Washing Machine

The World’s War Machine is based in Washington DC, and I like to call it the Washing Machine. Barrack Obama likes to call it PEACE, just like the Romans brought Peace by killing people and destroying the land. And just like Orwell had his Ministry of Peace administering War in the name of Peace. Confused ? That’s the whole point. That’s how they get us to cooperate.

The drums of war are matched by the noisy drum of the washing machine running its warm program at 40 degrees, while Washington runs its War Program at 39 degrees latitude. The automatic washing machine matches the automatic fire of machine gun. The clothes are cleansed of dirt and blood as the bombed cities are ethnically cleansed of natives. The chemicals of the detergent flows through the clothes like chemical warfare deters genes, certain selected genes, genocide. The washing powder dissolves to solve the dirt problem like gunpowder explodes the dirty unwanted people of the world. The waste water matches the waste of life going down the drain.

And the wash all comes out clean and shiny and smelling of chemicals.

Whites are a special case. They need extra attention to get them all shiny white, pure and cleansed again. They need Hot Wash, at 90 degrees. A SQUARE right angle to go with the square angled way of the modern world. White sheets are square, they are in hospitals, national flags, bandages, and bridal beds, the bridal warfare being another sort of war.

The washing machine is an invasion into my home. I somehow let it in like a Trojan Horse with its promise of a better life for women. No more domestic slavery with a washing machine. Yeah right. It is the noisiest annoysiest machine of all, and the quicker you can do the washing the more washing arrives for you to do. Tons of washing. Washing tons. The cleansing process speeds up, and so the war process speeds up too. More and more cleansing, more and more shiny whites.

World War 3 is domestic, it is very watery WARtery and includes lots of man made machines. I think it is probably sexy too, what with oversexed Prince Harry just doing his job murdering people for peace. And WesSex Water in charge of water in watery Bath. Their buses were originally labelled WW1 WW2 and WW3. Get the idea ? War, Sex, Water. Wessex Water supplies the sexed up treated water for my cleansing washing machine.

Murderers like to cleanse themselves after their evil deeds. All those detective stories tell us that. They use the washing machine. They wash the blood from their clothes. It disguises their guilt. In the Law Society world we live in, people are “innocent” if there is no evidence, even if they did it. Great trick eh ? The Washington War Machine is innocent as long as we are all doing the laundry, cleansing the evil away, participating in their laundering process.

If you launder money, you are processing blood money, gained from evil deeds, passing it through innocent hands so that it becomes approved and untraceable, and therefore technically innocent. Money is innocent because we all use it, it gets cleansed by our cooperation.


And now on to George Washington and his family laundry business. Methinks it is about time his dirty laundry was aired in public.

Washington DC is named after George Washington, first president, and commander in chief of the army, chief warmonger in other words. The Washingtons have a family seat in England, in that little triangle North West of London, same place as the Penns and Rothschilds, and it matches the general pattern of all things US having an anchor in the UK, (see Old Welsh Road). The Washington Coat of Arms is found all over England, and the US flag is based on it. Get the idea, we are already being run as branches of One World Government, it is not the future, it is now.

Washington’s seat is called Sulgrave Manor. Sul’s Grave. Sul seems to be buried under Washington’s family seat, his dirty bottom. Sul is the Celtic Goddess of the Hot Springs of Bath. The Romans killed her off and replaced her with their own Sulis Minerva (Athena). The Hot Springs combine the two elements of water and fire, oh that is just like a Washing Machine ! How coincidental. The War Washington Machine has replaced the natural Hot Springs, no wonder the world is in crisis.

And if I could access the Hot Springs of Bath I would not need a Washing Machine would I ?

Washington is a Washing stone, or what was once known as a Washing tun, a barrell or keg. This was how women once did the washing. There was a Tun Tavern in Pennsylvania (see link below) in Water Street, home of American Freemasonry and also army and watery US marines. George Washington was a patron of course, but here is how I found that laundry is the Washington family business….

