The Glastonbury Breast

Glastonbury Tor is very impressive. It rises up dominantly from the surrounding area, emphasised by the man made tower on top. It always looked phallic to me. Until a friend said that she always sees it as a breast. If you imagine the Tor without the tower, it does indeed start to look very like a breast. A very large breast. So let’s see what has happened to turn the Glastonbury breast into one of the most famous phallic symbols in the world.

The male penis emulates the breast in many ways. It is supplied by two sacs of semen, as there are two breasts of milk. The male penis has a fountain of milky liquid just like the breast. The female breasts are out front on display, just like the male penis, both are a sort of dangling appendage. The penis squirts into the mouth of the vagina, just as the breast squirts into a baby’s mouth.

The penis ejaculates as a one off mighty force, but the breast is a steady and gentle feed controlled by the baby’s suckling. Breast milk is life sustaining, but semen is not. The male Y chromosome is a destroyer designed to kill off the womb and the breasts too. It damages life. (See I Want One). The lie that we have been told is that the semen contains SEED that is ESSENTIAL for life. We can’t grow things without seed can we? It is not seed, it is poison. So we swallow the lie and the semen too.

Some men get very confused by this overlay that plays tricks on our mind, and it can result in the extreme case of men forcing their penis into a baby’s mouth. I would say that such men have a suppressed desire to breast feed, combined with a psychopathic lack of empathy for another human being.

We have all been programmed to see the penis as the provider and source of life, instead of the milk of the breast. I think this worldwide programme is centred on Glastonbury Worship. Or should it be Warship ? The War waged against the Mother Baby pair bond.

The Breast of the Tor is overlaid threefold by man made constructs….

There are a pair of substantial earth energy lines running through Glastonbury, called the Michael and Mary lines. The old druids have done an amazing bit of magic on the Tor with these lines, they have been manipulated to be copulating. I doubt there is anywhere else in the world with this layout. Michael’s penis invades Mary’s vaginal mouth at exactly the point on the Tor where the nipple should be. The nipple is replaced by Michael’s penis. Mary is no longer Mother Mary with her baby to feed. She has been converted to magnetic Mary Magdalene the lover, the receiver of male Monsanto seed for the human genetic modification program.

If you think the energy lines are amazing, then here is another maze. The Troy Maze, or labyrinth, is carved out on the slopes of the Tor. It seems to be running rings around the breast, turning a smooth shape into a set of ridges like a strange Madonna style bra. The Troy Maze is from Brutus of Troy who founded nearby Bruton where you will find Sexy’s School. And he also founded BRITAIN, the Empire, which is so GREAT. Founding and funding are things that Mother Earth can do too, with her fountain of life, her water and her milk.

The tower on top of the Tor is called St Michaels tower to match the Energy line it sits on. The Tower is built at exactly the tip of the penis where it ejaculates into Mary. Jacking off. The current SQUARE male tower is the third building on the site (See Another 911), and it has no top, it is topless, so you can see the bare breast, or is it penis, for miles around. It stands proud.

The logo for the Breast Cancer Campaign (see link below) is like a jigsaw piece, and it reminds me of the sculptures sold in Glastonbury New Age shops which are of women with their womb sort of hollowed out, mined and stolen. You get the general idea though, women’s breasts and wombs must be harvested to leave an empty space. A slot, a vacuum for something else to be sucked in. What would women desire if they have no baby to feed and connect to, if they are constantly undermined and underwired ? I would say they start to desire what the programming steps into the vacuum to tell them they should desire, they desire roman tics, which means a penisto fill their empty unsatisfied hole.

New Age Worship in Glastonbury is centred on the Moon. Great stuff, really alternative the mainstream system, and it attracts in people who want to go against the patriarchal system. The Moon controls women and water, which sounds patriarchal to me. The Moon ensures that women are hollowed out and mined once a month, extracting their blood. The Moon is controlled by the Man in the Moon who lives on its dark side. The New Age Warship seems to be fuelling the mining and undermining of women.

Glastonbury has been world famous for many moons, through the Glastonbury Festival. For some reason the founder, funder, fountain of life for the festival is also world famous, Michael Eavis. Maybe because he is male and called Michael. He is practically a Saint to match the tower on the Tor, and I am half expecting the Roman Catholic Pope to turn up next time now that the BBC and the Royals are involved. A fest is a feast, and the feast for the baby is the breast. All saints have feast days, and St Michael’s is 29th September. This is around the time of the Harvest Festival, and I am sure the harvesting is about mining women.

Glasto Fest is a pop up ( Pope up?) city of 150 thousand people. This is surely a pinnacle of achievement for those in charge. It is almost like a Roman legion camp ! Complete with Satanic worship warship all day and half the night, fuelled by drink and drugs and large amounts of Michael Mary style sex. No babies here. Is it near a Roman Road perhaps? Oh yes it is, The FossaeWay which runs through Bath too. The temporary Glasto city is so big that food supply chains to nearby towns are messed up for the duration. The Glastonbury Breast represents the breast food supply that is being cut off, while we are diverted to our quick fix of sex.

This year’s star Festival attraction was a giant pair of breasts, belonging to Dolly Parton, who the media have labelled “Queen of Glastonbury”. She sings Jolene, a reminder of the Angel Jolie who is the Queen of breastlessness, removed due to cancer scare, leaving a cancer scar, an empty hollow vacuum, and maybe some plastic surgery to fill the void.

