scanned people or cars in. People who have the right TICKS get to PASS through the Scan Gate. Soon this will extend to whole cities, Roman style. And districts within cities. Then towns and road checkpoints. It only takes a good crime to justify police checks at all entry and exit points. Airports are leading the way, but the theme will spread as we get accustomed to it.

Be Smarter…
Smart people will want to sign up and get the new smarter no battery phone which will soon be upgraded and merged with the new Google microchip. The Smarter phone will be a tablet size that you can swallow. It will become you, you will become it. If you don’t sign up, then you won’t be able to move from one country or district or zone to another because you will not PASS the test. The gate will not open for you.

Electric Fences…
Invisible fences and gates already exist for SECURITY. You can’t see them, they are a sort of beam. If you try to get through without the right security passes and ticks, then you will get zapped, an electric shock. Just like cattle isn’t it ? Eventually you get trained and you don’t go near the electric fence again. Eventually they don’t even need the fence, because our minds believe it to be there.

Built In Body Scanners…
Police are piloting (are they on the planes too? ) wearing scanning devices for their own safety. Child abuse victims are being offered cameras so they can film their abusers. Traffic wardens are being fitted with cameras too. Our bodies are being merged with scanners so that we can scan outwards as well as be scanned. Our bodies are being upgraded to be a two way scanning device. That sounds like a smartphone or an ipad to me. Soon the government won’t need any scanners, because we will do all the scanning for them.

Drop In or Drop Out…
You will soon need a smartphone to travel by plane. I would estimate that this will happen this year on EasyJet flights. Soon this will extend to travel by car, train, bus, bicycle, and even foot travel. Denmark has started scanning cyclists to tell them to slow down, to help with SAFETY. We already have CCTV cameras everywhere scanning people to keep us safe. Soon the smartphone will become attached to the body, and eventually inside the body. How far will you go to stay in the game ? I find a dilemma because I have some family living abroad. People keep telling me how cheap, quick (low minutes) and convenient flying is these days, but I do not like it. The terms and conditions of cheap quick Easy Jetting include a very big Scanning Scam. I am currently in the Scam by virtue of my printer, but I am not sure how much further I can take it.

Bristol Airport is called Lulsgate, and I think it is using Scan Gates to lull us all into a false or phoney sense of security. Will the poison apple make us sleepy, a lovely lullaby to put us to sleep….

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7 Responses to Scan Gate

  1. Elena says:

    It really saddens me to say, I think you’ve painted a totally accurate picture of the future. My pre-paid cell phone has a constantly flashing message which says…’add minutes by expiration date or service ends’. They constantly remind us that we must depend on them, for our own good. “For our own good”, that’s what our parents used to say, except those things our parents did for our own good, were usually meant to help us grow up and live independently.

    Independence is a concept that won’t exist in the human future. My computer has “real time security scanning” which I assume is pretty much constant scanning. Future humans will have internal “real time scanning” to monitor every move. Here lies the dilemma you speak of. Humans must have freedom to thrive and be human. Are we willing to give up our freedom and our humanity along with it to survive in this brave new world?

    • suliwebster says:

      My email with your comment in says “Thanks for flying with”. Microsoft asks where do you want to go today? The internet is going to replace Air for us, it seems. Part of the AirPlan.

      The other option Elena is to give up the Brave New World for our “humanity and freedom”. To Go Back, reverse out of it all. The more I go on, the more I see that this is not the future, It is NOW. We are in the Brave New World already, it just keeps growing braver and newer all the time. It is still possible, I think, to get out by reversing your steps, but it gets harder and takes longer to reverse the further you go in, and the further in everyone else goes too.

      I have made some progress by getting rid of home wifi and my landline. I have no phone or internet contract, just a pay as you go phone (though that does remind me about minutes and texts and special deals, as you point out). When my phone next breaks, and I can not get new parts, I will either get an old phone or not have one. (well that is my intention). I keep my phone off or on silent, so I have no noise interruptions. I am reducing my internet time step by step. I will be very happy if my blog readers all quit because they have chucked their computer away, my blog is successful if the stats go down, not up !

      The hardest thing for me is going against the flow of my fellow humans around me, especially my family. It is like we all need to reverse at once to make it easier, but that will not happen, you have to go it alone for it to work. It is a soul sole journey.

      I have just noticed that phones are called “cell” in America. Cell is what a prisoner or intern is kept in.


  2. Noonoo says:

    The scanning and fingerprinting is finding its way into places I would never have expected it. There is a whizzy new “chiropractic health centre” that has opened up near me. Their advertising leaflet (that arrived through my letterbox) tells me that they have “all the latest technology” including a “paperless office”. When you arrive for your appointment you place your finger on a fingerprint scanner so they know who you are. It doesn’t make me want to go there at all!

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes I have noticed how even the new alternative healthcare seems to be going the same way as the mainstream. I would say it is replacing the mainstream as the new mainstream ! Alternative healthcare is expensive. They usually treat you while attached to a timing device, so that you get a “therapy hour”, about 50 minutes, for your sixty quid. They are even speeding up time! Only 50 minutes in an hour now. They often have modern technology, and there seems to be a movement to attach modern tech to anything new and up and coming. High tech seems to be getting branded as cool, green, eco, healthy etc etc.
      I am not against the new healthcare, which is really the old way in disguise, these methods are very powerful. But it is all being taken over and directed by money, time and modern tech. To be totally genuine, it has to be given freely without any of these constraints, I think. This is quite hard, as people still feel the need to earn a living (as I do), and practitioners need to recoup their investment in training courses and to cover the cost of membership of the professional bodies which dominate and control the industry.

  3. suliwebster says:

    Over a year since I wrote this piece… Front page of today’s metro newspaper has a full page ad for a new way to pay for things. A wrist band. The brand is “bpay”. You can just scan your wrist over everything, no longer any need to carry money or pieces of plastic, the band is practically built into your body. (Please also see the newer post Wrist Brands)

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