Burn The Bra

The bra is the modern day symbol of Breast CANCER campaigns. Back in the 80s, burning the bra was the symbol of feminism. What a turnaround ! In those days, the mood was to free women of the bra cage. Nowadays, bras are major achievements of engineering design considered SEXY. And women work hard to campaign for the cause of breast cancer. How has the bra made such a comeback? Why are breasts on the agenda? What are breasts for, why do we need to strap them in, why do we need to present them to the world in packaged form, and why is there so much cancer ? Has the Pope got anything to do with it ?

The Bra Gene…
The breast cancer genes are BRCA 1 and BRCA 2. These genes protect you from breast cancer. If something goes wrong with them or they are meddled with, bad luck you get cancer. BRCA is a BRA with the Big C of Cancer embedded in it. It is also a sort of CRAB, a crab is the symbol of the Star sign of Cancer. The crab star sign is symbolic of the mother nurturing and feeding from the breast.

Brassiere Brasserie…
The word “bra” comes from the French “brassiere”. A bit brassy as busty women are, the ones that need the bras the most. A brasserie is a place where you drink and maybe eat too, a bar or bra, it comes from the word brew and is French too, lots of French in this post. And the baby gets its food and drink from the breast if its is lucky enought to get past the barrier of the brassiere bra.

A brazier is a fire, the sort that a night watchMAN might light. The bra comes off at night with the man watching and it lights his and her fire. Breasts are warm, the milk always comes out warmed, the right temperature for the baby. Babies are warmed by their mother’s body, and men are fired up by the female. Burn the bra, say the Womens Lib…

Liberate Women…
The word “liberate” is code for INVADE. Iraq was liberated by the West. It means invade, bomb women and children to pieces as well as soldiers, destroy everything and install a big brassy bank, shortly followed by a legal system of BARs and barristers. Liberated women are the ones that swallow the contraceptive pill to destroy their concepts, and then they can be willingly invaded over and over again by MEN without fear of having a highly dangerous scary baby entering their life. How liberating ! Great progress ! You too can be FREE if you just swallow the pill.
Bomb ISIS…
Washington’s latest invasive exploit is to liberate Iraq again by bombing “ISIS” at the request of the new US installed Iraqi government. ISIS is an ancient symbol frequently depicted as a Mother suckling her baby Horus at the bra free breast. Bomb ISIS, bomb women and children, bomb the baby at the breast. Liberate the world !

Brass Brand…
The army likes its brass band, bra band, anything symbolising death and ruling hierarchy has a brass band playing. The brass instruments all seem to be uplifted, and if I am not very much mistaken, they involve the mouth latching on to a nipple like mouthpiece designed for the purpose. A little bit like a baby at the breast, except it’s a blow out, not a suck in. Life sucks. Death blows.

… is a French word again. The language of love, the lingo lingering lingerie of love. The name of the Pope is France Is. He loves us all, and he especially wants us all coupled up having sex. (See Popule Copule). Lingerie is branded and marketed as sexy and free, liberating, keep on being sexy that is the way to freedom. I think men even buy lingerie for their sexual partner as a gift. Goes nicely with the chain round the neck they bought the previous year. Lovely. Sexy.

The Pope’s hat..
…is like a milky white coloured bra cup with a nipple. Methinks he wants to replace the breast with a man made feed tube. Maybe Nestle reconstituted human breast milk will soon be pumped and piped into our homes, a new utility bill to pay, whilst women are farmed for their milk. Oh they already are, breast milk is already for sale on the internet. Women can leave their babies at home and go out to work to sell their milk, and be liberated by earning money and contributing properly to the world’s economy.

…was invented in Italy, the home of Rome. In Turin to be precise. Maybe the Turin shroud has something to do with the shroud of the bra hiding the breast? Coffee bars and baristas, Bras and braistas. Coffee is the language of love to go with the Roman.tic meal and the lingerie. Coffee and coffins. Coughing and coffers. Coffee is very profitable and I am sure breast milk sales can fill up the coffers too.