At the London Olympics Opening Ceremony 2012, Glastonbury Tor was the star, as was Double o 7, the double 7 being the axe, chop chop, chop the breasts. The Tor was constructed on a map of London, overlaying Kensington Palace, the place of Royal sex and conjugation. Is Kate ever seen breast feeding ? No, the pair bond is depicted as Kate and Wills. And I would say this is the JAMES Bond, the adult sexy copulating pair. (See Royal Olympic Fertility Ritual).

Glastonbury was world famous last winter as the Somerset levels flooded to devalue the farms that can now be bought up cheaply for corporate fracking. (See The Swede Borg). The fracking will damage the Mother Earth water supplies and especially the Chalice Well at the foot of the Tor. Fracking is drilling and destroying Mother Earth, hollowing her out, damaging her vital life force feed to us, the water that sustains our life. It is similar to the removal of the breasts of a woman, removing her ability to feed and supply life sustaining milk.

The Chalice Well is at the foot of the Tor, and is the supply of life sustaining water. It symbolises the breast, the giver of life sustaining liquid. As I write this post, I am noticing something very interesting about the breast. It gives the female a positive male role. The female is usually depicted as the negative, the well, the receptacle, the cup, the socket, which supplies our feed of water or energy. In breastfeeding, the female is the positive, the plug, and the baby is the socket. The supply of life goes out through the female breast plug and into the socket. A reverse to the usual arrangement of energy flowing from the socket.

Glastonbury Tor is made from a sandstone cap. Or is it a cup ? Sandstone is primarily Silicon. Breast implants are made from Silicon too. So are computer chips. Silicon Dioxide is SIO2, somewhat SION looking, like 2012 and the London ZION Olympics that centred on Glastonbury. Glass is Silicon, our screens and windows. Fake breasts, Glastonbury Tor, computers, glass and sandstone, all made from silicon. Is it all a silly con ? If Glass.tonbury Tor is silicon, then it seems it is a breast implant. And surely that means that the original nipple is the Chalice Well, overshadowed by the famous Tor above.

The Chalice Well breast is also known as The Red Spring, which reminds me of the Robin redbreast. The Robin is the bird used to celebrate Christmas cards, Santa time ! A robin is of the THRUSH family, thrush being an infection often caused by copulating couples. A robin is a “robinet” which is French for “tap”. Breast milk always comes out warm, and it’s always there on tap. The water from the Chalice Well is warm and contains iron, Fe, the female, and it is said to be healing.

King Arthur was in Glastonbury. Jesus was here. Brutus was here. Everyone comes here to feed. But all they get is this weird overlay of copulating couples, silicon implanted breasts, and mixed messages.

The symbol of the Chalice Well is a vesica pisces, two circles for breasts interlocking to form a central overlap which depicts the always open vulva, through which Michael invades Mary. You can separate the two circles to have NO VULVA, or you can merge them as one to have NO VULVA. The gates could be closed.

The Vesica Pisces shape is also depicted in Bath at the Cross Bath in St Michael’s Place. The Cross Bath is the Hot Springs, more of Mother Earth’s healing fluids. It is right next to the Knights Templar HQ, called Hospital of St John, their chapel is St Michael. (See Knights Templar of Bath). and their symbol is the shape of the Vulva of the Vesica Pisces.

“St Michael” is the brand name label of Marks and Spencers. Marks and Spencer is the leading supplier of bras for British women’s breasts, and they seem to have got themselves inscribed in stone in St Michaels Place Bath. “MARKS AND SPENCER” mark their centenary year. The Marks and Spencer store is not particular nearby and never has been.

St Michael stands between Mother and Baby. Breast is replaced by penis. Natural breast is replaced by silicon breast. The lactic milky way of the life sustaining breast is replaced by the programmed galactic milky way of milky Michael, mikael in some languages, a bit milky looking.

Angelina symbolises the destroyed angel of St Michael, the cooperative glamourous assistant in his magic show. Dolly symbolises the dolled up oversized silicon implant. Both of them still advertise SEX.

St Michael slays the dragon, he slays the breast, he replaces the breast, and he lays the serpent energy lines of copulation on Glastonbury Tor.

Michael needs to get his hands off and his penis out of Glastonbury. This will happen if enough people understand what is going in and start to say NO. The energy line of Michael needs moving off the Tor and the erection taken out of it, so that Mother Earth Mary can regain herself and feed her babies (that’s us, all of us, men women and children, elites too). Sex does not feed us, Mother Earth does.

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The Sun and The Serpent by Paul Broadbent and Hamish Miller


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2 Responses to The Glastonbury Breast

  1. suliwebster says:

    A few minutes after publishing this post, I got a text from a friend saying that she had just seen Prince Charles in Glastonbury today. More attention focussed on the place. This piece in The Mail says it all. Michael Eavis is in on the act. Prince Charles appears to point his finger at a big breast, a carefully angled picture. At the station, you can see a big poster for St Michael’s Mount, which is connected on the same energy line, and part of Another 911.

    I have had this post in draft form for a week, and I still do not know how the synch happens. Maybe the energetic focus on Glasto is what drew me into look at it in my own interpretation.

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