Hemingbrough Church (UK) has a ridiculously tall spire, 120 ft tall on top of a 60 ft tower. At the top of the tower are carvings of wash tubs or tuns. Washing tun or washing stone. The church was established as a collegiate church (as powerful as a cathedral) by Prior Washington of Durham, an ancestor of George Washington. It’s a clue carved in stone. Stone carving is the job of the Freemasons, and Washington was one of those, which is why he hung out at the Masonic Temple of the Tun Tavern in Pennsylvania.

The washing line is when you dry your laundered washing. Then it is ready for action again, you are back in business once you have clean dry clothes, you can do the same thing all over again, then someone will just wash it all out for you, no prob ! “It all comes out in the wash” means it all just sorts itself out ! Magic really, you almost don’t know that women and water and heat are involved at all, almost invisible these washing slaves.

If you draw a straight line from Sul’s Hot Springs in Bath through Sul’s Grave, it comes out in The Wash. The Wash is a watery inlet on the English East Coast previously known as The Gulf of Boston. I call this the Washing Line, and I am sure Boston is party to this though I do not know how, perhaps it is to do with the way you can now wash smelly trainers in the washing machine, ready for another Boston Marathon bombing. Keep on running ! (See Bathwick Bomber)

Sulgrave Manor is endowed by the Colonial Dames of America, and flies the American flag. There is another American Manor in England, the only American Museum in Britain they proudly say. Where could that be I wonder ? It is Claverton Manor in Bath, Sul’s place of death. Claverton Manor was the business address of Ralph Allen, RA, the Bath Stone entrepreneur, the cornerstone of world Freemasonry seems to be in Bath. Well it would be with all this washing and cleansing to do, wouldn’t it ? you can’t get a better wash than in the Bath can you ?


And now onto the Order of the Bath. We need some people on the case in the right place to supervise the cleansing don’t we ?

This piece about peace and war is timely because St John’s Day is today on 24th June. A procession goes from the site of the Temple of Diana (at Bath Press) to Bath Abbey. St John is the Water. The Knights hang out at St Johns Hospital (white sheets) next to the eye of the Hot Springs, overseeing the whole thing (See Knights Tempar of Bath).

Camilla is patron of St Johns Hospital Bath, presumably on Charles’ behalf. But now I see that on 9th May, the Queen has stepped down temporarily as sovereign of the Order of the Bath, because of difficulties with steps, and Charles has stepped up. The pace is stepping up is it not ? The drums are getting faster.

I am in Bath city centre today, finishing off this post, and the streets are full of the army ! A little bit warlike I would say. The signs say “homecoming”. Is Bath home to the army all of a sudden ? Is this a bit of a coincidence that streets are closed off for an army to march past swinging their arms WW2 style, preceded by mounted police, on today of all days? The day of the Order of The Bath, the day of cleansing by St John.

The Knights like to cleanse before their evil deeds, and most of the Order of the Bath knights are warmongers who murder in the name of peace. You get the idea. It absolves them of any guilt. Purifies them. It lets them do what the hell they want do because it is all cleansed. This is the meaning of the Order of The Bath. The Order was first established in Bath, and there is plenty of evidence to support this (I will deal with this in another post).


And now on to the World War, which is slavery….

Slavery lavery. Laver is French for “to wash”. Slaves do the washing. The point of the slave is to absolve guilt. If the slaves keep willingly and cheerfully do things for their masters, then the masters minds get locked up in an illusion that the slaves are willing and happy, and even that the masters are HELPING the slaves, kindly giving them a job. Slaves are trained to behave like this, as we all are, and through the Stockholm Syndrome mind process, slaves can get to love their masters, and some slaves may even have relatively comfortable lives.

DENIM is the uniform of black American slaves with their dungarees. Blacks are dirty and need cleansing to whites, just like Barrack Obama is a good model of being half cleansed. Barrack is an army and war sort of name. Denim is a complete pain to hand wash and dry. You really need a machine to do it ! By coincidence the rise of the washing machine seems to match the rise of denim jeans in popular culture. And this happened post WW2. In fact it was during WW2 that washing machine technology was carefully advanced. It takes a war to make a washing machine. WW2 women worked in men’s jobs in the war, and are depicted as very happy in denim dungarees. Happy slaves in denim.