The resurgence in breast feeding is being hijacked by the Expresso campaign. Women can buy loads of fancy man-made products to turn themselves into a milk factory, milk yourself with a machine and put your breast milk into bottles in the fridge for your baby. It is called EXPRESSING. Then there is no need for the mother to be with the baby ! No touching, touch is not required. The milk can be microwaved to make it warm again, and anyone can feed the baby, literally anyone, what progress ! Liberating. I guess eventually they can put the babies in cages, oh they already are ! Called COTS. And then a temperature regulated tube could feed into the cage through the bars, like feeding your pet rabbit. Then everyone can go out to work, mothers included. That is FEMINISM isn’t it, freedom for women means working out of the home like male slaves as well as working in the home like female domestic slaves.

Brace and Brackets…
Strap yourself into a bra every day. Just like you strap yourself into a car every day. For your own good. It helps you, same as braces on your teeth sort out your teeth to make them LOOK RIGHT. You must be moulded sculpted formed firm and supported. Brackets are used to hold up a shelf, and breasts are often raised up on display on a bra sort of shelf. Brackets like this () are parenthesis, parents. Two brackets for a shelf, two breasts, and two parents. But the Mother Baby pair bond is being disappeared.

The Chalice Cup is surely the cup of the breast from which the baby drinks. A sports trophy is often a Cup, maybe a Gold Cup or a Challenge Cup, the sought after prize. Bras come in different sizes for different women, and YOU MUST get them correctly fitted, this is a serious manmade engineering process. But noone tells you the same woman changes size quite regularly. In particular, breasts enlarge at monthly bleeding time, when the Moon control kicks in, as if ready to feed a newborn baby, but all that is borne is the miscarriage of blood.

Vital Curriculum…
Your vital statistics used to be your sexy body measurements, breast waist and hips. Good vital stats, good form, sold you to a man. Nowadays liberated women have a Curriculum Vitae instead, you can sell yourself to a corporate employer as well as a man, because you don’t need to be with your baby any more. You can be free of your baby. That’s vital.

A good bra uplifts, like rockets and towers, the male way. Into the sky. If your breasts are uplifted, then so are you of course ! You can uplift your spirit by purchasing a good bra. It will make you feel good, look right and lift up your life.

The purpose of a bra…
Why do we wear them ? More natural cultures than ours seem to manage without them. I wear one if I feel a need to LOOK RIGHT, to hide my breasts so they don’t attract attention, to show them so they do attract attention (when I was younger). When I used to do sport, I needed sport support. I see that teens with virtually no breasts wear them to cover up and to look like everyone else. Older teens do the opposite, they want to look like the magazines and marketing blasted out on every corner of our streets and screens. They want to look SEXY. SEXY people are happy free liberated people who look right and are successful. Above all else, know that your natural breasts are wrong, and they must be adjusted to be right.

The purpose of a breast …
Breasts are linked to adult sex above all else. The sexuality of the Mother Baby bond that nurtures the baby seems to be some minor annoying deviation from the main purpose. Imagine if you didn’t get much breast when you were little and then you see images of tantalisingly wrapped breasts all your life, presented on shelves and trays and wrapped like christmas presents with red bows and ribbons and pretty lace. Breasts in bras are like presents from Santa ! I think it is red and black that are considered sexy. Rip off the wrapping to find the gift inside. Coincidentally, Santa’s christmas stocking is lingerie too.

Angelina Jolie…
Angelina is an evangelist evangelina for breasts sex and war crimes. She is a major international political marketing tool. She stars in films with carefully sculpted breasts. She is seen without her babies. Before Brad, she left her babies to go off and have liberating sexual encounters, maybe she still does. She campaigns against the invasion of rape, she is a liberated feminist, yet she is constantly invaded herself. Her breasts have been chopped out, and her ovaries too I think (See Body Chopping). So you can see what beautiful sexy liberated feminist women are supposed to do can’t you ?

Bra D Pitt…
Brangelina is a brand like Kate and Wills Kwills. Brand Pitt or Bra Pitt. A pit is a sort of cup, a receptacle for holding things, a sort of well. The Bra D cup is quite a big size of breast, and Brangelina Corp is big on breasts too. The bra is an international bra.nd and is worn the world over, how did this happen ? To brand a slave or animal is to burn something on the skin, a mark that cannot be removed, it gets built in for life. And it looks like bras are going to be branded into us too….