Jeans were first made in Genoa, natively known as Genes, and here is another link of the Washing process to world eugenics.(See my post Blue Genes).

Jeans are often banned as work wear, and the denial of it seems to make everyone put on their blue jeans in their down time. Jeans are sexy and cool and make you belong to the culture. We wear jeans when we are NOT AT WORK. We wear jeans to symbolise we are FREE when it is actually the uniform of the slave. It is the uniform of ethnic cleansing and the power of the Blue Gene. Confused ? Yes, that is the point.

We wear denim jeans, and the slaves in China make them for us. The best and trendiest denim is the denim that has been washed over and over again in Chinese laundries, “stone washed” with washing stones maybe, so it gets that nice faded look. People die from this endless factory washing with chemicals, dyes to die for, overheating and overwork. Great, we give them a job don’t we, we help them? It’s all ok, and the washing makes the deeds all clean and cleansed by the time we buy the jeans.

Laundry means washing rinsing spinning and DRYing. Laun Dry. The laun lawn is the neat thing in the back garden that is symbolic of Man’s domestic slavery. I expect there is a slave mown lawn at Sulgrave Manor, and every other manor too. You mow the lawn on a dry day. Traditionally men’s work. The grass is cut and severed never being allowed to grow, the young shoots are what is wanted for the perfect lawn. This is what happens to men in war. They are cut, beheaded, severed, in their prime, and new young recruits replace them through the endless breeding cycles.

Magdalen Laundries in Roman Catholic Ireland are now well known for their slavery and abuse under the auspices of the Church. Women and child slaves were needed to wash away the sins of the wealthy and the Church, at the same time as being the very victims of the very same sins. Mary symbolises the female water (mari.time). Mary Magdalen chapel in Bath is under the control of the St Johns Hospital Knights, and this is part of the female cleansing required to make it all ok. Mary Magdalene is different from Mother Mary. Magdalene symbolises the lover, she has both fire and water just like Sul of the Hot Springs, she is magnetic Magda, she is Magma volcanic lava. Lava is laver, to wash, a hot wash. This is the suppressed power of the sacred feminine.

A raped or abused adult or child wants a wash, a shower or a soak in the bath. It is an automatic need to cleanse the horror of the evil engagement, to scrub it away, to erase it from mind by erasing it from your body. It’s not allowed though is it ? You see the evidence then goes away too, just like the murderer washes his bloody clothes. The murderer or perpetrator is quick to wash, but the victim must be kept unwashed, kept uncleansed ready for an invasive body inspection to get evidence. The law says no law.ndering. No cleansing til the law has reabused you. Victims cannot wash away the deed. And now you can see how much the law.ndry is the basis of the law we live under.

The Third World War is domestic, and seems to be about water, a war on water. Meanwhile in Bath, tourists unknowingly walk on water because the city is built over Sul’s Hot Springs hidden below. Third World War.ter is already a big issue, a war I would say, one which elite Washington sort of folk like Bill Gates get involved with in an attempt to cleanse their souls. You see deprived African women have to walk (horror ! ) to get their water, nasty contaminated water, and they do not have nice utility suppliers like World War Wessex Water to sort it out for them, to cleanse their water with chemicals, deliver it to taps, and charge them taxes.

Bath is generally a calm and peaceful place. Or is it ? Maybe the war on water is being fought here behind the scenes, unseen. Maybe the battle for Mary Magdalene’s natural fiery water is being fought at the Romans’ favourite watering hole, the source of the Order of the Bath.

Aquaid is a charity that blasts out “Bottle and Mains fed” on their vans, with a contrived pic of happy African kid drinking bottled water. We can choose Big Brother’s Bottle and Mains version. Or we can work towards walking for water again, and getting back to Mother Nature.

Aquaid is Christian Aid’s “biggest Corporate partner”. The Vatican is the HQ of Christianity, and the Mains and Bottle water is its biggest corporate partner. Do you want to aid them? Washing Machine War Machine, the Romans need their armies, and the Roman Catholics are the same.

(See also earlier posts: Bridle and Groom, The Comfort of Your Own Home, Human Procurement Centres, Gas Time Bomb, Blame the Pilots, Bath Alignments, Stonehenge Alignments, Old Welsh Road, Dark Satanic Mills, Bathwick Bomber, Knights Templar of Bath, Cull the Queen, Romans Remain, Royal Georgian Bath, Hex Allen Key, Blue Genes, Comfortable Prisons, Babies for Sale, Mary Line, Nuclear Family, Hot Springs Go Cold, Stories of The Borehole, Boring Bath, Holy See Over Bath, Royal Installed in Bath)

My other blog including some bits on Order of the Bath stuff….

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemingbrough (this page has been edited to remove reference to the Washing Tun since I last referenced it !).




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10 Responses to Washing Machine

  1. Tim says:

    Hi Suli,
    Interesting insights. It would make sense that
    Slave comes from Slav – as in the Slavonic people…
    Interestingly the Slavic word for slave was ‘rob’, ‘robota’ is ‘work’. So work is slavery.

    How about this one…

    work (v.)
    …a fusion of Old English wyrcan (past tense worhte, past participle geworht) “prepare, perform, do, make, construct, produce; strive after” (from Proto-Germanic *wurkijan); and Old English wircan (Mercian) “to operate, function, set in motion,”

    witch (n.)
    …fem. of Old English wicca “sorcerer, wizard, man who practices witchcraft or magic,” from verb wiccian “to practice witchcraft” (compare Low German wikken, wicken “to use witchcraft,” wikker, wicker “soothsayer”).

    Wiccan, Wicken, Wircan, Wicker, Worker, Witch… Hmmm.

    A witch is a wicca is a worker of magic. These words obviously have the same root…
    A worker is ‘creating’ something – which is witchcraft. Creating things is God’s job…

    • suliwebster says:

      (Sorry for delay in replying, not online very often at the moment)
      Thanks Tim, very interesting stuff. Slave, rob, robot, slavic. The slavic countries are all pretty close to Rome I think, which makes sense. There are different levels of Roman slaves and some are the unseen ones living outisde the walls. (Have you read Bank Robber Bees? Bees are robots with satnav and they are workers too ).
      worker and wicca I hadnt seen before, though it is the sound that is similar. All the w words are really heavily spellbound. David Icke pinpoints High Wycombe and West Wycombe in Bucks as major Satanic centres to this day. Lots of elites live around there, and my parents come from that area, which is maybe why I tune into it quite easily. There are wicca, Wick placenames everywhere, certainly a lot around Bath. Widcombe used to be Witcombe for example, and that has the Queen’s AA postcode stamped on its centre !
      War is also like whore, as is warhorse. The Wor Well is the source of the River Avon which flows through Bath, and it is very near Charles, as is the source of the Thames or Isis. Wor is also Wort, a type of herb like St Johns Wort, which sounds like water. St Johns Wort flowers on St Johns Day I think, though my herb book is curently packed up in a cardboard box somewhere ! The water theme is huge.

  2. Tim says:

    Hi Suli, typo in the above – first line: ‘It would make sense that’ isn’t supposed to be there… Soz.
    Another one History and Mystery…
    Is Mystery a History that’s been lost in the Mist? A Mist-Story. Or is it a Missed-Story?

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes i like that. I think of mystery as My Story, as we have the truth all hidden within ourselves and our own path. Unlike His Story which is fabricated man made stories made up by the elites to program us.


      • Tim says:

        Hi Suli. I’m philosophically against mysteries, (hence the title of my blog). They’re a ‘bad thing’. Mysteries mean we can’t see the truth, we’re lost in the myst. If we’re enlightened there will be no more mysteries.