Built in bras…
Bras are expensive and you need hundreds of them for all the different occasions, not to mention the change in fashions. Sports bra, sexy bra, strapless bra, work bra, flesh coloured bra, bras to match your wardrobe, nursing bras, T shirt bras, ballgown bras etc etc. Now you can have surgery to get a built in bra. So much easier ! A support gets screwed into your rib bone (RIBBON, we have ribbons built in) with a TITanium screw, rather like a shelf bracket, and it is all seamlessly blended into your breast. So you are always on, always uplifted, always FIRM, never mind that babies want SOFT. How uplifting ! How positive ! Costs about 6000 quid, but liberated women have money so that’s ok.

Reconstructive surgery…
Following breast cancer surgery, you can have some fake breasts put in. Well if you are shopping for new breasts, why not get ones with a built in bra? Why not make them BETTER than the original, so that you are SEXIER than before? Like Angelina, Brad still loves her. And even better this permanent support will actually affect your DNA program by its constant existence, so the new better you can be passed on genetically to your children.

Mutated Bra genes…
It is just bad luck isn’t it if you inherit bad BRCA genes, ones that have been messed up, ones that do not protect you from cancer. It seems to me that maybe an ancestor succumbed to the Breast development agenda many moons ago, as we are all doing so now by wearing bras. In days gone by, women wore some very cage like corsetry, and these times are here again. The time tunnel sends us round and round the racecourse in a repeating cycle. The female nurturing breast is being replaced with a manmade one, and each time round the loop, the design is improved and upgraded. The cancer scare is a very convenient tool to get willing guinea pigs for these experiments.

Kate Will S Peak…
I recently noticed a news headline about the world famous MADDIE story. It’s mad isn’t it ? Maddie was snatched because her Mum wasn’t there, nothing particular to this family, it is normal. Some locked doors and maybe a baby listener machine device were considered sufficient to look after some sleeping infants. That is considered so normal nowadays that noone even seems to have noticed the problem with the whole setup. The mother Kate was a liberated working Mum just like Princess Kate, and there is really no need for Mothers to touch their babies these days. The headline included the word BRACED and read “It is not known if Kate will speak”. KATE WILLS. So you can see the two Kates are both wrapped up in this Don’t Touch Your Baby Agenda. The message to me is that paedophilia thrives when we separate mother and baby. And the bra is the Illuminati’s triumphant symbol of this barrier.

Cow size breasts…
Maybe it is the modern diet that has expanded breasts to the constantly milking cow look. Or maybe it is the bra itself. In one foreign tribe, women wear metal hoops permanently fitted around their neck. A new one is added every year, and it is considered attractive, maybe sexy ! Horrific the things they do to women in foreign places, not like us. After a while the neck becomes so elongated by this constant support that the neck would no longer be able to support itself if the hoops were removed. The rings have shaped the development of the body. Coincidentally, bras usually contain metal hoops called “underwire”.

Cause of Cancer…
All that squashing and pushing and imprisoning of a sensitive part of the body can’t be good for you surely. Maybe that is why the charitable cause of the breast cancer campaign is symbolised by the bra. The bra is the cause. Keep supporting it ! It’s a good cause !

Aquaid is a Christian Aid charity which advocates “Bottle and Mains fed”. Soon they will be charitably helping people out with breast milk supplies too. Bottle banks of expresso breast milk. Nestle are big on pushing bottled milk for African babies, I think they make chocolate too, white and milky, called Milky Bar.

John the Baptist…
Baps and tits are names for the breast. The female way to baptise the baby is to join to the bap or tit. Join the baptit. The Christian Papal Roman way is dunk it in water in an octagonal 8 sided spidery stone font supervised by males according to Roman instructions.

Free the breast…
The breast is caged, it is being experimented on, upgraded, used and enslaved, and its true purpose to feed and touch the baby is being denied. If we all had more nurturing as infants would the craving for sex die down a bit ? Is the desire for adult sex simply the suppressed denied desire of the infant to pair bond with its mother and feel her touch, and JOIN to her soft cushiony breast.

No more support…
Not so easy as it sounds. I hate bras, yet I still wear them about half of my waking hours. By the sea, with Mother mere mer nearby, the rules seem to change a bit, and I can get away with hardly ever wearing one, though bikinis and swimsuits seem to be structurally engineered these days. In urban areas, the rules seem stricter. How can anyone feel free wearing such a contraption? How can a baby freely access its mothers touch with a strapping bra in the way. If bras are sexy, then sexy is prison. Freedom is sensual, touch, out of cages, no more straps. The same applies to all Big Brother’s support structures. The firm and helping hand of Big Brother’s support that moulds us to his ways. Do we want his help or do we want to break free and support ourselves ?

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19 Responses to Burn The Bra

    • suliwebster says:

      Seaweed. We dont eat much seaweed for an island nation do we ? (Thats the UK). Japanese are known to get a lot less cancer. One of the most common British seweeds is the yellowy brown coloured bladderwrack, full of iodine. Pick it, wash it, cook it. Its free too ! No corporations required.

  1. paul says:

    and keeping your mobile phone in your bra increases the cancer risk

    • suliwebster says:

      An American friend of mine said “self own” to me today. Then I realised he meant cell phone. cell phone equals slave. self own equals free. Cell phone is phoney cell, maybe a cancerous cell.

  2. Elena says:

    Suli, I couldn’t help but think of Brazil, center of the world’s attention right now. Which has a similar appearance to a woman’s breast and note the city of Natal (as in birth) on the nipple. Boggles the mind!

    • suliwebster says:

      Brazil is spelled Brasil natively. Men are going around wearing tshirts saying BRAS.IL. Bras make you ill.

    • suliwebster says:

      That does look like a breast. RIO and SAO PAULO (St paul) the big cities, are on the underwire sort of part. I am playing with the idea that St Paul may be the breast or the bra rather, especially as Paul means SMALL, smalls are underwear particularly for laundering. (Sorry Paul, everyone seems to have a dodgy interpretation to their name). St Peter is the keys to the vagina, so that fits with Peter and Paul being the favourite Vatican pair. And pall bearer signifying the death of the breast. This is getting very interesting and as big as the subject of the Womb Hole I would say.

      • paul says:

        oh dear – combine paul with the lewis key

      • suliwebster says:

        Paul, maybe if you have the keys to lock up women, you also have the keys to free up women ?

      • suliwebster says:

        With a name like yours Paul, I am glad that you are on the side of freedom and unlocking women ! Maybe everyone has that sort of choice of what to do with the particular set of keys they have been given ? To lock up and keep “safe”, or to set free ?
        People want to control out of fear, and that makes them want to keep things safe, including themselves ! We actually lock ourselves up quite a lot, willingly ! (in houses and cars etc ).

        I am sure that time is a trick, and past things can be changed though I am not sure how as yet. Maybe if you change things in the present, it has a ripple effect back to the past ? Everything can be healed, I am sure. And there is never any need to rush or hurry, because time is a trick ! Better to take your time (not theirs) and plod slowly along your chosen path (tortoise style).

    • suliwebster says:

      Been wondering about spring mattresses for a while. Hardly the watery springs provided by Mother Earth is it ? And what happens when people have sex on spring mattresses ? All that kundalini energy fed and received by metal coils, which must be electromagnetic. Are “romantic” hotels carefully positioned on energy nodes to capture this ? What about honeymoon suites ?

      • paul says:

        ah never thought of that connection – seems obvious now

        and re the keys – never wanted to lock any up – some things i would have done differently – should have always followed heart and not let the mind be in control – would like to be able to go back in time to change that – but they say you cant – but maybe you can as maybe time is just another control mechanism from father time or is it saturn/satan

        this planet seems full of people who want to control others – especially the guys with the funny hats

    • suliwebster says:

      Found another nipple and breast ! The River Seine has a basin that has an estuary at Le Havre. Maps of the area or the basin show a breast shape with a nipple at Le Havre. “sein” is French for breast, and the River Seine runs through Paris the city of Pairs ! Who makes this up ? Sein also looks like sin, but sounds like sane.

  3. suliwebster says:

    Thanks for all the comments and links, I only found them by accident as wordpress seems to have stopped emailing me alerts, oh dear, yet another sign that the internet is not coping.
    Yes of course Brazil, I hadnt noticed that one. Since I wrote the post I am seeing BRA everywhere, and I think my next post will continue the theme. I have had this post in the pipeline for well over a year, so it is curious that it materialises during Brazil Fever.
    I am also wondering if those circular underwires are like being “wired” for sound, or like police making secret tapes of conversations, and maybe they can pick up and transmit radio waves into your breast or even heart like a TV aerial.

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