        In Revelation, the Catholic church, I mean the whore of Babylon has ‘MYSTERY BABYLON’ on her forehead. The mystery religions which started at the dawn of time were given to man by the demons along with all the other programming. The mystery religions are all Kabbalah, it is Satan’s very own religion, it’s what all the demons believe, and it’s the root of all religions today.

        I’m working on an article on Kabbalah – the Cube of Allah…

        The point being is they’re all about MYSTERY instead of ENLIGHTENMENT, they, like all Satan’s ‘gifts’ are not Ronseal products. They don’t do what it says on the tin…

        I did a post on “Citizenship: The Mark of the Beast” you might like…

        You know, the whole opposites of WAR and WASH you’ve been discussing – I’d wager this is all part of Kabbalah. It’s all about word play magick, and balancing opposites to make a trinity… I’d wager that our entire civilisation is based on Kabbalah… πŸ™‚

      • suliwebster says:

        Yes very likely. I dont know much about kaballah, but Madonna is its most famous follower !
        Exactly, to find enlightenment is to find what is behind the mistery. Which looks like misery ! And I think every individual has the power to do that because it is all encoded in your own life story.
        I will definitely read your post, thanks for link.
        Could Kaballah be anything to do with TAXi CAB ? The Romans have to have taxes. Maybe they collect the taxes to fund and energise their KABallah as well as their armies and police. A taxi cab is a tax on moving about. If we move (or coming soon, if we even breathe) we seem to get taxed on it. Attacks. A tax.

  3. suliwebster says:

    Hi Tim, from reading your very interesting post, the German curency is the Mark. It seems to me that the female may be 999, emergent services of Eve.
    I recently tried to change my bank account address to “c/o” to show that I dont live there. Its not allowed ! I was told my bank account is an “entity” that must have a proper residence. Going into No Fixed Abode is a very interesting journey, as you no longer fit the computer systems. It seems our job as a householder is to house entities. I am now trying to get out of having a bank account which is quite a challenge.
    We are being kept as infantile baby lions of babylon, ruled by male lions of the Empire symbolised by London LionDen. The lioness is lost, as is the land of Lyonesse. The lioness is needed to protect and nurture her cubs, and this is where it is all going very badly wrong.
    Our true job to find our own way out of it.

    • Tim says:

      Hi Suli, interesting about the bank account, and sinister… I wish you luck with whole gypsy thing πŸ˜‰
      One of Isis’s animals is the Lion. Perhaps she’s always lying.
      Isis is the Cube of Allah. I think cubes, cubs, cabs, caves may well be related. I’m working on a new post: ‘The Holy Rubiks Cube’… Did you see the other recent ones?
      I’ve just grokked Kaballah. It’s behind *everything* in this world. Your posts are all about unpicking the spells we’re bound up it, and those spells are all generated by Kaballah.

      • suliwebster says:

        Oh yeah, cube cub!
        I have been wondering about the Isis trio too, and the breast feeding of Horus, and whether it is by the clock, hours is horus. Every 4 hours. The first intervention is for man (Osiris) to control the breast feed timings, and train the baby cub to the clock. Next step is bottle etc etc. Maybe Isis is controlled by her lion Osiris. The river Isis is the thames, (Isis thamed by the lion tamer) which runs through the Lion’s Den. Tamar is the river that splits Cornwall off too.
        Kaballah is a bit like cable too, Vince Cable perhaps. Or cable of communication especially across the Atlantic (another lost city theme).
        It’s funny how much simpler things appear when you dig deeper. The mist is actually quite a thin veil.
        Will check out your other posts, annoying I cant get emails, but there you go. If you are able to add suliwebster@gmail.com to your blog post receivers, that would be great !

      • Tim says:

        Hey Suli, ‘Isis Tames’. OMG… That’s profound. She does, she did… Isis is the energy-soul-matrix (among other things) – which holds (tames) the (wild) spirit…
        I’ve just written my ‘magnum opus’, so far, on Isis / Cube. In researching and contemplating, much has been revealed:

        The mist is thin because there really is only 1 thing going on, and all separation is illusion…
        Thx 4 the email – will contact you πŸ™‚

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